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Office for Rent in Qatar versus Buying Office Space The State of Qatar is a sovereign Arab state that is located in the Qatar Peninsula in the Middle East. The former British protectorate has the biggest per capita GDP in the world, mainly because of the huge natural gas and oil reserves. The country has the 2nd highest human development in the region after the UAE. It was the 5th largest exporter in the Middle East in 2009. This is significant given the fact that the country had a 2010 population of 1,853,563. The country has attracted over $100 billion in investment in the energy sector alone. Given all these factors, it follows that office space is much sought after in the country. You could buy office space in Qatar or you could go for office for rent in Qatar. Each option has pros and cons worth considering if you are to make an informed decision. The greatest advantage of buying office space in Qatar is the fact that you will not pay rent. This is indeed the best option if you have the initial capital since you will be covered even when your business is not doing well. Buying office space means additional income from parking spaces and rent. You could sell the property whenever you want to exit the country. Going for an office for rent in Qatar, however, has more benefits. The greatest benefit is the fact that you get unparalleled flexibility. The fact that you can get office space anywhere you want means you can get a location that best suits your particular business. You are stack with a specific location when you buy office space. You do not need a lot of capital when leasing office space since all you need to do is pay a deposit. This means leasing is the best option for a start-up business. The low capital requirement means you can use the money you save to expand your business. You should go for an office for rent in Qatar because you get to pick between different office types. You could get a mobile office, a serviced office, a virtual office or a shared office. The wide variety means you will get what best suits your business. As an example, a virtual office is the best option if you are always on the move or you just need a prestigious address in Qatar. You will not be responsible for managing the building and doing such things as maintenance and repairs when you lease office space in Qatar. This means you can put all your efforts in running your business.


Office for Rent in Qatar versus Buying Office Space The State of Qatar is a sovereign Arab state that is located in the Qatar Peninsula...

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