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lONDON 2012 By Marta Maceira Mui単os CEIP Conmenino School year 2011-2012

London is the capital of the ___________________ ________________.

In London, the speak in _______________.

They don´t use euros, they use ___________ ( )

The English flag is ___________,

________________ and _______________.

It is called U_____________ J _____________

In London, buses are

____________ and

taxis are


The buses are d________-d_________ buses, they have got ____ levels.


_____________ and

t___________ booths are


The river that flows through London is the T____________.

London is a big city with lots of important ________________________.

Let´s visit some of them!

The B_____ B_____ is an enormous bell inside the Clock Tower. The bell cracked when it was first rang in 1859.

These are the Houses of P_______________ or Palace of of Westminster. They were built in the 11th century.

This is B_________________ P______________. It´s the Queen´s official residence. It has 775 rooms and 240


This is the L__________ E_____. It´s 135 metres tall. There are 32 pods. Each flight takes half an hour.

This is the T___________ of L___________. It was built between 11th and 13th century. Nowadays it´s a museum.

This is the T________ B_________. It´s a bridge built over river _____________. It´s near the Tower of London.

In London there are lots of interesting museums:

The British Museum

The Natural History Museum

The National Gallery

The Tate Britain

In London there is another attraction. The changing of guard. It´s a ceremony you can see it at Buckingham Palace when the Royal Guard comes on duty.

The Royal guard wear black t______________, a red j____________ and a tall black h_________ called bearskin.

This summer London will be hosting the Olympic Games. This important event is celebrated every


BEIJING 20 _ _



LONDON 20 _ _

??? 2020


Two of the Olympic symbols are the O_____________ r_________ and the Olympic t________.

The olympic torch travels from _____________ to the city hosting the Olympic Games.

Cities celebrating the Olympic Games choose a mascot. London mascots are W___________ and M_________________.

Wenlock is the _________________ mascot and Mandeville is the __________________ mascot.

In London 2012 there will be 26 Olympic sports.

These are the Olympic sports :

These are the Olympic sports :

These are the Olympic sports:

And some more Olympic sports:

The winners of the Olympic Games receive a medal. A g________ medal if you´re first, a s________ medal if you´re second and a b__________ medal if you´re third.

In London 2012 there will be about 10000 athletes. Some Spanish athletes in London 2012 will be:

Paul Gasol -

Rafael Nadal-

David Cal-

What sport do they play?

In London 2012 there will be about 10000 athletes. Some Spanish athletes in London 2012 will be:

Natalia Rodríguez-

Mª Teresa Portela-

What sport do they play?

Carolina Rodríguez -

Good Luck to all of them!

Remember! the Olympic Games start on July 27th

London 2012  

Linttle school investigation project about London and its olympic games.

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