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The Story behind Iron man’s Arc Reactor Iron man is a superhero loved by almost everyone in this world. Fans of Marvel comics will know the entire history of Iron man. Everything that Iron man has come from the single power source called the Arc Reactor. This story starts in Afghanistan where genius playboy Tony Stark and his friend James Rhodes demonstrate the Jericho missile to the local army. He is then captured by enemies and imprisoned in a cave with critical wounds. To run his heart permanently Tony Stark created a power source in the cave which is the Arc Reactor.

He then creates a suit made of iron embedded with the arc reactor source. Soviet Scientist Anton Vanko was on his side and lost his life while helping him. Tony Stark freed himself from the prison with the help of that suit. After returning back to the country he decided to enhance the features of the suit and the armor. He converted himself into Iron man. Till today Iron man and his arc reactor is more famous among the fans.

Ironman’s arc reactor was the only liability for tony stark’s life and he could not live a life without that armor. At first Iron man had multiple arc reactor source based on lithium ion to run his heart. Later on he created an armor that can last for hundreds of years by implementing nuclear power. He used that armor for a long time to take care of his health. Iron man used this device to maintain world peace by implementing his father’s insights.

The Iron man arc reactor has been a huge success and lots of kids and even adults want to have such armor for their own. It is obvious that they can’t develop such a powerful sheath but still they can have a replica of the original. Marvel has the habit of releasing collectibles whenever their movie releases. During the release of Iron man 3 they have released a set of collectibles by collaborating with various companies around the world. One of them is Iron man arc reactor replica which is an instant hit among the fan boys. It’s just a flash drive designed in a way to look exactly like the iron man’s power source.

It is being sold in many stores around the world at fair prices. Many online stores sell those collectibles with free shipping. You can buy one for your own and satisfy the fan inside you.

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The story behind iron man's arc reactor