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Friday 29th December I have just arrived at the agency I locked in my office to see what else I can extract from the memo. The paper wasn’t commune, people who it were only high class, as it price is very high. In the afternoon I went to the address they had given to me. On arrive I was fascine; my suppositions were true anonym because agencies where you keep things that have great valve with the safety deposit boxes. On come in, the secretary asked for my identification. Few minutes later I was walking across the box has stopped 1021, and the only instructions I had given is to open it I should put the code and then the secretary has gone. When you insert the password of the memo I opened the box and inside there was a chemistry substance that she create. It up quickly and I’ve gone where the secretary was to see if I could say who that box was, but there was no there. On the way to the agency, I’m locked in my office, lout this time I closed the windows so no one should know what he was doing. I sit in the chair and I got the substance to examine. That it was the formule who I create.

Friday 29 th December  

Aquest dia forma part del Diari de Roberta Watt

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