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Facebook Password Recovery without Security Questions? Facebook has given its users a number of options to recover their forgotten password to ensure that the users can regain access to their Facebook account. Answering the security questions is one of the ways by which you can recover your Facebook account. But what if you don’t remember the answers to the security questions?

There’s no need to be worried about that! You can recover your Facebook password in no time by following these three simple steps: Step 1- Open Facebook login page in your web browser You will see the “forgot your password” option near the sign-in button. After clicking on it you will be asked to enter your email address in the find your account box. Step 2- Choose your desired account recovery option There are three ways by which you can recover your account. 1. Using your Gmail, Yahoo or Live Account If you use your Gmail/yahoo/live account to sign in into your facebook account you can use the same password as that of your email account. You need to click on the top option and then on “continue” button. After you enter your enter your email login, you will see these optionsChoose the option that works with you and click on “continue”. By doing this you allow Facebook to email account to gather information about your contacts so you can retrieve your account. If you are using this option make sure you are signed in into your email account. 2. Getting a code on the email connected with your Facebook account

If you want to use a different password for your FB account, you can choose the second password retrieval option. Open your email account in a separate window on your web browser to receive the one-time verification code. Go back to the window where Facebook is opened and enter the one-time code and then click on change password option. 3. Getting one-time verification code on your registered number You can recover your account by receiving a code on your registered phone number. For this you have to click on the “send code via sms” option after which you will receive a text on your phone which is the one-time password. Now enter the one-time code on the given section on the Facebook page and click on “change password”. Step 3- Create a new password After completing step 2 you will reach a page where you will find the reset password option for your Facebook account. Enter the new password and once you have reconfirmed it you have to click on “continue” and you can get login into your fb account once again. For more visit on:

Facebook password recovery phone number +1-888-664-3555  
Facebook password recovery phone number +1-888-664-3555  

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