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Paris 足 people and street art. And a dog. And a tortoise. Perhaps.

This is a SoFoBoMo book 2011. SoFoBoMo is a group event where photographers all around the world make solo photo books in PDF form, in 31 days, start to finish. You will find SoFoBoMo at

All photos in this book were taken between July 9th and July 16th in Paris, France, with a Sony Alpha 850, a Tamron SP AF 90mm F/2,8 Di MACRO 1:1 or a Minolta AF 75­300 F4.5­5.6 lens.

This is my first attempt at a SoFoBoMo book ­ I had so much fun creating it :­) and hope you are going to have a lot of fun now, too!

All photos © Martina Jackmuth 2011

The dog. Wearing a dog collar in the appropriate colour. Doesn't know what to think of the banana, though. On a street somewhere in the 1er Arr..

Whenever I am in Paris the two things that impress me most are a) the street art everywhere and b) the people doing all kind of things they want or they have to do. Usually I take photographs without any serious concept in mind but this time, in July 2011, I knew I was going to try to make a SoFoBoMo book. So ... after some days it became clear: the book has to be divided in two parts. Part One 足 people doing all the things they like to do: dancing, eating, skateboarding, cycling. And people doing the things they have to do for a living. And just ... people. This part is in black and white, since monochrome is my choice for this kind of street photography. Part Two 足 street art. The small and tiny kind of street art: defaced street signs, faces stenciled on corners, stick figures painted on lamp posts. Mostly corners and lamp posts I have to admit. And perhaps invader says "Hello!", too. Who can be sure? This part is in colour. Of course. 余足) Have fun and enjoy! Martina

Part One 足 People (MONOCHROME)

Here we go!

Skateboarder, Place de la Bastille

working ...

Setting up a traffic light ...

Municipal workers, Rue de Faub. Saint足Martin

... or a green cross.

Worker, Rue de Seine


Officer, Quai Saint足Michel

Cleaning windows

Gallery owner, Rue de Seine

Refurbishing the Préfecture de police du Paris.

Construction worker, Rue de Lutèce

working? ...

Activist, Place de la Bastille

In足line skater, Pont au Double

Waiting for the dĂŠfilĂŠ militaire.

Employees Jardin des Tuileries, Rue de Rivoli

having fun (together or not) ...

Party guests, Seine

Dancing, Seine, Rive Gauche

Picnic, Seine, Rive Droite

Chasing each other

Sportsmen, Seine, Rive Gauche


BMX cyclist, Place de la Bastille

BMX cyclist, Place des Innocents

Skateboarder, Place de la Bastille

Skateboarder, Place de la Bastille

On the lookout.

Photographer, Place des Vosges

Nothing to say.

Silent couple, Quai Louvre

Part Two 足 Street Art (COLOUR)

Mobile phone.

from small to big, from low to high ...

run ...

by run

by invader. by run. by yks crew. various artists

a black spider ...

in different sizes ...

living on the banks of Canal Saint足Martin

everywhere ...

various artists

various artists

organizing chaos ...

"claude" by fred le chevalier. various artists

"c'est o첫 la teuf?". various artists

by bisk. various artists

by da cruz

moving ...

by horfee. by saeio

"atomic boyz" by fd crew

I'm an alligator, I'm a mama足papa coming for you ...

"Moonage Daydream" by david bowie

and 足 there was a tortoise!

roaming the Jardin Marco all alone

and never forget to ...

A Week in Paris  

sofobomo book 2011 Paris - people and street art. And a dog. And a tortoise. Perhaps.

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