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Cleaning and Soft Services Proposal for The Weydon School 12.03.2018

Prepared by Martin Horton Client Services Manager

Vision statement Executive Summary Service Delivery Innovation People and Training Cost proposal Quality Systems

Appendices Corporate Information Environmental Policy Health and Safety Policy Statement Range of Services Terms and Conditions

Prepared by Martin Horton Client Services Manager

Our vision for The Weydon School “Accelerates vision for The Weydon School is to redefine the approach to existing programmes and empower the existing team through innovation and best practice to deliver a step change in student environments. Bringing a new level of freshness, engagement and enjoyment to all areas that we are stakeholders in.� accelerate management team

Executive Summary Accelerate is delighted to be given an opportunity to provide a tender proposal for the cleaning and associated services at Client NameClient Name. We understand that the building will be the newest and largest addition to the Client Nameportfolio and as such will be one of your most prestigious and busiest venues. Our Expertise in Event driven Cleaning Services: Over the past four years Accelerate has supported Client Namewith cleaning services to your 200 Aldersgate venue. During this time, we have refined the service provision and adapted to a truly fluid approach, working in partnership with your onsite team. Further to this, we understand that account management and innovation are paramount to the successful running of such a prestigious contract and we therefore believe one of our key strengths is our management information and reporting tools, as well as our innovation (that are unrivalled in the cleaning industry) which underpin our service and cost proposal to Client NameClient Name. Beyond Conventional Cleaning Services – always adding extra value: Our innovative ‘Accelerate Audit App’ also allows us to quickly and efficiently act upon and communicate on any issues identified in or around the building, both in photographic and date time stamped formats, this can be critical to the delivery and perception of the whole venue service, especially when working at a full event schedule. Our approach extends beyond conventional cleaning issues right through to reporting building defects through to potential health & safety risks. Our app information is sent instantly by email to the Accelerate Help Desk and designated Client Namecontact or service desk, if you so wish. If required, we are also able to extend this facility to include integration with other suppliers, such as M&E, waste contractor and security. In addition, Accelerate provides detailed and graphical information based on the month’s activities within the Monthly Management Report. Accelerate have since extended our audit capabilities to incorporate consumables stock taking, security checkpoint sign off, building asset identification and sign off. Highlights from our Cost Proposals: Based on the information provided during the site visit, our experience in delivering services to prestigious venues and to Client Nameat 200 Aldersgate, we confirm that our tender and cost proposal is fully compliant with the requirements provided for Client Name. We have provided a detailed breakdown of the cost proposal under Section Four – Pricing Matrix and have also provided a summary of this below:

Service Delivery SERVICE DELIVERY METHODOLOGY – SMART SYSTEM APPROACH Service Excellence is at the heart of everything we do and is ultimately driven from our Company mission to ‘Get it right first time, every time’. In order to achieve Service Excellence, a fluid, but fully integrated approach is required, to ensure a seamless and consistent client experience. Over the past few years Accelerate has developed its SMART System Approach, underpinned with its innovative Business Integrated Software, to bind all aspects of our business under one single strategic vision.


INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY EXCELLENCE Accelerate continuously strives to identify and evaluate innovation and technology to enable us to provide efficient and effective service solutions. Over the past 24 months we have evaluated key technologies that we have deployed across many of our client sites and from our experience believe that The Weydon School would also benefit from deployment from some of these technologies.

Innovation Accelerate were early adopters of this revolution in floorcare- the video below is testament to its savings potential

People and Training

PEOPLE AND TRAINING Accelerates approach to keeping staff motivated firstly starts with the Induction Training Program, which includes information on the employee’s entitlements and HR processes, as well as terms and conditions of work and the resulting expectation on the employees. This training also includes quality management, environmental and health & safety training as well as site specific training for site based employees. Training is appraised and monitored through linkage to the cleaning KPI audits that take place monthly. This allows the identification of any staff that may require specific or full re training, to ensure that they are fully aware of the requirements of the role. Training then takes place annually thereafter or sooner should a requirement be identified. All training and staff information is also contained on the Accelerate staff portal for staff to access.

Cost Proposal Labour Cost


Contract Support Costs (Help Desk, Uniform, Insurance, H&S, Administration, Management)

Cleaning Materials


Total Cost

Cost Proposal

Type of Works

Total Cost Per Job Type

Number of Cleans per annum

Deep Clean to all Washrooms (bi annual)

Entire Venue Carpet Spot Clean (Quarterly)

Staff kitchen and Breakout Room deep Clean (Bi Annual)

Main Kitchen walkway deep clean (Monthly)

Balcony Cleaning External including Chrome Work x 2 (Monthly)

High Level Deep Clean to light features (Bi Annual)

Brass Window surround (Monthly)

Deep clean and burnish to Parquet Floor (Monthly)


Total Annual cost for scheduled Cleans

Quality systems QUALITY OBJECTIVES AND SYSTEMS We aim to provide a professional and ethical service to our clients. In order to demonstrate our intentions, we will maintain and effective Quality Management System complying with ISO9001:2008

Contract performance monitoring is integral to our management philosophy - If you measure it you can improve it.� Our quality monitoring system comprises both paper and software based reports. This system is the foundation supporting the organisation to provide the customer with relentless quality of service. Having a proactive approach to working with our customer means we can use this valuable management information to identify trends and initiate contract improvement programmes where necessary or requested.

School/education testimonial A+ Cleaning started in our building with only one customer suite in early 2010. Today they are responsible for the entire building, which we believe is the best testament to their ability to consistently meet our high standards. Having managed millions of square feet of class-A commercial property, we understand there will always be problems when housekeeping is held to a high standard. One of A+ Cleaning’s strengths is their ability to keep problems to an absolute minimum and act quickly to resolve any problems that do come up. In our experience, A+ Cleaning is always determined to meet or exceed our high expectations. At this point, we are enjoying an almost “worry-free” relationship, one that is producing for us the high standard of cleaning services we expect in our building. -Richard

Range of services

Some of the brands that put their trust in accelerate

Appendices ❖ Corporate Information ❖ Environmental policy ❖ Health and Safety policy statement ❖ Terms of business ❖ Appendices

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