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|ABOUT MARTHA Possessing a sweet voice, sharp nuances and a strong and expressive stage presence, Martha Galdos is a singer-songwriter who reinterprets and merges Peruvian rhythms, with various aspects of jazz and world music. Nowadays, she is at a stage of learning and growing. She expresses her encounter with daily spirituality, as a tribute to her origin, to nature and to the playful state of being, always with a message of self-love and personal self-improvement. As a child she intuited that relationship between the vibration of music and language, without imagining what her life vocation would be. She grew up in a family of artists, among them the painter Enrique Galdos Rivas, who shared with his daughter the sounds and stories he collected from his various trips around the world. So she wrote her first poems and perfected her natural talent for voice and language learning. After her communication studies and owning a rich experience of life in the world, she decided at the age of 28 to resume her passion for music and performing arts.

Cover photo: Edgar Bazán, Photo: Fernando Villavicencio, Dressing: Carola Solís Municipal Theater of Lima


Photo: César Zamalloa Pinglo Cover: Enrique Galdos Rivas

Martha Galdos is currently composing her first songs for her upcoming album.

Respiraré Piano and music direction: Pepe Céspedes

Bass: Mario Cuba Trumpet and flugelhorn: Giovanni Siveroni Soundtrack for: Hernesniemi’s 1001 and more microneurosurgical videos. (Finlandia)

2 de febrero, fecha de un carnaval, mar y fuego Como una virgen me vi, Photo: Edilberto León / Belero Photography

Percussion: Leonardo "Gigio" Parodi

In Respiraré (I’ll breath in) we will find music jewels in contemporary style; amongst them, Portuguese versiones of Peruvian composers Alicia Maguiña and Andrés Soto, songs of Chabuca Granda, huaynos in jazz versions, a movie song and standards from France and Brazil.

“ Yo nací un

de velo blanco y carmesí canela clara y sol feliz;

es que en verano

llegué aquí.”

| MEDIA “What is interesting about Martha Galdos’ debut album is the very personal interpretation and fusion that one can hear in each of the songs”


(Pablo Macalupú-Lumpén, Camello Parlante)

An album that is enjoyable from beginning to end thanks to a transparent and fresh production, by Pepe Céspedes, who puts himself at the service of the privileged voice of the performer.

| OTHER PROJECTS Panama Jazz Festival In 2016, she participated as representative of Marca PerĂş. Thanks to this opportunity, she was able to consolidate the production of her first album "RespirarĂŠ".

Snatch Of Love From 2016 to 2017 she had clown studies, a transformative experience in her life. At the same time she started writing the songs for her second album, she released her first monologue of music and humor, under the direction of Sara Castro Palacios.

Voice Acting She is invited to participate in voice-overs, dubbing and advertising jingles. One of them (Vick) is winner of the Effie prize.

| CONTACT +51 984704484

Photo: Edgar Bazรกn

Martha Galdos's EPK - English  

Songwriting artist. Through singing, voice, spirituality and play, invites you to a journey guided by the power of love.

Martha Galdos's EPK - English  

Songwriting artist. Through singing, voice, spirituality and play, invites you to a journey guided by the power of love.