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Notable Features of the Dyson Airblade Dyson Airblade is a hand dryer that is manufactured by Dyson, a Wiltshire-based (UK) company. The air dryer has been in the United Kingdom market since 2006 and in the U.S. since 2007. The Airblade has won several awards over the few years it has been around, the most notable being the Best Overall Product, which it won at the 2007 Interbuild awards. It is important that you know the features of the air dryer, as this will help you make an informed choice. This is an automatic hand dryer that uses cold air for its operation. This is markedly different from most hand dryers, which use wide jets of heated air. The unheated air used travels at almost 400 MPH. This leads to the drying of hands in about 10 seconds. This is because its mortar spins about 81,000 times a minute and is able to give faster dry time. Horizontal air dryers that use high speed have been around since 1993 when Mitsubishi Jet Towel was released, but the new Airblade is different from such dryers in terms of energy efficiency, water containment, airspeed, type of filter, use of heat, power usage and motor lifespan. The hand dryer features a HEPA filter. This removes at least 99.9% of all the bacteria from the air that is used to dry the hands. The dryer is NSF-certified for being hygienic, the only hand dryer with the certification. The hand dryer is cost effective, drying the hands of 11 people for the price of one paper towel (taking the electricity charge to be 0.0989 per kWh and the price of a piece of paper towel to be $0.01). The hand dryer is highly energy efficient, using about 80% less energy compared to conventional hand dryers. Other notable features of the Dyson Airblade are touch-free operation, easy cleaning, 5 year limited warranty and resistance to scratches and chips. References:


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