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Five Years of Rest and Renewal

Changing the Face of Disability Ministry J I L L ’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 i

2010-2015 A N N U A L R E P O RT


Five Years of Rest and Renewal A Letter From Our President 3 Executive Summary 5 About Jill’s House 9 Our Programs 11 Volunteers and Caregivers 13 Fellowship Program 15 Donors, Contributors and Fundraisers 17 Financials 19 The Next Five Years 20

“I have to tell you that my brain and body start to relax just looking FORWARD to Jill’s House. Knowing that a visit is coming up soon makes the days before it almost as sweet as the visit itself. The anticipation (for our son and for us) is another gift that you ALL at Jill’s House give to us. THANK YOU!”

Our Mission: Jill’s House is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to providing support and respite for families with children with intellectual disabilities.

J I L L’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 1

Jill’s House Journey 2010

• Opened and served first six children on October 15


• Jill’s House second living area opened in April • Jill’s House third living area opened in December


• Jill’s House Fellowship Program began • Jill’s House Weekend Adventures launched across the country • Jill’s House Blue Ridge in Loudoun County, Virginia • Jill’s House Chesapeake Bay in Montgomery County, Maryland • Jill’s House Lake Arrowhead in Los Angeles, California

• Jill’s House Hill Country in Austin, Texas


• Jill’s House Internship Program launched • The inaugural Celebration of Special Children Gala


• 500 families served


• Jill’s House White River in Indianapolis, Indiana • Jill’s House in Phoenix, Arizona • 500,000 hours of respite


A Letter From Our President On our opening weekend in October 2010, six children stayed overnight at Jill’s House. At that point, we were simply grateful Jill’s House had become a reality at all and had no idea how God was going to grow this ministry. This report is a celebration of God’s great love for the families he has called us to serve. It is a testament to the grace he has lavished on them and on Jill’s House over the last five years. It also celebrates the people who love these families—people like you who have invested so much of themselves and their resources in them and their children. Families raising a child with an intellectual disability face many challenges that typical families do not. God hasn’t given us the ability to eliminate all the difficulties they face, but he has given us the ability to give kids a fun, safe, loving, celebratory environment. He has given us the ability to provide parents the opportunity for rest and renewal. And he has given us the responsibility to point families to his son, Jesus Christ, whose immeasurable love for them surpasses our understanding and animates our every effort. In five short years, your support has helped provide over 500,000 hours of respite—the equivalent of 57 years! You have helped reduce stress, save marriages, keep families together and create extraordinary experiences for kids who don’t often get extraordinary things.

By God’s grace and with his help, we hope not only that Jill’s House will grow to love and serve more and more families across the nation, but also that we will help inspire and equip others to serve these special families in a powerful way. Ultimately, we hope to change the face of disability ministry in America, and this would not be possible without your support. Thank you for seeing those whom the world often overlooks, and remembering those whom the world often forgets. I couldn’t be more grateful for your partnership as we create a brighter and more hopefilled future for these children and their families.


Joel A. Dillon President and CEO

You’ve allowed us to serve families not just in northern Virginia, but also in six states around the nation (with more coming soon!). Through our Fellowship and Internship programs, you’ve even helped train the next generation of leaders in this field. Thank you for your partnership in the growth of this mission! Currently we are privileged to serve 600 families, and getting to this point from that opening weekend in 2010 has been no small feat! But there are millions of families in America raising a child with an intellectual disability, and we want to ensure that every family has respite within reach and a connection to a church that embraces them.

J I L L’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 3

About Jill’s House Jill’s House serves children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. Our 42,000-squarefoot, 45-bed, innovative resort-style facility is designed to provide a safe, inviting environment to keep them active, stimulated, learning and entertained.

Three Benefits for Parents and Families 1 Take time to focus on their marriage 2 Devote more time to all their children 3 Let go and release any guilt or fear – knowing their child is happy and safe


Child Care Totals 2010-2015 In 2015, Jill’s House crossed an amazing threshold of 500,000 hours of respite care provided. That’s the equivalent of 57 years!

Total Child Stays 30,481 Weeknights 6,847 Week Days 9,163 Weekend Nights 14,471

“The updates I received enabled me to relax as much as possible when coming off years of ‘high alert.’ Thank you for this beautiful endeavor.”

Executive Summary Together we’re changing the face of disability ministry in America. “We hope this report will give you a greater understanding of the Jill’s House ministry of loving care. With your support and God’s blessing, we look forward to continued growth in service to families in need of respite and special care.” Joel A. Dillon, President and CEO, Jill’s House Jill’s House recognizes that the parents, caregivers and siblings of these special children are extraordinary people. But facing the daily struggle of providing around-the-clock care causes stress and exhausts many families. Our program of respite for families ensures each child receives quality care in a safe environment during his or her stay. • Our services are available for families in need regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. • Our success has encouraged many communities to “Bring Jill’s House” to their city. To do this, Jill’s House relies on hundreds of people each year who respond to this opportunity to act on their desire to help others in their community. It’s easy to get involved through volunteer work, internships and financial contributions. As you can see by the chart below, Jill’s House is blessed with strong donor support that covers nearly 80% of its costs.

Revenue, Expenses & Contributions for Jill's House 2010-2015 $ 7,000,000 $ 6,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 3,000,000 $ 2,000,000 $ 1,000,000 0



Total support and revenue



Total expenses




*2015 Preliminary Estimates of Expenses, Revenue and Contributions; Audited 2015 financials are expected to be available in Q2 2016.

J I L L’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 5


There are 2.8 million families in the United States who have at least one child with special needs. (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010).


Hours of rest and relief have been provided to weary parents through overnight programs and day camps.


More than 600 families have experienced the benefits of respite provided by Jill’s House.


Rating on a scale of 1 to 10, when parents were asked, how likely would you recommend Jill’s House to another family.


“I’m so grateful that my daughter can go to Jill’s House. It’s truly the only time that I don’t worry about her when she’s away from me. It’s total relief and relaxation, something I only get when she’s there.”

Getting Started

Our Intake Process The Intake Process is about getting to know more about your child. Typically parents or qualified caregivers submit medical assessment forms to help ensure Jill’s House is able to care for your child. Next, you and your child are invited to tour Jill’s House as part of a “meet and greet” with our team. We know you have lots of questions; calls are encouraged: 703.639.5660

To Support Us

There are many ways:

Jill’s House recognizes the partnership it is forming with parents.

• Sponsor a Child for a Night

Our Family Support Team is trained to help you navigate resources and programs so your family receives better support. It starts with an easy-to-use online registration process for your child.

• Memorial and Tribute Donations plan-your-visit-what-toexpect

• Corporate Partnerships with Matching Gifts

• Combined Federal Campaign • United Way • Lasting Legacy Opportunities

J I L L’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 7

“Thank you once again for an amazing weekend. It brings me to happy tears every time my son goes to Jill’s House. He smiles all the way on the car ride there. And once he walks in, he yells, “BYE MOM!” and doesn’t look back. For parents who lead hectic lives full of doctor appointments, therapy, diapers and g-tube feedings, a weekend to just take a DEEP BREATH is truly amazing. When he’s at Jill’s House I know my son is well taken care of; I can sleep in without feeling guilty or like I am neglecting some need. Thank you, bless you, thank you!!”


About Jill’s House The story of Jill’s House, from its opening in 2010 through 2015, is a celebration of very special children, their families and a community support system that provides unconditional love and unparalleled care. For more than five years, Jill’s House has provided daytime and overnight care services to children with intellectual disabilities at its Vienna, Virginia location. Now Jill’s House helps families in six states. Families are receiving relief from the emotional and physical impact that accompanies raising a child with an intellectual disability. An overnight break helps them recharge and recover from the mental, physical and financial strains of caregiving. Jill’s House serves children and adolescents ages 6 to 17 who have been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. The children enjoy the freedom to be who they are at Jill’s House. The 42,000-square-foot, 45-bed, innovative resort-style facility is designed to provide a safe, inviting environment in which children with intellectual disabilities experience activities specifically designed to keep them active, stimulated, learning and entertained. The building, care model, and programs are all designed with the needs of these special children and their families in mind. Their needs are literally built into Jill’s House along with its care model and programs. Imagine their joy when children and families discover wide doorways and hallways for easy navigation that encourage assisted or non-assisted movement. Children enjoy the freedom to explore and discover while trained caregivers provide support and encouragement.


Each child is paired with a child care specialist who is familiar with their needs and routines. The child-to-staff ratio never exceeds four children per one staff member. There are 2.8 million families in the United States who have at least one child with special needs (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010). The pressures families face contribute to rates of depression that are 136% higher in mothers of these children and 51% higher in fathers compared to other families.1 The parents, caregivers and siblings of these special children are extraordinary human beings. They face the same day-to-day struggles as most with the added concern, dedication, stress and exhaustion that comes with raising a child with special needs. Overnight respite allows parents to: • Take time away and focus on their marriages. • Devote more time to typical siblings. • Continue their education to improve their family’s quality of life. • Get ahead on work. • Catch up with old friends. • Best of all, let go and enjoy a less stressful time knowing that the child is happy and safe.

Olsson & Hwang, 2001

J I L L’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 9





































Our Programs Jill’s House makes weekdays, weeknights and weekends fun. Services are provided on weeknights in cooperation with local schools that send children to Jill’s House for a weekly night of respite. The next morning, Jill’s House drops the children off at school. Days at Jill’s House are available whenever schools close for a holiday or summer break. It’s a mini-vacation children and parents enjoy. Through our National Programs parents enjoy a full weekend of rest while their children enjoy an exciting weekend with our staff at a camp facility. During their time at Jill’s House, the children enjoy our gym, moon bounce, art room, playground, computer lab, music room, library, chapel, and indoor pool. Under the 24-hour supervision of an amazing childcare staff and nursing team, each child is served three healthy meals every day and given his or her own room and bed.

FAMILIES BENEFIT TOO! Families of children with special needs are often overwhelmed by the emotional and financial demands of constant care and are in desperate need of relief. For them, there is no greater gift than time to simply recharge their batteries and catch up on life, secure in the knowledge that their child with special needs is safe and cherished. Through Jill’s House, parents, siblings and caregivers are able to build a rhythm of respite into their lives, allowing room to recharge so they can be their best selves as parents and spouses.

The innovative facility is designed to provide a safe, inviting environment in which children with intellectual disabilities experience activities specifically designed to keep them active, stimulated, learning and entertained. Additionally, children with intellectual disabilities usually do not have opportunities to have sleepovers, attend camps, go to birthday parties or take part in other activities that most kids take for granted. Many of the children experience, for the first time: • Slumber parties • Birthday parties • Going to camp • Swimming in our indoor accessible pool • Singing in our music room • Creating crafts in our art room • Shooting hoops in our gymnasium • Playing outside on the specially equipped playground

J I L L ’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 11

“Jill’s House gives me a place that makes me feel truly useful and part of a community! I love Jill’s House because every single time I volunteer, I am reminded about gratitude, compassion, and kindness. I am incredibly thankful that Jill’s House welcomes volunteers because Jill’s House is a such a beautiful, meaningful part of my life and volunteering here is an experience that I will be forever grateful for.“


Volunteers and Caregivers Volunteers and caregivers are the backbone of the high quality of care Jill’s House provides for the children we serve. CAREGIVERS In 2015, Jill’s House crossed an amazing threshold of “more than 500,000” hours of respite care provided. That’s the equivalent of 57 years! We’re very proud of the caregivers who make Jill’s House a safe and nurturing experience for the children who stay here and their families who rely on their skills, training and compassionate care.

VOLUNTEERS Jill’s House could not operate without the hundreds of volunteers who graciously give their time and energy to serve the children that come through our doors. Volunteers contribute thousands of hours annually, serving in a variety of roles, including receptionists, kitchen helpers, and activity leaders. Many corporate sponsors also volunteer, providing life skills training or throwing parties for our children and their families. We even have a group of volunteers who comprise our “over 50 club,” reserved for the dedicated members who give more than 50 days each year to the families and children we serve.

J I L L ’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 13

“I’ll always be grateful to Jill’s House for the Fellowship Program! It was a privilege to spend my first year after college serving and caring for our children and families. Time with them taught our team to give and receive grace, to be kinder than seems necessary, and to put the needs of others before our own. I cherish my Jill’s House memories and could not be more grateful for the way they continue to shape how I live, work, and love.”


Fellowship Program Loving God’s children, learning to care. ABOUT THE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM The Jill’s House Fellowship Program lasts one year, beginning in June, and is a paid, full-time position. Our goal is to help develop a generation of professionals who love Jesus and children with special needs. Fellows live and work with other godly people committed to serving children with intellectual disabilities needs. Through our program, fellows: • • •

Care for children with a wide array of disabilities Gain hands-on experience Live in an intentional community

Jill’s House Fellows work primarily as childcare specialists, providing loving care to a group of children entrusted to us for safe, professional care. The childcare specialist is the face of Jill’s House, and leads a group of one to three children through activities throughout his or her stay. Childcare specialists report to a childcare supervisor and are responsible for the guidance and supervision of the children to whom they are assigned.They perform a combination of basic care and assistance with activities of daily living in a safe, nurturing environment. Fellows work with children according to their individual needs and encourage their activity and participation while promoting an awesome experience.

J I L L ’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 15

Our thanks and appreciation go to the thousands of donors who have supported and continue to help Jill’s House provide services to these children and their families.

The Jill’s House Annual Gala has become a major fundraiser. In May 2015, it raised $916,000 to help support the children and families served by Jill’s House. We are grateful to the 400 guests and donors for participating in a wonderful evening celebrating the courageous families and inspiring children at Jill’s House.


Donors, Contributors and Fundraisers There’s a practical approach and a spiritual mystery to obtaining the funds needed to celebrate special children and renew their families. It’s a blessing earned through special events, individual contributions, sponsorships, and collaborative partnerships. On a Saturday in June 2015 more than 300 motorcycles made a 100-mile trek, starting in Manassas, Virginia, continuing through Middleburg and ending at Jill’s House with a celebration including lunch and tours of Jill’s House.

There’s no question that the success of Jill’s House is due to its high level of care and ability to meet the needs of families. All of this is made possible through the generosity of those who give their time and treasure to help the families Jill’s House serves. Jill’s House could not be more grateful to its individual donors and corporate and foundation partners for giving the respite of Jill’s House to families raising children with special needs. More than 80% of our costs to serve our children and their families is paid from philanthropic gifts. Families also contribute to the cost to care for children. Donations and other contributions help them afford this important respite care.

Top Four Sources of Revenue for Jill's House 2010-2015 $ 7,000,000 $ 6,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 3,000,000 $ 2,000,000 $ 1,000,000 0 2010






Special event contributions

Donated goods/services

Service fees


*2015 Preliminary Estimated Contributions

J I L L ’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 17

Statement of Financial Position

For the year ended December 31, 2015 (with summarized financial information as of December 31 for years 2010-2014)

2015* 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 ASSETS Current assets Cash and cash equivalents $ 515, 384 $ 240,955 $ 645,143 $ 1,045,971 $ 1,853,709 $ 1,895,195 Investments 19,725 14,952 Unconditional promises to give 165,575 413,581 225,572 842,554 1,222,860 703,172 Other receivables 543,703 500,722 588,055 541,189 441,333 394,395 Prepaid expenses 89,000 98939 96,610 79,765 29,70 721,124 TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS $ 1,333,387 $ 1 ,269,149 $ 1,555,380 $ 2,509,479 $ 3,547,609 $ 3,013,886 Property and equipment Building improvements 6,535 6,535 6,535 6,535 Furniture and equipment 402,026 472,837 504,534 409,516 383,592 348,678 Construction in progress 472,837 511,069 416,051 390,127 355,208 Less: accumulated depreciation and amortization (316,755) (310,722) (302,611) (234,109) (155,278) (83,818) Property and equipment, net 85,271 162,115 208,458 181,942 234,849 271,390 Other assets 17,911 22,465 21,859 31,012 35,164 46,726 Cash and cash equivalents held for long-term use 18,015 119,600 280,510 138,182 123,341 51,000 Right to use building and land, net 14,095,908 14,400,335 14,715,098 14,958,262 15,271,502 15,368,013 Unconditional promises to give, net 42,485 128,915 97,617 154,986 149,291 817,754 Note receivable 7,400 7,400 7,400 Investments health for long-term use 490,000 250,000 TOTAL ASSETS $ 16,082,977 $ 16,352,579 $ 16,886,322 $ 17,981,263 $ 19,369,156 $ 19,568,769 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Current liabilities Accounts payable and accrued expenses 337,884 466,604 677,869 638,104 615,935 338,574 Deferred income 46,877 53,095 58,113 49,359 8,641 1,350 Total current liabilities 384,761 519,699 735,982 687,463 624,5763 39,924 Line of credit 2,264,651 1,913,368 2,300,000 3,150,000 Long-term payable to McLean Bible Church 6,155,867 6,143,487 TOTAL LIABILITIES $ 2,649,412 $ 2,433,067 $ 3,035,982 $ 3,837,463 $ 6,780,443 $ 6,483,411 Net assets Unrestricted 12,441,389 12,731,161 13,040,575 13,137,255 11,017,920 11,421,998 Temporarily restricted 992,176 1,188,351 811,765 1,006,566 1,570,793 1,663,360 TOTAL NET ASSETS $ 13,433,565 $ 13,919,512 $ 13,852,340 $ 14,143,821 $ 13,085,358 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $ 16,082,977 $ 16,352,579 $ 16,888,322 $ 17,981,284 $ 19,369,156 $ 19,568,769 *Audited financials for fiscal year 2015 are expected to be publicly available in the second quarter of 2015. Please check with Jill’s House or for updates.

Statement of Activities For the year ended December 31, 2015 (with summarized financial information as of December 31 for years 2010-2014)

SUPPORT AND REVENUE 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010

Contributions $ 2,870,351 $ 2,913,658 $ 3,025,272 $ $ 5,078,238 $ 2,786,571 $ 2,972,308 Investment return 1176 Investment income 6,943 15,243 1,825 3,911 Special event contributions 1,071,488 462,369 889,995 409,076 144,288 98,203 Less: direct benefits to donors (262,787) (348,267) (129,218) (23,818) (24,360) (13,510) Donated goods and services 49,952 73,518 133,005 102,846 73,192 315,311 Service fees, net of discounts 1,205,322 1,214,600 1,183,728 709,553 181,635 14,025 Other income 36,360 25,066 44,608 11,732 17,818 28,513 Donated right to use land 1,500,000 Gain (Loss) on property 2,190 (5,361) (17,737) (1,915) (28,950) (14,247) Net assets released from restriction 1,601,533 TOTAL SUPPORT AND REVENUE $ 5,180,994 $ 5,350,826 $ 5,131,478 $ 6,289,623 $ 3,150,187 $ 4,901,779 Expenses Program services 4,042,416 Management and general 699,005 Fundraising 729,345 TOTAL EXPENSES $ 5,470,766 $ 5,283,654 $ 5,422,929 $ 4,734,545 $ 3,646,832 $ 1,651,943 CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (289,772) 67,172 (298,451) 1,555,078 (496,645) 3,249,836 NET ASSETS, BEGINNING OF YEAR 12,731,161 13,852,340 14,143,791 12,588,713 13,085,358 9,835,522 NET ASSETS, END OF YEAR 12,441,389 13,919,512 13,852,340 14,143,791 12,588,713 13,085,358


Financials Strong revenues provide a solid foundation for meeting the needs of families. As a non-profit organization, Jill’s House provides both a Statement of Financial Position (similar to a corporate balance sheet) and a Statement of Activities, which focuses on the finances of the total organization and includes revenues, expenses and changes in net assets as a result of changes in revenues and expenses. Jill’s House is a registered 501C (3) non-profit organization. Private donations are tax deductible to the highest extent allowed by law. Jill’s House does not receive direct state or federal funding.

Total Support & Revenue Compared to Expenses Jill's House 2010-2015 $ 7,000,000 $ 6,000,000 $ 5,000,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 3,000,000 $ 2,000,000 $ 1,000,000 0





Total support and revenue



Total expenses

*2015 Preliminary Estimates of Expenses, Revenue and Contributions; Audited 2015 financials are expected to be available in Q2 2016.

Total Support & Revenue for Jill's House

Donations, revenue from events and other revenues are important to help defray the increasing costs of providing respite care opportunities for children and their families.

$ 7,000,000 $ 6,000,000

In 2014, we were blessed with a generous donation, $250,000 for Jill’s House to establish an endowment. With interest and another $240,000 in principal contributions, the endowment has more than doubled in value to $509,725.

$ 5,000,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 3,000,000 $ 2,000,000 $ 1,000,000 0

Total support and revenue 2010






*2015 Preliminary Estimates of Expenses, Revenue and Contributions; Audited 2015 financials are expected to be available in Q2 2016.

J I L L ’ S H O U S E A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 5 19

The Next Five Years A Final Word of Gratitude and Hope Jill’s House is a growing ministry because it meets an enormous need of families raising children with intellectual disabilities, regardless of their faith or financial situation. But Jill’s House would not exist without the many volunteers, caregivers, and donors who make this program possible. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, your prayers, and your service. This annual report isn’t just a story about Jill’s House; it is also a story of our supporters who have partnered with us in advancing our mission. The next five years will present significant challenges and opportunities to serve more families in Virginia and in other parts of the country through our national programs. Building upon God’s faithfulness over the past, we step forward with hope, excited to participate in the good work God has called us to do for these families. Thank you for partnering with Jill’s House to restore families. We look forward to serving many more, with the generous support of our donors, for years to come. Weekend Adventure Locations Blue Ridge, VA Chesapeake Bay , MD Lake Arrowhead, CA Hill Country, TX White River, IN Phoenix, AZ


Jill’s House, Vienna, Virginia

“Each visit to Jill’s House is so precious for our daughter and for us. Thank you, thank you for the blessing you are to us. I actually think Jill’s House stays have made it possible to preserve our marriage--no exaggeration.”


9011 Leesburg Pike Vienna, VA 22182 703.639.5660

JIll's House 5 Year Report  
JIll's House 5 Year Report