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superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

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our customers’ success is a measure of our success

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

BALANCEBALANCEBA ANCEBALANCEBALAN BALANCEBALANCEBA Martek is Europe’s largest manufacturer and installer of concession stands, box offices and other areas that assist cinemas in the business of generating profits.

For 25 years, we have delivered a comprehensive range of services to the business, leisure and retail sectors. Our Cinema Retail Systems Division has been at the forefront of foodservice developments in multiplex environments since 1991.

We constantly strive for mutual value in our relationships with customers, suppliers and staff, as part of our commitment to best practise and improvement in the quality of everything we do. The success of our customers is a measure of our success - we work in partnership to achieve this common objective.

www.martek . co . uk

we understand what works, where and why

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

We invite you to share in our experience. An experience that mirrors the dynamics of this rapidly changing market. We absorb and learn from the best in the world, developing solutions for independent operators, national circuits and multinational exhibitors.

From the smallest niche cinema to the largest megaplex, Martek will work with you to create the image and environment you desire, whilst maximising the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

With installations throughout the world, our international involvement provides us with up-close appreciation of operating styles in equally diverse markets. We understand what works, where and why and we know how to adapt that knowledge to your operational advantage - the advantage of our experience.

www.martek . co . uk

total service approach

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

DETAILDETAILDETAILD LILDETAILDETAILDETA TAILDETAILDETAILDET We manufacture a comprehensive range of concession specific equipment, are sole distributors for a host of complementary products and we will purchase whatever third party manufactured items you require on your behalf. Delivered, installed and commissioned, the turnkey service doesn’t end there.

As part of the installation, we will liaise with your beverage suppliers and work within any existing franchise arrangements. We will integrate and manage the installation of existing or new IT, POS, security and other equipment systems. Liaising with statutory authorities, planning supervisors and other members of the professional team, we will supply all necessary completion documentation and certification.

Our total service approach includes operational support through staff training and documentation on the optimum use, care and maintenance of our systems. We regularly audit completed installations to identify potential improvements in operation and quality for future projects.

www.martek . co . uk

as the market matures, so do the expectations of your customers

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

As the market matures, so do the expectations of your increasingly discerning customers. Product evolution must match their growing sophistication. With 25 years experience in the development of customer orientated environments, Martek is in a unique position to assist you in the business of gaining and keeping customers.

Beyond the concession area and box office, our experience of retail catering is unrivalled. From cafĂŠ concepts, through fine dining and fast food restaurants to commercial catering facilities, we are as much a market leader in the restaurant sector as we are in the cinema industry.

Whether VIP bars or full service food areas, we can assist you with the design and specification of every element - from back of house equipment through the service/bar areas to customer furnishings.

www.martek . co . uk

ordinary people working together to produce extraordinary results

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

QUALITYQUALITYQUA YQUALITYQUALITYQU TYQUALITYQUALITYQ Our South London production facilities combine the latest technologies of computer-aided design and manufacturing with traditional craft skills, creating a host of bespoke products, each uniquely tailored to the specific requirements of your project.

From the development of initial designs and concepts, through manufacture and shipment to your site and installation by our engineers, our management team closely monitors all aspects of the project’s performance. Ensuring an on time, on budget result with the emphasis on quality every time.

An acknowledged developer of people skills, Martek directly employs the craftsmen and technicians who make the products that make the difference, controlling at every stage the quality of what we do. Ordinary people working together to produce extraordinary results.

www.martek . co . uk

turning our experience to the advantage of our customers

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

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Established in 1982, Martek is a leading manufacturer and contractor in the business, leisure and retail sectors. From our first multiplex project for Warner Bros. International Theatres in 1991, the company has gone on to complete over 400 major cinema projects, for 60 international operators, in 23 countries on three continents. No company has more experience of cinema retailing, developing environments that work or turning that experience to the advantage of customers around the world.

www.martek . co . uk

contact us today... let’s talk about profit

superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail

CONTACTCONTACTCON TACTCONTACTCONTAC CONTACTCONTACTCON We build quality, value for money, robust design and operational profitability into every project. With reference installations available world-wide, we have absolute confidence in the opinions of our customers - talk to them, we can put you in touch.

Contact us today and let’s start talking - about designs and layouts, about schedules and plans, about the business of building concessions which work. Let’s talk about profit and how we can work together to achieve our mutual objectives.


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superior interior solutions for business, leisure and retail








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