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MARTA  HIDALGO  TRISTANY   Fashion  Marketing  and  Communication  

LAILO Riera  Baixa,  20   08001  Barcelona,  Spain  

LAILO -­‐  SHIRT:  It’s  a  shirt  made  of  95%  cotton  and  5%  elastane,  so  we  can  say  that  it’s  from   the   70’s-­‐80’s   because   the   synthetic   fibres   were   invented   in   this   time.   Is   an   ethnic-­‐ print  blouse  with  pleats  in  the  front  (neck)  and  the  colors  are  pink,  khaki  and  beige.  It   has   also   pleats   in   the   back   and   buttons   on   the   cuff   and   front.   Very   rigid,   it   has   no   drape.  I  think  it’s  a  very  rigid  blouse  and  a  little  bit  uncomfortable,  I  would  never  buy   it.       -­‐  SKIRT:  knee  length  pink  skirt  made  of  95%  wool  and  5%  polyester  with  pleats  in  the   whole  skirt.  It’s  very  simple  and  elastic  and  it  has  a  waistband.  It’s  from  the  60’s.                 Example       -­‐  PANTS:  Khaki  ‘Lois’  bellbottoms.  Surfer/rapper  style.  The  logo  of  the  brand,  which   is  a  bull,  is  in  the  back  of  the  trousers.  The  thing  that  makes  these  pants  different  is   that  it  has  large  pockets  on  the  knees,  giving  a  military  touch.                   -­‐  JACKET:  Black  lace  jacket  with  sequins  (bolero  jacket  type).  It  has  pads  and  belts  on   the  shoulders.  Transparencies  on  the  sleeves,  and  the  lace  make  drawings  of  flowers.   Made  of  90%  silk.  Very  elegant  and  loose  jacket  and  you  can  only  wear  it  in  formal   occasions.                


EL DELGADO  BUIL   Lledó,  4-­‐6   08002  Barcelona  

EL DELGADO  BUIL   -­‐  SHIRT:  Beige  blouse  with  brown  buttons  with  a  print  of  a  horse.  The  buttons  are  on   the  cuffs  and  front.  Made  of  100%  polyester.  There  are  some  slight  folds  on  the  sides   and   on   the   part   of   the   shoulder   blades.   Loose   blouse   with   transparencies.   Price:   160€.  Price  reduction:  112€.             -­‐   SKIRT:   Black   leather   skirt   with   gold   buttons.   It   has   front   pockets   with   two   gold   buttons  each  one.  There  are  gold  buttons  on  the  front  of  the  skirt  forming  a  strip.  It   has  very  small  folds  on  the  back  and  in  the  front.  Has  a  vintage  flair.             -­‐   PANTS:   Waist   maroon   elephant   leg   pants   pleated   and   sewn   in   the   top   (waist).   Baggy   pants.   Ankle   length.   Brown   buttons   with   a   print   of   a   horse.   The   pants   have   an   attached  belt.  Price:  310€.  Price  reduction:  186€.             -­‐   JACKET:   Grey   long   cardigan   made   of   70%   modal   and   30%   wool.   The   jacket   has   diamond  shapes  in  relief  and  small  holes.  It  has  elastic  cuffs  and  buttons  in  the  front.   It  has  drape  and  it  is  very  loose.  Price:  215€.  Price  reduction:  150’50€.        

JEAN-­‐PIERRE BUA   Avinguda  Diagonal,  469   08036  Barcelona,  Spain    

JEAN PIERE  BUA   -­‐   SHIRT:   Lace   sleeveless   shirt   in   pink.   It   has   ruffles   at   the   neck.   Under   the   shirt   there   is  attached  another  basic  tee  in  khaki/beige.  Price:  250€.         .   SKIRT:   beige   linen   skirt   with   a   brown   belt   attached.   On   the   hips   has   two   side   pockets  with  holes  stitched  along  the  edge.  High  waist.  Ankle  length.  Price:  250€.    

-­‐ PANTS:   Black   male   pants   made   for   formal   occasions.   Has   side   pockets.   Parted   in   the  middle.             -­‐   JACKET:   beige   trench   coat   made   of   cotton.   Leather   belts   attached   in   the   cuffs.   Buttons  in  the  front  and  in  the  neck.  Price:  405€.                    

ZARA PASSEIG  GRÀCIA  16   08007  Barcelona,  Spain    

ZARA -­‐  SHIRT:  Embroidered  top  with  sequins  made  of  100%  Polyester.  Very  loose  and  light.   Flower   print   made   of   sequins.   Top   used   for   casual   and   formal   occasions.   Price:   49’95€.             -­‐  SKIRT:  Orange  accordion  pleat  skirt  made  of  100%  Polyester.  It  has  pleats  around   the  skirt.  Waist  skirt  that  has  a  length  between  the  knees  and  ankles.  Price:  39’95€.           -­‐   PANTS:   Combat   trousers   made   of   98%   Cotton   and   2%   Elastane.   It   has   pockets   in   the  waist,  in  the  thighs  and  in  the  rear.  Has  a  sewn  on  the  knees  that  form  wrinkles   around  the  pants.  Ankle  length.  Price:  39’95€.             -­‐   JAKET   Parka   with   fur-­‐lined   hood   in   color   khaki.   Jacket   with   a   military   style.   Exterior   made   of   37%   Polyester,  37%   Cotton,   13%   Nylon   and  13%   Acrylic;   lining   made   of   100%  Cotton  and  interior  made  of  100%  Polyester.  It  has  cords  on  the  hood  and  a   zipper  and  button  clip  to  close  the  jacket.  Price:  69’95€.          

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