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HISTORY Custo  Dalmau  was  born  in  Tremp,  Lleida  in  1959.  He  is  Spanish   fashion   designer   and   the   creator   of   the   popular   T-­‐shirts   with   original   and   attractive   designs   with   the   signature   of   Custo   Barcelona.   Custodio’s   life   was   linked   to   his   brother   David,   and   his  childhood  and  adolescence  was  in  Barcelona,  awakening  to   artistic  trends  from  abroad,  art  exhibitions,  modern  buildings  or   fashion  shows.  

Custo Dalmau  

Custo and  his  brother  David  always  liked  graphic  design,  and  Custodio  chose  a  career   in   architecture   with   the   idea   that   this   was   a   creative   profession.   One   summer,   Custo   and  his  brother  made  a  motorcycle  tour  of  the  United  States.  During  that  trip  they   discovered   different   cultures,   especially   the   Southern   California   surfers,   with   its   own   lifestyle   and   fashion   sense   who   didn’t   follow   the   dictates   of   New   York,   London   or   Paris.   They   were   impressed   by   the   innovative   colorful   fashion   they   found   there,   especially   a   style   of   shirts   that   didn’t   exist   in   Spain   at   that   time.   Upon   returning   to   Spain   they   started  designing  shirts  mixing  illustrations.     David  Dalmau  


Using this  as  a  starting  point,  the  brand  was  launched  under  the  name  of  Custo  Line.   Dalmau  brothers  set  to  work  learning  all  about  printing  techniques  and  finishes,  but   all  the  attention  went  to  the  area  of  graphic  design,  in  which  they  felt  comfortable.   Over  time,  research  in  the  use  of  color  and  prints  became  innovation,  boldness  and   sophistication.     The   peculiar   form   of   sewing   shirts,   combined   with   silk   prints,   gave   a   very   original   result.   It’s   something   that   you  couldn’t  find  anything  similar  around  the  world.  The  

brand was   named   as   Custo   of   Barcelona,   which,   over   time,   becomes   Custo   Barcelona.   They   were   the   first   designers   who   made   printed   shirts,   initially   only   for   men,   and   had   immediate   success.   They   began   showing   their   collections   in   London   and  other  big  cities,  and  were  associated  with  the  Catalan  textile  company  Meyba  to   deal   with   all   matters   relating   to   the   management   while   they   were   engaged   in   product  development.                        


SUCCESS For  eleven  years  they  worked  with  Meyba  and  the  lack  of  competitiveness  and  the   foreign  competition  from  Italy  and  other  countries,  led  them  to  break  the  contract   and   direct   their   eyes   to   new   horizons.   They   moved   to   America   with   two   huge   suitcases   full   of   shirts   and   following   the   rejection   of   several   stores   in   New   York   dominated   by   minimalism.   In   March   of   1996   they   founded   Custo   Barcelona   after   Custo  Line,  and  began  to  supply  the  market  of  Los  Angeles,  where  they  managed  to   place  their  clothes  in  four  shops  frequented  by  Hollywood  stars.     They  chose  to  show  their  collection  first  in  the  American  market,  in  a  moment  that   was  very  open  to  innovative  ideas  and  in  a  little  while  their  Custo  Barcelona  clothes   caught   the   attention   of   Hollywood   stylists,   directors   and   wardrobe   designers,   both   on   the   big   screen   and   TV.   People   in   "show   business"   began   to   wear   the   Custo   Barcelona   t-­‐shirts   and   shortly   after   they   adopted   them   for   their   private   lives.   Thus   was  the  birth  of  a  total  phenomenon,  which  some  US  media  named  "Customania".   Since  its  introduction  to  the  United  States,  Custo  Barcelona  has  become  a  favorite  in   Hollywood   featured   on   "Friends"   and   MTV.   The   actors   of   the   American   TV   series   “Friends”   and   ‘Sex   and   the   city”   popularized   his   clothes   to   wear   them   more   than   once  in  several  chapters.  Stylists  also  dressed  some  presenters   of  the  MTV  music  television,  and  actors  and  models  such  stars   as  Claudia  Schiffer,  Julia  Roberts  in  “Runaway  Bride”,  Penelope   Cruz   or   Brad   Pitt.   In   addition,   musicians   such   as:   The   Dixie   Chicks,  Sarah  McLachlan  and  LeAnn  Rimes  have  been  regularly   spotted  in  Custo.     (It  was  difficult  say,  at  some  point  many  circumstances  in  my  life  met  each  other  and   we   ended   up   in   Runway   Bright   with   Julia   Roberts   wearing   one   of   my   creations,   Beyoncé   photographed   in   one   of   runway   look   for   an   American   magazine,   Antonio   Banderas   was   seen   constantly   wearing   my   t-­‐shirts,   all   of   suddenly   we   were   everywhere,   in   Sex   the   City   2nd   season,   to   mention   one   TV   show.   I   realized   that   they   like  what  I  do  and  I  feel  much  honored  to  see  them  wearing  my  creating.)  

This phenomenon   stirred   up   the   attention   of   the   organizers   of   the   NY   '97   Spring/Summer  Fashion  Week,  and  they  requested  Custo  Barcelona  to  take  part  in  it.   Each   season   they   keep   on   showing   their   fashion   collections   there.   Their   first   show   set  out  a  great  impact,  as  the  prevailing  minimalism  had  dyed  the  grey  catwalk.  The   overflowing  colouring  of  Custo  Barcelona  clothes,  the  daring  mixture  of  fabrics  and   the   intensity   of   its   graphics   caught   the   attention   of   the   most   influential   domestic   media.  Their   continuous   appearances   in   press   and   TV   shot   up   sales   in   the   US,  raising   the  interest  of  the  European  markets  and  after  in  the  rest  of  the  world.   (When  I  think  back  on,  I  remember  we  were  so  nervous  that  day,  it  felt  uncertain  of   what   was   going   to   happen.   Undoubtedly   it   was   huge   step   forward   for   us   as   designers.    We  were  there,  in  Word’s  glass  window  showing  very  critic  press)   Custo   Barcelona   firm   has   not   stopped   thinking   about   new   challenges.   To   those   t-­‐ shirts,  symbol  piece  of  Custo  Barcelona  clothing,  they  have  incorporated  other  items,   until   achieving   their   full   line   fashion   collections   and   accessories,   both   for   men   and   women.   The   key   of   Custo   Barcelona's   success   is   a   distinctive   product   that   has   let   Custo  Barcelona  to  be  placed  among  the  most  leading  international  fashion  brands.   The  Custo  Barcelona  firm  has  continued  devoting  a  good  part  of  its  efforts  to  explore   new   graphic   affects   and   stamping   techniques   in   order   to   keep   on   designing   innovative  items.   Custo   Barcelona   clothes   are   sold   in   multi-­‐brand   stores   all   over   the   world.   From   2000   on,  Custo  Barcelona  considered  a  policy  change  and  in  2004  Custo  Barcelona  was  in   international   expansion,   reflected   in   the   growing   number   of   its   stores   around   the   world:  Chicago,  New  York,  Mexico,  etc.  With  its  first  official  store  in  Barcelona  and   installed  base  in  El  Prat,  machinery  worked  in  Thailand,  where  the  Dalmau  brothers   moved   often.   They   appeared   many   times   on   the   catwalks   of   New   York   or   Milan,   where  they  dedicated  in  no  sell  only  fashion  but  also  exported  image  of  the  city  of   Barcelona.   Somewhat  later,  printed  T-­‐shirts  that  identified  Custo  Barcelona  were  paired  with  all   kinds   of   garments   like   skirts,   pants   or   coats,   building   a   complete   collection.   At  

present, we   can   say   that   Custo   Barcelona   exists   as   a   style   in   itself   that   might   suggest   a   particular   way   of   seeing   life.   Although   his   most   famous   prints   were   the   flowers,   animals  and  the  iconography  of  Japanese  manga  comics,  Hindu  imagery  and  pop  art   of   the   seventies,   in   the   collections   of   2002   and   2003   the   Dalmau   brothers   evolved   into   the   patchwork   and   stripes.   Copied   throughout   the   world,   in   the   early   twenty-­‐ first  there  were  thousands  of  imitations  of  their  jerseys.   In   2004,   Barbie,   the   most   famous   doll   in   the   world,   held   its   forty-­‐fifth  birthday  wearing  a  unique  model  designed  by  David   Dalmau  and  Custo  Dalmau.  They  have  created  the  design  that   Barbie   has   been   released   on   this   special   occasion.   The   celebration   was   also   to   introduce   the   new   look   of   the   doll,   designed   by   Jorge   de   la   Garza.   Custo   Barbie   has   a   total   look   that   will   swell   its   exquisite   collection   of   exclusive   models   designed   by   famous   fashion   designers.   The   outfit   is   a   double   face   coat   made   of   lambskin   leather,   with   fur   inside   and   visible   stitching,   printing   photographic   motif   and  adorned  with  precious  stones  in  his  pockets.  The  coat  is  combined  with  a  long   dress  in  cotton  jersey  with  printed  patchwork.     An   initiative   by   MTV   Vueling   and   Custo   Barcelona  was  aimed  to  young  audiences  and   combined   all   the   elements   that   they   can   come   to   appreciate.   Custo   Barcelona   was   responsible   not   only   to   color   and   design   to   the   fuselage   of   the   aircraft,   but   also   interior   details   such   as   the   menu   and   the   headrests.   The   designs   were   inspired   by   Mediterranean   Spain,   bright,   warm   and   vibrant,   both   day   and   night.   And   so   the   plane  Spread  Love  is  a  day  at  the  beach,  sun,  sea,  summer  and  youthful  spirit,  while   the  aircraft  Play  Rock  realizes  the  night  with  the  use  of  stronger  colors  and  aesthetics   more   intense   and   sophisticated.   The   project   took   off   and   was   seen   in   the   skies   of   France,   Italy   and   Portugal   who   served   as   catwalks.   Innovation,   originality,   design,   contests,  music,  festivals  and  more,  all  designed  to  a  modern  audience.  

OBJECTIVES AND  FUTURE   As  always,  the  Custo  Barcelona  collection  was  for  those  who  want  to  stand  out  in  a   crowd:   a   vibrant   rainbow   of   colours,   fluttering   fabrics,   and   an   eye-­‐catching   mix   of   prints.  Feather-­‐light  to  the  touch,  the  pieces  conveyed  a  youthful  and  easy  sexiness.   They   show   its   passion   for   fashion   and   colours,   promote   their   brand   name   during   the   last  edition  of  Bread  &  Butter  in  Barcelona  and  other  fairs  and  be  present  in  the  most   centric,  exclusive  and  fashionable  area  of  the  city.   Today,  although  their  shirts  are  still  its  core  product,  the  Custo  Barcelona  Company   also  offers  a  complete  fashion  line.  Since  2000  they  have  brought  about  a  change  in   their  policy.  The  brand  goal  is  to  reach  the  public  more  directly  and  offer  them  the   entire  collection.  Their  strategy  to  achieve  it  has  been  opening  its  own  stores,  as  is   the  case  of  “Barcelonam”,  the  store  with  they  debut  in  the  city.    Their  designs  can  be   purchased   at   more   than   3000   outlets,   including   Spain   and   abroad.   And   they   want   to   go   much   further   with   the   franchise   model.   They   are   expanding   the   franchise   in   Europe   and   Asia   because   Custo   Barcelona   wants   to   achieve   greater   size   and   entry   into  the  world  of  franchising.  The  company  is  currently  present  in  3000  multi-­‐brand   stores,   boutiques   and   department   stores   worldwide   that   sell   garments   of   several   designers.   In   the   same   vein,   the   company   which   runs   Custo   Dalmau   has   stores   in   central   locations   of   the   most   important   capitals   of   the   world,   which   has   enabled   the   brand  to  have  their  own  points  of  sale  in  Paris,  Rome,  Tokyo  and  in  several  Spanish   and  U.S  cities.  Selling  in  multi-­‐brand  stores  has  made  Custo  Barcelona  increase  and   extend  the  brand  presence.       (We   are   quite   satisfied   with   2008:   we   have   opened   stores   in   new   markets   such   as   Hong  Kong,  Kuwait  or  Venezuela;  we  have  launched  an  eyewear  collection,  watches   collection  and  our  first  fragrance.  For  the  next  years  we  are  focusing  in  opening  more   flagship  stores  in  Middle  East,  Asia,  Latin  America  and  the  US.)     Its   main   goal   now   is   to   develop   a   true   network   of   franchises.   In   addition,   the   firm   now   is   focusing   its   efforts   on   opening   six   new   stores   in   the   United   States,   and   wants  

to expand  in  Europe  and  Asia  by  the  way  of  franchising.  This  is  a  business  for  which   you  need  to  set  the  initial  fee,  the  royalty  and  the  conditions  of  purchase  of  goods.   The  general  director  of  Custo  Barcelona,  Carlos  Sagalés,  says  that  brand  needs  to  go   to   the   Asian   market   by   way   of   the   big   retailer.   Therefore,   its   goal   is   to   master   franchise  agreements  and  grant  the  rights  to  implement  Custo  Barcelona  stores  in  a   given  territory.     *Custo  Barcelona  Stores:                                    

After launching   Custo’s   first   children’s   collection,   the   designer   has   now   created   a   second,   much   larger   and   complete   collection.   Custo   and   David   Dalmau   have   put   much   love   and   care   into   creating   Custo   Growing,   and   the   result   of   so   much   dedication   has   produced   formidable   results.   Designed   for   boys   and   girls   of   4   to   14   years,   Custo   Growing   is   a   complete   and   extensive   comprised   of   colourful   and   fantastical  garments  and  accessories.   The  collection  shows  the  essence  of  the  Custo  brand  (the  power  of  prints,  the  nature   of   the   materials,   the   details,   the   style   of   the   garments…)   and   adapts   them   to   the   particularities   of   the   children’s   world.   The   garments   were   designed   to   withstand   children’s   boundless   energy,   incessant   movement   and   crazy   ideas.   The   clothes   can   all  be  put  in  the  washing  machine,  even  the  footwear  and  environmentally  friendly   leather   coats.   With   an   optimistic   and   positive   spirit,   Custo   Growing’s   philosophy   encourages  fun,  expressivity,  mixing,  and  the  desire  to  give  kids  the  opportunity  to   wear   original   clothing   that   is   uncommon   in   the   children’s   world,   and   not   at   all   boring.     *  Fragrances,  the  future  of  Custo.             Currently,  the  brand  wants  to  break  into  the  world  of  perfumes,  creating  the  ‘Custo   Barcelona’  fragrance  and  It  was  created  by  IDESA  PARFUMS  and  launched  in  October   2008.   This   is   an   edition   for   women,   an   eternal   combination   of   fashion,   culture,   journeys   and   mysterious   secrets   that   will   be   revealed   by   the   future.   This   modern   edition   was   presented   in   creator   Custo   Barcelona's   style:   with   a   wide   range   of   colours   and   unusual   modernistic   expression   worth   your   attention.   Custo   Barcelona   Perfume   is   a   warm   perfume,   which   introduces   sensual   experience,   full   of   spices,   life,   joy  and  power.  The  woman  who  will  use  it  is  a  real  cosmopolitan,  has  adventurous  

spirit, is   unconventional   and   open   to   styles   of   future.   Perfume   Custo   Barcelona   is   available  as  30,  50  and  100ml  edt,  with  an  accompanying  line  of  body  care  products:   200  ml  lotion,  200  ml  bath  and  150  ml  deo  spray.                 After   the   successful   first   perfume,   Custo   Barcelona   presented   a   new   fragrance   for   men,  ‘Custo  Men’  in  October  2009.  It  will  accompany  last  year's  edition  for  women,   Custo   Barcelona.   The   sweet,   sexy,   optimistic   and   spicy   new   fragrance   by   Custo   Barcelona  was  created  in  cooperation  with  perfumer  Francis  Kurkdjian,  as  an  eternal   combination  of  fashion,  beauty,  journey,  culture  and  mysterious  secrets  brought  to   us  by  upcoming  days.  Custo  Man  repeats  the  theme  of  the  last  year's  edition  while   combining   various   materials:   green   glass   and   metal   board,   decorated   with   relief   names.   Its   stopper   is   eccentric   and   shows   escape   from   conformism.   The   fragrance   is   available  as  50  and  100  ml  EDT.               Two  new  fragrances,  one  feminine  and  one  masculine,  that  follow  the  footsteps  of   Custo's   first   fragrance.   The   magic   of   Custo   Barcelona   transformed   Pure   Custo   Barcelona.  “With  the  fragrance  I  wanted  to  go  back  to  the  beginning,  remembering  

what we   were   looking   or   when   we   launched   the   brand:   Freshness   and   creative   freedom  to  do  something  new,  different,  something  that  didn’t  exist  on  the  market”.   This  is  what  Custo  Dalmau  says  about  the  new  challenge.  Freedom  and  freshness  are   part   of   the   purest   concept   of   Custo   Barcelona.   Pure   means   the   essence   and   also   gives  its  name  to  the  clothing  range  that  is  most  intrinsically  linked  to  the  concept  of   Custo   Barcelona.   The   fragrances   symbolize   the   very   essence   of   the   brand   and   the   new   perfume,   the   ad   campaign   accompanying   the   launch   takes   an   element   borrowed   from   the   symbolism   of   Custo   Barcelona:   The   peacock.   Often   used   in   the   prints,  the  peacock  is  admired  for  the  particular  texture  of  its  feathers.  It  is  also  the   perfect   representation   of   the   first   principle   of   perfumery   (seduction)   because   this   bird  uses  the  incredible  display  of  its  feathers  to  attract  attention  during  its  courtship   ritual.  The  female  version  of  the  fragrance  is  bright,  bold  and  addictive.  Its  vocation,   like   the   peacock,   is   to   seduce.   It   is   fresh   and   free,   just   like   the   fashion   of   Custo   Barcelona  at  the  beginning  of  its  adventure.  Custo  Dalmau  presents  the  bottle  and   the   box   in   an   original   context.   A   printed   neoprene   case,   in   pink   for   girls   and   blue   tones  for  boys,  covers  the  glass  of  the  bottle  and  is  closed  with  a  zip  that  recalls  the   wetsuits  used  by  surfers  to  combat  the  cold  ocean  waters.  The  cases  add  a  surprising   touch   that   marks   everything   that   this   daring   creator   does:   cutting-­‐edge   fabric   and   the  idea  of  dressing  up  the  bottle  of  a  fragrance.  The  box,  vertical  and  rectangular,   enhances  the  graphical  power  of  the  prints  chosen  to  dress  the  bottle.  Psychedelic   pink  and  silver  images  with  touches  of  color  in  the  feminine  version  of  the  fragrance,   and  a  jungle  of  overlapping  leaves  in  blue,  silver  and  black  for  the  masculine  version.   In  both  cases,  the  finish  is  metallic  and  bright,  vibrant  with  flashes  of  silver.      


AUDIENCES CUSTO  BARCELONA  GROWING   The  audiences  of  Custo  Growing  include  ages  from  4  up  to  14  in  its  new  line.  This  line   is   very   colorful   and   different   from   other   kids   brands.   Use   powerful   colors,   floral   prints,   bright   colors,   designs,   shades   of   pink,   stripes,   graffiti   prints,   drawings,   cartoons   and   paintings   on   t-­‐shirts   and   coats   characterize   it.   The   pants   are   in   solid   colors   and   shirts   decorated   with   small   items   and   patterns   on   pockets   and   cuffs.   In   the  dresses,  on  the  sleeves  there  is  a  print  and  on  the  central  and  back  parts  there   are  a  completely  different  patterns.   Of   course   the   children   of   this   age   do   not   choose   their   clothes,   so   those   who   wear   these   clothes   are   children   whose   mothers   want   to   mark   a   trend,   which   are   different   from   other   children   and   felt   in   their   dress.   With   an   optimistic   and   positive   spirit,   Custo  Growing’s  philosophy  encourages  fun,  expressivity,  mixing,  and  the  desire  to   give   kids   the   opportunity   to   wear   original   clothing   that   is   uncommon   in   the   children’s   world,   and   not   at   all   boring.   These   children   release   energy   and   vitality   through  their  clothes.       *BOYS:                

*GIRLS:             CUSTO  WOMAN&MEN   Men   and   women   who   wear   Custo   Barcelona   are   the   one   who   want   to   show   positive   energy,   freshness   and   free   sprit.   They   have   a   lot   of   personality,   love   colors   and   geometric  prints.  They  want  to  wear  loose  clothes  for  the  day  and  be  attractive  and   sexy  for  the  night.  When  women  wear  Custo  in  the  night  they  show  through  these   sexy  and  unique  pieces  for  young  women.  Fun  prints,  neon  colors  and  luxurious  maxi   coats   create   a   refreshed   image   that   show   a   rebel   side   expressed   through   style.   People   who   wore   Custo   Barcelona   are   young   and   move   in   the   university   and   work   environment,  they  feel  like  grown  ups.  They  don’t  have  big  responsibilities  or  duties   such   as   mortgage,   loans,   family   expenses…)   and   a   big   part   of   their   budget   goes   to   clothing.  They  are  on  the  top  of  the  world  and  have  full  liberty  so  they  want  to  show   this  freedom  through  the  colorful  and  powerful  Custo  Barcelona  clothes.  They  have   different  types  of  dressing  depending  on  the  occasions  (university,  going  out,  week-­‐ end,  night…)  so  their  closet  is  full  of  different  kinds  and  styles  of  clothes,  the  brand   and  clothes  help  them  to  build  their  own  identity.  The  average  of  size  is  a  Small  or   Medium   size   and   the   truth   is   that   they   are   unloyal   to   brands   and   stores;   young   people  change  constantly  their  way  of  dressing.      

MESSAGES “I   think   the   secret   is   being   faithful   to   our   original   philosophy   when   designing   every   collection  and  not  worrying  about  trends.  “   “The  graphics  are  the  DNA  of  Custo  Barcelona.  People  remember  the  Custo  Barcelona   brand   because   of   our   bold,   geometric   and   expressive   prints.   We   produce   “mood-­‐ clothing”—pieces   that   our   fans   seek   out   to   express   their   emotions.   Over   the   years,   countless   fans   have   approached   us   to   share   their   favorite   Custo   piece;   most   of   the   time  that  has  had  something  to  do  with  an  image  from  one  of  our  graphic  print  tees.   Initially,   Custo   Barcelona   gained   momentum   because   we   were   doing   something   nobody   else   was   doing.   Over   the   years   a   solid   fan   base   has   developed   of   loyal   followers.”   “The   graphics   are   based   around   dreamlike   and   surreal   images   like   jewels,   diamonds,   lips,   perfume   bottles,   butterflies   and   feathers.   Each   of   these   images   is   mixed   with   images   that   are   more   figurative   and   typical   of   Custo   Barcelona.   The   colors   of   the   gems   also   served   as   the   color   palette   this   season;   black   and   pink   diamonds,   sapphires,  turquoises,  emeralds  and  amethysts  are  used  alone  or  mixed  together.”   “Nowadays   the   markets   are   more   globalized   than   ever,   people   tend   to   follow   the   same   seasonal   trends;   however   we   know   that   we   have   large   market   in   warm   countries.”   “Well,   it   is   business   and   what   we   design   has   to   be   translated   into   the   in   store   collection   and   I   hope   into   the   wardrobe   of   thousands   of   loyal   clientele   we   have   word   wide.   But   sometime   from   time   I   leave   the   business   obligations   and   design   for   fun,   reedit  print  that  we  truly  love,  experiment  with  new  fabric  and  play  with  colors,  only   for  fun.”          

COMPETITORS *DESIGUAL: Desigual   is   a   street   wear   brand   based   in   Barcelona.   It   was   founded   in   1984   by   Thomas   Meyer.   Desigual   is   famous   for   its   patchwork   designs   and   its   philosophy   based   on   positivity,   tolerance,   commitment,   fun   and   un-­‐leveling.   It   is   built   around   one   single   concept   and   one   common   thread   that   make   the   line   to   the   same   philosophy.  Desigual  is  a  brand  that  has  achieved  sustained,  sustainable,  profitable   growth  in  all  sales  channels  throughout  its  history.  Each  Desigual  season  prepares  a   collection   of   over   1,000   items.   Real   Life,   Magic   Stories,   Luxury   Feelings,   Me&You,   Better&Better,   Wow,   Life   is   Cool,   All   Together   and   Handmade   are   some   of   the   leitmotifs  that  Desigual  has  brought  to  the  fore.  Desigual  has  a  women's  section,  a   men's  section  and  a  kid's  section.   In   July   2008,   Custo   Barcelona   announced   a   lawsuit   against   Desigual   because   the   similarities  of  the  products  marketed  by  Desigual  with  Custo  Barcelona  are  too  many   and   too   obvious   for   a   long   time,   "because   our   lawyers   have   advised   us   to   act   to   end   this  situation."  As  he  had  explained,  "is  a  case  of  systematic  and  repeated  copying  of   a   global   project   to   exploit   the   creativity   and   the   philosophy   of   a   brand   like   ours".   Custo  Dalmau  is  also  particularly  hurt  that  this  opportunism  is  produced  by  someone   of   the   same   city,   and   because   with   this   way   of   doing   what   it   does   is   dilute   the   perception   of   genuine   creativity   that   have   Barcelona   and   Spain.   Desigual   chose   to   deny   categorically   these   accusations   and   referred   to   his   roots   to   prove   it.   But   nowadays,  Custo  Barcelona  said  that  the  company  has  already  forgotten  about  it  and   made   it   into   the   hands   of   his   lawyers.   In   Desigual,   managed   by   Manel   Adell,   president  of  the  company  are  pending  legal  action  that  a  reality              

*MISS SIXTY   Established   in   1991,   MISS   SIXTY   was   the   answer   to   the   absence   on   the   market   of   denims   exclusively   dedicated   to   women.    From   this   intuition,   the   brand   rapidly   established   itself   as   an   International   reference   fashion   brand.   Particularly   appreciated   for   the   wide   offer   of   denims   with   a   unique   and   original   style,   the   collections   distinguished   themselves   from   others   season   after   season   for   their   feminine,  seductive,  contemporary  and  ironic  style.  The  brand  is  completed  through   lines   of   shoes,   accessories,   sunglasses,   jewels,   fragrances   and   also   recently   by   a   mobile  phone  and  a  household  linen  collection.     (  

              Custo  Barcelona                                                                            Miss  sixty   Custo  Barcelona                              Miss  sixty  

                Custo  Barcelona                                                                            Miss  sixty  

Custo  Barcelona                                                                            Miss  sixty  

*ENERGIE   Energie   was   established   with   the   desire   to   create   something   new,   different   and   original.   The   brand   takes   its   inspiration   from   the   name   of   the   first   clothing   store   opened   in   Rome,   meeting   point   in   the   first   Eighties   of   many   artists   working   together   to   create   installations   and   special   exclusive   windows.   From   its   launch   in   1989,   the   brand   is   renowned   in   the   world   for   its   strong   personality   and   capacity   to   combine   vintage  elements  with  urban  details  and  artistic  inspirations.     Committed   to   testing,   experimentation,   research   and   innovation   since   the   very   beginning,   the   brand   now   comprises   shoes   and   bags   collections,   beach   wear   and   underwear  lines  and,  as  of  Spring  2009,  a  new  collection  of  eyeglasses  and  shades.   (        


Custo Barcelona                                                                                                                        EEnergie  


Custo Barcelona                                                                                                                        EEnergie  

ECONOMY Custo  barcelona  prices  are  not  excessive  but  they  are  not  cheap.  We  could  say  that   there   is   a   balance   and   relationship   between   quality   and   price.   They   use   very   good   materials  for  their  collections  and  have  a  price,  a  price  most  people  can  pay  if  you   love  fashion  and  are  identified  with  that  mark.     Prices  of  dresses  ranging  from  60  €  to  200  €,  t-­‐shirts  from  30  €  to  70  €,  trousers  from   80   €   to   160   €,   the   sweaters   from   50   €   to   150   €,   skirts   from   80   €   to   120   €   ,   and   coats   from  120  €  to  350  €.   From  the  marketing  point  of  view,  on  sales  time  Custo  Barcelona  sells  all  pieces  of   clothing  at  50%  through  their  online  clothing  store,  which  means  that  more  people   can   buy   clothes   of   the   brand   and   better   promote   and   sell   well.   Making   the   purchase   of  its  clothes  a  motivation  for  the  consumer.   For  customer  care,  the  web  page  provides  information  on  which  size  is  best  suited  to   your   body,   caring   for   the   clothes   and   also   if   you   are   not   satisfied   with   your   purchase   you  can  return  it  within  ten  days,  starting  from  the  date  it  was  received.                          





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