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sun shelter



rope as structure

...and holding the colossus to shore is the rope.

Pier 54 varying densities of weave

parallel program

The ubiquitous asphalt of Manhattan spills into the pier as an extension of the city over water. This seemingly endless play surface reaches to the horizon and on it children’s games and makeshift drawings merge with the shade cast by the rope above. Rope, which is woven -- turned over and under itself to create sun shelters throughout the pier. Sun, views, and program determine varying densities of weave, filtering light at different intensities to transform the texture of the ground below or to create shade. Active, passive, and historical areas run parallel to one another and expand into each other along the length of the pier. Their relationship and location are porous and always changing as they are defined by moving shadows of woven rope. The interaction of site elements; rope, steel gate, and asphalt, provides the pier with sun shelter while maintaining the openness of its existing state.

Hudson River Park





The weave of the canopy varies in density over its length make the pier accesible to a wider range of people and activities, from passive to active.

Pier 54

Knots continuous three strand synthetic rope

painted steel column

steel column anchor plate/rope crimp

edge of existing concrete pier

continous finished steel pour stop



painted steel frame simple rolling hitch knot two-leg seizing knot three strand synthetic rope



Sun shelter project  
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