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Witch Balls Along With Their History Created from hand blown glass, witch balls are colorful spheres people use to embellish areas. They are a delicate and beautiful decoration traditionally hung in east-facing windows, and they will make a statement anywhere in a home or garden. These balls have long had a spot in history. For over 600 years these balls have had a certain purpose in various societies. During the middle ages, the first balls were designed, and although they were meant to be round, they were sloppy. The construction considerably improved with time and the materials also became easier to work with as higher quality glass in the Victorian era emerged and depicted wealth. Fine crafted artwork, present day spheres are colorful and displayed prominently in many locations. Whether or not they are magical is up to you to figure out. It is the legend behind these circular decorations that makes them as fascinating as they are enchanting. The history behind the witch ball differs, as most tales do from generation to generation. The purpose behind them remains the same no matter which legend you have heard. Having a witches ball signifies that the home is being protected as they ward off witches, evil spells, sickness, ill fortune and negativity. Legend has it that the dimensions and strong colors bring in negative energy. The swirling colors and unique measurements bring in and trap the evil as they become mesmerized and cannot break free of the orb. With this the spirit can have no affect on its surroundings. Other folklore suggests that witches, being creatures prone to curiosity, are lured to the ball by the sparkling bubbles and strands of colored glass. As the witches go to investigate the mysterious ball, they find themselves stuck inside for eternity, unable to do harm. Fisherman tied the balls to their nets to ward off evil spirits they believed they encountered on the seas. Another account has the balls acting much like a magnet would. The ball is loaded with positive energy and draws negative energy towards it, heading off depression and illness. Whenever the ball is dusted, the negative energy can be cleared away. Depending on their time and place in history, these witches' balls have had many names attached to them. They have been identified as: Fairy Orbs, Friendship Balls, along with Spirit Balls. When making reference to the balls as fairy orbs, it takes on the total opposite in meaning as the witch ball. Fairy Orbs are said to draw in positive energy and bring great luck to the dwelling in which it is displayed. When considering the ball as a friendship orb, the sphere symbolizes eternity, that goes round and round forever. The sparkle of the ball represents the friend's spirit and the contrasting colors are said to stand for the different personalities. Spirit balls were so named in Colonial times. Similar to a witches ball, these spheres were perfectly round balls however they had an opening at one end to allow the evil spirit entry into the orb. Witches' balls are still crafted today of hand blown glass, a technique involving inflating molten glass cautiously using a blow pipe. A glassblower or gaffe is precisely what these craftsmen are called. When the glass is shaped and is allowed to cool, it stiffens and keeps its form. Adding small quantities of metal oxides allows for various coloring prior to being melted and shaped. These ornamental balls are charming and filled with mystery and lure. Their fascinating history and their beautiful simplicity makes them a great gift for any occasion. Hanging a witches ball in the window is fabled to chase away any evil spirits or spells. A lot more details on CreekTree Creative Resources are available on the organization's site, CreekTree Creative Resources, LLC

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Witch Balls Along With Their History

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Witch Balls Along With Their History