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2019 Magazine Family History…

“Family’s Memories”... Martha Campos Romero English Work 2019

This is my oldest son is called David Jรกen

different parts of the country on his

Campos has twenty four and has two


beautiful daughters called Khiara and

He does not dislike the injustices that are


committed against a personHe is a good son. I am proud of my eldest son and I love him too.

He is a police officer working in the Paquera command post in Puntarenas, he is very disciplined, honest and hardworking.

She is the youngest daughter of David is beautiful and very affectionate.

His hobby is riding a red and black pistera motorcycle, he likes to travel around

And finally she is the oldest daughter of David is nice and likes to talk a lot.

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Magazine Family History  

Family Memories

Magazine Family History  

Family Memories