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photo courtesy Crystal Olalde

Date: March 31, 2012 Location: Martel Sundeck Host: Martel Beer Bike Coordinators

Martel celebrated a terriffic Willy Week this year, playing off of the elected theme “Alepocalypse 2012: The End is Beer.” Martel’s calendar included longtime favorites such as Sunday’s First Beer, Mock Bike, and a proper Hell’s Bells wake-up. Along with the traditions, this year Willy Week also expanded to include a few new events: a “Make Your Own Mayan Headdress Night,” an off-campus student sleepover the night before Beer Bike, and a college-wide study night prior to Willy Week to encourage Martelians to finish off their homework before the fun began. Throw in a couple of successful jacks, snagging the headline picture in The Thresher, the 10th Anniversary celebration falling on that Friday, and a few hardworking Martelians taking the time to construct a Mayan temple out of the sundeck, it was easy to see why Martel was setting the bar (for spirit, if anything) for Willy Week this year.

photo courtesy of julia hossu

All photos below courtesy of cyrstal olalde All photos below courtesy of laura lopez/melissa teng

Greek Week Kickoff Frarority Bid Day! Toast Date:

Date: January 22, 2012 Location: Martel Sundeck Host: Spirits Committee

Martelians gathered on the sundeck 15 minutes before midnight to countdown the kickoff to Greek Week! Sparkling cider and champagne were available for the toast, and a selection of delicious hor d’oeuvres such as pigs in a blanket, mini quiches, and creme puffs were served. The atmosphere was festive - if Jones hadn’t issued a noise complaint, the merriment certainly would have gone on long past midnight!

- Denis Leahy (‘14), Helene Dick (‘14), Chris Gray (‘12) ,and Jordan Schemerhorn (‘12) Beer Bike Coordinatrs

—Helene Dick (‘14), Michelle Shapiro (‘14) Sprits Committee Co-Chairs 2011-2012

the masters

Dear Martel Family, We are writing this column with the memory of Martel’s tenth anniversary celebration fresh in our minds. And what a


celebration it was! The committee headed by Ginny Johnson and Katherine Dunn did a fantastic job that will be hard to match in ten years, when we celebrate our twentieth. It was amazing to see so many Martelians coming back home for the event (and, of course, for beer-bike!), representing every single year since the creation of our college. As a special treat, we were honored to welcome the first Martel Masters, Joan and Arthur Few to their home after so many years. It was extremely educational to hear from them, as well as from Alice and Anna (the first and second Martel presidents) what it was like to start a new college from scratch, when at that time there was no such event in recent Rice memory. It was a night full of emotion but also full of pride. It is quite remarkable to see

how far we have come as a college through the hard work of our students and student leaders, our dedicated RAs, Faculty, Staff, and Community Associates, the former Masters and, of course, our College Coordinator, Maria, who has been there from the very beginning. As in every year, we celebrated these groups during our Spring Associates Awards Dinner. We are currently looking forward to the last events of this year: senior dinner and wine tasting and, of course, graduation. What’s next? Our new O-week coordinators are already hard at work and plans to welcome the new generation of Martelians are going ahead at full blast!

- Ted and Beata

January 24, 2012 Location: Willy’s Pub Host: Socials Committee

It was the moment all Martelians had been waiting for.....the big/little reveal for SIGMA PI MU’S bid day! For everyone who doesn’t know what a bid day is, in sorority/ fraternity greek life (not My Big Fat Greek Wedding life), it’s the day when the rushies get their sorority/fraternity bids! Since Martel is a family, we gave all of our rushies bids to.... SIGMA PI MU! This was the first co-ed frarority! (fraternity + sorority) We thought pub night was a huuuuuge success, and a huuuuuge thank you to Helene and Michelle for the awesome themes, and our Martelians who were bartenders! Those who signed up with Helene and Michelle were assigned a big or little, and tiny shot glasses were available for bedazzling! Glittered light blue and maroon SIGMA PI MU letters hung from the ceiling of pub, along with light blue and maroon balloons floating around the ceiling and floor. In accordance with the bigs/littles, a slideshow of each pair played on Pub’s projector and Martel merriment was made!

—Adrianna Chrestopoulos (‘13) Socials Committee Co-Chair 2011-2012

Mr. Martel 2012 Date: January 26, 2012 Location: Martel Commons Host: Spirits Committee A long-standing tradition at Martel, the highly popular man-geant took place on Thursday of Greek Week. Audience members could shower competitors with flower petals, donated by the local shop Mason’s flowers. Our (very brave) judges included last year’s Mr. Martel the dashing Alex Suarez, our wonderful Masters, and Maria! In an unexpected twist this year’s pageant ended with a tie, and the current crown is shared by Andrew Murphy (‘14) and Lyon Anderson (‘12). Since Lyon is graduating, Andrew Murphy will represent Martel at next year’s Mr. Rice! —Helene Dick (‘14), Michelle Shapiro (‘14) Sprits Committee Co-Chairs 2011-2012

Speros, Volume 2, Issue 2  

The Spring 2012 issue of Martel's Newsletter, Speros, which recaps the spring semester!

Speros, Volume 2, Issue 2  

The Spring 2012 issue of Martel's Newsletter, Speros, which recaps the spring semester!