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MARTA CONEJO SOBRINO Annexes to IASP Communications Officer Motivation Letter

17-3-2013 Annex 1 Personal capabilities related to the Communications Officer post 1. Published articles related to current political issues, real estate, architecture and design. 2. I have been part of two communication research projects for the Spanish Ministry of Education and at the University of MĂĄlaga. Hence, writing academic abstracts and articles both in English and Spanish. 3. As CRM Strategist and Content Curator, I published three articles a day in our English and Spanish blogs. 4. I have gained sufficient knowledge with regards to Wordpress management: plugins, newsletter feed enhancements, SEO packages and SEO writing techniques. 5. Internal Communication. One of the core subjects of my Masters in Professional Communication at the University of Sydney, consisted on how to enhance internal communication within company departments in order to be more efficient. Currently, I supervise internal communication for the company I work for. 6. Webinars. I have conducted several online webinars. Thanks to this, I have gained a valuable knowledge on how to develop successful online courses. I am currently enrolled on two courses at Harvardx (using the Edx platform) and the Poynter Institute online news university. 7. I hold a certificate in Adobe Photoshop carried out at the International University of AndalucĂ­a and a certificate in Adobe Illustrator CS5, recently pursued (300 hours). In addition, I completed an online course on Adobe Suite at the Poynter Institute. 8. Social media: I have worked as CRM Strategist and Content curator. Currently, I work as Communications Coordinators. Thanks to these two posts, I have had the opportunity to devised and implement Communications Strategies based on social networks. 9. First point of contact. I have been in charge of contacting the media with the latest press releases of the companies I have worked for. 10. Throughout my professional career I have worked both in teams and independently. I am used to working in a multi-cultural environment and dealing with a heavy workload.


17-3-2013 Annex 2 Suggestions for IASP 1. Unifying our writing style with regards to social media content, web content and press releases. 2. e-Newsletter: Make use of current apps to analyze whether we are positioning content in the most attractive way (Google Analytics and HootSuite apps such as MailChimp). 3. Data sourcing: a. In addition to Google Reader, Rockmelt browser and other platforms such as Delicious, we could use an innovative app called the “Overview Project” – developed by Associated Press -, which allow us to quickly data mine tones of information. I recently conducted a webinar to learn the insights of this new and innovative software at the Poynter Institute online news university. b. DocumentCloud. We could used this specialized software which ensures unique content in relation to multiple areas of knowledge. 4. Internal Communication. There is new software called “Sociometric Solutions”, developed by M.I.T. students and their professor on how to work more efficiently. Implementing software such as this one to measure working procedures would enhance our work efficiency. 5. Social platforms: a. LinkedIn: i. Enhance company’s profile (written style and SEO parameters) ii. Research our target clients. Groups we should join and how to better interact with them. iii. Set a progressive strategy in order to join these groups and make the most of them. b. Blog: i. Set parameters for our writing style and publishing frequency. ii. Conduct research on our main keywords and interlinking strategy. iii. Use up-to-date plugins and integrate our selves better in our Wordpress community (I assume it is Wordpress you use for your blogs). c. Twitter: i. Set our writing style and targeted audience. ii. Integrate HootSuite. iii. Make use of apps in order to set our targeted followers and how to better build our data base. Most useful apps are: Social Bro (research the right time to spread our tweets), Tweet Big (in order to progressively grow our followers), Klout (to analyze our progress). And many other apps we could discuss in person. iv. Frequency of tweets: in my experience, 15 tweets a day in the right timing make the most of Twitter.



d. Youtube: i. This is the most powerful social platform. There are many ideas we could to put in practice here, and even more if we have unique audiovisual content. ii. Set our Youtube Channel. Integrate in all our other social platforms and Wordpress. iii. Research on the right time to post videos. Three videos a week would be a good start.


Annexes to IASP Motivation Letter  

Communications Officer post.

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