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Personal information Name Mart Hoogenhout Date of birth 7 December 1986 Place of birth Alkmaar Nationality Dutch Phone 06-46155994 E-mail Facebook hoogenhout Linkedin marthoogenhout

Academic • Explorative research: observation, interviews participatory research and contextmapping • Usability research: webapps and websites • Writing papers based on research

Character Spontaneous, intuitive, practical and no-nonsense Interests Travel, nature, guitar, history, movies and games

Design • Conceptualizations • Photo- and video editing • 2d/ 3d vizualizations • Interactive prototyping Computer • Microsoft Office • Adobe CS 5 • Autodesk Maya • iMovie • MAX/MSP • SPSS • Corel Painter & Wacom tablet • Praat sound analysis Languages Dutch: fluently English: fluently German: moderate

education 2008 – 2011 MSc Industrial Design Engineering, Design for Interaction Delft University of Technology 2004 – 2008 BEng Human Technology, Specialization - Management Skills, Applied Psychology. INHolland University of Applied Science Alkmaar 1998 – 2004 Secondary school, HAVO Jan van Scorel College Alkmaar

employment 2011 Freelance work Calendar42, TU Delft Usability research, Marketing, Photo- and Video editing

2011 Graduation internship; IT-startup: Calendar42, Delft Design for All (Keywords; Research, Hearing loss, Smart technology & Crowd-sourced) 2008 Graduation Internship; Flowerbulb exporter: Globallilies BV, ‘t Zand Development of export business plan 2005 – 2008 Gamma, Alkmaar Salesman of construction material 2007 Internship; Safety, health and welfare service: ARBOWest BV, Wormerveer Research and design of a caloric balance handheld device 2005 – 2006 Internship Technical business concern; ERIKS BV, Alkmaar Salesgroup technical rubber

Curriculim Vitae & Portfolio

day-to-day problems education Collections of identified problems in the daily life of hearing impaired students

DesiGn For all

enseMBle For my Msc graduation i initiated a Design for all project together with yesDelft! startup Calendar42. The project was aimed at improving the daily life of hearing impaired people with a new - mainstream accepted - iCT product. Through a comprehensive context research (partcicipatory research, interviews, observations and workbooks) i found that the participation of students with hearing loss in today’s mainstream higher education programs is abysmal. Three main factors are identifi ed that have a limiting e ect on success of these students; (1) reduced amount of received information compared to hearing peers, (2) problems with note-taking resulting in passive participation and (3) reduced social integration due to stigmatization of assistive tools.

Workbooks for contextmapping

observations during lecture with sign language support

Ensemble - Cognitive ergonomics : lecture 5








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Calculus Graphs

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DesiGn For all

enseMBle Phase two of the project explored a new type of learning system to counteract these e ects: social note-taking. and in an extensive explorative study (n=40) results showed that a particular usecase is most fi tting to this concept: live group collaboration.


Finally, based on all the research and explorations the recommendations are translated into a concept design: ensemble.

is a shared note-taking space to create crowd-sourced open courseware in real-time, stimulating inclusion of hearing impaired students in mainstream education. First reactions of hearing students, deaf students and others are very postive; prasting the promotion of social contact between classmates, the added value created during a class and the possibilities of the system. The thesis was marked with an 8.

research model: 2x2 matrix of usecases

inTeraCTiVe ProDUCT DesiGn


Back in order is a new concept of Jukebox. in contrast with the traditional concept of jukebox, users do not surround the music source, but the music surrounds them. it is composed by two main parts, a dome that creates the space and a stage. This stage consists of three platforms and three columns with two separate series of metallic strings. The system plays a set of songs. At specifi c moments during song, the users will be able to stroke the strings in two possible directions eliciting two di erent emotions. This is visualized by projecting sound waves on the dome’ s surface.

inTeraCTiVe ProDUCT DesiGn


a large scale prototype of the concept was build. The dome measured 5 x 5 meter and had a height of 2,5 meter. To make the concept interactive, the system was equipped with six Phidget capacitive touch sensors. With the aid of the interactive graphical programming environment for music, audio, and media MaX MsP the system came to life. This program managed the music playlist, voice feedback, volume levels and a beamer. The MAX patch on the right is the fi nal version.

MaX patch

My part in this group project was primarily focussed on programming the interactivity of the system and building of the prototype stage.

Final prototype

inTeraCTiVe ProDUCT DesiGn


The object of this project was to design a future concept for the public street furniture domain. Through user study we found that the current street furniture is too static and does not off er real comfort. There is a need to manipulate the microclimate directly according to the users’ wishes. From here the concept of a public rotating bench was born.

Micro climate interaction

Micro climate interaction The product enables people to rotate towards the sun or wind depending on their wishes, the backrest shields the user from these elements and provides an ergonomically responsible back support. social connectedness When placed in groups, the bench off ers the user to engage in social contact or have a private moment. My extra contribution to this group project was primarily focussed on the interactive and conceptualization aspects of the project.

social connectiveness

Final redesign example

UsaBiliTy TesTinG anD reDesiGn

PHoTo CalenDer

The albelli Photo Book Creator is a editor for photo books and calendars. The software is a graphical user interface with point&click and drag&drop commands and especially suitable for the non-experienced user. During the fi rst phase of the project the software was tested on with six participants in a controlled test environment which resulted in 117 unique usability problems. In the second phase the conclusions of the fi rst study layed the foundations for a redesign. The redesign focused on interactivy, intuitive use and adaptibilty to all user experiences to ensure a smooth workfl ow.

User testing the original software

a prototype of the redesign was made in adobe Flash and with the use of actionscripts we were able to simulate a functional version. Ten new particpants tested the redesign and gave important feedback for the fi nal version. My contribution to this group project was mostly focussed on research and analysis. adobe Flash redesign prototype

researCH & soUnD DesiGn

alarM BeaCon

With sound design the sound of an alarm beacon is analysed in the physical, perceptual, and emotional domain. These fi ndings are then related to the constructive part of the product to form a coherent redesign. The product in selected for redesign is the s’iren Water alarm of kids nautique. This product is an alarm device that should ensure save playing for children around, near and on the water. The automatic system will make sound when it comes in contact with water, thus alarming parents and bystanders when a child is in danger of drowning.

original product

Through sound recordings and testing it was concluded that the resonance chamber of the product fi lls up when dropped into the water resulting in a signifi cant loss of volume. In the redesign the resonance chamber was optimised according to the principle of a half open tube. The sound was also optimised according to the critical human hearing level to a frequency of 3000Hz).

sound analysis output of a test

researCH & soUnD DesiGn

eleCTriC TooTHBrUsH

in this research project an electrical toot brush was analysed in detail and redesigned according to the fi ndings. With multiple tests every individual part of the device was analysed and recorded in a sound studio. With acoustic analysis program Praat detailed acoustical qualities were extracted. The results showed that there were two major causes for the toothbrush to produce noise 1. sound produced by colliding parts as a consequence of to much clearance in the gearing system.

Test set up

2. sounds produced by vibrations as a results of the movement of mass. Based on these fi ndings a new design proposal was made that had less moving parts so less points of transmission and less parts that oscillate so less mass needs to be moved.

Barks analysis of parts

CoMPUTer VisUaliZaTion


The object of this project was to create a photo realistic image of an existing product. The chosen kitchen tool was modelled and rendered in autodesk速 Maya速. The product blended in with a realistic background with the aid of adobe速 Photoshop速 Cs4.



Various sketches, hand drawn or created on a Wacom® tablet with Corel® Painter™ 11.


cv&portfolio 2011

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