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One day in John’s life

John has always traveled a lot. In fact, when he was only two years old when he first flew to the US. His mother is Italian and his father is American. John was born in France, but his parents met in Cologne, Germany after both of them had lived there for five years. They met one day while John’s father was reading a book in the library and his mother sat down beside him. John has traveled a lot because his parents also traveled a lot in their youth. As a matter of fact, John is visiting his parents in France at the moment. He lives in New York now, but has visited his parents many times for the past five years. He really enjoys living in New York, but he also loves coming to visit his parents at least once a year.

This year he has flown over 50,000 miles for his job. He has worked for Jackson & Co. for almost two years now. He’s pretty sure that he’ll be working for them next year as well. His job requires a lot of travel. In fact, by the end of this year, he’ll have traveled over 120,000 miles! His next journey will be to Australia. He really doesn’t like going to Australia because it is so far. This time he is going to fly from Paris after a meeting with the company’s French partner. That’s over 18 hours in a plane!

John was talking with his parents earlier this evening when his girlfriend from New York telephoned to let him know that Jackson & Co. has decided to merge with a company in Australia. The two companies have negotiated for the past month and they have finally reached an agreement, so it really wasn’t much of a surprise. Of course, this means that John will have to catch the next plane back to New York. He’ll be meeting with his boss at this time tomorrow. Of course, that’s no trouble for John, since is used to packing on short notice, he has done this many times before!

The only thing that worries him is that he won’t be able to say good bye to his parents, since they took a daytrip to the countryside with some friends. John has decided to leave them a note instead:

ad, “Dear Mom and D ays with you d st la se e th e m ti l erfu I have had a wond d never visited a h I t a th s e c la p y it man t are not so a here. We got to vis th s e h rc u h c ld o scinating before, like those fa this, and I am o d ld u o c e w t a th appy have to run popular. I am so h I y. rr u h a in e v a ave to le really sorry that I h message from t n e rg u n a t o g I se cau to catch a plane be for had rk my office in NY. o w I y n a p m o c e ld you th , appall e w ; Remember that I to rm fi r e ll a sm with another n back to planned a merger ru to e v a h I w o n one and rently the deal is d ss. take care of busine New York, we in e m it is v to e m uld co Next time you sho ings! will do some fun th Love, John”

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