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Hazards to Health & Safety

Crushing Hypothermia

Shock Fracture Inflamation Entanglement

Sprains and Strains Rope Burns Squashed fingers(cuts) Blistering

Potential Risk




Risk L/M/H

Wear life jacket or buoyancy aid. When lifting bend knees, keep back straight. Keep fingers clear of ropes, winches etc. Do not wrap rope around any body parts Children to be supervised at all times. Keep to side of mast when raising or lowering. Keep all fingers out from under or between items Be aware of glass/perspex windows. Wear gloves to avoid rope burns. Do not stand in forepeak whilst mast being lowered. Stand clear of rigging whilst mast being lowered. Keep ropes tidy and free running. Keep boom and gaff under control when lowering. Guide gaff into crutches by the sail.

Precautions to Reduce Risk

Leading Lady / Zoe / Lydia / Coriander / Camellia / Primrose / Violet / Clipper

Japonica / Javelin / Jade / Jenny / America / Lapwing / Palace / Twilight / Scarlet Lady

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Boat Manual

Japonica 5  

Boat Manual