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Theatrical scenery ETSIT Madrid MARCH 2012

LIGHT STUDY of Lavapies neighborhood in Madrid as well as rooftop, panoramics and social relations established by a not casual urbanism that creates interesting meeting areas which are established both in the street and in rented apartments.

The atmosphere is created with reused wood racks configuring the different planes or walls of the flat. Above them, they would be held the fabrics or clothes. In the course of the representation, and coinciding with the shift in the characters´s personal life and scenery acts, the racks are stripped and props begins to pile up behind.


The story takes place entirely in a flat of Lavapies, it is required to care from the detail props that would be solely responsible for the setting scene. An old sofa of “granny´s flat” customized which fabrics and clothes, street furnitures of “drunken nights”, a small kitchen, a living room for everyone, a vexed neighbor, an overprotective mother, are some of the elements that composed the work of Jose Luis Alonso de Santos.



ENVIRONMENT: Lavapiés neighborhood, Madrid


Design and execution of theatrical space_ ETSIT, Madrid. May 2011