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COMMERCIAL Tena n t I mprovemen t

RETAIL MARKET, DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Denver, CO, 2017 Project Management: Ideation Design Group Software: Revit Architecture Scope of work consisted of remodeling an existing retail space. New interior non-structuralpartitions, finishes, lighting and millwork. Includes plumbing, mechanical and electrical revisions under the same permit.

plan section callout | storefront elevation

millwork detail, cash wrap

floor plan, fixture layout

millwork detail, coffee counter

GOOGLE Bayshore Drive

Mountain View, CA, 2017 Project Design & Management: RAPT Studio, SF Software: Revit Architecture The project consisted of renovating an existing 50,000 sf office building into new office space for Google. Design ojective has been to create a hospitable office environment by adhering to Google design guide

construction floor plan

reflected ceiling plan

interior elevations, office

millwork details | interior elevation, pantry

entry elevation, section | bathroom plan, elevation

RESIDENTIAL S i n gl e Fa mi l y Home s

REVIT MODELING EXISTING CONDITIONS San Francisco, CA, 2018 Project Architect: Openscope Studio Software: Revit Architecture Scope of work was to model and document existing conditions of a detached single family residence located at 1813 15th Street, San Francisco, CA. Level of Development implemented for the project range between 400-500.

MARTIS CAMP CUSTOM MOUNTAIN HOUSE Truckee, CA, 2016 Architect: LOT C Architecture Software: Revit Architecture Located midway between Truckee, California and North Lake Tahoe, Martis Camp is a 2,177-acre private, luxury community where many luxury custom homes have been planned and built. The 4,600 sf project sits on sloping 28,000 sf site, near a ski lodge. The house was designed to create an open and casual atmosphere with a strong connection to the outdoors. Oriented toward the best view while maintaining good solar orientation.

east elevation view, living spaces outdoor patio and deck

main level floor plan, permit set drawing

interior perspective view + cross section

foundation detail, concrete slab w/ edge insulaton

CUSTOM DESIGN MOUNTAIN HOUSE Truckee, CA, 2015 Owner/Builder: Structerra, Inc. Software: Revit Architecture A 4,250 sq.ft. custom design house to be built at Truckee, California. Main two level residence and an additional barn structure to be used as an office, garage and an in-law suite. I have worked on the architectural project starting from schematic design thru design development and permit submittal. Overall scope of the job was to prepare model the structures and the topography with details including various custom design parts and site details, prepare a drawing set including electrical and erosion control plans. Final task was to prepare final documentations, rendering, presentations all by using Revit architecture.

aerial view, house + barn

3D level one interior + back view

interior perspective view, main house great room

revit family creation + perspective view

COMMERCIAL AV & S ecu ri ty S y s tem s

GAYLORD ROCKIES RESORT AND CONVENTION CENTER Aurora, CO, 2015 Consultant: Veneklasen Associates, Santa Monica, CA Architect: HKS, Inc. Software: Revit Architecture Gaylord Rockies and Convention Center is a large scale 2 million square foot complex which will rank as Colorado’s largest hotel when construction completes in 2018. I have participated in this project contracted by Veneklasen Associates starting June 2015 until completion. They have been the IT, A/V and Security consultants. Project was realized mainly by utilizing BIM Revit software. My duties included working on floor plan layouts, organizing and setting up sheets, creating various Revit equipment and device families, hosting them throughout the entire project model.

floor plan, overall view level one & two

hotel guestrooms, isometric view

hotel floor plan, security systems

hotel level one floor plan, public space

survelliance camea, family modification and placement

security cameras, wall and tube mounted

plan detail, masonry veneer with security camera

FAMILY CREATION Fl oor S y s tem

SAFTIFIRST GPX FIREFLOOR SYSTEM Brisbane, CA, 2017 for Software: Revit Architecture Scope of work was to create a Revit model and related details for a manufacturer of architectural fire rated glass walls, windows and doors. Revit files were to be added to company library and also highlighted on The quality of Revit content had to comply and meet the rigorous requirements of Autodesk Revit Model Style Guide in order to be accepted by which is currently available for user downloads.

SPEAKER SYSTEM WITH SOUND COVERAGE Veneklasen Associates Santa Monica, CA

Software: Revit Architecture Requirement was to create a 3D Revit component, a speaker system that included a visible parametric elliptical sound coverage which automatically adjusted its shape and form according to input settings such as speaker elevation and listening height. Created model has successfully allowed A/V consultants to perform intended studies, analysis and precise documentation.

COMMERCIAL S pa ce P l a n ni n g

HIM OFFICE LAYOUT PLAN Health Information Management Dept. Boston, MA, 2015

Software: Revit Architecture Space Planning for the HIM Department of a 250-bed acute care hospital. Equipment needs, workflow and daily tasks have been considered in depth to achive functionality and workplace comfort.

cross sections + interior perspective views

ACADEMIC U rba n Renewa l B ui l d i n g Performa nce

URBAN RENEWAL A New Cultural Center City of Queretaro, Mexico

Una de las propuestas para el bulevar esta compuesto de un museo de arte y estudios para artistas localizado en el lado este de Nicolás Bravo. El proyecto aspira traer actividad permanente al área, unificando visitantes, artistas locales, y residentes. El diseño toma la forma de cuerpos geométricos básicos situado en el contexto urbano. Composiciones de bloques y barras son insertadas en el emplazamiento, que reinterpreta la trama urbana existente de Querétaro. Los materiales de los edificios son dejados sin tratamiento para mantener su estado natural y permitirles envejecer con el tiempo. Esto hace los materiales menos agresivos y consecuentemente les permite acoplarse en el contexto. One of the proposals for the promenade is made up by a museum and artist studio spaces located on the east side of Nicolas Bravo. The project aims to bring permanent activity to the site by uniting visitors, local artists, and residents. The design takes the form of basic geometric bodies embedded into the urban context. Compositions of blocks and bars are inserted into the site, which reinterpret the existing urban fabric of Queretaro. The materials of the buildings are left untreated to maintain their natural state and to allow them to age over time. This makes them less aggressive and consequently permits them to naturally blend into their context.

alzado sur / south elevation

planta tercera / third floor plan

planta segunda / second floor plan

planta baja / ground floor plan

sección longitudinal / longitudinal section

1. plaza 2. instituto de arte 3. museo de arte 4. museo de ferrocarril 5. jardín de esculturas 6. estación histórica de ferrocarril 7. estudios de artistas 8. museo de arte contemporáneo 9. parque 1. plaza 2. art institute 3. museum of art 4. railroad interpretive center 5. sculpture garden 6. historic train station 7. artist studios 8. contemporary art museum 9. park

THESIS PROJECT Building Skin; How It Works Environmentally Brickell Bay Drive, Miami, FL This thesis addresses the climatic performance of the building skin in terms of shading, heat reduction, airflow and natural lighting. The design develops a building skin that contributes to sustainability and human contact with the environment. The thesis proposes a building skin that is appropriate to a sub-tropical climate. It uses passive and natural systems to reduce energy use and air-conditioning while increasing user comfort and delight. A high-rise hotel building on Brickell Bay Drive in Miami was designed. Existing high-rise buildings on Brickell Avenue are mostly glass covered structures that use enormous amounts of energy to achieve thermal comfort inside. The proposed building design incorporates passive systems and landscaping in a vertical core that induces air flow, increases human contact and reduces energy consumption.

building envelope, shading, heat reduction, airflow

vertical garden, air flow, natural ventilation

STUDENT REVIT WORK IAD611 BIM Bathroom Remodeling Project Academy of Art University, SF, CA

STUDENT REVIT WORK IAD611 BIM Final Project Academy of Art University, SF, CA

STUDENT REVIT WORK IAD611 BIM Final Project Academy of Art University, SF, CA


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