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Edition - 2010

Faces behind masks back to Vevchani... Youth Exchange “FACES BEHIND MASKS - BACK TO VEVCHANI 2010” connects 60 young people from different European countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Romania) and gives them an opportunity to participate in Vevchani carnival and to discover different traditions and customs around Europe. The Carnival of Vevchani is being celebrating for more than 1.400 years on 13 and 14 January (on the eve of the last day of the old and the first day of the New Year, according to the orthodox calendar). The main characteristics of the carnival are the archaic rituals, the mysterious mask and the art of improv-

isation. The carnival can be described like two days of total freedom, two days full of archaism, secretiveness and improvisation. According to its specific features, it differs from all other carnivals in the world, because it’s a massive event in which everybody from the village takes part. So we will take part in carnival and we are in process of making masks. Yesterday after long brainstorming we created few teams, so Vevcani should be prepared for CRAZY HOSPITAL, SCARY CAGE, WALKING CARDS, GLOBALIZATION and somebody from Egypt. If you are asking what is needed to create masks for Vevchani, here is the answer: black textile mater around 50 meters, white textile around 30 meters, rope 70 meters, colors for painting, white strong papers 55, toys, bandage, toilet paper, sweets, which looks like pills, glasses without glass and more much more.

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Slovenian group ha s 7 members. Our Blož has to go hom fortunately already e un, but we are hoping that he will come ba Our first impressio ck. ns: Struga is great, all Macedonia is gr and people are gr ea eat. We are very sa t tisfied with the ac comodation, food and atmosphere he re. The group on yout h exchange is perfe ct and even that we are at the begin ning of the exchan ge we made strong and fri endly connections with others already. Only minus for no w is that we all have almos t no sleep, but this is our faul t. What we can do if we do no t want to miss anything? With one word SL OVENIA loves Macedonia! We w ill be back!

Discovering different traditions and customs around Europe... Morning comes. You open the curtains or wake up already with the light, shining into your eyes. It seems you had great party yesterday and your lazy steps around the living space, as well as silly faces in the mirror, is just another approvement that YOU HAVE HAD terrific exchanging time yesterday. International collaboration, creativity, active citizenship (if we call it officially and European-ish), gaining and sharing new ideas and overall experience. But what’s so special about the customs and traditions? As there’s really no difference if we put butter on bread from right to left side or from left to right side... but it’s all there - clicheic, usual and at the same time unique pieces of cultural treasures hidden in everyday habits, thinking and approaches to the world.

During the youth exchange “FACES BEHIND MASKS BACK TO VEVCHANI 2010” we had a chance to dive deep into Serbian traditional dresses sorted by regions and Christmas celebration customs (there’s saying “How you will spend Christmas, you’ll do the whole year”, maybe that’s why in Balkans are still very tight family relations? As Christmas is truly a family “thing”), as well realizing that there’s is no need to travel so far to Latin America to enjoy the real spirit of Carnivals - as they can be as colorful and joyful and found in Europe - in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Slovenia, as we could see in the presentations made by the participants. Beside exploring the curiosities of Macedonian culture and life in Struga, participation is numerous workshops, we are heading and proceeding in exploring new things about other countries and ourselves as well. So we’ll keep our young spirit in that way...

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This country is definitely full of pretty and hot-tempered girls and... their admirers, who don’t loose a single chance to make an approach.


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Bosnia and Herzegovina There’s nothing about the girl... more about testing fighting skills... in big companies. But finally - who gets the girl?

Macedonia Seems like money and secrets, whispered in the ears of ladies are the most appealing methods.

Poland Harsh patriarchal traditions was strongly shown in this example of relationships, but still there’s always space for fairytales...

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"Back to Vevchani 2010" newspage [YiA project]  

a leaflet-newspage made for the needs of youth exchange about main ideas and workshops performed on the youth exchange "Back to Vevchani 201...

"Back to Vevchani 2010" newspage [YiA project]  

a leaflet-newspage made for the needs of youth exchange about main ideas and workshops performed on the youth exchange "Back to Vevchani 201...