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Everything from fine dining to barbecue, sweet tea & peach cobbler

A cultural mix of art, theatre, dance, and music

So much to see, so much to do

Parks, gardens, and so much more!

So many local shops and one-of-a-kind items!


924 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201

803-744-7800 •

We’ve been expecting you!


e invite you to see why the Clarion Hotel Downtown is one of the most talked about destinations in our city.

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Clarion Hotel Downtown Columbia 1615 Gervais Street . Columbia, SC 29201 (803) 771 - 8711 . (803) 252 - 3010 . (800) 277 - 8711

2008 Official Guide to the Columbia Riverbanks Region

Welcome! W

Produced in cooperation with the Columbia Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau

e are extremely delighted you have chosen to visit Columbia, and the Riverbanks Region of South Carolina. Our region is comprised

of Lexington and Richland Counties, which includes the capital city, Columbia. I encourage you to discover the southern hospitality and charm that makes up our beautiful region that includes lush parks and gardens, our jewel Lake Murray, miles of river walks, fine dining, unique shopping, and a vibrant nightlife. Established in 1786, Columbia was the second planned city in the

P.O. Box 15, Columbia, SC 29202. Contact us at 803.545.0000, 800.264.4884 or visit our website at The Columbia Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau is a comprehensive source of information about the entire Columbia Riverbanks Region. The Bureau makes every effort to fairly promote all types of visitor business for the City of Columbia, Richland and Lexington counties. Every effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information contained in this guide. All phone numbers are 803 area code unless otherwise noted.

United States. Our rich heritage has been preserved through the years and once you visit, you’ll notice art and architecture reminiscent of the antebellum South. The culture of the region is an eclectic mix and the arts range from visual to dance, theatre, and musical performances. The door to our region is always open with three major interstates trav-

Contributing Photographers

eling through it. So come on in and experience Columbia and the

Ron Wright Jeff Amberg

Riverbanks Region... Where friendliness flows!

Meg Richards

Contributing Writers Caroline Simpson Mark Pointer of Saffron Magazine

published by:

Bob Coble, Mayor

William Derrick, Lexington County Council One Poston Road, Suite 190, Charleston, SC 29407 p: 843.747.0025 f: 843.744.0816 w w w. a t l a n t i c p u b l i c a t i o n g r p . c o m Richard Barry, President Warren Darby, Vice President of Operations Randall Sandin, Vice President of Sales Allison Cooke Oliverius, Editorial Services Director Ali Lorenzana, Editorial Services Assistant Bob Durand, Senior Art Director Ryan Wilcox, Art Director/IT Director Robbin Bernhardt, Business Consultant Bonnie Maas, Financial Services Assistant

Ric Luber, President/CEO Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports & Tourism

Joe McEachern Richland County Council Chair

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2 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

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Book today 1400 Main Street • Columbia SC 29201 • T 803-988-1400 • F 803-251-6464 S TA R W O O D P R E F E R R E D G U E S T TM




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Meet Columbia An introduction to our city


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Columbia & The Riverbanks Region






Performing Arts


Sports & Outdoors



Beyond City Center Our unique neighborhoods

The Columbia Region and City Center

So much to see, so much to do

A cultural mix of art, theatre, dance, and music

Parks, gardens, and so much more!

So many local shops and one-of-a-kind items!

46 14 Accessibility 14 Climate & Population 14 Visitors Centers




Dining & Nightlife

Time to relax and unwind

Everything from fine dining to barbecue, sweet tea & peach cobbler


15 Transportation 66 Accommodations 72 Relocation Info

4 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

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Columbia Marriott Columbia, SC To reserve your room, call 1-800-MARRIOTT or visit Rates are per room, per night, based on availability, not available for groups of 10 or more rooms.

It only makes sense that Columbia is friendly. She enjoys a mild climate, breathtaking parks and gardens, dynamic culture, and an energetic atmosphere. More than that, sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an emerging city making waves in the way of progressive growth and innovations. Columbia is surprisingly seductive and once you come here, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re drawn in by the barbecue, sweet tea and peach cobbler. Termed as a true southern city, Columbia welcomes you to explore all that she has to offer. We invite you to uncover her hidden treasures and we guarantee that once you visit the first time, you will be back for more. Welcome!


Where Friendliness Flows...

Where Adventure Flows... Water, earth and sunshine. These simple ingredients are the keys to Columbiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s adventurous spirit. The three rivers that flow through the city center make kayaking and canoeing a venturesome way to view the city. Numerous city and state parks within our area allows visitors and residents alike the opportunity to enjoy an abundant amount of walking, biking, and hiking trails. One of our jewels, Lake Murray, offers fishing, swimming, and any other water sport you desire. In the fall, Columbiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s adrenaline really gets going as she cheers on her home team, the University of South Carolina Gamecocks. Whatever your sport, Columbia allows you to enjoy it year round.

SOPHISTICATED. IMAGINATIVE AND THRIVING. The arts are alive in Columbia. Whether it’s a ballet at the Koger Center for the Arts or catching the latest indie flick at “The Nick” (Nickelodeon) Theatre, Columbia has what you need to quench the performance-seeking palette. The various art galleries in the city allow talented local artists to showcase their work. Enjoy musical performances from the SC Philharmonic or local jazz legend Skipp Pearson. Columbia boasts an emerging cultural explosion that’s making waves throughout the city and beyond.


Where Vibrancy Flows...

Where Energy Flows... As Columbia continues to grow, it has become a hotbed of activity. As a college town, the atmosphere is one of youth, vitality and achievement. The pulse of the city beats rapidly as world-class research and innovative technologies are being created. That pulse intensifies into the night as Columbia lets her hair down in one of her many entertainment districts. Whether itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Salsa dancing at Salsa Cabana, or enjoying a live band at a martini bar, the Riverbanks region invites you to enjoy her atmosphere and partake in the exhilarating environment.

Gracious, grateful, modest, prideful, and rich, Columbiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s historical roots run deep. From old stately homes to historical buildings turned into useful property for businesses, Columbia prides itself on preserving her precious history. Today, historical markers are woven throughout the city, carefully blending the old with the new, preserving the past while providing an exciting future.


Where Richness Flows...

See what happens when a hotel is designed around you. Introducing Hyatt Place™ Columbia/Harbison. A new kind of hotel that puts style, innovation and The Hyatt Touch® within your reach. Where you’ll find a 42⬙ flat-panel HDTV in every room, our Hyatt Grand Bed,™ free Wi-Fi, a complimentary continental breakfast and freshly prepared food available 24/7 in our Guest Kitchen. Discover for yourself how perfectly Hyatt Place fits your lifestyle. It’s so you.™ Call 888 HYATT HP (888 492 8847) or visit Hyatt Place Columbia/Harbison 1130 Kinley Road Irmo, SC 29063 803 407 1560

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In preparation for your next trip, we’ve planned for your every need. At the Hilton Garden Inn® – adjacent to the Columbiana Centre Mall, and just 2 miles from Lake Murray – you’ll find well-appointed guestrooms featuring complimentary high-speed Internet access, a fridge, microwave and coffeemaker. Plus, a restaurant, indoor pool, workout facility, function space and more — all for less money than you’d think. Everything. Right where you need it.®

434 Columbiana Dr., Columbia, SC 29212 803-407-6640 reservations: 1-877-STAY-HGI ©2007 Hilton Hospitality, Inc.

Columbia & The Riverbanks Region It seems there’s perpetual sunshine here in the Columbia Riverbanks Region with moderate annual temperatures, a perfect backdrop for year-round golf, tennis and outdoor recreation, open-air shopping, outdoor dining and a lively regional arts scene. You’ll find the vitality you’d expect of a college town here, with a mix of local pride and building enthusiasm for a community that’s growing in every possible direction. The Columbia Riverbanks Region is just being discovered as a wonderful, welcoming place to visit and a great place to live, known for its friendly people, a comfortable pace and an overall positive perspective. Columbia is the perfect place to call home base for “hub and spoke” explorations to Hilton Head, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Augusta, Ga. or even Biltmore House in

Asheville, N.C., less than three hours away. Columbia’s outstanding system of roadways, including three Interstate highways, allow visitors to travel well-maintained roads and return safely to a comfortable and affordable place to stay with all the comforts of home: excellent restaurants, outstanding entertainment, fun places to shop, exciting recreation and more. Columbia’s location, in the center of the Southeast, also makes it easy to reach from most East Coast and Midwest cities. In fact, it’s a day’s drive from half the country’s population. And as is always the case, once you get here, with all the things there are to see and do, it doesn’t even seem that far. Columbia’s a great city with plenty to do. Not too big that it overwhelms you... Columbia’s just the right size.


Need to


Distance & Driving Times to Columbia CITY



Asheville, NC



Atlanta GA



Birmingham, AL



Cleveland, OH



Charleston, SC



Charlotte, NC



Gainesville, FL



Hilton Head Island



Indianapolis, IN



Jackson, MS



Knoxville, TN



Louisville, KY



Myrtle Beach



Nashville, TN



New York, NY



Philadelphia, PA



Raleigh, NC



Savannah, GA



Washington, DC



POPULATION The Columbia Metropolitan Area was comprised of two counties – Richland and Lexington, including the city of Columbia (2000 population: 536,691). The new Metropolitan Statistical Area consists of Richland and Lexington counties, plus Kershaw, Calhoun, Fairfield and Saluda counties. This addition of four counties, adds a further 110,467 persons to the Columbia MSA and makes Columbia the largest MSA located solely within the State of South Carolina. Total population of the six county metropolitan area is 647,158; the City of Columbia’s population is 116,000.


Average Highs & Lows

Temperatures may change but sunny skies is the typical Columbia forecast. This makes planning a visit to Columbia easy. Count on sunshine most days and comfortable temperatures at night with light breezes. Golf and tennis are year-round, as is gardening, hiking, biking and paddle sports. There’s always something in bloom, with brilliant azaleas signaling spring; crepe myrtles in full color throughout summer and fall; and eye-popping camellias in bloom during the winter months. Columbia is a beautiful place to visit and – as much as you can count on the weather – you can count on good weather here.

January..................................................57o ..........34o February.................................................60o ..........36o March ....................................................68o ..........42o April.......................................................77o ..........50o May .......................................................84o ..........59o June.......................................................89o ..........67o July........................................................92o ..........71o August ...................................................91o ..........70o September .........................................85o ..........64o October..........................................76o ..........51o November ..................................67o ..........41o December ................................58o ..........35o *Average figures from National Weather Service

VISTORS CENTERS Columbia Regional Visitors Center 1101 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803.545.0002 or 800.264.4884 fax: 803.545.0050 • Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun 1-5 p.m. Whether visiting friends or family, conducting business or attending a meeting or event, be sure to stop by the Columbia Regional Visitors Center. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are eager to assist you with area information. You’ll find maps and brochures with information about restaurants, accommodations, attractions and more. We’re located on the Upper Level of the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia’s Historic Congaree District, just blocks away from the Gervais Street Bridge and the South Carolina State House.

Capital City/Lake Murray Country Visitors Center 2184 North Lake Drive, Columbia, SC 29212 803.781.5940 or 866.SC JEWEL fax: 803.781.6197 • Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun 1-5 p.m.

University of South Carolina Visitors Center 816 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29208 803.777.0169 or 800.922.9755 fax: 803.777.0687 • Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

West Metro Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center 1006 12th Street, Cayce, SC 29033 803.794.6504 or 866.720.5400 fax: 803.794.6505 • Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

14 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

TRANSPORTATION Columbia is one of the few American cities with three major Interstate highways serving the metropolitan area: I-26, I-77 and I20. In addition, I-95 is only 60 miles away.

Charleston • Columbia • Greenville • Myrtle Beach Atlanta • Augusta • Mobile

AIRPORTS Columbia Metropolitan Airport 3000 Aviation Way 803.822.5000 • Just six miles southwest of Columbia’s business district, the airport is much like a 2,600-acre city with more than 50 agencies and businesses located on the property.

Midlands Aviation 771.7915 Located within the Columbia city limits, the airport serves air ambulance flights, private and business aviation with some military flights. Scheduled airline service is not available at the airport.

Owens Field Downtown Airport 803.771.7915 1400 Jim Hamilton Boulevard

AIRLINES American Airlines 800.433.7300 •

Continental 800.525.0280 •

Delta 800.221.1212 •

Northwest 800.225.2525 •


United 800.241.6522 •

US Airways 800.428.4322 •


BUS Greyhound Bus Lines

401 South MAIN STREET • 803.254.6767 • COLUMBIA

201 Gervais Street 803.254.6465 •

Central Midlands Regional Transit Authority Fixed Route Buses or Dart: 255.7100


RENTAL CAR SERVICES Alamo Rent-A-Car 800.462.5266 •

Hours: Mon-Fri and holidays 7 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Specially equipped trucks patrol urban segments of I-20, I-26,

Avis Rent-A-Car 800.831.2847 •

I-126, I-77 and SC 277 to monitor traffic conditions and alert the

National Car Rental 888.868.6206

Thrifty Car Renal 800.847.4389

Triangle Rent-A-Car 800.643.RENT •

proper emergency response teams when accidents or incidents

Budget Car Rental

are detected. The units are also equipped to provide basic auto

800.527.7000 •


repair assistance such as changing a flat tire, “jump starting”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


your car and providing fuel and water. If you need assistance and


850 Pulaski Street 800.USA.RAIL or 803.252.8246

have a cellular phone, call *HP for help.

Hertz Rent-A-Car 800.654.3131

Located in downtown Columbia, Amtrak offers service between New York City and Miami on the Silver Service trains and the Silver Star.

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Beyond USC

City Center

The University of South Carolina is home to more than 200 years of history and tradition, rising from a single building in 1805 on what would become the heart of the campus, the Horseshoe. The 11 buildings that make up the Horseshoe frame a lush lawn now is an irresistible gathering place. The University is expanding west toward the Congaree River in support of its research initiatives in nanotechnology, health sciences, Future Fuels™, the environment, and information and knowledge technologies. Three separate sites, each specializing in its own research area, will comprise this new innovation district, called Innovista. It will initially cover 500,000 square feet spread over about six city blocks but is projected to grow to five million square feet, mixing University and private research buildings, parking garages, and commercial and residential units around a public plaza called Foundation Square. By creating space for residences, retail, restaurants, and recreation that will complement the research, Innovista will be a place to live, learn, and work.

LEXINGTON COUNTY Established in 1785, Lexington County is one of South Carolina’s major population and manufacturing growth centers and offers something for everyone. Step back into time at the Cayce Historical Museum and explore the history of Indians, Colonial trade, and agricultural developments. The Lexington County Museum offers guided tours of the 19th-century farmhouse, which depicts everyday life in Lexington County in the pre-Civil War era. Known for its small town charm, Lexington, boasts local one-of-a-kind shops and unique restaurants. The parks are the perfect setting for an intimate picnic or an outing with the family. While in town check out the Shoppes at Flight Deck, Virginia Hylton Park, Peachtree Rock Preserve, and our jewel, Lake Murray.

FORT JACKSON Columbia is home to Fort Jackson. The Army’s largest and most active initial-entry training center, Fort Jackson is responsible for training about one-third of the men and two-thirds of the women who enter the service each year. The U.S. Army Training Center at Fort Jackson was established in 1917 to prepare soldiers for the imminent involvement in World War I. First known as the Sixth Cantonment, and later as Camp Jackson, Fort Jackson has always served as the Army’s pioneer in the training environment. Today, Fort Jackson is a 52,301-acre installation with more than 50 training ranges and 1,000 buildings. As one of the largest training facilities of its type in the world, Fort Jackson trains more than 42,500 annually. Each week, hundreds of soldiers complete their nine-week training cycle and thousands of families members and friends travel to Columbia for the activities. And, these visitors are greeted with the southern hospitality that locals call a way of life.

RICHLAND COUNTY Founded in 1786, Richland County is rich in history, activity and events. Columbia’s rapidly developing population spills out into Richland County. The county offers pristine parks, shopping malls and plazas, fine dining, and unique finds. Richland County is growing by leaps and bounds and its residents welcome the growth. When you’re in the area, check out Sesquicentennial State Park, Village at Sandhill, Solstice Kitchen and Wine Bar, and Congaree National Park.

16 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Where can you find everything from soup

After more than 70 years in Columbia, Cromer’s continues to sell our famous fresh and tasty snacks and treats, in addition to concession equipment, party supplies and promotional items. Of course, you can still get plenty of the freshest roasted and boiled peanuts that made us famous.

Our finely appointed guest-rooms are equipped with every modern convenience while maintaining the look and feel of the surrounding historic Vista District.

1700 Huger Street 803-779-2290

822 Gervais Street 803-23 1-2000

In the center of the financial, entertainment, and historic district, the hotel is within walking distance of Columbia’s finest restaurants, shops and nightlife.

Accessible, diverse and unique. See fine art as you’ve never seen it before.

924 Senate Street 803-744-7800

1276 Assembly Street 803-400-1205

The friendly staff at the Columbia Regional Visitors Center is eager to assist you with area information. You will find maps and brochures with information on restaurants, accommodations, attractions and more. 1101 Lincoln Street 803-545-0002 Toll-free: 800-264-4884

Eclectic antiques from the 18th through the 20th century. Framer and a bookstore on the premises. 705 Gervais Street 803-799-7722 803-252-1589

The answer is always the Vista.

The Vista—Columbia’s Arts and Entertainment District

the congaree river



tureens to nuts?


18 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


tt Dr Abbo Knox



Attractions... Our city is truly rich with natural and cultural history. When you visit us, you’ll find that there is so much to see and to do. Here’s a “user-friendly” list for visitors who want to explore what is Columbia.

Kid Tested, Mother Approved Attractions

Local children love Columbia because of the many activities that cater to their young, active and adventurous spirits. Moms love Columbia for the same reason and because that adventurous spirit isn’t wreaking havoc on the new furniture! When visiting, check out these “kid-friendly” locations for your little ones.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

EdVenture Children’s Museum. Carolina Children’s Garden. Columbia Marionette Theatre. Frankies Fun Park. Riverbanks Saluda Children’s Room at the Main Library. Funzone for Columbia Fire Museum. Virginia Hylton

PET friendly Attractions Even our pets have a doggone good time living in Columbia. If you’re bringing your special friends, take a look at some of our pet-friendly attractions and activities. Bark to the Park Annual Spring Event at Finlay Park Held the last Saturday in April, Bark to the Park invites local and visiting doggies to strut their stuff. Contests like Best Canine Kisser and the Mixed Breed Dog Show are featured during the day. There is food, drink, pet-friendly vendors, demonstrations, music, and prizes! Participating dogs receive Doggie Bags that include dog food, treats, and a bandana that will allow him/her to participate in all of the festivities! Watering holes and a Doggie outhouse are available to ensure your pet’s comfort.

Sesquicentennial State Park’s Dog Park 9564 Two Notch Road 803.788.2706 •

Three Rivers Greenway 803.765.2200 •

Congaree National Park 100 National Park Road 803.776.4396 •

Saluda Shoals Park 5605 Old Bush Road 803.731.5208 •

River Runner Outdoor Center 905 Gervais Street • 803.771.0353

Rosewood Market & Deli 2803 Rosewood Drive 803.256.6410 •

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •




803.734.2430 • The South Carolina State House is a historic building, one with a storied past of war, struggle and accomplishment. It’s the home of democracy in the Palmetto State, containing the offices of the governor and lieutenant governor and the chambers of the General Assembly, the South Carolina House and the South Carolina Senate. The S.C. State Park Service maintains a gift shop and offers tours inside the grand, old structure. Outside the State House, the story continues. The exterior walls include six bronze stars that mark where Union shells hit the unfinished structure during the Union occupation of Columbia that included a fire that destroyed much of the city in February 1865. The State House grounds, meanwhile, are home to more than two dozen monuments, including tributes to veterans of all the nation’s wars, national leaders from George Washington to James Byrnes and Strom Thurmond, and a monument detailing the African American experience and contribution to the state.


MUSEUM OF ART 803.799.2810 • The Columbia Museum of Art, South Carolina’s international art museum, has an extraordinary collection of European and American fine and decorative art that spans centuries. From ancient Rome and Greece, to Renaissance Italy, to the Seine at Giverny, and modern-day America – the Columbia Museum of Art is your window to the world in the heart of downtown. Claude Monet’s impressionist view of Giverny is a highlight of the 19th-century collection and a favorite of museum visitors. The American art collection includes art by Thomas Sully, Gilbert Stuart, Frederic Remington, and others, and the delicate art glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany. The modern and contemporary art collection includes the works of Jasper Johns, Milton Avery, Chuck Close and Robert Motherwell, to name a few. The Museum also offers changing exhibitions from renowned museums around the world and educational programs for all ages that include group and public tours, lectures and concerts. Visitors find creative, gift-giving ideas for any occasion in the Museum Shop. The Shop carries art books and puzzles, jewelry in all price ranges, children’s books, toys and creative project kits, and art-inspired writing pens, ties, scarves, bags, umbrellas and more. The Museum Shop also carries handcrafted one-of-a-kind jewelry and crafts created by more than a dozen local artisans, making each gift exceptional and unique.




803.779.8717 • Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is home to more than 2,000 magnificent and fascinating animals and one of the nation’s most beautiful and inspiring botanical gardens. The lush 170-acre site features dynamic natural habitat exhibits, scenic river views, spectacular valley overlooks and significant historic landmarks. For more than 30 years, Riverbanks has provided individuals, families and groups with a common place to connect with and learn about the world’s wildlife and wild places. A visit to the Zoo will play host to an array of wild adventures – from a diving expedition on a Pacific coral reef to a safari through the plains of Africa to an interactive Outback encounter with a flock of sociable lorikeets. Twice awarded the Governor’s Cup for South Carolina’s Most Outstanding Tourist Attraction, Riverbanks is the premier family choice for education and recreation in the Southeast.



803.737.1710 • In 1868, Governor James L. Orr had a vision for our state’s Governor’s Mansion. He suggested that the future home of South Carolina’s Chief Executive Officers be the structure that once housed the officers of Arsenal Military Academy. Built in 1855, the building survived the burning of the school during the War Between the States. The first governor moved into the house in 1869. In 1968, the exquisite Lace House next door was purchased by the state and it became the official guest quarters for the Mansion. Completed in 1855, the house was built by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas James Robertson, who received the land as a wedding gift from her father, John Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell’s 1830 home was next door. The state purchased it in 1978 and it now houses Mansion staff offices and the Governor’s Mansion Gift Shop. The three homes are enclosed upon nine acres that also feature lovely boxwood gardens and fountains. The gardens are open to the public Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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803.898.4922 Take a stroll through a Charleston Courtyard, go “shopping” at an authentic early 20th-century country store, get face to face with an ancient 40-foot shark or enjoy the sights and sounds of a mountain cove. All that and so much more can be found at the South Carolina State Museum in the heart of the capital city, Columbia. Visitors enjoy the many fine exhibits and programs in art, natural history, science & technology and history found in the State Museum. Located in a four-story 1893 former textile mill, the State Museum offers guests convenient parking, fun and educational exhibits, great food from the Crescent Café and, of course, shopping. The Cotton Mill Exchange, conveniently located on the first floor, offers guest a wide array of unique South Carolina gifts ranging from books, South Carolina-made pottery, textiles, clothing and educational toys for children. For more information call 803.898.4921 or visit Y’all come!



803.734.2506 Something’s always happening at the Columbia State Farmers Market across from Williams-Brice Stadium on Bluff Road. The Midlands Plant and Flower Festival is held every spring featuring a wide variety of gardening supplies for every need. It’s a meeting of the green thumbs and the not-so-green thumbs. Veteran and novice gardeners meet and greet at the market to collaborate about their lawns and gardens. And, something’s fresh and tasty year round, too. Locally grown strawberries are available in April followed by tomatoes, peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes, butter beans, squash and other summer season produce. In the fall, plants and flowers, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and cold season leafy greens are followed by Christmas trees and wreaths for the holiday season. It’s a year-round treat! The Columbia State Farmers Market is a public gathering place where people can learn about the food of the region, talk directly to farmers, and grow to trust the quality of the foods they produce. In anticipation of the season’s delights, shoppers worry right along with farmers when there is too much rain or not enough, or if there is a late freeze or an early frost.


CONGAREE NATIONAL PARK 803.776.4396 • Congaree National Park, located just 30 minutes from Columbia, encompasses almost 27,000 acres of bottomland floodplain forest, including 11,000 acres of near-virgin oldgrowth forest as well as South Carolina’s only stretch of Outstanding National Resource Waters. A federally designated Wilderness area, Congaree represents the last, largest and best preserved expanse of such forest left on the continent – an enduring remnant of ancient wilderness once found throughout the southeastern Coastal Plain. This primordial forest landscape is intermittently inundated when the Congaree River and its tributary creeks overflow their banks. These floods, which typically happen 8-10 times a year, can be more than eight feet deep. As the floods pulse through, they recycle and reinvent the forest. In turn the forest, like all of South Carolina’s precious wetlands, filters and cleans the waters. Throughout the floodplain the trees tower over 165 feet tall – the second tallest forest in the nation. Several of these giant trees are state or national champions – the largest of their kind. Congaree is also designated an International Biosphere Reserve and Globally Important Bird Area because of the rich web of life that is found here including birds, trees, insects, fungi, reptiles, herbs, amphibians, vines, fish, flowers, mammals and more.

LAKE MURRAY 866.SC JEWEL • The fishing’s hot and the water’s cool on Lake Murray, the Jewel of South Carolina’s inland lakes. With 650 miles of shoreline, the password here is family fun and there’s plenty of it! Lake Murray attracts thousands each year to nationally sponsored fishing tournaments, including the FLW Tour, the National Bass Circuit, Guys & Dolls and the Fishers of Men tournaments, just to name a few. The lake and surrounding rivers are best known for four types of fish including striped bass, largemouth bass, bream and crappie. The largest event held on Lake Murray is the Lake Murray July 4th Celebration, held the Saturday before the 4th of July. This top 10 event in the Southeast is a big tourist draw. The sky sparkles with fireworks launching from three locations around the lake. Lake Murray is a boating paradise for all types of boaters. Whether it’s canoeing or kayaking in calm waters or rapids, navigating sails through cutting winds or leisurely cruising in a power or fishing boat, Lake Murray is the place to be!


Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Kid Tested, Mother Approved Attractions


EDVENTURE CHILDREN’S MUSEUM 803.779.3100 • Since 2003, EdVenture Children’s Museum has been a place where kids want to go, and parents want to take them. Follow children’s laughs, and you will find yourself standing in the middle of West Africa, the Fire Department, the Lil’ Pig supermarket or Eddie, the world’s largest child. Parents bring their children to EdVenture because it is a safe environment that encourages hands-on learning, it teaches important habits best established at a young age and it is mostly indoors. There are family-friendly activities, birthday parties and special events like WOW Weekend and HalloWonka. Kids go to EdVenture to see Eddie and to do “grown up” stuff in a child-like atmosphere. They can shop for groceries, role play dentists and x-ray technicians, climb on tractors, create art projects, wear firefighter's clothes or visit West Africa and make music on drums. At EdVenture, both parents and children find joy in learning.





803-252-7366 • The Columbia Marionette Theatre's mission is to entertain and educate the children and families who attend shows to experience the unique art of puppetry. Productions include original adaptations of classical stories, new works and innovative shows. Children love the puppet birthday parties!

2 CAROLINA CHILDREN’S GARDEN 900 Clemson Road • 803.788.5700 Located in Northeast Columbia, mothers have been known to drive from across town to the Carolina Children’s Garden. What sets this garden apart is the way it delights the little ones. They believe Winnie the Pooh calls the Carolina Children’s Garden home, thanks to a themed Pooh garden complete with Eeyore’s house. Watch them gleefully skip around the garden in search of him! Other themed gardens sure to delight include the Butterfly Garden, The Three Bears Garden, Old McDonald's Farm, McGregor's Carrot Patch, and an Alphabet garden.

803.781.2342 · Frankie's Fun Park in Columbia serves up great rides, great food and great times. Go-Karts, miniature golf, bumper boats, amusement rides, laser tag, batting cages and an awesome arcade are part of our mega mix of fun. Frankie's Grill dishes out tasty food and drinks. They've got it all. Sized up for little kids, big kids and those who still think they're kids. Frankie's is open everyday and extra late so you can kiss your bedtime goodbye. See you soon. Frankie's Fun Park... FUN is our middle name.

26 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Riverbanks Zoo 803.779.8717 • As the winner of the 2006 Palmetto Parent Family Choice Award for the best place to take your children for the afternoon, Riverbanks Zoo is a first love among the children and parents of the Midlands. There are all kinds of adventures for kids to experience from a diving expedition on a Pacific coral reef to a safari through the plains of Africa to an interactive Outback encounter with a flock of sociable lorikeets. Parents love the zoo for the same reason and because of the endless opportunities for educating their little ones. There's so much to do at the Zoo.

Saluda Shoals Park 803.704.7737 • Minutes from downtown, Saluda Shoals is located on the lower banks of the Saluda River. Families come to the river for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, nature study, picnics, walks through the woods and even arts performances. Children can play on playgrounds, go tubing, or learn about plant and animal life.


THE CHILDREN’S ROOM AT THE RICHLAND COUNTY MAIN PUBLIC LIBRARY 803.799.9084 • The staff at the Children’s Room at the downtown Main Library welcomes children and their parents to a place where imagination and creativity are explored through the world of books. “Wild Things” from Maurice Sendak's classic book greet you as you enter the room and see the mural of them in a park-like setting with live trees. Filled with more than 85,000 volumes of books and materials for children of all ages, the Children’s Room includes a decorated puppet stage, multimedia capabilities, large bookstore-type display area, a listening-center where children can listen to their favorite books, and an area filled with puzzles and stuffed animals for the very young. The Craft Area is located in a park-like setting where children create cave drawings, book illustrations and masks, all of which highlight books from the collection.

7 8


803.359.7913 Moms love taking their little ones to Funzone. It’s fun indoors. Specializing in inflatable fun, Funzone provides bounce houses, slides, and obstacle courses for little ones to enjoy. There’s even something for the little, little ones. A toddler section was designed specifically for children ages 5 and under. Funzone offers a clean, safe environment for playtime anytime of the year.



803.733.8350 Kids of all ages enjoy the Columbia Fire Museum for its rich history. The museum features artifacts dating as far back as the 1800s including antique fire fighting equipment, an interactive exhibit, a photo history of fire fighting in Columbia and a history of African-American firefighters in the CFD. Individuals and groups are invited to visit anytime from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays. Admission is free.

VIRGINIA HYLTON PARK Parents flock by the dozens to Virginia Hylton park in the warm months for its abundance of shade. Plenty of benches for the parents, lots of wooden playground equipment for the little ones. A walking path gives parents a chance to squeeze in some exercise without boring the kids thanks to beautiful koi ponds and a stream with waterfalls.

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Experience the

Extraordinary From ancient Rome to Renaissance Italy and Monet’s garden at Giverny, the Columbia Museum of Art is your window to the world in the heart of downtown.

From fun and funky to elegant and educational…you'll find creative, gift-giving ideas for adults and children of all ages in the Museum Shop.

Admission is free every Saturday courtesy of BlueCross BlueShield.

Evelyn Pickering de Morgan, Eos, 1895, oil on canvas, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Archie O. Joslin

Main at Hampton | Columbia, SC | 803.799.2810 |

ile will be as b m s r u o ig as Y e. EDD r e h IE’s t e g when you


Have you had your Aha today? Interactive experiences and endless opportunities for exploration, creativity and good old-fashioned fun at the home of EDDIE® the world’s largest child!

Have a birthday party, shop in EdCetera, the EdVenture store, bring a class for a field trip and go on an EdVenture you will always remember! 211 Gervais Street Columbia, South Carolina Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm, Sun. Noon - 5:00pm 803-779-3100

Discover our place in history. H istoric Columbia

showcases the rich heritage

of South Carolina’s capital city. With


four house

as our

centerpiece, Historic Columbia offers

educational activities, garden tours, lectures and workshops as well as guided walking and trolley tours of historic sites throughout our city. Historic Columbia is proud to offer a fair and balanced account of our role in Southern history and we invite you to take a trip back in time with us . For tour information, please contact Historic Columbia at

(803)252-1770 Learn more about the rich history of South Carolina’s capital city online at 1616 Blanding Street • Columbia, SC 29201

Get up close and personal to over 2,000 animals. As the largest zoo and aquarium in the Southeast, a trip to Columbia wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. With more than 350 species represented from around the world, the Zoo offers an array of wild adventures – from a diving expedition on a Pacific coral reef to a safari through the plains of Africa to an interactive Outback encounter with a flock of social lorikeets. Don’t miss the adventure. Visit Riverbanks Zoo and Garden on your next trip to Columbia.

we’re waiting






A Grand Affair: A Celebration of Life After 55 Boat Show 2007 at the Fairgrounds Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus

All American Soap Box Derby

Carolina Celebration of Liberty Lake Murray’s July 4th Celebration Lexington County Peach Festival Torchlight Tattoo at Fort Jackson

Boo at the Zoo Columbia Blues Festival Fall for the Arts Governor’s Cup Road Race Hallowonka Sleepy Hollow on the River South Carolina State Fair



Jubilee Heritage Festival South Carolina Pelion Peanut Party

Carolina Craftsmen’s Christmas Classic Colonial Cup Horse Races Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show Festival of Trees Governor’s Carol Lighting Historic Columbia Holiday Tours Holiday Lights on the River – Saluda Shoals Lights Before Christmas – Riverbanks Zoo Veteran’s Day Parade Vista Lights

FEBRUARY South Carolina Book Festival


MARCH Carolina Craftsmen’s Spring Classic Jamil Shrine Circus Palmetto Sportsmen’s Classic St. Patrick’s Day in Five Points SC High School Basketball Tournament Carolina Cup-Camden Columbia International Festival

APRIL Historic Elmwood Park Tour of Homes Midlands Plant & Flower Show

DECEMBER SEPTEMBER Chapin Labor Day Festival Collard Festival-Gaston Columbia Greek Festival Lexington Fun Fest Okra Strut - Irmo

Carolina Carillon Holiday Parade Christmas Festival - Blythewood Christmas Open House – Lorick Plantation House Christmas Traditions – Cayce Historical Museum Devine Evening Eight Nights of Wonder – Saluda Shoals Park Historic Columbia Holiday Tours Historic Columbia Candlelight Tours Lights Before Christmas – Riverbanks Zoo Wow New Year’s Eve Celebration

MAY Carolina Poultry Festival Cinco De Mayo at Finlay Park Heart and Sole Woman’s 5 Miler Historic Columbia Annual Spring Tour Wine Tasting Riverbanks Zoo

For further information regarding concert series, dance and choral performances, local art events and road races contact the Columbia Metropolitan Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800.264.4884 or 803.545.0002 or visit our online calendar of events at

34 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



AMF Columbia Lanes

Lexington County Public Library

1733 Bush River Road 803.798.1310 •

5440 Augusta Road • 803.785.2600 •

SC Military Museum National Guard Road • 803.806.4440 •

Designed to meet the needs of the growing population of Lexington County, the Main Library is a 48,000-square-foot building located on a five-acre site on Augusta Road (U.S Highway 1) in Lexington.

The rich history of the SC National Guard is captured in the South Carolina Military Museum's many exhibits. From the SC Guard's early days during the Colonial Wars to its current efforts in the Middle East, each time period is included and weapons and artifacts from each era are displayed.

Richland County Public (Main) Library

SC State Museum

1431 Assembly Street 803.799.9084 •

301 Gervais Street 803.898.4922 •

140 Parkridge Drive 803.781.2342 •

Spectacular 242,000-square-foot main library serving as the nucleus of the library system. Free admission.

See “8 Wonders of Columbia” on page 24 for more information.

A 14-acre family fun center located in the Harbison area. Attractions include: go-cart tracks, mini-golf, bumper boats, rock climbing wall, air bungee, batting cages, arcade and laser tag arena.

South Caroliniana Library

Funzone for Kids Lexington

Completed in 1840, this structure, designed by Robert Mills, marked the first use of a free-standing academic library building in the United States.

AMF Park Lanes 900 Axtell Drive 803.796.6300 •

Frankie’s Fun Park

5175 Sunset Boulevard 803.359.7913 •

US Army Adjutant General Corps Museum USC Horseshoe 803.777.3131 •


Funzone II

Cayce Historical Museum

Irmo, 105 Ministry Drive 803.732.8900 •

1800 12th Street • 803.739.5385 •

Harmon’s Tree Farm

The museum interprets the architectural, social and cultural heritage of Old Saxe-Gotha, Granby, Cayce and West Columbia areas. Exhibits depict periods of Colonial trade, Native Americans, agricultural development and transportation from the 18th century to the present.

Columbia Fire Department Museum

3152 Augusta Highway 803.359.4454 •

1800 Laurel Street 803.545.3701 • Museum highlights the importance of the Columbia Fire Department with exhibits of historical data, photos, equipment and other items of interest to enlighten the public about the heroic traditions and the men and women within its service. Free admission.

J C’s Lexington Bowl 5380 Augusta Road • 803.359.2695

Palmetto Falls Mini Golf 3209 Charleston Highway • 803.794.8620

Columbia Museum of Art

A miniature golf course where having fun could get you a hole in one! 18-hole course. Parties available. Group discount rates.

Main at Hampton Street 803.799.2810 •

Plex Indoor Sports

See “8 Wonders of Columbia” on page 24 for more information.

1019 Broad Stone Road • 741 Fashion Drive 803.360.7300 •

EdVenture Children’s Museum

Plex Indoor Sports Irmo location featues an NHL-sized ice rink for hockey games and figure skating and Learn to Play hockey classes. The flagship location in NE Columbia at the Village at Sandhill features two indoor turf fields, an inline hockey rink, volleyball courts, indoor skate park and wellness center.

Red Wing Rollerway Roller Skating 2632 Decker Boulevard • 803.736.0253

LEARNING CENTERS 2600-A Barhamville Road 803.929.3951 • A simulated space science environment where students and educators work in teams to solve real-life math, science and technology problems during a space flight. Admission required.

South Carolina Archives and History Center 8301 Parklane Road 803.896.6100 •

USC Melton Memorial Observatory

Established in 1957, this museum chronicles the men and women who have aided and served the Army both spiritually and militarily.

US Army Finance Corps Museum Building 4392, Strom Thurmond Boulevard 803.751.3771 • Traces the 221-year history of the Finance Corps, one of the Army’s oldest branches. Exhibits cover military pay and how it affects military life from the American Revolution to the present. Admission free.

SKATE PARK Owens Field Park 1351 Jim Hamilton Blvd. • 803.343.8788 Roller hockey rink, skate ramps and pipes, and inline skating paths.

Skate Station USA Roller Skating Oak Drive and Highway 1 • 803.356.3500


See “10 Kid Tested Mother Approved” on page 26 for more information.

P.O. Box 246 • 803.939.8382

Fort Jackson Museum

Step-on guide/receptive operator service providing historic tours of Columbia for large or small groups. Costumed guide available.

Building 4442 Jackson Boulevard 803.751.7419 •

Ghosts and Legends of Columbia

The museum covers the history of Fort Jackson and training and education of the new soldier. Free admission.

58 1/2 Broad Street 803.765.1837 •

Lexington County Museum

A story-oriented evening walking tour. Call for availability. Schedule may vary seasonally. Admission required.

A complex of restored 18th- and 19th-century buildings depicting everyday life in Lexington County in Antebellum period. Costumed guides give tours lasting about one hour. Admission required.

McKissick Museum

Historic Columbia Foundation 1601 Richland Street 803.252.7742 • Bus and walking tours of greater Columbia, heritage education programs and complete heritage packages are offered through Historic Columbia’s historic area tours.

USC Horseshoe • 803.777.7251 • Located at the head of the University’s historic Horseshoe, features changing exhibitions of art, science and regional history and folk art.

SC Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum

A great resource for genealogical research. Building houses public records of the state of South Carolina, including reference room, exhibit gallery and meeting facilities. Free admission.

US Army Chaplain Center and School • 803.751.8079

211 Gervais Street • 803.779.3100 •

Corner of Fox Street and U.S. Highway 378 803.359.8369 •

Challenger Learning Center

The museum is dedicated to the history of the Army’s Adujutant General’s Corps from 1775 to present. Open to the general public. Group tours are available by appointment.

US Army Chaplain Museum

Specific play area for toddlers, infatable bounce house, slide, obstacle cource. Best for toddlers-age 5. Try Funzone II for older kids.

8,000 square feet of fun and excitement. Three separate play areas – one for toddlers, one for medium age, and one for the “big kids.”

Building 4392, Strom Thurmond Boulevard 803.751.1747 •

301 Gervais Street • 737.8095 • Founded in 1896, the SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum is the oldest museum in Columbia. The museum focuses on South Carolina’s military history from the Revolutionary War to the present.

USC Department of Physics & Astronomy 803.777.4180 •

SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame

Located on the campus of the University of South Carolina, the observatory offers views of many of the night sky’s wonders. Public viewing sessions are held most clear Monday nights: April through September 9:30-11:30 p.m.; October through March 8:30-10:30 p.m. Free admission.

Exhibits on historical and contemporary aspects of law enforcement. Special student programs. Free admission.

ZOO Riverbanks Zoo & Garden 500 Wildlife Parkway 803.779.8717 • A 170-acre park featuring two distinctly unique areas along the scenic Lower Saluda River. Riverbanks also offers gift shops, indoor restaurants and other food and refreshment stands, rides on the Endangered Species Carousel and a picnic area.

5400 Broad River Road • 803.896.8199 •

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Panoramic view of Columbia circa 1865

Columbia’s History

Historic Timeline 1786

General Assembly passed legislation to create a new capital city.


Capital moved from Charleston to Columbia.


Columbia was incorporated and becomes the first planned state capital in the U.S.


Mann-Simons Cottage associated with Celia Mann, a Charleston slave, who bought her freedom and walked to Columbia.


Secession Convention opens at First Baptist Church in Columbia.


South Carolina became the first state to secede from the union. About 63,000 men from the state served in the Confederate armed forces.


Major General Tecumseh Sherman marched into Columbia. The city was half destroyed by fire.


South Carolina was readmitted to the Union.


Carnegie library construction begins at Benedict College.


Fort Jackson, the nation’s largest U.S. Army training facility, established to prepare soldiers for World War I.


Strom Thurmond became first U.S. Senator elected by a write-in vote.


Congaree Swamp National Monument designated South Carolina’s first National Park and renamed Congaree National Park.


Richland County Awarded “All America Community” by National Civic League

Historic Tours

Historic Columbia: Specialty Tours and Presentations

Historic Columbia: Historic House Museum Tours

Exciting walking tours and driving tours for groups of 20 or more are available at any time during the year. To schedule a visit or learn more, call 803.252.1770 ext. 24. Tours include: • From the Capital to the Courthouse: Main Street Columbia (walking tour) • From Homefront to Battleground: Civil War Columbia (driving tour and presentation) • Homeplaces, Workplaces and Resting Places: African-American Sites Tour (driving tour) • Historic Heart of Columbia (walking and driving tours) • A Palmetto Homefront Remembers: Columbia During World War II (presentation) • Sacred Sites Walking Tour

Experience Columbia’s past by touring the capital city’s historic house museums: Robert Mills House and Park, Hampton-Preston Mansion and Gardens and Mann-Simons Cottage. The Woodrow Wilson Family Home is temporarily closed for restoration; exhibit panels are available for information. Guided tours available Tues-Sat 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (last tour begins at 3 p.m.) and Sun 1- 4 p.m. (last tour begins at 4 p.m.) Call for admission rates and more information. Purchase tickets at the Robert Mills House, 1616 Blanding Street. Call 803.252.1770 ext. 24.

AFRICAN-AMERICAN HERITAGE African American History Monument South Carolina State House Grounds • 803.734.2430 First of its kind on any of the nation’s statehouse grounds, the monument recaptures the rich history of African Americans and their contributions to the state of South Carolina.

Booker T. Washington High School Blossom, Wheat & Marion on USC Campus 803.777.0169 •

The Renaissance Cultural Arts Center at Historic Bethel 1528 Sumter Street 803.733.5634 • Bethel AME Church was built in 1921 by James Anderson Lankford, the first registered African-American architect in the United States, and will reopen as a cultural arts center and museum.

Waverly Historic District 1601 Richland Street 803.252.7742 •

Opened in 1916 as the second public school for African Americans, this building was a cultural and social center.

Roughly bounded by Hampton St. and Heidt St., Columbia’s first suburb, Waverly evolved into a community of African-American artisans, professionals and social reformers.

Ladson Presbyterian Church

Zion Baptist Church

1720 Sumter Street • 765.9192

801 Washington Street 803.779.2809 •

The oldest African-American Church in the city (1838), began as a mission of the First Presbyterian Church.

Mann-Simons Cottage

Oldest Black Baptist Church in Columbia. Originally founded in the basement of a house on the corner of Hampton and Gadsden Streets (now the site of the Vietman Memorial Park) in 1861.

1403 Richland Street 803.252.1770 •


Formerly owned by Celia Mann in 1850, this house marked the beginning of her life after she bought her freedom in Charleston and walked to sovereignty.

Adluh Flour Mills

Modjeska Monteith Simkins House

Adluh’s plant opened in 1900 and is the only flour mill still operating in South Carolina. Free tours available by appointment only.

804 1/2 Gervais Street • 803.779.2460 •

2025 Marion Street Second home of the social activist and community leader who died at the age of 92.Visitors to this house have included Thurgood Marshall, Andrew Young and other Civil Rights leaders.

Randolph Cemetery Founded by 19 African Americans in 1871, the cemetery is a memorial to Benjamin A. Randolph, a member of the Reconstruction General Assembly, who was assassinated in 1868. Randolph and eight other African-American legislators are buried here.

Ebenezer Lutheran Church 1301 Richland Street 803.765.9430 • Formed in 1828 by 14 members near the corner of Sumter and Richland streets. The first church building on the site was burned during the Union occupation in 1865, and a new chapel was built in 1870.

36 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Frank Currey

Favorite memory about Columbia? Fort Jackson, State Museum

Favorite memory about being stationed at Fort Jackson? I was 20 years old and met a young lady attending USC

Best place to take out of town guests? Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient who trained at Fort Jackson, SC and became a part of the 30th Infantry Division of WWII.

SC State Museum, Riverbanks Zoo

Elmwood Cemetery & Gardens

Richland Presbyterian Church

501 Elmwood Avenue 803.252.2133 •

South Carolina Road 1313, near Gadsden

Founded in 1854, Elmwood Cemetery features a confederate cemetery within its boundaries attracting hundreds of history buffs yearly. You will also find two veterans gardens, two additional bronze marker sections, and numerous family monument sections. Historical walking tour maps available in the office, open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Ensor Keenan House

Best place to view the city skyline? Capital City Club

If you’re in Columbia, you have got to check out...? The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden

The church has its roots in a mission Sunday school established in the area in 1873. This church is significant because it is a virtually unaltered example of 19th-century rural vernacular church architecture, which features an octagonal entrance tower with a Gothic arched portal.

Robert Mills House & Park 1601 Richland Street 803.252.1770 •

801 Wildwood Avenue 803.733.8510 • Dr. Joshua Fulton Ensor built this house in 1868 for his family as he served as superintendent for what was the South Carolina State Hospital. Call for tour information.

First Baptist Church

This restored mansion was built in 1823 and designed by South Carolina’s most famous architect, Robert Mills. Call for information on tickets and admission.

SC Governor’s Mansion 800 Richland Street 803.737.1710 •

1306 Hampton Street 803.256.4251 • Site of the first Secession Convention in December 1860. The church is listed on the “National Register of Historic Places.” Stop by the office for tours.

First Presbyterian Church

Built in 1855 as a residence for the officers of the Arsenal Military Academy, the Governor’s Mansion has served as home of the governor since 1868. Reservations required. Free admission.

SC State House Main Street at Gervais Street • 803.734.2430

1324 Marion Street 803.799.9062 •

Historic Did You Know? Did you know our roots run deep and beyond the city? Here are a few “did you know” facts about our history and our people. Did you know Columbia was the state’s first planned city and only the second planned city in the United States (Savannah, G.A. was the first)? Did you know the Secession Convention convened on December 17, 1860 at Columbia’s First Baptist Church, a structure that still stands today along with more than 20 other pre-1865 buildings? Did you know that General Sherman marched into Columbia on February 17, 1865, burning one-third of the city, including the commercial and governmental district and many private homes? Did you know that by the early-20th century, Columbia became nationally important as the federal government established Camp Jackson as a basic training facility for the United States Army during World War I? Years later, during World War II, the facility was improved, and enlarged to become Fort Jackson, currently our nation’s largest Army basic training facility. Did you know the famous Doolittle Raiders, (commanded by Lt. Colonel James “Jimmy” Doolittle), who led a daring assault on Japan after their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, were trained at the World War II Columbia Army Airbase, which is now known as the Columbia Metropolitan Airport?

Presbyterians organized their first congregation in Columbia in 1795. The 188-foot steeple was once Columbia’s tallest structure. Churchyard tours available. Call for reservations.

The State House is one of Columbia’s and South Carolina’s most historic buildings. Construction began in 1855 and withstood Sherman’s march on Columbia in 1865. Today, six bronze stars mark the impact of shells from Union cannons. Free admission.

Governor’s Green

South Caroliniana Library

800 Richland Street 803.737.1710 •

USC Horseshoe 803.777.3131 •

A nine-acre complex consisting of the South Carolina Governor’s Mansion, built in 1855; the Lace House, built in 1854 and the Caldwell-Boyleston House, built in 1830.

Completed in 1840, this structure, designed by Robert Mills, marked the first use of a free-standing academic library building in the United States.

Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens

St. Peter’s Catholic Church

Washington Street United Methodist Church

1601 Richland Street 803.252.1770 •

1529 Assembly Street • 779.0036 •

1401 Washington Street 803.256.2417 •

Built in 1818, this restored antebellum mansion is furnished with Hampton and Preston family pieces. Tickets available in the Museum Shop on the grounds of the Robert Mills House, 1616 Blanding Street.

Hebrew Benevolent Society Cemetery Corner of Gadsden and Taylor streets In 1822, the DeLeon family, some of Columbia’s earliest residents, granted the Hebrew Benevolent Society a portion of the block bound by Gadsden and Taylor streets for the establishment of a Jewish cemetery. Four years later the Hebrew Benevolent Society officially formed and is one of the earliest-established societies still active in Columbia today.

Kensington Mansion Highway 601 S. 803.353.0456 • An Italianate Revival mansion completed in 1854 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Admission required.

This church is the oldest church for Catholics in the Midlands, dating to 1824. Call in advance to arrange tours of the Church. Free admission.

Did you know Charles Bolden, America’s first African-American Astronaut, is from Columbia? Did you know that before he became the youngest player in the NBA to be named “Player of the Year,” Jermaine O’Neal was dunking basketballs at Richland County School District One’s Eau Claire High School?

The Supreme Court of South Carolina

Built in 1872, the current structure replaced the church that was destroyed in Sherman’s burning of Columbia on February 17, 1865. Please call for tour information.

1231 Gervais Street • 803.734.1080

Wesley United Methodist Church

Guided 20-45 minute tours include the large courtroom downstairs where the seal of the Supreme Court is displayed, the portrait gallery and the library. By appointment only.

1725 Gervais Street

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral

This church is one of the few remaining early 20th-century buildings on a major thoroughfare that once boasted many architecturally significant structures. The high-style building was a rarity for an African-American congregation during the Jim Crow era in Columbia.

1100 Sumter Street 803.771.7300 •

Woodrow Wilson Family Home

Built in 1846, Trinity was spared in 1865 when General Sherman’s troops burned much of Columbia. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1705 Hampton Street 803.252.1770 • Woodrow Wilson, the nation’s 28th president, spent four years of his youth in Columbia. He and his family lived in this home built by his parents in 1872. (This site is currently closed due to renovation.)

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South Carolina

Relic Room


Military Museum

he SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum is the oldest museum in the Columbia area, and the third oldest museum in South Carolina. Founded in 1896 by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Museum was originally established as a repository for Civil War memorabilia. Throughout subsequent decades, the mission and collection has continually evolved to include all conflicts involving South Carolinians, making the Museum the state’s premier military history museum. The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum serves as an educational, historical, and cultural resource for South Carolina’s distinguished military heritage from the Revolutionary War to the current War on Terror. To support this important undertaking, the Museum collects and preserves artifacts associated with all eras of South Carolina military history. A nationally-renowned Civil War flag collection, a significant South Carolina military artifacts collection dating from the Revolutionary War to the present, a substantial print and photograph archive, and a 19th- and 20th-century textile collection all enable the museum to interpret South Carolina’s military history, as well as the political and social influences associated with military tradition. Originally housed at the University of South Carolina, the Museum relocated several times throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, including moves to the State House and the World War I Memorial Building. In 1998, the Museum became an agency under the South Carolina Budget and Control Board, and began a process of revitalization that culminated with the 2001 relocation to the Columbia Mills Building, adjacent to the State Museum, and the reopening of the Museum in September 2002. Throughout the new 17,000-square-foot gallery, the narrative theme of “The South Carolina Martial Tradition,” explains the state’s influential role in military endeavors, and its importance in national history. This year, the Museum is expanding again by adding 5,000 square feet, reconfiguring the public entrance, and opening a new gallery for rotating exhibits. The first exhibit in this new space, opening Veteran’s Day 2007, commemorates the 90th


anniversary of South Carolina’s entrance into World War I. The exhibit, titled “Forgotten Stories: South Carolina Fights the Great War,” offers a unique perspective on the World War I military experience and uncovers several forgotten aspects of the war, such as the African-American 371st regiment. The SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum offers visitors the opportunity to discover the state’s strong military traditions and history through unique and informative gallery exhibits, with many rare and one-of-a-kind artifacts on display. The Museum’s rotating displays and temporary exhibits make each visit a new experience. The S.C. Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum is accredited by the American Association of Museums. Of the 225 museums and historic sites in the state, only 12 have earned this distinguished accreditation. The Museum is located at 301 Gervais Street (in the same building as the State Museum) in Columbia. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., and the first Sunday of the month, 1-5 p.m. Admission is $4 age 21 and up, with Sunday admission $1. For more information about the museum, visit our website at or call 803.737.8095.

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Hot Fun in the Carolina SUN Nothing heats up in the summertime like Columbia festivals and roadside farmers markets. Festivals are a way of life in Columbia and our roadside, state and local farmers markets boasts the freshest produce around. If you’re traveling through our area, check out some of our local roadside produce stands. Also check out the hot festivals happening throughout the summer.

Harmony Hills Farm


402 Main Street, Gilbert, SC 29054 • Office: 803.892.5504 May-December: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Pecans, Peaches, Berries, Plums, Market Location: 1361 Old Cherokee Road, Lexington

Lexington County Peach Festival

James R. Sease Farms Inc. P.O. Box 342, Gilbert, SC 29054 • 803.359.FARM June-mid August: Peaches & Mixed Vegetables Location: three miles west of Lexington on Highway 378 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Sat 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Rikard’s Country Market 2165 Highway 378, Gilbert, SC 29054 • 803.359.4438 April-October: Fruits, Vegetables, Pine Straw, Potting Soil, Bedding Plants, Hanging Baskets, Etc. Location: Highway 378, 8.5 miles west of Lexington

The Farmers Shed 2514 Augusta Highway, Lexington, SC 29072 803.996.0700 or 803.996.9122 Year Round: Fruits, Vegetables, Jams, Flowers, Pickles, Cheese, Gift Baskets, Grits, Home-style Meals, Corn Maze (Seasonal), School Tours, SC Specialty Products Location: Highway 1, five miles west of Lexington

Ringo’s Produce Market 10545 Garners Ferry Road, Eastover, SC 29061 803.783.0108 Fruits, Vegetables, Honey, Cider, Hot Boiled Peanuts, & Ornamental Plants Location: Highway 378, nine miles east of Columbia Hours: Mon-Sat 9 a.m.-7:30 p.m., Sun 10:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

803.892.2473 • The Lexington County Peach Festival celebrates the mere existence of the fuzzy fruit. This annual event brings visitors from miles around for activities that include a parade, musical entertainment, crafts, a barbecue, a street dance and fireworks show.

Lake Murray’s July 4th Celebration Join the residents of Lake Murray as they showcase the 78-square-mile lake with decorated boats during their Independence Day Celebration. The parade is a prelude to the spectacular fireworks display that is held at night at the lake.

Torchlight Tattoo at Fort Jackson 803-751-7511 The Army Victory Band will perform patriotic music as soldiers participate in the Torchlight ceremony. Fort Jackson always expects a crowd of thousands at Hilton Field on the base to view the fireworks display.

AUGUST South Carolina Pelion Peanut Party The South Carolina Peanut Party has been going nuts for 26 years. Back then the festival was a one-day event. Now it is a three-day event with carnival rides, food vendors, a parade, live entertainment, craft show and so much more! Come on out and join us for some old country fun, entertainment and most of all GOOBERS!

Jubilee Festival of Heritage Honoring culture and heritage in the African-American community, the Jubilee Festival is presented by the Historic Columbia Foundation. Jubilee celebrates the life of Celia Mann and her family. Mann was a slave who purchased her freedom, walked to Columbia, and bought a small cottage on Richland Street where her descendants lived for more than 100 years. The event features educational and hands-on activities for children, art showcases, merchandise and food vendors, traditional music and more.

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Across from Boyd Plaza, between Rising High Natural Bread Co. and Sylvan Bros. Jewelers is Blue Sky’s Never Bust (2000). This installation is comprised of welded steel, 25 feet long 5’ diameter chains linking two historic buildings together. Keep heading northwest on Main Street. Outside of Jammin Java, at 1530 Main Street, is a piece from the Saxon Home Door Project. Artists were given doors from a Columbia neighborhood that was to be deconstructed and the doors were painted. The painted doors can be seen throughout Columbia. This particular door is called The Palmetto Building. If all this walking under the Carolina sun’s got you thirsty, stop in the Jammin Java for a spell and order yourself a tall iced latte or something pleasing to the palette. Continue Northwest on Main Street, when you arrive at Taylor Street notice the mural on the Columbia Conservatory of Dance (take special note of the side facing Hampton Street).

Exit Convention Center and turn left (north) on Lincoln, you will reach Gervais Street. (Approximately .1 mi) You are now in Columbia’s Vista, where you can find restaurants, art galleries, antique stores and more.

EXPLORE THE VISTA. If you turn to your left (heading West on Gervais) you will come to the Railway Murals at 700 Gervais Street. (Approximately .2 mi) This area, once a railway center and station, includes The Yardmaster (1997) by Ralph H. Waldrop. If you turn to your right (heading East on Gervais) you should pass Cloud 9 Market and Nonnah’s Gallery which displays the work of local artists. When you run into Park Street take a right. (Less than .1 of a mile) You will pass Generations (1999) by Eric Lake; it features allegorical symbols of the past and present of Columbia. It is on the side of the Research Planning Inc. Building. If you are hungry it is right next to The Flying Saucer, a restaurant that’s sure to please any appetite. Reverse course back to Gervais Street and head East toward the State House. (Approximately .3 mi) Circle the State House grounds and

notice the various statues, sculptures, and memorials. The principal architect and designer of the State House was Major John R. Niernsee, who was elected architect in 1854. Head Northwest down Main Street, it is right in front of the entrance to the State House. As you proceed down Main Street notice the imported Italian tiles on the Arcade, and try to spot both Sylvan Bros. Clocks. At 1400 Main Street observe the architecture of the Palmetto Building, which was erected in 1913. You will reach Boyd Plaza and the Columbia Museum of Art at 1501 Main Street. Boyd Plaza contains: • The Boyd Plaza Sculpture, created with steel and fiberglass by the American artist Nade Haley • Apollo's Cascade, a 30 ft. tall sculptural fountain by Rodney Carroll • Upright Motive, No.8, created with bronze by the English artist Henry Moore • The Gressette Fountain, which flows over 10 granite monoliths • A ground painting

Turn right on Taylor Street, as you walk you will see the Bethel AME Church and its numerous façade murals. The murals are a statement about the heritage and legacy of the Bethel AME Church. Resume walking and soon Busted Plug Plaza will be on your right (Approximately .2 miles). Busted Plug Plaza includes: • Blue Sky’s 39-foot fountain, which is also the world’s largest fire hydrant (Created in 1999) • Blue Sky’s Tunnelvision (1975), the idea for this mural came in a dream and is inspired by music. The artist compared Beethoven’s 9th Symphony musical troubles with his own visual troubles. • Farther to the left you can find Blue Sky’s The Other Side of the Tunnel (2000). Return to Main Street and resume walking northwest. Continue until you reach 1701 Main Street (The Courthouse). The courthouse grounds sculpture is an abstract metal sculpture. This is the end of the public art walk. By now, you’ve worked up an appetite and lucky for you because you are now close to Columbia restaurants like Hennessy’s, Mac’s on Main, and Villa Tronco. Bon Appetite!

Length of Tour: Approximately 1.4 mi Time: 2 to 3 hours For more information about public art in the area, please contact the Columbia Regional Visitors Center.

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Performing Arts... Columbia’s dance, theatre, music, and other performing arts companies have begun to emerge. Our art galleries showcase talented local and regional artists. Around for several decades, the Arts continue to contribute to the artistic and cultural make-up of our city.


Columbia City Ballet ranks as Columbia’s largest and mostattended performing arts organization. Founded in 1961, the Company of more than 30 dancers presents five full-length productions at the Koger Center for the Arts and more than 90 performances a season touring throughout the Southeast region. The company has presented Dracula: Ballet with a Bite during the Halloween season for the past 13 years.

Theatre Music

Columbia’s own Town Theatre, constructed in 1924, is the oldest community theatre building in continuous use in the United States and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Town Theatre has one of the largest auditoriums of any Columbia theatre group. The seats are filled at an average of 90 percent capacity at every performance. Town Theatre provides an exceptional opportunity for entry level actors by giving them the chance to work on stage with experienced veterans, many of whom are working professionals volunteering their time. Many of Town Theatre’s current and alumni performers have appeared on Broadway, network television and in major feature films. They include Cats, A Chorus Line, Ruthless People, Hill Street Blues, and North and South. This commitment to presenting plays and musicals of wide general appeal has earned Town Theatre the largest regular audience of any cultural performing organization in Columbia. In fact, each season brings in close to 20,000 theatre patrons of all ages.

Columbia’s musical taste runs the gamut. We’ve got everything from bluegrass to the orchestra and opera, and blues to choral groups. One of our special choral groups is the Palmetto Mastersingers. Named “South Carolina’s Musical Ambassadors,” the Mastersingers are comprised of 90 men, ranging in from 22 to 80 years of age. Formed in 1981, the group has performed at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, The Dom Cathedral in Cologne Germany, The White House, Carnegie Hall, the National Cathedral in Washington, and St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican, to name a modest few. The SC Philharmonic also makes Columbia their home. One of the leading orchestras in the Southeast, the Philharmonic continues its mission of providing quality symphonic music for their audiences. Their season includes many Master Series along with a variety of Pop Series tailored specifically for children and families.

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ART HOUSE Nickelodeon Theatre 803.254.8234 • The Columbia Film Society’s 77-seat theatre provides an intimate setting for international and independent cinema, and shows more than 125 films each year.

ARTS ASSOCIATION Cultural Council of Richland & Lexington County 803.799.3115 • The Cultural Council of Richland & Lexington Counties is the centralized resource for the Arts Community. The Cultural Council contributes to economic development and quality of life in the Riverbanks Region by promoting the Arts as the foundation of the knowledge-based economy.

Columbia Music Festival Association 803.771.6303 • CMFA is mandated to educate, discover, develop, train, assist and promote the performing arts on its own and through its affiliate organizations.

CHORAL, ORCHESTRA, CONCERT BAND The Arpad Darazs Singers 803.926.7306 • The Árpád Darázs Singers is a unique choral ensemble in the Midlands – a group of talented musicians who create a superior blend of mixed voices performing a varied repertoire of classical and contemporary works.

Columbia Choral Society 803.933.9060 • Known originally as the Shandon Choral Society, the purpose of the organization then, as it is now, is to stimulate and broaden interest in musical activities and to actively engage in the rehearsal and rendition of choral music.

left: CMC Steel Rhythm on the River Concert bottom left: Summer concert at Finlay Park

Hot Fun in the Carolina


Five Points after Five Five Points Fountain 803.748.7373 • Beginning in April, local residents and visitors travel to Columbia’s infamous Five Points fountain to wind down the day to the latest tunes of local bands. Jams can be heard every Thursday from April to June beginning at 6:30 p.m.

As the days become longer and the nights get warmer, Columbia’s passion for music heats up. Local musicians and bands perform at our parks, river walks, and entertainment districts jamming all night long. Running from late spring to the end of fall, our concert series are a great way to be cool on a warm Carolina night.

Lexington Concerts in the Park Virginia Hylton Park 803.358.1544 • Held on the second Sunday of each month from June to August, these concerts provide a variety of musical styles, from big band and jazz to Caribbean steel drums. The concerts are held at lovely Virginia Hylton Park and are free to the public.

Vista After 5 Free Concerts Jillians Entertainment Complex 803.957.7744 •

CMC Steel Rhythm on the River Concerts

The Vista After 5 series has served the Columbia community with music and fun while supporting the SC Cancer Center. Created by a group of dedicated volunteers, these free concerts have become “the place to be” every Thursday afternoon in Columbia, S.C. The concerts feature the very best variety and show bands from throughout the Southeast in a comfortable, outdoor environment.

West Columbia Riverwalk Amphitheater 803.794.6504 •

Summer Concerts at Finlay Park

Gaze at the beautiful skyline as you listen to the bands play down by the river side. Every Saturday from April to June, people dance to the rhythm on the river. There’s access to the Congaree for rafting and relaxing as the band plays into the night.

Finlay Park 803.343.8750 • Many come out to cool off with the groovy sounds of local bands. Every Saturday evening from June to August come out and enjoy everything from jazz to latin to beach music in Columbia’s premier downtown park.

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Columbia Community Concert Band

Joe Buckalew

803.781.9781 • The band presents an average of five concerts each season, which runs from September until June.

Art Distributor

The Greater Columbia Children’s Choirs 803.776.0544 •

Doors of Columbia

The GCCC provides superior choral performances and learning opportunities for children in three age groups: Chorus (grades 1-5); Choir (grades 6-8); and Chamber Choir (grades 9-12).

by Suellen Holmes

Giclée Open Edition 20” x 26.75” - $100

Lexington County Choral Society 803.359.8794 • A community choral group that specializes on not just major choral works, but on the vast repertoire of choral anthems that exist.

Open Edition 16” x 21” - $65

Palmetto Mastersingers 803.765.0777 •

Open Edition 12” x 15.75” - $40

The Palmetto Mastersingers, “South Carolina’s Musical Ambassadors” were founded in 1981. This premier 90-member all men’s choir continues its mission of entertaining around the world.

Sandlapper Singers

Large size - 20” x 26.75” framed with black wood molding - $200

803.749.9443 • The Sandlapper Singers give you the BEST in American music. Their performances are filled with music that will engage your mind, energize your body, and inspire your spirit.

South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra

Please call 1.800.971.9530 to order

803.254.PHIL (7445) • One of the leading orchestras in the Southeast, the Philharmonic performs and promotes high-quality professional symphonic music.

Free shipping in Columbia area only. Elsewhere shipping is $15 for the print or $35 framed.


Borenya Dance Company 937.287.6044 • Borenya West African Drum and Dance honors the authentic integrity of West African musical arts. Bringing the music and dance of Africa to people of all ages.

Carolina Ballet

The Perfect Getaway Car.

803.771.6303 • Carolina Ballet is an educational outreach civic ballet company. Participants are encouraged not only to be exceptional performers, but to also develop skills for organization, time management and civic responsibility.

Columbia City Jazz Dance Company and School 803.252.0252 • The Columbia City Jazz Company is an internationally known nonprofit pre-professional jazz dance troupe named by Dance Spirit as one of the “Top 50 Companies in the US.”

With all there is to see and do in South Carolina, you’ll want to explore the sights. The best way to do that is with a shiny new ride from Enterprise.

Columbia Classical Ballet 803.252.9112 •

Whether it’s a car, truck or SUV, we’ll make it easy for you to get around.

The Columbia Classical Ballet is dedicated to providing South Carolina audiences with the experience of classical ballet, while actively supporting the community through an extensive outreach program.

Columbia City Ballet 803.799.7605 • Columbia City Ballet tours extensively, bringing quality professional dance to audiences throughout the southeast.

Vibrations Dance Company 803.318.7953 • Vibrations Dance Company’s repertoire includes traditional, experimental, avante-garde approaches to dance expression.

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Chryssie Whitehead

Danced with The Southern Strutt for eight years in Junior and Senior Jazz Companies. She went to college in New York City where she completed the American Musical and Dramatic Academy program. Her career credits include: Radio City Rockettes, The Producers, “Today Show” with Rockettes, “Boston Public”, industrials, commercials, and TV.

Favorite place to dine? Blue Lagoon

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THEATRE Chapin Community Theatre 803.240.8544 • Chapin Community Theatre presents comedies, classics, thrillers and original works.

Columbia Marionette Theatre


803.252.7366 • South Carolina’s leading educational and entertaining puppetry center.


Columbia Childrens Theatre

Columbia City Ballet February 2008

803.691.4548 • Columbia Children’s Theatre was founded to serve a need in the Midlands and surrounding areas of Columbia for professional live theatre for young audiences.

William Starrett’s original ballet Cleopatra follows the mighty legend of the Egyptian queen, the passionate fearless woman who seduced two of the most powerful men in the world.

South Carolina Shakespeare Company 803.787.2273 • The company is comprised of classically trained actors who have honed their talents on a worldwide stage. What sets the company apart is they want the citizens of Columbia, and the entire state of South Carolina, to benefit directly from their talent.

Theatre South Carolina 803.777.5208 • Productions of The University of South Carolina featuring performances by professional-actors-in-training, backed by professional direction and design, in two modern theatres.

Town Theatre 803.799.2510 •

Favorite outdoor activity? Putt Putt Favorite local restaurant? Tiffany’s Bakery

Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

The Columbia Stage Society/Town Theatre is the oldest continuously operating community theatre in a building architecturally designed as such in the United States. Its mission is to provide quality, live familyoriented musicals, comedies and dramas to the midlands and visitors to South Carolina.

Trustus Theatre 803.254.9732 •

Go to the movies

Trustus celebrates 21 years as the Midlands award-winning professional theatre.

Best place to take out of town guests?

Village Square Theatre

Five points

803.359.1436 • Founded in August of 1960 to encourage and stimulate practice and appreciation for the arts.

Favorite Southern delicacy?

Workshop Theatre

waffles and hashbrowns

803.799.6551 • For 40 years, the creative domain of many of the area’s most talented actors, directors, and technicians.

Beauty & the Beast Columbia City Ballet March 2008 With original music by Thomas Semanski (Dracula, Frankenstein), Columbia City Ballet brings the classic fairytale to life in a magical ballet perfect for children of all ages!

Experience in Rhythm Vibrations Dance Company, February through March 2008 A celebration of the Midlands’ finest contemporary and ethnic music and dance, in collaboration with the Logan Elementary School Fine Arts Department.

What restaurant serves it? WAFFLE HOUSE – I miss it!

Best play or dance performance in Columbia? “Dracula” – Columbia City Ballet

Seeds of Change: South Carolina and the Great War 1917-1918 SC State Museum Through June 1, 2008 Exhibit focuses on the state’s role on the home front during World War I and features displays of photographs, weapons, uniforms, a horse-drawn ambulance and more.

Excavating Egypt: Great Discoveries form the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology Columbia Museum of Art Through June 2008

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Catch a Flick at the Nick o you enjoy watching movies? Love drama, popcorn, and soda pop? Columbia has many movie theatres, but what about something different? Maybe something a little less well known with an interesting storyline and great actors? Why not an “indie” film? How about catching a flick at the Nick, South Carolina’s only non-profit art house film theatre? In operation since 1979, the Nickelodeon Theatre is ran by the Columbia Film Society (CFS), The Nick keeps Columbia “hip” by bringing more than 100 independent and international films and documentaries that are not normally seen outside of major metropolitan areas. Specializing in providing these “indie” films, the theatre also hosts a variety of film festivals throughout the year including the Latin American Film Festival, the Native American Film Festival, the African-American/International Film Festival and the Columbia Jewish Film Festival. So when you’re in town, catch something a little out of the ordinary. The Nick shows two film screenings each evening and an additional matinee three days a week.




Festival is held in January or February each year, presenting documentaries and acclaimed films created by and about the African-American cultures.

COLUMBIA JEWISH FESTIVAL The Jewish Film Festival is held in March/April of each year and centered around documentaries and acclaimed films created by and about the Jewish cultures.

LATIN AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL The Latin American Film Festival is held in September/October each year, showcasing documentaries and acclaimed films created by and about the Latin American cultures.

The PRIDE Film Festival is held in May each year, the week of the Pride March in Columbia, and showcases documentaries and acclaimed films about the gay, lesbian and transgendered cultures.

SECOND SATURDAYS AT THE NICK The “Second Saturdays at The Nick” series is for youth, parents and caregivers and focuses on the shared experience of watching and discussing film and its content. The series will be offered on the second Saturday every other month during a select time of the year. The film starts at 10 a.m. with discussion immediately following. The series is for youth ages 7-11 and all participants must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver. Past movies have included Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and White Fang.

Tom Paquette

General Manager for the Colonial Center says, I have lived in several cities and Columbia is, by far, my favorite. It is a fantastic place to raise a family—full of great friendly people and very affordable. It is such an easy place to live. It’s a big enough city to offer a lot to do and small enough to get around easily.

Favorite Place to watch a sports game? The Colonial Center, of course Favorite Festival? The Okra Strut Favorite Local Restaurant? Mr. Friendly’s Favorite Public Art Piece? Busted Plug by Blue Sky Favorite Family Activity? Disney On Ice annually at the Colonial Center Favorite Southern Delicacy? Shrimp & Grits at Mr. Friendly’s Best Place for a Romantic Dinner? Ristorante Divino Best Place to take the Kids? The Riverbanks Zoo. It’s one of the best in the country If you’re in Columbia, you have got to check out...A USC football game for the entire experience

NATIVE AMERICAN FILM FESTIVAL The Native American Film Festival is held in November each year, presenting documentaries and acclaimed films created by and about the Native American cultures (both North and South Americas).

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Sports... Columbia is home to professional, collegiate, and summer league sports teams, so all year long, we’re cheering for the home team. We also have many opportunities to explore the outdoors by way of various park settings, river walks, and gardens.

46 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

Columbia Inferno 803.256.7825 •

Columbia Blowfish Capital City Stadium 803.254.3474 The Columbia Blowfish are members of the Coastal Plain League, a summer collegiate baseball league that features 15 teams in three states – Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Blowfish players include members of the University of South Carolina Gamecocks, the Clemson Tigers, as well as other colleges and universities throughout the state and across the nation. Families from across the Midlands have flocked to Blowfish games because they have FUN! A big reason they enjoy coming out to the ballpark is the variety of promotional events staged at the games including Fourth of July Fireworks and Louisville Slugger Bat Giveaway Night. So come on down to the “Cap” and enjoy an evening of baseball and fun with our mascot, “Blowie” and the hometown team! For tickets call 803.254.FISH (3474) or come to the ticket office at the stadium.

The Columbia Inferno are the ECHL affiliate of the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs. Entering their seventh season of hockey in the Midlands, the Inferno will play their final season at the Carolina Coliseum before moving to their brand-new, 6,500-seat arena in Lexington. The Inferno offer fast-paced, affordable, family-friendly entertainment to Carolinians across the Midlands. The club plays 36 regular-season home games from October through April, and is the longest-established professional sports franchise in the Columbia area.

Benedict College Athletics 1600 Harden Street 803.705.4535 • Benedict College is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and a member of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (SIAC). Serving as a member institution at the Division II level for the past seven years. Since 2000, the Benedict Tigers have captured seven SIAC Conference Titles in Baseball, Men’s Basketball, Softball and Track and Field. The Tigers have also made five appearances at the NCAA Regional Tournament for various sports.

University of South Carolina Athletics 803.777.4274 • An SEC Eastern Division contender, the University of South Carolina is the only major college athletic program in the country that uses “Fighting Gamecocks” as its official nickname and mascot. The University’s athletic teams have been known as Gamecocks for almost 100 years. Those early teams must have been a feisty and spirited group! A gamecock, of course, is a fighting rooster known for its spirit and courage. A cock fight, which was a popular sport throughout the United States in the 19th century, would last until the death of one of the combatants. Our athletes fight just as hard today competing in 20 sports at the intercollegiate level.

Allen University Yellow Jackets 1530 Harden Street • 803.376.5700 •

Columbia College Koalas 1301 Columbia College Drive • 803.786.3778 •


BIKING Columbia has bike trails galore! Our wonderful city and state parks offer many options from the 6.1 mountain bike trail at Sesquicentennial State Park or the trails at Harbison State Park that range from easy to moderately difficult. If mountain biking is a little too adventurous, take a leisurely approach on one of our Riverwalks.

Outdoors... Walking, biking, canoeing, and kayaking all are within minutes of the city center. One of our prize possessions, Lake Murray has 649 miles of shoreline boasting year-round boating, fishing, and sailing. Nothing is too far away to easily explore and enjoy.

CANOE/KAYAK Columbia is fortunate to have three rivers that flow through the downtown area. This makes a perfect backdrop for a canoe or kayak trip. Locals love tubing the Congaree during the summer concerts. River outfitters provide tours along the Congaree, Broad, and Saluda rivers.

FISHING From Lake Murray to Sesquicentennial Park and our three rivers, fishing is an easily accessible activity. Striped Bass, Black Bass, Bream, Crappie, and Catfish are the kinds of fish you’ll find at Lake Murray. You’ll also find bass and bream at Sesquicentennial’s 30acre lake. Our locals and tourist take full advantage of the endless recreational activities our bodies of water provide because sometimes we all would rather be fishing.

OUTFITTERS Adventure Carolina 1107 State Street • 803.796.4505 Enjoy guided canoe and kayak trips with Adventure Carolina. Named one of the top 10 canoeing outfitters by Paddler Magazine.

Palmetto Outdoor 731 Meeting Street 803.791.0578 •

River Runner Outdoor Center 905 Gervais Street • 803.771.0353 Retail paddle-sports store. Rental equiment and guided trips available. Outfitter for Saluda Shoals Park.

WALK/JOG/RUN With mild temperate weather, walking or jogging is a breeze. Many take advantage of our natural habitat by walking parks like Saluda Shoals, Riverfront Park, and Finlay Park. The more adventurous and energetic run the parks and our lovely riverwalks.

Hot Fun in the Carolina


Saluda Shoals 803.731.5208 •

Summertime in Columbia and the Riverbanks Region can get hot! So when it comes to beating the heat, there’s no place like our public swimming pools and water parks. When you’re in town and looking to cool off, check out some of our favorite places to get wet.

Splash into summer and cool off at Saluda Splash, a zero-depth, touch-activated water playground for children located at Saluda Shoals Park. Whimsical water features and fun park creatures splash, spray, and pour water in all directions as children run and play underneath them. Saluda Splash is open to the public April through September from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. daily. Wristbands are $3 per person and daily parking fees for Saluda Shoals Park also apply. Saluda Splash is the perfect way to stay cool and have fun on those hot and hazy days of summer.

Charles R. Drew Wellness Center

Maxcy Gregg Pool

2101 Walker Solomon Way 803.545-3200 •

1651 Park Circle • 803.733.8447 •

In the downtown area, this center features an indoor Olympic-sized pool. It is also a fitness center with daily passes available.

Located near the USC campus, Maxcy Gregg Park features and Olympic-sized pool. The park also features a walking path through a formal garden.

48 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

NATURE FRIENDLY IN COLUMBIA Columbia is fortunate to have a 50,000-acre lake, three rivers that run through the city center and an abundance of parks throughout the region. It’s virtually impossible for residents and visitors alike to get up and get moving. Here are a few suggestions on where to go to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing in our “nature-friendly” city. 1. Canoe or Kayak the Saluda, Broad, or Congaree rivers Experience this rigorous activity while enjoying a breathtaking view of the city. Be entertained by the playful otters that frolic about. Revel in the beautiful sights and amorous smells of the flowers that grow along the river’s edge. Live on the wild side and ride a few rapids. No need to take the trip by yourself, we have two local outfitters that would be happy to guide you along the way. (see Local Outfitters listings)

2. Walk trails of Sesquicentennial Park 803.788.2706 • Within close proximity to downtown, Sesquicentennial State Park offers plenty of trails perfect for walking. With a 30-acre lake, you’re bound to see all kinds of flora and fauna that call the park home.

3. Bike trails of Harbison State Forest 803.896.8890 • More than 2,000 acres with 18 miles of trails designed for biking, hiking, walking and jogging make up the Harbison State Forest. Trails range from moderately easy to difficult. True nature-enthusiasts grab their mountain bikes and pedal though the pine and hardwood forest, crossing wandering streams and descending through leafy glades to the Broad River. Its unique urban location makes Harbison one of the largest public greenspaces inside the city limits of a metropolitan area in the eastern United States.

4. Enjoy the Cayce River Walk 803.796.9020 • Enjoy scenic views of the Congaree River, West Columbia and Columbia. With paths so close to the water, you’re bound to see the freshwater bass swimming as you walk, run, or ride your bike along the rivers edge. Open daily from dawn till dusk, this river walk in its natural setting, provides beautiful views of the Congaree River, West Columbia and Columbia. The park is dog, bike, and in-line skate friendly and offers bridges, boardwalks, overlooks, bank fishing, 24-hour security, emergency call boxes, parking and restroom facilities. The lighted eight-foot-wide concrete paths and ADA requirements can accommodate all levels of physical access including baby carriages and wheelchairs.

5. Frisbee at USC’s Historic Horseshoe 800.922.9755 • Play a game of Frisbee at the historic horseshoe on the campus of USC. After a few games, stop by the USC Visitor Center located in the McKissick Museum at the head of the horseshoe and pick up a self-guided horseshoe tour brochure. Or bring a blanket and relax under the canopy of trees where you’ll find plenty of green space.


Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •






Home to one of the largest, purple martin sanctuaries in North America, Lake Murray offers lots of water-friendly activities to enjoy. Whether you spend a day or a weekend at the lake, the fun never gets old.


The Southern Patriot

Bundrick Island



This 348-acre island offers lakeside camping, picnicking, fishing, swimming and a nature trail. Five lakefront villas can be rented and 112 campsites accommodate large campers and vans. Amenities include gas docks, shelters, picnic areas, launching ramps and boat slips.

This 65-foot custom charter boat has been plying the waters of the lake since 1990, offering fine dining combined with charter cruises around Lake Murray. The most popular cruise is their general admission Purple Martin Cruises during the summer months.

Offers hiking trails and swimming; no restrooms or parking (accessible by car or bike).

Hilton Recreation Area Offers picnic tables, shelters, restrooms and a boat ramp.

SCE&G Park & Ramp Site This is south of the dam. It has picnic tables, shelters, a swimming beach, restrooms and a boat ramp.

There are many other commercial boat ramps, marinas and boat rental venues located around the lake. For a list or for more information about Lake Murray, visit or call 1.866.SCJEWEL.

50 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Memorial Park 700 Hampton Street • 803.545.3100

Carolina Children’s Garden Within approximately two acres of land are many theme gardens designed for children. The garden is open daylight to dusk daily.

This seven-acre park is dedicated to the memory of those who have fought and died in service to their country. The Vietnam Memorial Monument features two freestanding granite walls inscribed with the names of South Carolinians killed or lost in action in Vietnam.

Congaree National Park

Owens Field Park

100 National Park Road • 803.776.4396

1351 Jim Hamilton Blvd. • 803.545.3100

900 Clemson Road • 803.788.5700

Just 20 miles from Columbia, Congaree National Park encompasses almost 27,000 acres of floodplain forest. Come escape the city life amidst towering trees and astonishing diodiversity in this ancient wilderness. Facilities include 2.1 mile boardwalk loop, 20+ miles of hiking trail, paddling trails, campsites, and the Harry Hampton Visitor Center. Numerous free programs are regularly scheduled, but some reservations required.

68-acre regional park featuring soccer fields, skateboard and inline hockey rink, little league baseball field, walking trails, disk golf.

Polo Road Park 730 Polo Road • 803.736.1657 Amenities include a recreation building with gymnasium, game room, fitness room, classrooms and kitchen, and several ballfields.

Crooked Creek Park

Riverfront Park

1098 Old Lexington Highway, Chapin 803.345.6181 •


Community recreation center and athletic fields including gymnasiums, fitness center, aerobics room, meeting rooms, art studio, lighted tennis courts, football, soccer, baseball and softball fields, walking trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds.

Dreher Island State Park

Riverfront Park, which separates the Historic Columbia Canal and the Congaree River, is approximately 167. A popular jogging/walking trail runs two and one half miles along the linear park and offers wonderful views of the river.

Saluda Shoals Park 5605 Old Bush River Road 803.731.5208 •

3677 State Park Road , Prosperity 803.364.4152 • Located on Lake Murray, its 348 acres and 12 miles of shoreline make this an ideal place for water recreation and family outings.

Finlay Park 930 Laurel Street • 803.545.3100 One of the most popular parks in Columbia. A wonderful waterfall acts as the background for festivals, concerts, or picnics.

Open every day from 7 a.m.-8:30 p.m. visitors to Saluda Shoals Park discover an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. With 300 acres of pristine forest along the banks of the Saluda River, the park offers a variety of recreational, educational and cultural opportunites. The park provides a feeling of seclusion, when in actuality it is within minutes of downtown Columbia. Saluda Shoals Park is the latest park project of the Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission.

SC Governor’s Mansion Garden 800 Richland Street • 803.737.1710

Granby Park 1932 Calhoun Street 803.545.3100 • Located on the banks of the Congaree River. Great place for a casual stroll on paved walkway or for an invigorating hike in the woods. Granby Park is part of the Three Rivers Greenway.

The Governors Mansion Garden is home to some of the largest trees in the state – magnolia and crepe myrtle. The garden is true to history, complete with paths of unique crushed stone and is also home to a few impressive fountains.

Sesquicentennial State Park

Guignard Park Knox Abbott Drive • 803.796.9020 Guignard Park is a wooded park, located in the heart of Cayce. The park provides a relaxing getaway for adults and children. Visitors will find a stream running through the middle of the park, picnic tables, and a play area.

9564 Two Notch Road • 803.788.2706 This 1,419-acre park, features a beautiful 30-acre lake surrounded by trails and picnic areas. The park was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

Harbison State Forest

Seven Oaks Park

5600 Broad River Road • 803.896.8890

200 Leisure Lane • 803.772.3336

Bounded along its northeastern edge by the Broad River, the state forest encompasses 2,177 acres of forestland. Its unique urban location makes Harbison one of the largest public greenspaces inside the city limits of a metropolitan area in the eastern United States.

Community recreation center and athletic fields including gymnasiums, fitness center, aerobics room, meeting rooms, art studio, lighted tennis courts, football, soccer, baseball and softball fields, walking trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds.

Hopkins Park

Southeast Park and Tennis Center

150 Hopkins Park Road • 803.783.6559

951 Hazelwood Drive • 803.545.3100

A 30-acre facility that includes a recreation building, gymnasium, game room, clubroom, kitchen, ballfields, playground, swimming pool and picnic facilities.

62-acre wilderness/nature site, four soft and 12 hard tennis courts, primitive campground.

Congaree National Park The Nature Conservancy, Peachtree Rock Preserve PO Box 5475 • 803-254-9049 Located in southern Lexington County near Swansea, the preserve encompasses 305 acres of diverse ecosystems. The actual Peachtree Rock is a geologic wonder: it has stood for millions of years and is a natural testament to the ancient marine environment which was once here.

Trenholm Park 3900 Covenant Road • 803.782.1976 A 10.7-acre facility that includes a recreation building, gymnasium, game room, club room, lighted tennis courts, playground, swimming pool, several ballfields, picnic facilities with shelter.

Virginia Hylton Park 111 Maiden Lane 803.359.4164 • Located behind Town Hall in downtown Lexington, amenities include a paved foot path, playground, special needs playground, koi pond, daylily garden and three covered gazebos with grills.

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Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Golf Charwood Country Club

LinRick Golf Course

222 Clubhouse Drive 803-755-2000 •

356 Campground Road • 803-754-6331

Club at Rawls Creek

201 Powell Road • 803-786-9242

2121 Lake Murray Blvd 803-781-0114

Oak Hills Golf Club

Cooper’s Creek Golf Club

7629 Fairfield Road 803-735-9830 •

700 Wagner Hwy. • 803-894-3666

Northwoods Golf Course

Persimmon Hill Golf Club

Golden Hills Golf & Country Club

Route 3, Box 364 • 803-275-3522

100 Scotland Drive 803-957-3355 •

Riverside Golf Center 1600 Garner Lane • 803-750-1015

Golf Course of SC @ Crickentree

RIVERWALKS Cayce Riverwalk Axtell Drive @ Namples Avenue 803-765-2200 • Cayce Riverwalk is located on the west bank of the Congaree River in Cayce. The park is dog friendly, offers bridges, boardwalks, overlooks, bank fishing, and one and a half miles of lighted central paths which accommodates all levels of physical access including baby carriages and wheelchairs.

River Alliance 506 Gervais Street • 803-765-2200

1084 Langford Road • 803-754-8600

Sedgewood Country Club

Green Hill Golf Club

9560 Garners Ferry Road 803-776-2177

The Mission of the River Alliance is Regional Community Development of the Saluda, Broad and Congaree Rivers. Currently constructing the 12-mile Three Rivers Greenway on the Cayce, Columbia and West Columbia Riverfronts.

TimberLake Golf Club

West Columbia Riverwalk

147 Excaliber Court • 803-794-8087

284 Club Drive • 803-345-9909

Gervais Street 803-765-2200 •

Indian River Golf Club

White Pines Golf Club

200 Congaree Hunt Drive • 803-955-0080

614 Mary Lane • 803-432-7442

1608 Ridgeway Road • 803-438-1917

Hidden Valley Golf Club

Indian Trail Golf Course 1304 Willis Street • 803-532-9010

The West Columbia Riverwalk, 4.5 acres of the Three Rivers Greenway, features path which has been extended to longer than a 1/2 mile and accommodates all levels of physical access including baby carriages and wheelchairs. The amphitheater is a wonderful gathering place for concerts and events. A canoe landing is also available.

52 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Shopping... Columbia has something for every fashionista. Whether it’s a one-ofa-kind item that you’ll only find here, or something trendy, we have a variety of shops to choose from. From shopping districts to shopping malls, Columbia has it. Don’t forget about our flea markets and antiques where you’re guaranteed to find something unique.


Five Points Association

Downtown City Center: City Center Partnership

Congaree Vista

Columbia City Center P.O. Box 5283 •

Columbia City Center 1530 Main Street •

Five Points Association is a village of diverse neighbors ranging from young to old – the heart of Columbia culture for college students, young professionals, families, and senior citizens. Five Points Association offers eclectic boutiques, casual bistros, fine dining, and active night spots, all within this walkable district. Browse through a nationally known artist’s gallery or explore an antique shop.

Downtown Columbia is home to some of the best restaurants in the Southeast. Enjoy live jazz and blues music nightly at Mac’s On Main as well as talented musicians playing at Jammin Java. Have a nice dinner, visit the art museum, and listen to live blues and jazz music...all in one evening!

Columbia City Center 911 Lady Street • If you’re looking for some place fun and decidedly different, set your sights on the Congaree Vista in Columbia, S.C. Located along the banks of the Congaree River, its energy attracts locals and visitors alike to Columbia’s most vibrant arts, dining, and entertainment district. Once a warehouse district filled with textile mills and railroad stations, the Vista played a central role in the city’s growth. Today, it’s even more alive with more than 45 restaurants and bars, 60 artists’ galleries and specialty shops, and a diverse mix of businesses and services. The Vista’s proximity to the Congaree River, the downtown business district, and the University of South Carolina, make it the ideal place to visit, live, work and play. Browse through the Vista’s online photo gallery to experience the sites of the Vista! Go to Join us for a leisurely lunch, a gallery stroll, an evening out, a business meeting, a USC athletic event, the theater, a concert, or simply a weekend getaway. Hope to see you soon!

West Vista Guild The Doors of Devine: Devine Street Association Columbia City Center 2828 Devine Street • Stroll along this shady street for unique upscale shopping and dining. Stores feature a variety of clothing, home furnishings, gift shops, art galleries, antiques, restaurants, a bakery, hair salons, and more.

West Columbia/Cayce & Airport Located in the Historic West Columbia area, West Vista offers a variety of shopping and dining options. Browse through shops offering antiques, stain glass and flowers, outdoor wood furniture or enjoy a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop.

Rosewood Merchants Association Columbia City Center • 2803 Rosewood Drive

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INDOOR MALLS Columbia Place Richland Northeast & Fort Jackson 7201 BU/650 Two Notch Road 803.788.4678 •

Columbiana Centre Irmo – St. Andrews & Harbison 100 Columbiana Circle 803.732.6255 •

Dutch Square Center


Trenholm Plaza

Columbiana Place

Columbia City Center Corner of Forest Drive & Trenholm Road Columbia, SC 29204

Irmo - St. Andrews & Harbison Harbison Blvd. at Bower Pkwy.

Shoppes at Flight Deck Lexington County 109 Old Chapin Road 803.957.0303 •

Shoppes at Woodhill Columbia Southeast & Fort Jackson 6000 Garners Ferry Road 803.695.0135

Village at Sandhill Richland Northeast & Fort Jackson Suite 2, 418 Town Center Place 803.419.0235 • South Carolina’s newest lifestyle venue offering the very best in shopping, dining, entertainment, working, living and more – all in one exceptionally beautiful and convenient location. The Village at Sandhill features a Town Center of fashion and specialty shops.

Irmo – St. Andrews & Harbison 421 Bush River Road 803.772.3864 •

54 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

Let’s Go Antiquing!

Columbia’s antique corridor is a great place to hunt for treasures. In this corridor, visitors will find more than 2.5 miles sprinkled with charming antique shops, markets, and an internationally renown auction house, Charlton Hall, offer antique treasures. People from all over South Carolina and northeast Georgia have discovered what a resource the antique corridor is for antiques shopping. The most sought-after antiques in Columbia are those that are locally made from materials produced for reasons that tie to significant events, like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War or the Great Depression. Begin your antiques search below by browsing Columbia’s antique shops.

Columbia Antique Mall Columbia City Center 602 Huger Street 803.765.1584

Finders Keepers of West Columbia West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 615 Meeting Street 803.939.9101

Garners Ferry Antiques, Etc. Columbia Southeast & Fort Jackson 6420-M Garners Ferry Road 803.695.7555

Marketplace on Meeting West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 550 Meeting Street 803.794.1000

My Favorite Place Columbia City Center 3000 Devine Street 803.771.7569

Nearly New Thrift & Antique Richland Northeast & Fort Jackson 5901 Shakespeare Road 803.754.8641

Old Barn General Store Lexington County 2549 Augusta Highway 803.951.2276 •

Old Mill Antique Mall West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 310 State Street 803.796.4229

Ole Towne Antique Mall, Inc. Irmo – St. Andrews & Harbison 2956 Broad River Road 803.772.9335

Outdoorwood Furniture & Gifts West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 718 Meeting Street 803.794.9921


Armory Auction House

Parasol Antiques & Interiors

763 Meeting Street Antique Mall

West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 1101 Augusta Street 803.600.4200 •

Columbia City Center 2324 Devine Street 803.765.1101

Attic Treasures

Safran’s Antiques

West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 1516 Augusta Road 803.939.9225

Columbia City Center 1015 Whaley Street 803.254.8448

Carolina Imports

Spring Valley Antique Mall

Columbia City Center 847 S. Stadium Road, Warehouse 10 803.748.9889

Richland Northeast & Fort Jackson 8808 Two Notch Road 803.736.7575

Charlton Hall Galleries, Inc.

Vista-On-The-West Antiques & Gifts

Columbia City Center 912 Gervais Street 803.779.5678

West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 351 Meeting Street 803.739.6610

City Market Antique Mall

West Columbia Antique Mall

Columbia City Center 705-709 Gervais Street 803.252.1589

West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 205 Wattling Road 803.794.7197

West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 763 Meeting Street 803.796.1516

Almost Antiques Irmo – St. Andrews & Harbison 1709 Lake Murray Boulevard 803.781.6830

Antique Warehouse of Five Points Columbia City Center 2125 College Street 803.799.1298

Antiques on Meeting West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 614 Meeting Street 803.791.0008

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



SPAS About Face at Day Escape Irmo – St. Andrews & Harbison 1492 Lake Murray Boulevard 803.479.7358

Spas... Need a day to relax and unwind from your fast-paced vacation in Columbia? Our many spas have the answer. Rejuvenate and revitalize yourself with a massage, facial, or salon pampering. Their calming environment will be sure to prepare you for your night on the town!

Bamboo Day Spa Irmo – St. Andrews & Harbison 7534 Woodrow Street 803.732.1938

Elante Day Spa and Salon Lexington County 108 Palmetto Park Boulevard 803.808.7747 •

European Skin & Hair Clinic, Inc. Columbia City Center 4700 Forest Drive, Suite 103 866.423.6382 •

Logan Raye Spa, Salon & Gallery: Gervais Columbia City Center 801 Gervais Street 803.929.1130 •

Logan Raye Luxury Spa & Salony: Lake Carolina Richland Northeast & Fort Jackson 5 Lake Carolina Way, Suite 110, Harborside 803.929.1130 •

Salon M & Spa Columbia City Center Upper Level Richland Mall 3400 Forest Drive 803.787.3440 • www.salonmandspa

Shandon Day Spa & Salon Columbia City Center 141 S. Shandon Street 803.254.1111 •

South Carolina Massage & Esthetics Institute West Columbia/Cayce & Airport 1905 Sunset Boulevard 803.939.9600 •

Tonic Day Spa Columbia Southeast & Fort Jackson 5910 Garners Ferry Road 803.776.9734 •

Tranquil Moments Day Spa & Boutique Columbia City Center 715 Queen Street 803.254.4055 •

Urban Nirvana Columbia City Center 4840 Forest Drive 803.727.1010 •

56 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Dining... Sightseeing in Columbia and the Riverbanks Region can cause you to work up an appetite. With more than 400 restaurants in the area, we offer a wide array of delicacies to please any grumbling stomach’s need.

Dianne’s on Devine is an upscale fine dining restaurant with a cozy, comfortable atmosphere located in the heart of Shandon offering live entertainment, private dining rooms, an extensive wine list and dessert specials. The menu is unique and extensive, specializing in Italian Cuisine. Their chef, Bill Prato, offers appetizers and entrée specialties nightly. Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining, Live Music, Catering Available, Private Dining 2400 Devine Street • 803.254.3535 • Come and enjoy one of Columbia’s landmark restaurants. For more than 22 years, Hennessy’s has been a favorite place to meet, romance and dine in unique comfortable surroundings. Join them in the lounge overlooking Main Street for your favorite cocktails, cordials or desserts. • Happy Hour, Private Dining

1649 Main Street • 803.799.8280 • They have more than 50 wines from around the world by the glass a Mediterranean inspired tapas menu, a large selection of domestic, imported and micro-brew beer, premium spirits and much more! • Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining, Live Music, Private Dining

620-A Gervais Street • 803.799.VINE (8463) • Tombo Grille, in Forest Acres, serves creative comfort food in a warm, inviting environment. Enjoy live acoustic music by Billy Sloan every Wednesday and Saturday night, and try one of their daily specials or new menu items, such as Dixie Chicken or Lamb Empidillas. Try it and your taste buds will thank you! Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining, Catering Available 4517 Forest Drive • 803.782.9665 • Fulvio Valsecchi, “Chef-owner”, and his culinary staff offer outstanding Northern Italian and seasonal contemporary cuisine. Their location in the Vista makes them the ideal setting for dinner out with friends and business associates. Wine Spectator Award of Excellence 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 with a selection of more than 400 wines found throughout the world. • Happy Hour 803 Gervais Street • 803.799.4550 • DINING continued on next page

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •




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A nine-time winner of the Wine Spectator’s “Best of Award of Excellence”, the Vineyard offers an urban cool ambience awash with 30 wines by the glass and over 800 different selections in Columbia’s most extensive and affordable collection. The menu at Hampton Street features Angus beef, lamb, duck, veal, morning delivered seafood, in house desserts and seasonal menus. Dine inside the historic Sylvan building or beneath an umbrella in the sidewalk garden. • Outdoor Dining, Private Dining 1201 Hampton Street • 803.252.0850 • Motor Supply Company has been serving delicious innovative food in Columbia’s Congaree Vista for 15 years. The menu changes every day and every night. Only the freshest local ingredients are used for their chef’s daily creations. Enjoy the upbeat atmosphere! • Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining

920 Gervais Street • 803.256.6687 • Enjoy casual fine dining in Columbia’s oldest and finest Italian Restaurant. Located in a historical 19th-century Firehouse, Villa Tronco boasts an extensive wine list and serves traditional Italian favorites: Veal, Pasta, Fresh Seafood, Homemade Italian Bread, Carmella’s Famous Cheesecake and wonderful square pizza that Mama Tronco introduced to Columbia. Family owned and operated for more than 60 years. Carryout, Catering Available, Private Dining 1213 Blanding Street • 803.256.7677 • Nonnah’s has an eclectic supper menu, a full-service bar with a wonderful list of wines, big frothy cappuccinos and desserts to die for! A little bit of everything, plus a relaxed elegant atmosphere that combines warmth and sophistication. Before or after the theatre, it is a great Vista stop! • Outdoor Dining, Catering available, Private Dining

930 Gervais Street • 803.779.9599 • Saluda’s features an intimate private dining room with a 50-person seating capacity, monthly wine dinners featuring a five-course dinner expertly matched to outstanding wines, and of course, the most incredible chefs in the state. • Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining, Live Music, Private Dining

751 Saluda Avenue • 803.799.9500 • Award winning service, wine list of more than 400 wines, lunch, daily and nightly specials, French Quarter Filet Mignon, Crispy fried oysters, and weekly wine events! Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining

2001 A Greene Street • 803.254.7828 • The cuisine at Solstice could be labeled many different things, but it is most commonly referred to “New American.” Offering an extensive wine list that continues to grow, the menu at Solstice reflects the reason for the name: the change of seasons. Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining, Live Music, Private Dining

841-4 Sparkleberry Lane • 803.788.6966 •

Happy Hour, Outdoor Dining, Live Music • Enjoy casual dining with a twist at Mo Mo’s. An innovative menu, makes use of fresh seasonal ingredients, an extensive wine list, great presentation and service create a unique dining atmosphere.

2930 Devine Street • 803.252.2700

58 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

Owned and operated by Michelle Wang who is originally from Shanghai, China, Miyo’s is committed to offering Columbians the finest in Eastern foods and Western hospitality. Although each location has its own unique menu and decoration, they share the same principles and values: high quality and professionalism.

922 S. Main Street • 3250 Forest Drive • 1417 Sumter Street • 1220 Bower Parkway Come see what the buzz is about at SC’s only true old fashioned oyster bar. Enjoy only the freshest Gulf oysters steamed or raw. We do all the shucking, you do all the eating. See and experience the Pearl of the Vista. • Live Music, Happy Hour

1123 Park Street • 803-799-4484 Chef Mike Davis focuses on using the freshest local ingredients available, and creates artful updates of classic Southern dishes as well as new creations. • Outdoor Dining, Live Music, Happy Hour, Private Dining

100 State Street • 803.791.3443


Flight Deck

Mac’s on Main

Lexington: 109-A Old Chapin Rd. • 957.5990

Downtown: 1710 Main St. • 929.0037


MacDougall’s Restaurant & Bar

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1801 Bush River Rd. • 798.3775

The Vista: 902-F Gervais St. • 779.6400

The Grilled Cheese Company

McKenna’s Restaurant

Northeast: 110 Forum Dr. • 419.8989

Northeast: 7510 Two Notch Rd. • 736.3000.

Harper’s Restaurant

Moody Judy’s

Five Points: 700 Harden St. • 252.2222

Harbison/Irmo: 6226 Bush River Rd. • 732.8296

Jerry Kelly’s

Original Pancake House

Shandon: 1332 Rosewood Dr. • 799.8747

Forest Acres: 4840 Forest Dr. (Trenholm Plaza) • 782.6742

Alley Café The Vista: 911 Lady St. • 255.0257

Birds on a Wire Shandon: 2901 Devine St. • 254.2445 Mon 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m.; Tue-Sat 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Downtown: 1320 Main St. • 256.1224

California Chicken Grill The Vista: 701 Gervais St., Suite 110 • 252.1818

California Dreaming Downtown: 401 S. Main St. • 254.6767

Capitol Cafe

Jillian’s The Vista: 800 Gervais St. • 779.7789

Downtown: 1202 Main St. • 254.4555

Carolina Ale House

Keg O’Nails Shandon: 3008 Rosewood Dr. • 252.1992

Harbison/Irmo: 277 Columbiana Dr. • 407.6996


Kingsman Restaurant

Downtown: 1615 Gervais St. • 771.8711

West Columbia/Cayce: 936 Axtell Dr. (Parkland Shopping Center) • 796.8622

City Center Grill

Liberty Taproom & Grill

Downtown: 1200 Hampton St. • 771.7000

The Vista: 828 Gervais St. • 461.4677

Club House Restaurant

Little Fran’s Restaurant

The Vista: 936 Gervais St. • 799.2739

Forest Acres: 4855 Forest Dr. • 787.7006

Compton’s Kitchen

Lizard’s Thicket

West Columbia/Cayce: 1118 B Ave. • 791.0750

Downtown: 818 Elmwood Ave. • 779.6407 Forest Acres: 3147 Forest Dr. • 787.8781 Garners Ferry/Southeast: 7938 Garners Ferry Rd. • 647.0095 Garners Ferry/Southeast: 402 Beltline Blvd. • 738.0006 Harbison/Irmo: 7569 St. Andrews Rd. • 732.1225 Lexington: 621 W. Main St. • 951.3555 Northeast: 10170 Two Notch Rd. • 419.5662 Northeast: 7620 Two Notch Rd. • 788.3088 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1824 Broad River Rd. • 798.6427 West Columbia/Cayce: 2240 Airport Blvd. • 796.7820 West Columbia/Cayce: 501 Knox Abbott Dr. • 791.0314 West Columbia/Cayce: 2234 Sunset Blvd. • 794.0923

Edna’s Drive In North Columbia: 3609 River Dr. • 252.6696

Five Guys Burgers and Fries The Vista: 931 Senate St. • 799.0441 Harbison/Irmo: 285 Columbiana Dr., Suite N • 407.6443 Northeast: 460-2 Town Center Place • 788.6200

Five Points Diner

Roadhouse Grill Harbison/Irmo: 301 Park Terrace Dr. • 407.1212

Rockaway Athletic Club Shandon: 2719 Rosewood Dr. • 256.1075

Salty Nut Café Five Points: 2000-A Greene St. • 256.4611

Sandy’s Famous Hot Dogs Downtown: 825 Main St. • 254.6914 Lexington: 5175 Sunset Blvd. • 356.9956 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1935 Broad River Rd. • 772.1020 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 612 St. Andrews Rd. • 772.8617 West Columbia/Cayce: 1344 Knox Abbott Dr. • 794.7612

Tony’s Garners Ferry/Southeast: 3055 Bluff Rd. • 776.3261

Utopia Food & Spirits Shandon: 406 Howard St. • 733.2222

What-A-Burger West Columbia/Cayce: 804 Meeting St. • 794.1929

Wild Hare Sports Café The Vista: 902 Gervais St. • 929.0374 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 5122 Old Bush River Rd. • 213.1000

Five Points: 800 Harden St. • 254.9999

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Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •




Rookies Sports Bar & Grill

Palmetto Pig

Northeast: 7167 Two Notch Rd. • 419.1500

Downtown: 530 Devine St. • 733.2556

Yesterday’s Restaurant and Tavern

Rooster’s Den

Piggie Shack BBQ Express

Five Points: 2030 Devine St. • 799.0196

West Columbia/Cayce: 1215 Augusta Hwy. • 794.8200

North Columbia: 5609 Farrow Rd. • 691.4406


Rooster’s Wings ‘n Things

Po Pigs Bo-B-Q

Harbison/Irmo: 10708 Broad River Rd. • 781.4606

West Columbia/Cayce: 739 Knox Abbott Dr. • 791.5374

State St. Pub

Porky D’s

West Columbia/Cayce: 136 State St. • 796.2006

Lexington: 931 Two Notch Rd. • 359.5556

Tap’s Pub

Publick House

Northeast: 104-B Columbia NE Dr. • 699.4657

Shandon: 2307 Devine St. • 256.2207

Tipsy Toad Tavern

Shane’s Rib Shack

Harbison/Irmo: 103 Beaufort St. (Chapin) • 932.4470

Shandon: 2001 Beltline Blvd. • 738.1131

Triple Crown Bar & Grill

Shealy’s Bar-B-Que House

West Columbia/Cayce: 103 N. 12th St. • 926.0055

Leesville: 340 E. Columbia Ave. • 532.8135

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1420-10 Colonial Life Blvd. 798.4888

Wally’s Grill & Ale House

Sike’s Barbecue

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 4645 Broad River Rd. • 798.5338

Garners Ferry/Southeast: 11170 Garners Ferry Rd. • 353.9620

Red Bowl Asian Bistro


Smokey Bones

DINING continued from previous page

M Café Downtown: 1417 Sumter St. • 779.5788

Miyo’s Downtown: 922 S. Main St. • 779.6496

Miyo’s at Columbiana Place Harbison/Irmo: 1220 E-2 Bower Parkway • 781.7788

Miyo’s on Forest Northeast: 3250 Forest Dr., Suite B • 743.9996

Queenstown Bistro

Northeast: 481-11 Town Center Place • 462.9991


Harbison/Irmo: 410 Columbiana Dr. • 749.6760

Big-T Bar-B-Que

Bailey’s Sports Grill

Gadsden: 2520 Congaree Rd. • 353.0488 Garners Ferry/Southeast: 7535 Garners Ferry Rd. • 776.7132 Northeast:1061 Sparkleberry Ln. • 788.4295

Harbison/Irmo: 115 Afton Court • 407.3004 Mon-Sun 11-2 a.m.

Boar’s Nest Barbeque

Bar None Five Points: 620 Harden St. • 254.3354

Harbison/Irmo: 10071 Broad River Rd. • 732.2272 Thu-Sat 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sun 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Northeast: 4561 Hardscrabble Rd. •419.1750

Beef O’Brady’s

Carolina Wings and Rib House

Harbison/Irmo: 2742 N. Lake Dr. • 781.5656 Northeast: 4561 Hardscrabble Rd. • 699.9687

The Vista: 600 Gervais St. • 256.8844 Lexington: 105 Northpoint Dr. • 356.6244 Northeast: 2000 Clemson Rd. • 419.0022 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 7587 St. Andrews Rd. • 781.0084 West Columbia/Cayce: 2347-C Augusta Rd. • 791.0260

Bogart’s Restaurant and Bar West Columbia/Cayce: 530 12th St. • 791.4617

Buckets Lexington: 114 Glassmaster Rd. (I-20 Exit 55) • 359.3335

Congaree Grill West Columbia/Cayce: 122 State St. • 791.5303

Corner Pocket St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 489 Piney Grove Rd.731.0403

CW’s Tap Room Harbison/Irmo: 1260 Bower Pkwy. • 781.1909

Delaney’s Five Points: 741 Saluda Ave. • 779.2345

Flying Saucer The Vista: 931 Senate St. • 933.9997 Mon-Wed 11-1 a.m.; Thu-Sat 11-2 a.m.

Group Therapy Five Points: 2107 Greene St. • 256.1203

Hemingway’s Harbison/Irmo: 7467 St. Andrews Rd. • 749.6020

Icy’s Sports Bistro Northeast: 10005 Two Notch Rd. • 736.5775

Jake’s Bar & Grill Five Points: 2112 Devine St. • 252.5253

Kelly’s The Vista: 1001 Washington St. • 254.4464

Pub on Santee Five Points: 733 Santee St. • 343.3364

Southern Pig BBQ Blythewood: 135-A Blythewood Rd. • 786.4301

Sticky Fingers

Damon’s Clubhouse The Vista: 900 Senate St. • 758.5880

D’s on Beltline

Harbison/Irmo: 380 Columbiana Dr. • 781.7427 Northeast: 7001 Parklane Rd. • 865.7427

WG’s Chicken Wings St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 736 St. Andrews Rd. • 772.1489

Wild Wing Café The Vista: 729 Lady St. • 252.9464 Harbison/Irmo: 100150 Bower Pkwy. • 749.9464 Northeast: 480 Town Center Place • 865.3365

Wings & Ale St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 125-C Outlet Pointe Blvd. • 750.1600


Forest Acres: 2005 Beltline Blvd. • 787.2595

Back Porch on Gervais

D’s Wings

Downtown: 1616 Gervais St. • 779.4626

West Columbia/Cayce: 920 Axtell Dr. (Parkland Plaza) • 791.4486

Blue Martini

Doc’s Barbeque and Southern Buffet

The Vista: 808 Lady St. • 256-2442

Garners Ferry/Southeast: 1601 Shop Rd. • 799.1532

Brix Bistro

Duke’s Barbecue

Lexington: 109 J Old Chapin Rd. • 356.9915

West Columbia/Cayce: 2736 Emanuel Church Rd. • 356.4488

Bull Market Restaurant & Taverna

Granny’s Carolina Bar-B-Que

The Vista: 902-C Gervais St. • 343.2855

Harbison/Irmo: 2261 N. Lake Dr. • 781.1616

Copper River Grill

Green’s BBQ

Harbison/Irmo: 1230 Bower Pkwy. • 749.4647

North Columbia: 5310 Farrow Rd. • 333.0077

Foxfire Grill


Harbison/Irmo: 1220 Bower Pkwy. • 749.1250

Harbison/Irmo: 5195 Fernandina Rd. • 407.9464 Northeast: 7711 Two Notch Rd. • 419.3456

Hampton Street Vineyard

Hudson’s Smokehouse Lexington: 4952 Sunset Blvd. • 356.1070

John D. Hite’s West Columbia/Cayce: 240 Dreher Rd. • 794.4120

Little Pigs Northeast: 4927 Alpine Rd. • 788.8238

Myer’s Barbecue Blythewood: 10324 Wilson Rd. • 754.7400

Downtown: 1201 Hampton St. • 252.0850

Mo Mo’s Bistro Shandon: 2930 Devine St. • 252.2700

Mr. Friendly’s Five Points: 2001-A Greene St. • 254.7828

Solstice Kitchen & Wine Bar Northeast: 841 Sparkleberry Ln. • 788.6966

Tavern at Lake Carolina Northeast: 5 Lake Carolina Way, Suite 160 • 788.9951

60 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Terra West Columbia/Cayce: 100 State St. • 791.3443

Pita Pit Five Points: 2002 A Greene St. • 799.4557

Goatfeathers Tombo Grille

Five Points: 2017 Devine St. • 256.3325

Forest Acres: 4517 Forest Dr. • 782.9665

Sammi’s Deli Five Points: 2009 Greene St. • 256.7763



Downtown: 1649 Main St. • 799.8280

Steve’s #1 Sub Contractor


Melting Pot

West Columbia/Cayce: 1471 Platt Springs Rd. • 791.9222 West Columbia/Cayce: 748 Main St. (S. Congaree) • 755.7470

Downtown: 900 Main St. • 748.0540

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1410 Colonial Life Blvd. • 731.8500



Sugar Cone Café Lexington: 925 N. Lake Dr. • 808.8518

Five Points: 751 Saluda Ave. • 799.9500


Bad Ass Coffee Co. Five Points: 819 Harden St. • 251.3185


Café 31

Old San Juan Restaurant

Forest Acres: 4711-27 Forest Dr. • 782.0731

Northeast: 108 Columbia NE Dr. • 419.4365

Café Strudel (State St.)

Rivera’s Hideaway

West Columbia/Cayce: 118 State St. • 794.6634

Lexington: 109-U Old Chapin Rd. • 951.2326

Caffé Corner Coffee


North Columbia: 3800-B N. Main St. • 254.0371

Andy’s Deli


Five Points: 2005 Greene St. • 799.2639

The Vista: 930 Gervais St. • 779.9599



Five Points: 724 Saluda Ave. • 799.3705

Downtown: 919-B Sumter St. • 771.7771 Lexington: 5483-D Sunset Blvd. • 356.2333

Julia’s German Restaurant

House Coffee

Carolina Café & Catering

West Columbia/Cayce: 116 State St. • 791.5663

Downtown: 945 Sumter St. • 799.6676


Jammin Java


The Black Bull

Downtown: 1530 Main St., Suite D • 254.5282

Downtown: 921 Sumter St. • 765.0234

West Columbia/Cayce: 1000 Knox Abbott Dr. • 739.0545

Pavilion Coffee Shop

The Deli

Devine Foods

West Columbia/Cayce: 1301 State St. • 936.0500

Lexington: 821-F East Main St. • 957.3120

Shandon: 2702 Devine St. • 252.0356

Three Bean Net Café

DiPrato’s Delicatessen

Elie’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine

Lexington: 5454 Sunset Blvd. • 996.3336

Five Points: 342 Pickens St. • 779.0606

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1058 St. Andrews Rd. • 798.9664

Wired Bean

DL McLaughlin’s

Grecian Gardens

Lexington: 711 E. Main St. (in the Old Mill) • 957.7029

Harbison/Irmo: 10400 Broad River Rd. • 732.4109

West Columbia/Cayce: 2312 Sunset Blvd. • 794.7552


Ela’s European Café

Main Street Café, Bar & Grill

Forest Acres: 5301 Forest Dr. • 743.9675

Lexington: 131 E. Main St. • 808.5886

Downtown: 1115 Assembly St. • 256.4440

Firehouse Subs

Mediterranean Café Lexington: 205 Columbia Ave. • 356.6294


Downtown: 633 Main St. • 733.9836 Harbison/Irmo: 7467 St. Andrews Rd. • 407.8521 Northeast: 10136 Two Notch Rd. • 419.8161 Lexington: 109 Old Chapin Rd. • 957.1100

Northeast: 120 Sparkleberry Crossing • 462.0077

Cool Beans Coffee Company Downtown: 1217 College St. • 779.4277

Gourmet Shop Café

Adriana’s Five Points: 721 Saluda Ave. • 799.7595

Desserts & More Northeast: 4611 Hardscrabble Rd., Suite 101 • 699.8800

Literary Sweets

Garners Ferry/Southeast:: 4341 Fort Jackson Blvd. • 738.0630

Doc’s Gumbo Grille

China Buffet Sushi and Bar Garners Ferry/Southeast: 4464 Devine St., Suite E (Bi Lo Shopping Center) • 787.8898

Jersey Mike’s Garners Ferry/Southeast: 4717 Devine St. • 787.0945 Harbison/Irmo: 7241 Broad River Rd. • 749.3022 Cayce/West Columbia: 1720 Sunset Blvd. • 796.1126

Egg Roll Chen Garners Ferry/Southeast: 715 Crowson Rd. • 787.6820

Jimmy Johns

Egg Roll Station

Mediterranean Chicken Palace Northeast: 224 O’Neil Court, Suite 28 • 419.0380

Santorini Grill Northeast: 4525 Hardscrabble Rd. • 699.1288

Zorba’s Family Greek Restaurant Harbison/Irmo: 6169 St. Andrews Rd. • 772.2617 (Express location) Harbison/Irmo: 7320 Broad River Rd. • 749.7000 Northeast: 11056 Two Notch Rd. • 419.6035

West Columbia/Cayce: 135 Sunset Blvd. • 791.4060

Five Points: 2015 Devine St. • 806.8282 The Vista: 715 Gervais St. • 933.9595

Jin’s Hibachi & Chinese

Linda’s Little Deli

Northeast: 4435 Hardscrabble Rd. • 788.3339

Northeast: 4130 Bethel Church Rd. • 787.4351

Sesame Inn

McAlister’s Deli

Harbison/Irmo: 280 Harbison Blvd. • 732.7867

West Columbia/Cayce: 829 Knox Abbott Dr. • 796.7136

Forest Acres: 4710-A Forest Dr. • 790.5995 Harbison/Irmo: 300 Columbiana Dr. • 781.4550 Lexington: 5175 Sunset Blvd. • 951.3332 Northeast: 119 Sparkleberry Ln. • 788-7600

Top China Buffet

Nature’s Deli

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: Corner of Broad River and St. Andrews Rd.

Downtown: 1616 Taylor St. • 748-9344

Northeast: 110-A Columbia Northeast Dr. • 462.0788

Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant

North Main Deli

India Pavillion

Northeast: 3902 Two Notch Rd. • 714.9922

North Columbia: 3800-A N. Main St. • 929.0980

Tea Pot Chinese Restaurant

INDIAN Bombay Bistro St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1201 Bush River Rd. • 798.8011

Delhi Palace St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1029 Briarsgate Circle at Broad River Rd. • 750.0866

India Palace

Five Points: 2011 Devine St. • 252.4355 DINING continued on next page

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •




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Touch of India St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 14 Diamond Ln. • 731.5960 (Express location) Downtown: 1212 Hampton St. • 771.4647

ITALIAN Al’s Upstairs West Columbia/Cayce: 304 Meeting St. • 794.7404

Carrabba’s Harbison/Irmo: 370 Columbiana Dr. • 407.1811 Northeast: 200 Grace’s Way • 865.5688

Columbo’s Italian Eatery & Prime Steaks St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 2100 Bush Rvier Rd. (inside the Radisson Hotel) • 744.2200

Dianne’s on Devine Shandon: 2400 Devine St. • 254.3535

Garibaldi’s Five Points: 2013 Greene St. • 771.8888

Italian Pie Forest Acres: 3246 Forest Dr. • 454.1743

Moe’s Italian Grapevine Garners Ferry/Southeast: 4478 Rosewood Dr. • 776.8463

North Pointe Steak & Pasta Lexington: 115 Northpoint Dr. • 358.2235

Pasta Fresca Forest Acres: 3405 Forest Dr. • 787.1838

Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill

Ristorante Divino

Micato Japanese Restaurant

The Vista: 803 Gervais St. • 799.4550

Northeast: 8909 Two Notch Rd. • 788.5358

Stephano’s Lexington: 420 Columbia Ave. • 359.5436

Miyabi Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

The Villa

Harbison/Irmo: 100 Columbiana Circle (in Columbiana Mall) • 407.0574

St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1704 Bush River Rd. • 798.6360

O Bok Korean Restaurant Tony’s Pizza

Northeast: 1616 Decker Blvd. • 787.1100

West Columbia/Cayce: 975 Knox Abbott Dr. • 794.5469 West Columbia/Cayce: 224 Knox Abbott Dr. • 936.0033

Osaka Inn

Travinia Italian Kitchen Northeast: 101-A Sparkleberry Crossing • 419.9313

Villa Tronco

Lexington: 5454 Sunset Blvd. • 957.5414

Sato Japanese Forest Acres: 1999 Beltline Blvd. • 782.1064

Downtown: 1213 Blanding St. • 256.7677

Tokyo Grill


Harbison/Irmo: 378-2 Columbiana Dr. • 749.9818 Lexington: 109 Old Chapin Rd. • 356.2448

Blue Cactus Café


Five Points: 2002 Greene St. • 929.0782

Baja Broiler Grilled Teriyaki

Lexington: 1345 Old Chapin Rd. • 356.0040

Five: 748 Harden St. • 933.9950

Casa Linda Hero Japanese House Northeast: 6634 Two Notch Rd. • 699.9922

Forest Acres: 2009 Beltline Blvd. • 738.0420 Garner’s Ferry/Southeast: 7546 Garner’s Ferry Rd. • 783.3990

Hibachi Express

Don Pedro

The Vista: 936 Gervais St. • 758.2898

Northeast: 9940 Two Notch Rd., Suite 102 • 419-4440

Hibachi Restarant Tama

El Burrito

Northeast: 2318 Decker Blvd. • 699.5041

Five Points: 934 Harden St. • 765.2188 Mon-Sat 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

Kyodai Japanese Restaurant Northeast: 9710 Two Notch Rd. • 419.0802 .

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Lexington: 5304 Sunset Blvd. • 359.3888

Southern Seafood, Sensible Prices and a Darn Good Time! • World Famous Crab Pot • Shrimp & Grits • Crab Legs • Crab Cakes • Seafood Platters • Pastas • Kids Menu • Tropical Frozen Drinks C A L L F O R R E S E R VA T I O N S


Voted #1 by the Locals

7201 Two Notch Road in front of Columbia Mall

62 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •





Pavlov’s - 2000-B Greene Street • 771.2262

Roadkill Café - 6312 Edmund Highway • 955.9999

Carolina’s Lounge - 1615 Gervais Streeet • 771.8711

Pour House - 800 Harden Street • 254.9999

The Scoop - 925 North Lake Drive • 808.3540

Hunter-Gatherer - 900 Main Street • 748.0540

PT’s Cabaret - 1101 Harden Street • 758.6090

Wired Bean - 711 E. Main Street • 957.7029

Jammin Java - 1530 Main Street, Suite D • 254.5282

Pub on Santee - 733 Santee Avenue • 343.3364

Level - 1736 Main Street • 765.0911

Sharky’s - 636 Harden Street • 799.8337

Mac’s on Main - 1710 Main Street • 929.0037

Speakeasy - 711 Saluda Avenue • 255.0869

The Whig - 1200 Main Street • 931.8852

The Saloon - 812 Harden Street • 779.4445


The Tavern on Greene 2002-C Greene Street • 252.7265

Bar None - 620 Harden Street • 254.3354

VISTA Art Bar - 1211 Park Street • 929.0198 Blue Martini - 808 Lady Street • 256.2442 Club Ra - 700-A Gervais Street • 252.7625 Doc’s Gumbo Grille - 1115 Assembly Street • 256.4440 Element Nightlife/Serenity Lounge

Delaney’s -


700 Gervais Street • 767.1332

741 Saluda Avenue • 779.2345, Music Line 931.0086

Salsa Cabana - 2005 Beltline Boulevard • 787.1052

Headliners - 700 Gervais Street • 806.8250

Dr. Rocco’s - 801 Harden Street • 771.7363 Durkin’s - 2001-C Greene Street • 252.3966 Goatfeathers - 2017 Devine Street • 256.3325 Good Times - 805 Harden Street • 933.9510 Gracie’s - 711 Harden Street • 312.0012 Group Therapy - 2107 Greene Street • 256.1203

HARBISON/IRMO Copper River Grill - 1230 Bower Parkway • 749.4647 Hemingway’s - 7467 St. Andrews Road • 749.6020 Rusty Anchor - 1925 Johnson Marina Road • 749.1555

Hush - 1004 Gervais Street • 765.0404 Jillian’s - 800 Gervais Street • 779.7789 PT’s 1109 - 1109 Assembly Street • 253.8900 Rust - 918 Gervais Street • 933.9383

Tipsy Toad Tavern - 103 Beaufort Street • 600.4721


Triple J Saloon - 10029 Broad River Road • 732.1205

Café Strudel - 118 State Street • 794.6634

Jungle Jim’s - 724 Harden Street • 256.1390 Knock-Knock Club/Flipside -


634 Harden Street • 799.1015

Buckets - 114 Glassmaster Road • 359.3335

Locals - 640 Harden Street • 255.0818

Main Street Café - 131 E. Main Street • 808.5886

Legends - 650 Cherokee Lane • 936.1199 New Brookland Tavern - 122 State Street • 791.4413 Red Tub - 134 1/2 State Street • 233.7740 Skyline Club - 100 Lee Street • 822.8608

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



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El Chico St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1728 Bush River Rd. • 772.0770

El Rincon West Columbia/Cayce: 746 Sunset Blvd. • 936.1080

Eric’s San Jose Garners Ferry/Southeast: 6118 Garners Ferry Rd. • 783.6650 Northeast: 2630 Decker Blvd. • 462.7184

Hola Mexico Northeast: 10014-C Two Notch Rd. • 865.7758

La Fiesta West Columbia/Cayce: 1220 Charleston Hwy. • 796.7004

Little Mexico St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 6164 St. Andrews Rd. • 798.6045

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant West Columbia/Cayce: 199 Knox Abbott Dr. • 794.3974 Harbison/Irmo: 114 Afton Ct. • 749-5928 Lexington: 5570 Sunset Blvd. • 356.8314 Northeast: 7260 Parklane Rd. • 699.6248 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 2219 Broad River Rd. • 798.9055 The Vista: 931 Senate St. • 765.1465

San Jose Mexican Restaurant Forest Acres: 4722 Forest Dr. • 790.0678 Harbison/Irmo: 1000 Marina Rd. • 749.9484 Northeast: 801 Sparkleberry Ln. • 419.8862 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 498 Piney Grove Rd. • 750.3611

Taqueria El Rincon Vaquero West Columbia/Cayce: 517 12th St. • 939.9011

Taqueria Jalisco St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 612 St. Andrews Rd. • 731.5546

Tio’s Mexican Cafe Downtown: 928 S. Main St. • 252.7229

Yo Burrito Shandon: 2631 Devine St. • 799.7579

MIDDLE EASTERN Al-Amir Shandon: 2930 Devine St. • 771.6292

PIZZA Antonina’s Ristorante & NY Pizzeria


Texas Roadhouse

Five Points: 640 Harden St. • 255.0818

Harbison/Irmo: 400 Columbiana Dr. • 407.6670

Mellow Mushroom


The Vista: 1009 Gervais St. • 933.9201

Old Mill Pizza Paulie’s Pizzeria

Northeast: 224 O’Neil Court • 699.2626 St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 655-C St. Andrews Rd. • 731.2538

Pizza Man Pizzeria

SakiTumi Grill & Sushi Bar

Shandon: 341 S. Woodrow St. • 252.6931

The Vista: 807 Gervais St. • 931.0700

Pizza Palace

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Garners Ferry/Southeast: 1314 Leesburg Rd. • 695.9800

Northeast: 4827 Forest Dr. • 738.9330

Pop’s NY Pizza


Five Points: 707 Harden St. • 540.7677

Garners Ferry/Southeast: 4963 Jackson Blvd. • 787.5307

Village Idiot

Sushi Yoshi

Five Points: 2009 Devine St. • 252.8646

Five Points: 2019 Devine St. • 931.0555

Za’s Brick Oven Pizza


Shandon: 2930 Devine St. • 771.7334

The Vista: 700-C Gervais St. • 312.9911



Blue Marlin

Gervais & Vine

The Vista: 1200 Lincoln St. • 799.3838

The Vista: 620-A Gervais St. • 799.8463

Bluepoint Fish Club


Northeast: 461-4 Town Center Place • 865.2282

Bonefish Grill Forest Acres: 4708 Forest Dr. • 787.6200 Harbison/Irmo: 1260 Bower Parkway • 407.1599

Captain Tom’s Seafood Grille St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 1904 Broad River Rd. • 772.7811

Catch 22 Seafood & Rawbar Harbison/Irmo: 1085-D Lake Murray Blvd. • 781.9916

Charleston Crab House Northeast: 7205 Two Notch Rd. • 462.1618

Harbor Inn Seafood Northeast: 9001 Two Notch Rd. • 462.3498

Lexington Crab Shack Lexington: 711 E. Main St. • 957.1996

New Orleans Riverfront Restaurant West Columbia/Cayce: 121 Alexander Rd. • 794.5112

STEAKHOUSE Longhorn Steakhouse

Blythewood House of Pizza & Subs

The Vista: 902-A Gervais St. • 254.5100 Harbison/Irmo: 171 Harbison Blvd. • 732.2482

Bobby’s House of Pizza & Subs Northeast: 2112 Clemson Rd. • 699.3311

Inakaya Japanese Restaurant

Forest Acres: 4517 Forest Dr. • 787.5005

Northeast: 5 Lake Carolina Way, Suite 140 • 699.3466

Blythewood: 135 Blythewood Rd. • 754.0444

Downtown: 1332 Assembly St. • 254.5400

Lexington: 711 E. Main St. • 785.7476

Lexington: 2361 Augusta Hwy. • 951.1600

Bambino’s Pizzeria

Camon Japanese Restaurant

Baan Sawan Five Points: 2135 Devine St. • 252.8992

Bangkok Restaurant Garners Ferry/Southeast: 7509-H Garners Ferry Rd. • 776.2993

Thai Dish West Columbia/Cayce: 2249 Sunset Blvd. • 796.7180

Thai Lotus St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 612 St. Andrews Rd. • 561.0006

Thailand Restaurant St. Andrews/Dutch Square: 6024 St. Andrews Rd. • 731.7715

VEGETARIAN Lamb’s Bread Vegan Café Downtown: 251 Hampton St. • 312.9900

VIETNAMESE Golden Chopstix West Columbia/Cayce: 1505 Charleston Hwy. • 791.0206

Outback Steakhouse Harbison/Irmo: 252 Harbison Blvd. • 732.3771 Northeast: 7611 Two Notch Rd. • 788.9800

Cardoni’s Pizza Lexington: 116 W. Main St. • 951.3550

Dano’s Pizza Shandon: 2800-C Rosewood Dr. • 254.3266

LaBrasca’s Pizza Garners Ferry/Southeast: 4365 Fort Jackson Blvd. • 782.1098

64 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


Barbecue, Sweet Tea & Peach Cobbler... Fried Chicken, barbecue, macaroni and cheese, peach cobbler, and sweet tea. There’s nothing tastier than good ‘ole down home Southern cooking and barbecue you’ll find only in the South. Of course Memphis isn’t the only city with barbecue. You’ll find three types of barbecue in Columbia and South Carolina – mustard, ketchup, and vinegar based. In Columbia, we know how important it is to eat and since you gotta eat, it better be good. Here’s a sample platter of some of Columbia’s finest barbecue and Southern cookin’ restaurants.

Palmetto Pig

Shealy’s Bar-B-Que House

530 Devine Street 803.733.2556 Hours: Tue-Wed 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m Thu-Fri 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Fabulous all-you-can-eat buffet featuring pulled pork barbecue, hash, green beans, slaw and crispy fried chicken. A great downtown option!

340 E. Columbia Avenue, Lexington 803.532.8135 Hours: Mon-Tue, Thu-Sat 11a.m.- 9 p.m. More than 40 amazing buffet items. The pork is lovingly pulled from slow-cooked whole hogs served with a thick and tangy mustard sauce. Widely considered the best barbecue place in the entire state, maybe the country. Every bit worth the drive from town.

Hudson’s Smokehouse 4952 Sunset Boulevard, Lexington 803.356.1070 Hours: Tue-Sat 11 a.m.-9 p.m. In a town full of barbecue joints, Hudsons distinguishes itself with Cheerwine and a mean and lean tender brisket. Was spotlighted by “Turner South” as a ‘Blue Ribbon Barbecue Joint.’ Offers mustardbased, ketchup-based and vinegar-and-pepper options.

Duke’s Barbecue 2736 Emanuel Church Rd., West Columbia 803.356.4488 Hours: Fri 11 a.m.-9 p.m.; Sat 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Mustard and ketchup-based pork and chicken, served buffet style.

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Accommodations... Columbia area accommodations range as far and wide as this rapidly growing region. If you’re looking for luxury, we’ve got it. If you’re planning a junior sports event and need shared rooms and affordable food, we’ve got that, too.

Look for these icons to help you find a hotel with the basic amenities you are looking for

COLUMBIA CITY CENTER Chesnut Cottage Bed & Breakfast 1718 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-256-1718 • 888-308-1718

Airport Shuttle service

Courtyard Columbia Downtown at USC 630 Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-799-7800 • 888-979-6800

Embassy Suites Hotel Complimentary Deluxe Breakfast Complimentary Continental Breakfast Pet Friendly

Room cost per night

Indoor Pool

$ = under-100

Clarion Hotel Downtown 1615 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-771-8711 • 800-277-8711

Extended Stay America Columbia West Claussen's Inn 2003 Greene Street, Columbia, SC 29205 803-765-0440 • 800-622-3382

$$$ = 151 & up

450 Gracern Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-251-7878

Hampton Inn Historic District

$$ = 101-150 Outdoor Pool

200 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 803-252-8700 • 800-EMBASSY

Comfort Suites Downtown 501 Taylor Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-744-4000 • 800-4-CHOICE

822 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-231-2000 • 800-HAMPTON

Hilton Columbia Center Country Hearth Inn & Suites 621 South Assembly Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-252-2000 • 800-220-2752

924 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-744-7800 • 800-HILTONS

66 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

Homewood Suites by Hilton

Days Inn Columbia

La Quinta Inn Columbia

230 Greystone Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29210 803-239-4663 • 800 CALL HOME

133 Plumbers Road, Columbia, SC 29203 803-754-4408

7333 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209 803-783-5410 • 800-531-5900

Inn at USC

Glass Manor Motel

Liberty Inn

1619 Pendleton Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-779-7779

5810 N Main Street, Columbia, SC 29203 803-754-1914

494 Beltline Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29205 803-738-1642

Grand Motel

Quality Inn & Suites

3003 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29204 803-254-4770

7251 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209 803-776-1700

Marriott Columbia 1200 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-771-7000 • 800-880-1885

Parkview Inn Residence Inn 150 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 803-779-7000 • 800-331-3131

Rodeway Inn Governors House Hotel

3301 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29203 803-256-2255

1006 Barnwell Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-771-2288 • 866-771-2288

Sheraton Columbia 1400 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-988-4100 • 800-325-3535

Studio Plus 180 Stoneridge Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 803-771-0303

The 1425 Inn 1425 Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-252-7225 • 877-252-7225

The Whitney Hotel 700 Woodrow Street, Columbia, SC 29205 803-252-0845 • 800-637-4008

200 East Exchange Blvd, Columbia, SC 29209 803-776-6263 • 888-776-9660

Super 8 Motel - Fairfield Rd 5719 Fairfield Road, Columbia, SC 29203 803-735-0008

1301 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201 803-779-7790 • 800-4Choice

Rose Hall Bed & Breakfast

Sleep Inn SE



200 Zimalcrest Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-7200

Americas Best Value Inn 131 Veterans Road, Columbia, SC 29209 803-695-3485

America Inn - St. Andrews 1337 Garner Lane, Columbia, SC 29210 803-731-5533

Best Western Fort Jackson 240 East Exchange Blvd, Columbia, SC 29209 803-695-0666 • 866-409-7100

Best Western Executive Inn & Suites 1720 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-561-9027 • 800-528-1234

Comfort Inn & Suites Fort Jackson 7337 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209 803-695-5555 • 800-4Choice

Comfort Suites Harbison 750 Saturn Parkway, Columbia, SC 29212 803-407-4444 • 800-228-5150

Country Inn & Suites Southeast 220 East Exchange Blvd, Columbia, SC 29209 803-776-6660 • 800-456-4000

Courtyard by Marriott Columbia NW 347 Zimalcrest Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 803-731-2300 • 800-321-2211

Days Inn Southeast 7300 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209 803-783-5500 • 800-DAYS INN

Days Inn 911 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-798-5101 • 866-294-9912

Econo Lodge


4488 Fort Jackson Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29209 803-783-0510

1601 Sunset Drive, Columbia, SC 29203 803-252-5000

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Fort Jackson Coronet Motel 6320 N Main Street, Columbia, SC 29203 803-754-1510

7329 Garners Ferry Road, Sumter Highway, Columbia, SC 29209 803-695-1111 • 888-HOLIDAY

EconoLodge & Conference Center 773 St Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-7275 • 800-4CHOICE

Economy Inn Columbia 1029 Briargate Circle, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-0270 ACCOMMODATIONS continued on next page

Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Airport Shuttle Service Complimentary Deluxe Breakfast Complimentary Continental Breakfast Pet Friendly

Room cost per night

Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool


$ = under-100 $$ = 101-150 $$$ = 151 & up

ACCOMMODATIONS continued from previous page

Extended Stay Deluxe 1170 Kinley Road, Irmo, SC 29063 803-781-8590

Fairfield Inn by Marriott @ Columbiana Mall 320 Columbiana Drive, Columbia, SC 29212 803-732-4436 • 800-228-2800

Hampton Inn Harbison 101 Woodcross Drive, Columbia, SC 29212 803-749-6999 • 800-HAMPTON

Hilton Garden Inn Harbison 434 Columbiana Drive, Columbia, SC 29212 803-407-6640 • 877-STAYHGI

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites-Harbison

211 Lanneau Court, Columbia, SC 29212 803-732-2229 • 800-465-4329

Hyatt Place Columbia/Harbison

is the official tourism website for Columbia, South Carolina. Whether you’re traveling to the Columbia Riverbanks Region for business or leisure, we hope you will make us your first stop for helpful area information.

Within this site, you’ll find information about Columbia attractions, upcoming events, restaurants, hotels, meeting facilities & meeting planning, the Columbia Metropolitan

1130 Kinley Road, Irmo, SC 29063 803-407-1560 • 800-833-1516

InTown Suites Columbia Northwest 330 Columbiana Drive, Columbia, SC 29212 803-732-7377

InTown Suites Columbia West 1633 Broad River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-216-9092

Convention Center, sports facilities & sports event planning, and more. Knights Inn Columbia NW

You can also access this comprehensive website at or

1803 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-0022

Microtel Inn & Suites 411 Piney Grove Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-1914 • 888-771-7171

68 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

Motel 6 Columbia West 1776 Burning Tree Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-798-9210 • 800-4-Motel 6

Palmetto Inn & Suites

HAMPTON INN C o l u m b i a

1144 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-798-2100


Quality Inn Harbison Area 499 Piney Grove Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-798-0500


Radisson Hotel Columbia & Conference Center 2100 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-731-0300 • 800-333-3333

The Home of Complete Satisfaction


Ramada Limited I-20



1315 Garner Lane, Columbia, SC 29210 803-731-9997

GUEST ROOMS Our finely appointed guest rooms are equipped with every modern convenience while maintaining the look and feel of the surrounding Historic District.

EACH ROOM OFFERS: • Hairdryer • Iron and ironing board • Coffee maker • Cable television with HBO • WIFI access • DVD/CD players • On-Demand programs • VIP turndown service

Red Roof Inn Columbia West 10 Berryhill Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-798-9220 • 800-RED ROOF


• Complimentary Hot Breakfast • Complimentary copies of USA Today, Monday through Friday • Complimentary coffee and tea available 24 hours in the lobby • On-site fitness center • Full-service business center

Royal Inn - St. Andrews 1323 Garner Lane, Columbia, SC 29210 803-750-5060

MEETINGS & EVENTS Business groups and social groups will find that our flexible meeting space is ideally suited for small meetings and receptions. The meeting space can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people. The hotel also features an intimate parlor perfect for casual meetings up to 6 people.

Scottish Inn 127 Morninghill Drive, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-5833 • 800-251-1962

Sleep Inn NW 1901 Rockland Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-731-9999 • 800-753-3746


• fax:




TownePlace Suites 350 Columbiana Drive, Columbia, SC 29212 803-781-9391

Travelodge Columbia West 2210 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-798-9665 • 800-578-7878

Western Inn & Suites 827 Bush River Road, Columbia, SC 29210 803-772-9672

Wingate Inn Harbison

LEXINGTON COUNTY Able House Inn Bed & Breakfast 244 E Columbia Avenue, Leesville, SC 29070 803-532-2763

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites-Lexington 131 Innkeeper Drive, Lexington, SC 29072 803-808-0800 • 800-465-4329

Leesville Lodge Hampton Inn Lexington 601 Columbia Avenue, Lexington, SC 29072 803-356-8300 • 800-426-7866

605 East Columbia Avenue, Leesville, SC 29070 803-532-1082

217 Lanneau Court, Columbia, SC 29212 803-407-6166 • 800-228-1000

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Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Extended Stay America Ft. Jackson Airport Shuttle Service Complimentary Deluxe Breakfast


5430 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29206 803-782-2025

Complimentary Continental Breakfast

Hampton Inn NE Pet Friendly

Room cost per night

Indoor Pool Outdoor Pool

$ = under-100 $$ = 101-150 $$$ = 151 & up

1551 Barbara Drive, Columbia, SC 29223 803-865-8000 • 800-HAMPTON

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & SuitesClemson Road 1011 Clemson Frontage Road, Columbia, SC 29229 803-419-3558


Columbia Airport

award winning property FREE continental breakfast

ACCOMMODATIONS continued from previous page

Quality Inn & Suites 328 West Main Street, Lexington, SC 29072 803-359-3099 • 800-424-6423

Ramada Limited Lexington 1015 South Lake Drive, Lexington, SC 29073 803-356-6533

Holiday Inn Express Hotel Blythewood 120 Creech Road, Blythewood, SC 29016 803-333-0315 • 800-HOLIDAY

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites North 8105 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-5600 • 866-397-5345

Hudson Motel

NEW rooms with extended living RICHLAND NE & FT. JACKSON

10500 Farrow Road, Blythewood, SC 29016 803-754-7307

Comfort Inn Blythewood

jacuzzi rooms available

guest washers and dryers

436 McNulty Road, Blythewood, SC 29016 803-754-1441 • 800-228-5150

InTown Suites Columbia East 8310 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-419-0330

Comfort Inn NE Fort Jackson 7700 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-788-5544 • 888-770-6800

FREE local calls

Jameson Suites Columbia 7525 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-6666 • 800-JAMESON

Courtyard by Marriott NE

FREE high speed internet

outdoor swimming pool

all ground floor rooms

111 Gateway Corporate Blvd, Columbia, SC 29203 803-736-3600 • 800-321-2211

1538 Horseshoe Drive, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-6400 • 800-531-5900

Days Inn Blythewood 114 Blythewood Road, Blythewood, SC 29016 803-691-1200 • 800-325-2525

Marlboro Inn Fort Jackson 5133 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29206 803-787-1504

Days Inn Columbia - Fort Jackson 7128 Parklane Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-0000 • 800-329-7466

1-26 at Hwy. 302, Exit 113 1987 Airport Blvd

La Quinta Inn Columbia NE/Fort Jackson

Microtel Inn NE 1520 Barbara Drive, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-3237

Motel 6 Columbia East

803.794.0222 800.235.8339

7541 Nates Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-3900 • 800-4Motel6

f: 803.794.7798

70 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •

Quality Inn Fort Jackson

Comfort Inn Airport

8104 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-0822

110 Branch Road, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-796-0044 • 800-424-6423

Ramada Columbia NE

Country Inn & Suites Columbia Airport

7510 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-3000 • 877-308-4986

2245 Airport Blvd, Cayce, SC 29033 803-794-6200 • 800-456-4000

Red Roof Inn Columbia East

Executive Inn I-26 & Hwy 378

7580 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-736-0850 • 800-RED ROOF

1107 Harbor Road, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-796-4934

Hampton Inn West Columbia Airport

Residence Inn Columbia NE

1094 Chris Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-791-8940 • 800-HAMPTON

2320 LeGrand Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-788-8850 • 800-331-3131

Holiday Inn Airport

Super 8 Motel Fort Jackson

500 Chris Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-794-9440 • 800-HOLIDAY

5321 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29206 803-790-1133 • 800-800-8000

Knights Inn Columbia Airport

Value Place

1987 Airport Blvd, Cayce, SC 29033 803-794-0222 • 800-235-8339

931 Spears Creek Court, Elgin, SC 29405 803.699.1413

Masters Inn I-26

Wingate Inn NE

2125 Commerce Drive, Cayce, SC 29033 803-791-5850 • 800-633-3434

8300 Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC 29223 803-699-9333 • 800-228-1000


613 Knox Abbott Drive, Cayce, SC 29033 803-796-4300 • 800-633-3434

Airport Inn 1935 Airport Boulevard, Cayce, SC 29033 803-936-0015

Quality Inn West Columbia

Complimentary Airport Limo Service Meeting Room for 20 people

Ramada Limited

One & Two Bedroom Suites with Full- Sized Kitchen

3020 Charleston Highway, Cayce, SC 29033 803-794-7500

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites 114 McSwain Drive, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-796-2700

Five Minutes from USC & The State Capital

2516 Augusta Road, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-791-5160 • 800-4CHOICE

American Inn West Columbia 1617 Charleston Hwy, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-796-3714

Complimentary Breakfast Buffet

Riverside Inn 111 Knox Abbott Drive, Cayce, SC 29033 803-939-4688 • 866-988-3335

Living & Dining Area Washers & Dryers High - Speed Internet Access

Cambridge Plaza Hotel Columbia West 650 Cherokee Lane, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-796-9400 • 800-827-0558

Sleep Inn Airport 2208-A Edmond Hwy, West Columbia, SC 29170 803-926-9260 • 800-424-6423

Carolina Lodge 2204 Airport Road, West Columbia, SC 29169 803-796-9905

Travelers Inn 2200 Airport Blvd, West Columbia, SC 29170 803-796-9900

803.252.0845 800.637.4008 Woodrow at Devine


Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •



Relocation Info Columbia area chambers of commerce are the best source for the latest information on relocation to the Columbia Riverbanks Region. The chamber websites below list real estate and rental companies, hospitals, regional publications, school districts information, banks, insurance services and more.

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Greater Chapin Chamber of Commerce 302 Columbia Avenue, Chapin, SC 29036 345.1100 •

Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce 930 Richland Street, Columbia, SC 29201 733.1100 •

Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce 1248 Lake Murray Boulevard, Irmo, SC 29063 749.9355 or 800.749.9355

Greater Lexington Chamber of Commerce 321 South Lake Drive, Lexington, SC 29071 359.6113 •

West Metro Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Center 1006 12th Street, Cayce, SC 29033 794.6504 or 800.720.5400



Caroline Bennett

Favorite places to dine: Mo-Mo’s Bistro is my husband’s and my favorite place for “date nights” or time with friends – We also love shagging at Diane’s while eating her famous Italian cuisine! Best place to take the kids: EdVenture excites me as much as my three children, who are ages 4, 6 and 8. It offers both a safe and stimulating environment that allows opportunities for them to learn while they play. Don’t be surprised if you catch me sliding down “EDDIE” with my little ones, too! Favorite Columbia festival: As a native Columbian, I have enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Five Points since I was a child. Now, that celebration is better than ever, with its special section for children’s activities. My children look forward to it every year! Favorite thing to do on a rainy day: Read books to my children and listen to the rain. Favorite public art piece: On our ride home from Lake Murray every Sunday, my sisters and I would beg my dad to drive by the Taylor Street “Tunnel Vision” by Blue Sky. It’s always been a treat to see that mural at nighttime.

Mother of three and author of “Charley’s Columbia Backyard,” Caroline says Columbia is the perfect place to raise a family.

Favorite family activity: Picnicking on a boat and watching my children hydroslide and ski at Lake Murray Best thing about living in Columbia: I believe the best part of living in Columbia is the kindness of neighbors that I see every day. Best place to take out of town guests: Any day of the year, one can enjoy a stroll through Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens. Who wouldn’t be Wowed! by giraffes eating from your own hands and tropical birds landing on your head? Favorite Columbia sporting event to enjoy with the kids, and Why? Even though I am a Clemson graduate, one cannot help but get caught in the Gamecock spirit. My husband and I love to tailgate before and enjoy the USC games with our children – particularly when they dress in their mini football player and cheerleader outfits! Favorite local park: I visit and enjoy many Columbia parks with my children, but our favorite is Saluda Splash and the Charley Treasure Hunt at Saluda Shoals Park.

72 Columbia, South Carolina official visitors guide • 800.264.4884 •


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