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Epidemiological Research Analysis Select a study on heart disease other than the Framingham (2005) study mentioned in Health Psychology: A Biopsychosocial Approach,

and demonstrate how epidemiological research methods have been applied. Obtain instructor approval. Write a 1,400- to 1,700-word analysis including the following: Summarize the Framingham (2005) study and why it is considered a landmark in epidemiological research. Include the study's strengths and limitations. Describe the primary objectives of the selected study and the epidemiological research methods that were employed. Describe the conditions that must be met before epidemiological researchers can infer a cause-and-effect relationship. Evaluate the contributions of the results of epidemiological research on our knowledge of heart disease. Describe the study's strengths and limitations in terms of epidemiological research. Format your analysis consistent with APA guidelines. Cite at least three peer-reviewed sources.

Psych 626 epidemiological research analysis /  
Psych 626 epidemiological research analysis /