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waterNETWORK vaporNET utilizes a double layer polyproylene screen. when wind pushes through the screen, the two layers rub together creating friction which condenses the fog and guides the water toward the storage containers. Once inside the container tubes, rubber hoses built into each vaporNET create a water network that ties back into individual homes. water can be used shortly after installation and excess water can be sold back to the city.

plastic cap for water network connection plastic lid outer casing metal strap hook metal hand crank metal tube support bar (connected to fabric)

double layer polyproplyene net

packaging configuration

plastic outer casing

explodedDIAGRAM rubber tube to connect to other vapor net metal strap hook plastic housing for connecting tube bottom twisting cap twisting cap capture and housing

the double layer nets wrap around an internal metal tube that turns as the net is pulled out from the container. a handcrank at the end of the container allows it to retract. the net is hung from the existing structure of the building such as an awning or a covered balcony, a typical barcelona housing condition. the water container hangs from and is attached to the bacony to stabilize during windy conditions.

urbanQUILT a single vaporNET hanging over a street balcony does not have a large affect. however, when many vaporNETs hang together, the street turns into a translucent quilted facade. urban apartments will no longer be connected by stucco and concrete alone but by ghosted patches of color. the color choice resides with the resident, and the choice acts as emergent art, for a single color is added to a whole to make something new. the face of the community will be altered to highlight the strong community bonds that have existed. barcelona has a history of organized communities coming together to address a problem. the vaporNET will eminate the ability of the people to face the current water crisis.

small is BIG_vaporNET  

The students were asked to design a product (small) that once aggregated has a tremendous global (big) impact. The product was to address th...

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