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Marta Sola Bonnin BA Fashion Marketing & Communication Module Level: Level 5, 2016-17 26 ¡ 01 ¡ 2017 Nicolas Godon 5FAMK003C


1.La Perla Analysis


Coporate Profile

Stylists,Make Up and Hair

La Perla’s Values

Model and Photographer

Market Position


Current Situation Communication Background 2.Collection-The Message Target Market Objectives Inspiration

4.Editorial 5.Lookbook 6.Mini Web site 7.References





Corporate Profile

La Perla was founded in 1954 by Ada Masotti, an Italian woman with a lot of talent and courage. She beginning her huge passion for the lingerie in a small confection laboratory in Bologna called L’Ape. The Italian town renowned for its solid tradition of silk factories and textile manufacturers, Ada used her talent as a skilled corset maker to create works of art enhancing feminine beauty. La Perla lived many different trends of every era, since the “White style”. The sexual freedom conscientious objection, and commitment to women’s rights. Also the commitment to uniqueness, the house chose a new path for its image, staging a refined, elegant, and seductive woman as the star of the show.


Bologna Heriatge

Bologna Heriatge

Exotic and Senual



Quality and Elegance

Female Body


Market Position Regarding the positions of the brand in the lingerie market, can be focus on how much the brand follows the traditions of the brand since their beginning but is always making the trendy and sexiness touch that like to the consumers of the brand. This connect is something close to heritage, and is something that saccutally most of the high-end brads have. La Perla is positioned as an really affordable luxury and fashionable company, pioneer of the elegance, sexiness and classy lingerie.The company plays with the the storytelling of the sexiness, richness and classy of the consumers. The principal competitors of La Perla are definitely Agent Provocateur, Nancy Meyer and Carien Gilson. These brands follow the same kind of style of La Perla, but the most important part that they are sharing is the price of the products.


Current Sitatuion The company is very famous, has a great reputation. La Perla is recognized as a really expensive brands, so the consumers of the brands are usually very loyal. La Perla has restructured its product line and its portfolio by rationalizing prices to improve and increase its market share. La Perla that passes by focusing its efforts in corsetry but with a modern twist without letting go of its mythical lace.


Communication Background La Perla is not being less relevant on the communication part, the brand is always choosing for the campaigns a fashion icons since a relevant models like Kendall Jenner to making collaborations with relevant fashion influencers of the moment as Chiara Ferragni and also to actress.


The communication used by La Perla is extend and complex: Starting with a posts everyday o every two days.They always do a complex video of every campaign and for sure their catwalks

2015 Campaing with Isabel Goulart Gets

2016 Campaing with Kendall Jenner

2014 Campaing with Cara Delevinge




The Message The aim of this new collection is to make a perfect match between a elegant and sensual lingerie with a classy and provocative jewelry.This collection will open the doors of more consumers, and a different kind of consumers, we could say more wild women, who dares to wear an elegant body jewelry or a sexy chocker. Because La Perla got many traditional consumers, so with this new collection we can call the attention of the wild and younger consumers.


Target Market The target is the kind of woman, who loves to feel elegant, sexy but classy as the same time. Also the woman likes and is proud of where she come from. She is a powerful woman, who thinks is what is the best for her and her lover.This woman got a mix a good and powerful feelings. She is conscious of the richness and she desires to wear expensive and important brands in the fashion world. She like to dress sensual and with the most trendy clothes of every era, she wants to be unique and different of the others.


Objectives The main objective is to create a jewelry collection, because La perla did not have a line of it, and there is not better match than a sexy lingerie with and elegant jewelry. On the other hand, this collection will bring a younger consumers.








Editorial The main idea for the editorial of La Perla is to introduce this

ducts on the brand. As all the woman said “ the jewelry are the

woman� so that is the mainly point of this editorial. It will foc with their sexy lingerie accompanied by expensive jewels.

The concept with which the editorial will be done is “Wild Ro

that this editorial has to transmit. Wild and sexy but at the sam

romantic as a pink rose.The idea of this editorial, is to prove th

women and a sweet women, we are all sexy, erotic and passion we also are sweet and romantic.


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nal and on the other side,


Stylist The result of the style for the editorial will follow the style and values of La Perla, but with a touch more old and in the same time more simple. All the colors that of the jewelry will be gold and the lingerie that the models will wear will be gold, white and neutral colors.For this collection we will not use dark colors because the idea is to create a sexy line but at the same time naive.

Make up and Hair For the make-up and hair on the editorial is important to remember that it has to be elegant,nature but with some sexy features, and of course always being glamorous. The colors which will use are gold, brown, a little bit of black. Regarding the hair, it has to be soft wavy lose air, and maybe some romantic hairstyle, but very natural.We do not want complex hairstyles. 24

Model The selwection of the models is very important for the editorial.The models chose are a kind of a very natural beauty but with some sexy features. We also chose an important models because La Perla is always taking relevant models in the fashion world and for this campaign.The selection for this editorial will be Taylor Hill,Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Photography The photography in charge of the editorial would be Mario Testino, because his style is getting alive all the pictures, all the photos that they took got a incredible message. His style is a mix between traditional vibes with modern and fashion touch.


Location For the location of the editorial, it will be a romantic and vintage environment, will be a mixture of interior and outdoors, but we will play more with the interior of vintage and old romantic houses.But always, having in mind the glamour idea, because we do not have to forget that our brand is La Perla.Finally, we have to remind that the story of the editorial is to show this sexy, wild but romantic and sweet woman that we all are.

Layout The page layout will be very simple and clear, as a normal editorial, all the photos of tbe editorial will be place in the pages with a small white frame, because the environment of the location of the photoshoot will be complex and with many objects and flowers, so that why the editorial will be very simple, clear and fresh.


Editorial 27

Wild Rose By Mario Testino


Photographer: Mario Testino Model: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Make up and Hair: Ginebra Smith Photographer: Mario Testino


Photographer: Mario Testino Model: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Make up and Hair: Ginebra Smith


Photographer: Mario Testino Model: Rosie Huntington Whiteley Make up and Hair: Ginebra Smith


Lookbook For the lookbook, the idea was to create a very shininy and clear layout and in this way the products will be very clear to show to the consumers, because as the jewelry is very thin, it will be much clear to focus directly to them.


RINGS Material: Yellow Gold Price set of three: 144€

Skinny Stacking Ring

Twist Ring

Price: 50€

Price: 60€ 33

NECKLACE Vertical Bar Necklace Material: Yellow Gold Price: 195€


BRACELET Circle Bracelet Material: Yellow Gold Price: 90€


Mini Web Site The mini web site is basically a La Perla Blog where we can find, the most interesing things for La Perla lovers.There we can find the last collection of lingerie and jewelry of it. For anther hand, we also can find all the celebrities supporting ourbrand and all the editorials and covers that La Perla made this years.







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La Perla  

Wild Rose - La Perla

La Perla  

Wild Rose - La Perla