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ROI On Event Management Software Matchmaking and Leads As the technology continues to advance in blinding pace it is changing the face of the event industry in astounding ways, moving it to an era of creativity, flexibility and strategic relationship building. Moving forward and being attune with the newest trends is not only a need from the “fit in� aspect, but also a need to eliminate as many unnecessary tasks as possible with the one goal we all strive to achieve - improve efficiency. With the recent growth and expansion of the event market the ever changing trends are harder than ever to follow. Event organizers have a clear idea of what they hope to achieve, and one of their common goals is creating network opportunities for exhibitors and attendees so they can extend their few-days-long event into a year-round experience. Some of them realize the need of matchmaking management technology so they can overcome the difficult time connecting the two sides, others may be concerned with being the innovative leader in their line of business, but most of the event organizers are really just focusing on the return of investment from their events. Yet, there is always a trace of fear or skepticism as a result of uncertainty or lack of information. Therefore, it is imperative that we have the ability to analyze relevant data and translate it into business success.

Matchmaking Potential With IT Matchmaking Solution the event organizer could help clients better organize their time, eliminate the paperwork, phone tags, and all the administrative tasks. Every exhibitor and every visitor can maximize the interaction potential, because they have constant online access to each others information before, during and after the event. Based on the visitors activities, the matchmaking license offers an opportunity for an upclose matchmaking interaction based on which the exhibitors can monitor, identify individuals who have shown interest in their company and products, and add strong potential leads to their list.They can pre arrange meetings and select meeting points any time, even have the opportunity to cancel or reschedule a meeting. This is a web-based tool that easily brings people of like interests together by creating structured networking opportunities. If we take into consideration a typical event, there is an immense potential of interaction instigating great capacity for lead generation. Here is what the typical event data shows:

๏ Duration: 3 Days ๏ Exhibitors: 300 ๏ Visitors: 3000 ๏ Database: 30,000 It is safe to assume that every visitor would express interest in, and schedule a pre arranged meeting with at least 3 exhibitors during the event. On the other hand, every exhibitor, having several representatives on site, could manage at least 10 meetings per day. In that case, this figure shows the meetings and leads potential for one event:

9,000 Meetings

30 Meetings Each

3 Meetings Each

(Several reps)

3 Day Event

Visitors 3000

Exhibitors 300

30,000 Database 1/3 Potential Visitors 10,000 Potential Leads

In addition, each exhibitor has accurate statistics regarding visitor demographics, their interests and background. This web-based application enables them to organize and schedule group meetings, seminars and workshops for visitors with common interests, or send personalized newsletters and mail shots to current and potential clients to keep them up-to-date on their latest products and upcoming events. This tool facilitates, boosts, and supports the marketing promotion prior the event. As a result of all these implements, the potentials for lead generation are limitless. Free electronic booth Integrated to the IT Matchmaking System is Electronic Booth for each exhibitor. Here, the exhibitors can display their products, services, or news. The visitors can access and inform themselves with the exhibitors activities and decide what it is that interests them and where to allocate their time during the event. The E-booth is a perfect place to showcase the authentic message via flash logo, key documents or presentation succeeded by picture and sound. This way exhibitors can be promoted up to 10 months prior the occurrence of the actual event and 2 moths after the event takes its wrap.

Cost Over the past years the business matchmaking software has been very affordable. In fact, it is becoming very inexpensive and the pricing is contingent on transaction basis where the organizer pays depending on the number of exhibitors. For instance, the cost of the matchmaking license is only $18.95 per exhibitor per event. There is no additional fees, no scams or hidden cost of any kind. This includes the hosting, back up and technical support. The Electronic Booths are Free of charge, as are the Visitor Panels. Compared to other business professional networking tools, such as Linked In, for which each user pays subscription of $24.95 per month, the matchmaking software cost for each user comes to only $1.89 per month since it is a tool that is used for approximately 10 months before the event actually takes place. As event organizers around the world are charged to do more with less, this innovative tool with nominal cost can lead to easier and more efficient way of getting business done. With the other networking systems a great deal of time and energy is spent finding and connecting to the right prospects, while the matchmaking platform provides a targeted community, which will actually get together during the event days. The network created with this matchmaking tool enables structured communication among all people involved in the particular market niche, and using these technologies to assist people connect can increase the value of the event significantly.

Benefit The benefit and user experience this software brings is not only more valuable for the exhibitors and visitors, but to the event organizers equally. The low cost of this business matchmaking tool allows event organizers to enjoy the advantages of these new trends and increase their own revenue as well. They could place an additional price tag per each license, or per lead, delivering the same great value and keeping the total cost for their clients still reasonable. Nowadays, companies are looking to drive greater value from every dollar they invest while operating their meetings and events more efficiently. The new generation of technology has introduced major successful and innovative projects for the event industry, projects that are delivering bottom-line value for businesses, projects such as this business matchmaking platform. We have focused on delivering the data available in the event market to empower the industry professional to make critical business decision. No one involved in the events can afford to miss or underestimate the magnitude of these opportunities procurable. It is just a matter of taking the necessary steps to get there. However, only you know what are the right steps for your company to make most of your investment and allocate your resources to business tools and ventures that will show promising results. Just remember, one good contact or meeting could often pay for the price of years worth of juggling.


ROI On Event Management Software - Matchmaking and Leads  
ROI On Event Management Software - Matchmaking and Leads  

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