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peecho ... cloud print and the future.

Digital communication wins

4K images/minute

250M tweets/day

35B items/month

Digital data is volatile But occasionally, it is important. Some of it is personal. You want it written in stone. Or on paper. As a persistent snapshot. As a luxury good.

Peecho cloud print connects websites to professional print facilities. We transform your digital data into printed objects - produced locally and on demand.

Services • • • • •

Simple integration tools for websites and apps. Integrated checkout, including payment and customer service. Cloud technology to transform any digital data to print-ready files. Distribution to a cloud print network of only the best print facilities. Order tracking and automated customer feedback.

Products •

Simple Print Button - connects websites to our cloud print network.

Simple Print Service - offers a really simple web-to-print interface.

Simple Print API - lets developers build their own apps to sell prints. !

The Peecho Dashboard offers clear order management, order tracking all the way into the print facilities, financial reports, discount coupons and easy-to-grasp sales statistics.

Simple Print Button

1.Sign up. 2.Paste the code. 3.Done.

Simple Print Service •

Quickly create new sales channels for your customers

Roll out web-to-print apps in other languages and countries.

Test new products and audiences without hassle. !

Preflight and conversion to print-ready are taken care of and unlimited, elastic cloud processing and storage capacity are at your fingertips. Customized integration with your print facility is included.

Examples • •

Rijksmuseum (Simple Print Button) Watch Art (Simple Print Service)

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Peecho, the future of print