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All photos below courtesy of laura lopez/melissa teng

Martel rings in ten years as the Best College Ever! Date: March 30, 2012 Location: Martel Commons Host: Martel Alumni Committee

This year marks a special time in Martel College’s history. In commemoration of the first decade of the best college ever, the Alumni Committee hosted a celebration for the Martel community including current students, past and present RAs and Masters, alumni, and other distinguished university officials. Those in attendance were greeted with a Martellini and have the chance to The menu included small bites of seafood, craving stations, an array of desserts, and featured an ice sculpture of the college crest with decadent cheeses and fruits. Guests enjoyed smooth jazz as performed by the Rice University Jazz Combo and reminisced on the memories of yesteryear as retold by the Fews, Alice Hill and Anna Friedberg. We are eternally grateful to the tenth anniversary planning committee (Stephen Wallace, Stephanie Cloots, Antonia Sebastian, Tommy Nguyen, Maggie Andersen, Joey Huchette, Charlotte Brown, and Ravi Sheth, Maria Byene, Ted LochTemzelides, and Beata Loch) for all their hard work to make the event so successful. The best of Martel is yet to come. We look forward to the next decade. We’ll see you all at the next big shindig! —Katherine Dunn (‘14) and Ginny Johnson (‘13) Alumni Committee Co-Chairs, 2011-2012

Speros Editors-in-chief: Charlotte brown and Meredith McGrath contributing photographers: rhae adams, julia hossu, laura lopez, crystal olalde, and melissa teng.




photo courtesy Crystal Olalde

Date: March 31, 2012 Location: Martel Sundeck Host: Martel Beer Bike Coordinators

Martel celebrated a terriffic Willy Week this year, playing off of the elected theme “Alepocalypse 2012: The End is Beer.” Martel’s calendar included longtime favorites such as Sunday’s First Beer, Mock Bike, and a proper Hell’s Bells wake-up. Along with the traditions, this year Willy Week also expanded to include a few new events: a “Make Your Own Mayan Headdress Night,” an off-campus student sleepover the night before Beer Bike, and a college-wide study night prior to Willy Week to encourage Martelians to finish off their homework before the fun began. Throw in a couple of successful jacks, snagging the headline picture in The Thresher, the 10th Anniversary celebration falling on that Friday, and a few hardworking Martelians taking the time to construct a Mayan temple out of the sundeck, it was easy to see why Martel was setting the bar (for spirit, if anything) for Willy Week this year.

photo courtesy of julia hossu

All photos below courtesy of cyrstal olalde All photos below courtesy of laura lopez/melissa teng

Greek Week Kickoff Frarority Bid Day! Toast Date:

Date: January 22, 2012 Location: Martel Sundeck Host: Spirits Committee

Martelians gathered on the sundeck 15 minutes before midnight to countdown the kickoff to Greek Week! Sparkling cider and champagne were available for the toast, and a selection of delicious hor d’oeuvres such as pigs in a blanket, mini quiches, and creme puffs were served. The atmosphere was festive - if Jones hadn’t issued a noise complaint, the merriment certainly would have gone on long past midnight!

- Denis Leahy (‘14), Helene Dick (‘14), Chris Gray (‘12) ,and Jordan Schemerhorn (‘12) Beer Bike Coordinatrs

—Helene Dick (‘14), Michelle Shapiro (‘14) Sprits Committee Co-Chairs 2011-2012

the masters

Dear Martel Family, We are writing this column with the memory of Martel’s tenth anniversary celebration fresh in our minds. And what a


celebration it was! The committee headed by Ginny Johnson and Katherine Dunn did a fantastic job that will be hard to match in ten years, when we celebrate our twentieth. It was amazing to see so many Martelians coming back home for the event (and, of course, for beer-bike!), representing every single year since the creation of our college. As a special treat, we were honored to welcome the first Martel Masters, Joan and Arthur Few to their home after so many years. It was extremely educational to hear from them, as well as from Alice and Anna (the first and second Martel presidents) what it was like to start a new college from scratch, when at that time there was no such event in recent Rice memory. It was a night full of emotion but also full of pride. It is quite remarkable to see

how far we have come as a college through the hard work of our students and student leaders, our dedicated RAs, Faculty, Staff, and Community Associates, the former Masters and, of course, our College Coordinator, Maria, who has been there from the very beginning. As in every year, we celebrated these groups during our Spring Associates Awards Dinner. We are currently looking forward to the last events of this year: senior dinner and wine tasting and, of course, graduation. What’s next? Our new O-week coordinators are already hard at work and plans to welcome the new generation of Martelians are going ahead at full blast!

- Ted and Beata

January 24, 2012 Location: Willy’s Pub Host: Socials Committee

It was the moment all Martelians had been waiting for.....the big/little reveal for SIGMA PI MU’S bid day! For everyone who doesn’t know what a bid day is, in sorority/ fraternity greek life (not My Big Fat Greek Wedding life), it’s the day when the rushies get their sorority/fraternity bids! Since Martel is a family, we gave all of our rushies bids to.... SIGMA PI MU! This was the first co-ed frarority! (fraternity + sorority) We thought pub night was a huuuuuge success, and a huuuuuge thank you to Helene and Michelle for the awesome themes, and our Martelians who were bartenders! Those who signed up with Helene and Michelle were assigned a big or little, and tiny shot glasses were available for bedazzling! Glittered light blue and maroon SIGMA PI MU letters hung from the ceiling of pub, along with light blue and maroon balloons floating around the ceiling and floor. In accordance with the bigs/littles, a slideshow of each pair played on Pub’s projector and Martel merriment was made!

—Adrianna Chrestopoulos (‘13) Socials Committee Co-Chair 2011-2012

Mr. Martel 2012 Date: January 26, 2012 Location: Martel Commons Host: Spirits Committee A long-standing tradition at Martel, the highly popular man-geant took place on Thursday of Greek Week. Audience members could shower competitors with flower petals, donated by the local shop Mason’s flowers. Our (very brave) judges included last year’s Mr. Martel the dashing Alex Suarez, our wonderful Masters, and Maria! In an unexpected twist this year’s pageant ended with a tie, and the current crown is shared by Andrew Murphy (‘14) and Lyon Anderson (‘12). Since Lyon is graduating, Andrew Murphy will represent Martel at next year’s Mr. Rice! —Helene Dick (‘14), Michelle Shapiro (‘14) Sprits Committee Co-Chairs 2011-2012


photo courtesy of rhae adams

Pokemon: Gotta Drink’Em All College Night Date: March 16, 2012 Location: Martel Quad and Sundeck Host: Socials Committee On, March 16th, Martelians gathered together for the second College Night this year—Pokemon: Gotta Drink ‘Em All. The festivities, which began early in the morning and continued through the night, included a carousel bounce house, snow cones, and various games. Burgers and hotdogs were served for lunch in the quad, and a fajita

dinner was served on the sundeck for dinner. College Night began early this semester, with two costume making study breaks on the week leading up to the event, complete with cardboard, paint, and pokéball materials. Because of this early preparation, Martelians were spotted across campus in their Pokémon attire on that Friday, demonstrating their Martel spirit and pride. Even with such amazing food, music, dancing, and generally merriment, many would say the highlight of this College Night was in the spontaneous mud wrestling that occurred in the quad from around 2-4. This year the event ended in a bonfire, complete with smores, music, and, of course, plenty of Martel bonding. —Michelle Shapiro (‘14) Socials Committee Co-Chair

Former mayor takes tea at Martel Date: January 20, 2012 Location: Masters’ House Host: The Masters

Last year, the Masters created a monthly tea series, in which notable people from the

Houston community come to have a candid conversation with Martelians over tea and scones. As part of this semester's tea series, former Mayor Bill White spent time talking with over 30 students at the masters' house on January 20. Mayor White fielded questions from students ranging from the topic of the book he is currently writing (the historic federal debt) to his favorite Houston sports team (jokingly, any Rice team). In a suit and cowboy boots, Mayor White spoke informally about the satisfaction of public service, the close re-election of Houston's current mayor, Annise Parker, and the chances of one of the current Republican candidates defeating President Obama in the 2012 election. Mayor White lit up most when speaking about the future. He shared his opinions on what students can do to strengthen their marketability, the important role the current youth generation will play in maintaining the health of our country, the reason he came back to Texas after graduating from Harvard and why he's not looking to leave Texas anytime soon. —Jaclyn Youngblood (‘12) Speros Co-Editor

the resident associates It’s the cheesy poof challenge, challenge, challenge…we heard chanting as were sitting in Martel’s quad, as students were throwing cheesy poofs at our heads (mind you- they were trying to get them to stick to the shaving cream they had rubbed on us earlier). This is how our first O-Week and second semester as RAs would start. As new Martelians, O-week coordinators decided it would be a great idea to put us through some of the same traditions freshman at Martel participate in. Even though we sometimes questioned “where was this in the job description?!” It was all worth it. To tell you the truth, matriculating at Martel and the events that followed truly made us feel like we were part of the Martel family now more than ever! We truly felt at home. It was an amazing start to our first full year as RAs! As this year comes to a close—all we can do is look back and smile. We are contemplating how we are going to handle seeing many of our favorite faces graduate. It has truly been a pleasure getting to be a part of the fourth floor here at Martel.

One of the most wonderful changes we have seen over the past year has been that our door has opened even more to students (literally-we leave our door open most days). Hamilton, our dog, can be seen relaxing on his dog bed outside awaiting a nice pet from students who walk-by and we frequently relax out in our camping chairs (I never said we were the classiest RAs) just to get the chance to run into students and chat. We also have been able to serve students with more impromptu study breaks, such as a chili cook-off, smores around the fire pit and piñata night, camping trip, 80s movie nights, international dinner nights out, Hamilton’s birthday and Maria’s favorite, let Edward cook you something at 2am nights. We loved being apart of all of the Martel events, cheering on the Powderpuff team (even in the pouring rain), Martel holiday party (got to show off our karaoke skillsagain and again), Greek Week (did we really ride a mechanical bull?) and most of all Maria got to experience her first BEEEERRR

BIKE! (Hells Bells 530am-that’s all I have to say about that.) Now, writing this for this semesters Speros, I stop and realized how MANY WONDERFUL BRILLIANT AWESOME AMAZING BLOW YOUR MIND ARE YOU KIDDING ME students we are surrounded by everyday. The students ARE Martel, the students ARE Rice—they literally put on amazing events, coordinating everything themselves with little or no help from the adults, all while getting the best grades and probably saving the world. And we love to support them in any way we can to help them carry out some of the most successful and fun four years of their lives (and you know what?—it’s a BLAST for us as well!) We love you Martel and always will (just never cover us in cheesy poofs and shaving cream again!)

-Maria and Ed


Awards Garside Award Winners From left to right, Batoul Aburab, Marielle Schweickart, and Jaclyn Youngblood

Zeff Award Winner

My objective is to understand the successful implementation of certain public health initiatives in the Gaza Strip. I hope to achieve an understanding of the immunization system and its implementation in the Gaza Strip in order to reflect on the efficacy of governments, non-profits, and non-governmental organizations in the administration of immunization programs. —Batoul Aburab (‘12)

I will be spending seven weeks in Berlin, Germany to immerse myself in the Turkish culture there, specifically in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg. I will visit community organizations throughout the neighborhood to learn what types of services they offer to Turkish immigrants, how many people take advantage of these services and why, and if the services are not utilized, why they are not. I plan to attend lectures and events offered by the organizations, and have informal conversations—hopefully over Turkish coffee!—with Turkish Germans who visit the organizations. —Jaclyn Youngblood (‘12)

Kristoff Win-A-Trip

This June, I’ll be traveling to Malawi and Lesotho with Nicolas Kristof of the New York Times. While blogging and videoblogging

My Garside Prize will allow me to explore how historians trace the emergence and spread of venereal syphilis. Historian R.S. Morton contends that we can follow its spread and understanding throughout time in artistic representations, beginning with pamphlets and woodcut illustrations raising public alarm from the end of the 15th century. These were soon followed by paintings and sculptures that have consistently appeared during the last five centuries as a way to document the historical causational beliefs and social attitudes toward the epidemic. Artistic renderings of syphilis have drastically changed since its etiology has become clearer and its social implications of sexual promiscuity more important. Using Morton’s four-part description of syphilis in art as a sort of road-map, the Garside Prize will take me to Europe to follow the spread of the disfiguing disease from its inception in Barcelona in 1493 to its epidemic proportions in France, Germany and finally England. —Marielle Schweickart (‘12)

for the Times website, my goals include highlighting the abundant opportunities for individuals and businesses with technical skills and resources to help alleviate worldwide healthcare discrepancies. Along the way, we’re stopping to see the field testing of multiple health-related senior design projects that have come out of Rice’s Beyond Traditional Borders program, including my own - an apnea monitor for premature infants. —Jordan Schemerhorn (‘12)

Dylan McNally has received the Roy and Hazel Zeff Memorial Fellowship to study education in migrant communities around the world. He plans to spend 10-11 weeks in Costa Rica, Spain, South Africa, Jordan, and Singapore, meeting with teachers, students, community leaders, policymakers, and social workers to understand both the top down and bottom up aspects of educating foreign nationals. Dylan’s Hispanic studies courses got him interested in the migration phenomenon, first from a U.S. perspective and then looking at the issue more globally. “Most of what I studied in class was literature and film, so I sought out a way to tie this into another area of interest—politics,” he explains. Through Leadership Rice, he had the opportunity to intern at the National Migration Institute in Mexico City. “Working there really sparked my interest in migration policy, not only between the U.S. and Mexico but also Mexico’s relations with Central American countries,” he says. In particular, Dylan worked on a project concerning children and their hardships as migrants. He points out that many of these kids lack access to a stable education, both in Mexico and the United States, and having tutored immigrant students in Houston, this issue really struck him. He hopes the experience of traveling alone for a year will be a unique challenge in contrast to cerebral exercises in school. “Rice provided me with many tools to write a good proposal and succeed in the interviews,” he explains, “but the Zeff will allow me to get my hands dirty and better understand how the world’s citizens need to work together for shared progress.” —Dylan McNally (‘12)

Party like it’s XLVI

Date: February 5, 2012 Location: Martel Commons Host: RAs and Culturals Committee

Superbowl Party, a tradition first started by former R.A.s Brian and Alana and the Innies Committee, continued this year under the direction of R.A.s Ed and Maria and the Cultural committee. The game, between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, took focus in the Commons and was projected live on the big screen. Though their colors were deceptively similar, both teams used red white and blue, the Commons was decorated for Giants fans on one side and Pats fans on the other. The servery staff provided delicious game-day food, including make-your-own tacos, ice cream sundaes, and chilidogs. Before the game started, students entered a grid-type poll where they attempted to guess what the scores would be at the end of each quarter. The four winners were each given a Target gift card. During halftime, six brave contestants entered a very spicy wings eating contest. Senior Lyon Anderson ate 10 chicken wings covered in Buffalo Wild Wings hot sauce in under 3 minutes, a feat that left his competitors in the dust and also earned him a gift card. In the end, the Giants were victorious but it did not seem like anyone was particularly heartbroken or ecstatic.

The tradition of a festive Superbowl Sunday was continued here at Martel and we hope that it continues in the future, especially if the Texans get their act together. —Christina Dana (‘14) Culturals Committee Co-Chair, 2011-2012

Hamilton’s Birthday Party - Dogs in the Quad! Date: April 1, 2012 Location: Martel Quad Host: Ed and Maria Hammy turns 2! April 1st marks the date of Martel’s mascot (at least when he gets painted for beer bike) Hamilton Thebestdogever’s birthday! It is a tradition for RAs Maria Tsakalis and Edward Caplan to throw Hammy, a big white dane/pointer mix, a doggy birthday party. By inviting other on-campus dogs to join in on the fun, making a homemade dog friendly cake, and of course the students are welcome to come hang out and enjoy watching the dogs play, makes it a fun evening for all who attend. If your an associate or alum and have a friendly dog who likes to play, come out to next years event to celebrate Hammy turning 3!

- Maria Julia Hossu (for speros)

“We are the 2012 (O-Week) Coordinators. As a team of three we will be working tirelessly throughout the spring semester and summer preparing the best O-Week ever! Keeping in mind the balance between Rice spirit & Martel spirit, we aspire to ensure every new student feels welcomed, connected and engaged through feelings of security (comfort), community, and inspiration. Additionally, Martel’s HasbrO-Week will join the next phenomenal generation of Martellians (Class of 2016!!) with the already caring and accepting Martel family. Whatever it is that they want to do, will always be there to support them. -Alex Suarez (‘14), Ginny Johnson (‘13), Denis Leahy (‘14)

from the president

Hey Martel! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Katie Doody, a rising senior, and I am incredibly excited to be Martel President this coming year. I am looking forward to working with many of the amazing people who make up our College. This not only includes current students, but also the alumni, associates, RAs, Masters, and College Coordinator. I was inspired during the 10th Anniversary Celebration by the extraordinary impact Martel has had on so many people. My goal as president is to build off of this, and look forward into Martel’s future. The theme of the Martel government this coming year will be centered on creating a “Vision for the Second Decade”. Where do we see Martel in the next ten years? What do we feel can build upon now and in the future? My goals involve expanding and boosting the involvement opportunities for both the alumni and associate communities within the College. I will also continue the increase in transparency and streamlined communication of Parliament. Martel is more than just a college dorm or a place where we all live; it is a community that supports all of us. I am proud to be a member of such a great College. Please feel free to contact me about any issues or ideas you may have for Martel this coming year. Have a great summer!

- Katie


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Speros, Volume 2, Issue 2  

The Spring 2012 issue of Martel's Newsletter, Speros, which recaps the spring semester!

Speros, Volume 2, Issue 2  

The Spring 2012 issue of Martel's Newsletter, Speros, which recaps the spring semester!