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Evan’s Island Written and Illustrated by Ryan Meroniuk

Dedicated to Evan Merriman because I based the main character on him.

I looked up. Shimmering light was above me. It was the place where I have come from and will go back to when I am done here. I go deeper and deeper past the wrinkled rocks and dark sea weed where a school of fish await. A dark shadow swims closer and closer. I swim into a cave, fast. I peered out from behind a rock. The creature was greenish grey. It had fins and a hard shell on its back. It is a sea turtle. I swim out to meet it but another one comes from behind me and bonks me in the head.

I fall straight to the sea floor. I wake up on the beach do not know where I am. I forgot my name. I had been on a research team researching sea turtles, now it’s

time to get back to my home, if I can survive. First, I try to get some food. I wander along the beach and think I see a small brownish animal wandering in the brush just above where I am standing. A terrible thirst comes over me. I need water and fast. My mouth is dry and my lips start to crack. All the water on the island seems to be salt except for a stream running through the middle of island. I move quickly towards the splashing sound. I cup the water with my hand. It feels cool and good to drink. I take a big gulp of water and I can feel it running through my body. I hope there is fish in the water. I thought I saw a splash every now and then. I got a fish as it was swimming in the shallows. I just grabbed it.

I made a shelter out of wood and leaves. I found a tree close to the ground and I made a platform over it. The leaves were a place to sleep and the canopy of the tree was my roof. It

was a cold night. I got a little bit of sleep but not much.

Today my plan is to climb to the top of a very big hill behind me and make a fire. I will add some green leaves and grass to make smoke, so if anybody comes for me they can see me. I will again try to get some food and water. On my way to get some food and water, I found a crashed plane. I went to investigate. Most of the seats were still in it. It was a Westjet plane. There was lots of wood inside the plane. I made a trap that I hope can catch an animal. Later that day, I checked it. I caught a brownish creature and it looked like what I saw yesterday. I took it and cooked him over the fire. It tasted great and I have some

leftover. I went and checked the fire. It was burnt out. If anybody came, they could not see me. Tonight it was raining but the canopy kept me dry. The stream had flooded the plane area. In the morning I rebuilt the fire. The smoke was strong and thick. I peered out into the sea and I saw a boat. It was coming this way! I started to pack up and eat the last of my food. I kept my shelter I did not break it because if anyone came to here they would have a place to stay. I swam out to meet the boat with my gear and hopped on board. Me and the captain skipper headed for shore. It took a very long time to get there. When we reached dry land, the skipper took me to his place.

In the morning when I was awake and having breakfast, I asked him if I could use his phone. I called my team and they said they would come to pick me up. Me and skipper had lunch while we waited. My team came and picked me up. They told me how successful we were. I arrived at my house. It was very late. I fell asleep on the couch. In the morning, I went to my sink. I tried to turn on the water, but there was already water in the sink. I thought to myself, that’s weird, so I splashed some on my face and opened my eyes to see that I was back on the island. I was shocked! I dunked my whole head into the stream that was running in front of me, then fell into the stream.

I thought to myself‌. good thing there are lots of pigs on this Island.

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