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Jean-Claude Van Damme I’ve got my own s tyle and that’s t h e J C V D s ty l e , the “Van Damage S tyle,” he jokingly states.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Claude Van Damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme needs no introduction to the martial arts world, with blockbuster films like Blood Sport and Kickboxer he quickly rocketed to the top of the film world. Plagued by some controversy, Mr. Van Damme has laid low for a while. He gave Martial Arts World News his exclusive interview. We hope this interview introduces you to a different side of Jean-Claude.

How old were you when you received your first black belt? I was seventeen.

In what style was it? Shotokan Karate.

What does your training regimen consist of nowadays? or do you just keep in shape for your movies?

ring partner. In total about 2 ½ to 3 hours training a day.

I like acting and I like to direct it really depends on Who was your idol in martial arts the project. I would love to direct one day and not when you were growing up? My idol in growing up was definitely Bruce Lee. He was powerful in his meaning, his mind his acting. He was also direct in his focus and his thinking, and he was very original the way he came upon the screen.

How did you get involved in the movie industry? I was always in love with movie making, and the thought of trying to make people fall in love with something. Plus we go from this society to another life created by us in front of us in and on the screen, which is wonderful.

How did it feel to work with your son in the movie? Luckily in my profession I am able to train now the

same way I trained when I was younger. My current training regimen consists of, 45 minutes of cardio. I try to raise my heart between 140 and 168, at my age. After that I do stretching, about 40 minutes of weights, long reps and semi-heavy weights. And then I will go to my sparring room to spar with my spar-

Do you prefer directing or acting in a movie?

It was wonderful because I saw myself in him. It was also kind of difficult because a son wants to impress his father and they feel like nothing is ever good enough for their father. I think my son was too hard on himself, but it really was a great experience for me.

have to act at all, which will give me much more time to concentrate on one end so that I could finish a project all the way to the screen.

Out of all your movies, which was your favorite? I loved Kickboxer, it was a great movie. I wish one day that I could make it a great big sequel called maybe “K2 The Kickboxer,” and bring great fighters from all around the world like Tito Ortiz and Rob Kaman, and other fighters of high caliber. I’m sure their acting surrounded by a great script and a great cast to remake a Kickboxer or a Blood Sport would restart a trilogy. When I think about it those movies made me. “Rambo” is like my “Blood Sport,” and “Kickboxer” is like my “Rocky.”

Tell us a little about the movie you are about to film “Wake of Death.” It’s a long story. I would prefer to wait until the movie is finished. But what I can tell you is we will be shooting in South Africa and it will have a very sensual flacontinued on page 8



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