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Well Area Rhond anchors, spare ropes, spare reefing ties, winch handle, water key and a mallet are located port middle locker. Ignition panel is starboard middle locker.

Fire Extinguisher & Fire Blanket Two fire extinguishers are on board. One is located on the portside bulkhead just inside the main cabin door and the other is starboard side bulkhead. The fire blanket is positioned on the starboard bulkhead just inside the main cabin door. Make sure you are familiar with how to use them. Instructions are printed on the fire extinguishers and blanket.

Smoke Detector This is located on the ceiling.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm Carbon Monoxide Alarms are mounted on bulkheads throughout the boat.

Sink The sink is located in the toilet. It is a cold water feed from the forward tank and to obtain water, pump tap handle up and down

Gas Cooker The cooker runs on gas so you will need a box of matches. If the cooker does not light, make sure it is turned on at the cylinder at the front of the yacht. The hob and grill is located on the starboard side in the well area. Just inside the door, above the bunk is the gas tap to operate the hob and grill. The gas tap needs to be upright in line with the pipe for when you require gas. On the port side in the well area, the oven is located. On top of the bunk on the portside, just inside the doors, is where the gas tap is located to run the oven. Again the gas tap needs to be inline, for gas to flow to the oven. To operate the oven, the red knob needs to be upright, light a match and then press the red button in to release the gas at the back, then light with a match. Once lit hold in for 10 – 15 seconds. When no gas is needed, turn it off by twisting it to the across pipe position. On the hob and grill, the left hand knob operates the left hob. The middle knob operates the grill. The right knob is for the right hob. To operate, light a match, turn the knob and hold in the knob to light the gas. Cooking should not be undertaken unless the roof is raised. When operating the cooker, and especially the grill, the area must be well ventilated by opening windows and door.

Lights In forward cabin, above the bunks are light switches on port and starboard bulkhead. Light switches are located above the back bunks. There is a light switch in the toilet compartment.

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Japonica 5  

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