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My name is Marta and in this first photo I’m going to talk about myself, my likes and dislikes. This photo was taken when I was nearly newborn, it’s was Christmas, I was a baby so I didn’t realised the important of Christmas so the important for a little girl were the presents. The toy of the picture was my present, it was my favourite felt. I was a very quite baby, I was pacific and happy, but I had many problems when it was time to eat, I didn’t like anything! Now I’m a teenager, I’m fourteen, and I love going out with my friends and practising many sports. I’m only child and my parent’s names are Ignacio and Isabel.

This photo was taken in 2007 when I travelled to Venice, I remember that it was my first travel, well, I had gone to Disneyland, but Venice seemed a lot further than France for a little girl. I was excited because I thought it would be an adventure being in another country far of Spain. I already liked Italian food, so eating the original one was also so exciting for me. I went for four days with my parents. We walked a lot, and we visited a lot of monuments. In Venice I realised that I love travelling and discovering other cultures and cities.

This third photo show the day that I make my one's first Holy Communion. For me, it meant a lot that day because it was very special. I did communion on April 12, when I went to fourth of Primary School. This photo was taken in the school yard before the start of the Eucharist. It was a sunny and sweet day, I will remember it forever. I was so nervous the day before, however all was simply perfect! I passed a day with all my whole family and friends. The lunch after the Eucharist was amazing! I was really happy

I was really little when my father took this I

photo. This day I found out what was the beach, swim in the sea, playing spades, being in the sun... I really liked the idea of summers in the beach. Like my face expresses, it was amazing for me, I had never seen something like this. This photo was taken in la Costa Brava.

This photo was taken a Christmas day a few years ago. Christmas is one of the best days for all kids. So for me was so special. The night before I got really nervous and I couldn’t sleep. I remember that my parents come to my bed and woke me up. Then my father used to record the moment when I saw all the presents in the dining room. This photo was taken in my uncle’s house and in that moment I was opening a present, that was a felt of Lunnis, I was so happy!


rd This photo is in the festival of 3rd of Primary School. We represented a Christmas play, where we sang and acted as shepherds and artisans. We used to do many festivals throughout the primary, where he recited and sang to our parents that were happy spectators. I was seven in this picture and if we look closely we can also see Teresa here. Generally, the parents loved coming to see us. We were all very nervous before going on stage and we didn’t stop smiling once there for made our parents proud of us.


Oral Porject, CIC 302

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