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Essence of Reintegration Reintegration – the key to X+L

For your EP?

 Reintegration completes a guided learning experience Reintegration is the last logical step in the way we understand exchange in terms of a guided learning experience within AIESEC. This is what makes the exchange with AIESEC special and distinguishes it from other possibilities. The Returnee reflects his learning experience in a supported way to set up goals for the future.

 Reintegration supports Reallocation A proper Reintegration ensures that the Returnee is able to continue his AIESEC Experience within the LC after his return.

For your LC?  Reintegration increases the opportunity for L after X

Reintegration brings experienced, professional and culturally sensitive people to your LC

Members with exchange experience in leadership positions are a great enrichment and live more high-quality experiences. As Reintegration enables the Returnee to continue his AIESEC Experience this is a very good chance for your LC to increase the L after X rate.

 Reintegration ensures evaluation of your exchange process Reintegration gives you a platform to evaluate your OGX processes. It helps you to figure out which aspects you run well and where you have to improve something.

 Reintegration enables you to learn from your Returnees Through Reintegration the whole LC benefits from the experience of the Returnee. This can happen in different ways e.g. country presentations, information evenings or through experienced Returnees as EP-Buddies. Your LC gets the chance to see how life changing the experience of exchange really is from someone who lived it.

Why we fail in reintegration?  EPs have a lack of understanding The exchange experience within AIESEC is a guided one. Unfortunately our EPs often have a lack of understanding concerning that learning experience. Reintegration is seen as not important or even not necessary and not as the last step of a learning experience. Often this follows from a communication of exchange and an expectation setting that is not conclusive enough.

 No interconnection between TM and OGX In terms of Reintegration it is necessary that TM and OGX work together intensively.

Why do we need Reintegration Program?

EPs are your pipeline for X+L! EPs will create a culture of exchange in your LC

EPs will have a leadership pipeline for EB/MC which will have exchange experience

EPs will have members/leaders that have experienced our EPs product and are motivation is passionate about it high after their exchange

EPs are a powerful tool of promotion

Reintegration program in Ukraine

Durati Duration: 10.08.2010 – 01.10.2010

The program has 3 main steps: 1. Communication with EPs and promotion of reintegration conference 2. Reintegration conference 3. Allocation in LC

1. Communication with EPs – as simple as it is! • • • •

Newsletter (simple news from your LC and city) Chats in skypes, vkontakte, gtalks Writing letters and speak about AIESEC,, Reintegration conference and development in LC Subscribe EPs to your LC forum, group – official tool of communication in your LC

The tool EPs pipeline management will help you to track your EPs and know better their allocation.

START it!!!

2. Reintegration conference • • •

Goals: To bring EPs into AIESEC To review cultural experience To make them interested in AIESEC

Dates of the conference: 16.09 - 18.09.2010, Ivano-Frankivsk

Profile of delegates: • • •

1,2,3rd year students who were at DTs in summer 2,3, 4th year students who were at TT in summer EPs whom you are confident about: you are the best to know your EP pipeline

Profile of facis: • • •

Members with exchange XP who are involved into AIESEC for more than 4 months Alumni with exchange XP Current LC interns with previous exchange XP (double X)

Agenda blocks: 1. My Experience – * internship assessment; *cultural shock review; *personal evaluation (strengths & weaknesses) 2. What is AIESEC – *AIESEC way, *AIESEC XP, *essence of the organization 3. My Exchange Experience and AIESEC - *Where to be involved in LC, *Building PDP, *Setting goals for AIESEC; *Connecting my internship experience with AIESEC

3. Allocation With VP TMs find out the jobs you can offer at the moment. For the highgrade students (the ones on their last year), you need to find position either Challenging or Benefical for them! It can be organizing a forum which can fully develop the skills of event management, or Company Cocktail Party, which can give your EP the contact to companies.

Examples of positions for EPs:

At AutCo 2 working groups of 2 commissions will present results of their work in reintegration and VP TMs and VP OGXs will sit together and allocate allocat EPs into the projects of LCs.

Keep in mind – reintegration is the key for:

So, we start reintegration process in Ukraine!

AIESEC EP Reintegration Program  

document for reintegration of EPs