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The Official Publication of the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel


Volume 70, Issue #4

Spring 2021

Get the Most Out Of Your MARSP Membership Each Spring, as the flowers are blooming and the sun is beginning to warm us up, MARSP members take time to renew their membership and send in their yearly dues. You have heard us say that your MARSP membership gives you access to a wealth of resources, experts and knowledgeable advocates, member-only discounts, and a network of peers just like you. Let’s explore your MARSP membership and see the specifics of what makes your membership so valuable.

RESOURCES Your MARSP membership includes access to resources such as the VANGUARD, VISION e-Newsletter, webinars, and other timely communications that will help you along your retirement journey. VANGUARD Four times a year, you will receive the award-winning MARSP VANGUARD print publication. Each VANGUARD you will hear from the MARSP President, MARSP Executive Director, the MARSP Treasurer, and the MARSP Legislative Committee Chairs, among others. These leadership articles allow members to hear directly from MARSP leaders and build a connection with them. VANGUARD content ranges from issue to issue. You will find updates and information specific to MPSERS retirees, a calendar of events for the upcoming months, recaps of

MARSP Travel Program and MARSP membership database! Look inside for more information!

webinars, or other digital material. At times, you will read about fellow MARSP members and chapters who are making an impact. Finally, MARSP and the MARSP Foundation thank those who donated and contributed. Sharing the VANGUARD with potential members can be a helpful tool with recruitment efforts. VISION e-Newsletter Each month MARSP members receive the VISION e-Newsletter. This e-Newsletter provides MARSP members with timely information. Newsletters range in content from legislative updates to member and chapter celebrations and other digital content relevant to members. If you are a MARSP member and are not receiving the monthly VISION e-Newsletter, please email us at staff@ marsp.org to review your communication preferences. We recommend that all MARSP members add staff@marsp.org to your contact list to ensure emails remain deliverable and do not get marked as spam. Webinars In 2020, MARSP webinars were launched as another communication channel to deliver timely and pertinent information to our members. MARSP webinars covered the following topics: • Impact of COVID-19 on retired school personnel with the Office of Retirement Services (ORS). • Understanding Michigan’s new auto insurance law with Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, and Priority Health. • Planning and considerations for early retirement with MARSP Retirement Planning Services.

• • • •

2021 Legislative Update with Matt Kurta, MARSP Lobbyist. How to avoid scams during retirement with Trooper Katelyn Hammond, Michigan State Police. MARSP School Ambassador Program with School Ambassador Facilitator, Les Nixon. AMBA Benefits Overview with Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA).

As an added benefit, all of our MARSP webinars are summarized in the next edition of the VANGUARD, in addition to being available on-demand at www. marsp.org/webinars. Please continue watching for MARSP communications with announcements about future webinars covering critical topics impacting retired school personnel.

ADVOCACY MARSP fights to keep your MPSERS pension and health care benefits safe. MARSP is the only organization that represents all of the state’s public school and some community college retirees (bus drivers to line cooks; administration to teachers and their spouses. We were founded in 1951 and are responsible for the MIP offering; the 75% pension option; dental, vision, and hearing insurance; the preventative screenings of mammograms and pap and PSA tests; and the remarriage benefit. (continued on page 4)

Inside This Issue 2021 Early Bird Renewal Winner...............2 *NEW* MARSP Travel Progam...................5 MARSP Webinar Recaps.............................12 Legislative Update.......................................20 MARSP Office 1-888-960-4022 www.marsp.org




President’s Message

Spring Time at MARSP By Robert Kucera MARSP President We need to bring new members into r-jkucera@sbcglobal.net our organization in order to bring a

Spring is here! This season brings me a lot of happiness, and joy. I enjoy spending time in the fresh air and recharging my batteries in the sun. I hope you are taking a moment for yourself to recharge, as well. Spring is also when MARSP members take a moment and send in their state and chapter dues. This important annual renewal process is another part of my recharging process and one thing I can cross off my to-do list. We have a statewide goal for each MARSP member to get a new member to join. You may recall hearing “All We Need Is One.” This campaign was created a few years ago and has proven to be beneficial. Today MARSP numbers are stable, but lower than some past years. We need to maintain and increase our membership and impact. We need numbers to help achieve our mission; that is, to protect your pension and preserve your health care.

more powerful voice when dealing with legislators. This strong voice helps to protect and preserve our pension and benefits. MARSP has been successfully discussing and advocating for our interests with state officials, legislators, and executive representatives. This has been ongoing since we were established in 1951. Increasing membership is becoming harder and harder, so we need your help! First, if you have not yet renewed your membership, now is the time. You should have received your MARSP renewal invoice in the mail to renew both your state and chapter dues. Second, If you could get just one person to become a member of MARSP, or a member to renew, it also would really help. Make a personal connection whenever possible by communicating directly, meaning calling by phone, or in-person. Extend a personal invitation to join, or renew. Describe some of the benefits that they would find appealing.

Make it easy for the individual to join us. Have an application available for them. Do a follow-up. Not everyone you approach will sign up to be a member the first time you contact them. Wait a little while, and then check in to see if they have any questions about us or would like more information. Make sure they know they can contact you if they have questions. So where do you start? Contact persons you know. Call on former employees and or their spouses. These could be persons working in the building and district where you were employed. Remember MARSP is an independent, non-partisan organization, and represents all public school employees both active and retired. Call your local chapter leaders for a list of members who have not renewed their membership. Someone you know about to retire? A MARSP membership is a perfect gift that keeps giving. Maybe you and a friend who also knows this person would be willing to go in together in providing this membership. I am hoping you will assist us in attracting new members, and current members to renew. Your efforts will help us in making MARSP strong.

2021 Early Bird Renewal Winner! Shirly Nordgren Berrien County Chapter MARSP member since 2000


l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

Shirly won a $100 Visa Gift card for renewing her membership before March 31, 2021 Spring 2021

Executive Director’s Message

Best Kept Secret: Local Chapters By Royce C. Humm Executive Director staff@marsp.org Before I joined MARSP as the executive director, I wanted to live a day in the life of a MARSP member. To get the full experience, I chose to attend a chapter meeting. I wanted to interact with members at a local setting to see, feel, and hear what our members experience as they attend a meeting or event. I wanted to do this before many in the room may know who I was and potentially act differently. I quickly learned that one of the great benefits of belonging to a chapter is the opportunity to attend chapter meetings and events and connect with other public school retirees. Chapters host all kinds of meetings and events throughout the year. I chose to show up to a local chapter meeting because I wanted to see the purpose and value of these meetings for members. The frequency of meetings varies by chapter, but they offer some great speakers, discussing engaging and impactful topics. When I first arrived at the meeting, I was welcomed. It wasn’t the obligatory welcome where someone says the words and stands there waiting for

Thank you.

you to ask questions. It was genuine. Being new and unsure about where to go, where to sit, and what to do, they immediately offered that guidance to me without me needing to expose how much I didn’t know. More than one member came over to offer their personal welcome and shared a quick story or their background. This allowed me to share with them about myself and connect with someone regarding how similar our paths were or how we may know some of the same people. What I found was I was sitting in a room with colleagues. I felt comfortable being in the room even though I didn’t personally know most of the people. From some small and quick conversations, I could tell that I was in a room full of people who had very similar experiences and interests to my own. The well-organized agenda and talented officers walked us through some business items. There was great discussion about how we could help achieve the association’s mission as well as helping other local organizations and those still actively working in the area school districts. From this thoughtful discussion, I realized that I had similar values and priorities to those in the room. By continuing to attend these meetings, I’m confident they would provide a great way to amplify the impact I would like to have on others.

Towards the end of the meeting, one of the officers shared the topics and speakers for upcoming meetings. I found myself noting those dates and times as the topics were very interesting and timely. This was just one meeting, but I immediately felt like the value of the membership far exceeded the cost. I certainly gained information or knowledge that I didn’t have before, which was worth the price of admission, but I found myself more connected to what was happening in my local area. I was also able to connect with individuals that I didn’t know before but would lead to lasting friendships. Knowing that some may not want to attend a meeting, many chapters also send out newsletters and emails, keeping members informed and offering additional opportunities to get involved. Some chapters host events where they are supporting individuals or groups, connecting with others, or taking a trip somewhere! If you are not already a member of a chapter, be sure to check one or more of them out. You can also belong to more than one chapter!

It is because of valued members like you that MARSP can continue supporting and advocating for all public school retirees. Sincerely,

Royce C. Humm MARSP Executive Director

Get the Most Out Of Your MARSP Membership

the DB pension plan or convert to a DC plan.

(continued from cover)

In 2017 the legislature again looked at ways to transition all public school retirees from the traditional Defined Benefit pension (DB) to Defined Contribution (DC) plan. MARSP again used the power of numbers and made our voices heard in Lansing. Governor Snyder and the legislature were joined by MARSP to reach a compromise: PA-92 of 2017.

At MARSP, we are focused on preserving and enhancing the current levels of pension income through legislation. We are passionate about providing oversight and guidance to members about MPSERS pension and health care benefits. As part of our advocacy efforts, we have regular meetings with our lobbyists regarding the MPSERS pension and health care fund and how things happening in Lansing may impact retired school personnel. The MARSP team monitors legislation efforts in Lansing and updates members if any items may affect the MPSERS pension fund and health care benefits. As a member of MARSP, you will have a direct line of communication with expert staff that can help with questions regarding your health care benefits.

DISCOUNTS Your MARSP membership can make purchases in retirement easier and more cost-effective. As a member of MARSP, you will have access to discounted products and services from Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA). Enjoy savings on: • Long-Term Care • Home Health Care • MASA (Air and Ground Ambulance Plan) • Cancer, Heart & Stroke Policy • Accident Policy • Easy Issue Life Policy • Discounts on Travel, Dining & more

Legislative Advocacy History In 2011, the Legislature attempted to reform the MPSERS pension program. This reform was intended to move those who received traditional Defined Benefit (DB) Pension to Defined Contributions (DC) retirement plans. MARSP was quick To learn more about AMBA to respond and advocate for retired and products and services, visit public school employees. As part of myambabenefits.info/marsp or call our efforts to stop the reform, MARSP 1-877-556-4582. rallied our troops and testified before the *MARSP partners and endorses the organization Legislature. Les Nixon, Former MARSP Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), not President, Fayda Mills, Former MARSP individual products. Board Secretary, and Mark Guastella, retired MARSP Executive Director, LEARNING presented the impact this would have on retired school personnel who did Your MARSP membership comes with not plan to participate in a DC plan. learning and training opportunities to MARSP took a position opposing what help you understand and Legislators were attempting to do and navigate retirement. focused on protecting the pensions that retirees were promised while Events and Resources working for Michigan schools. MARSP As former educators and school provided evidence that would explain support staff, you are no stranger to the negative impact this reform would the words “training” or “professional have on public school retiree’s pensions, development.” At MARSP, learning and particularly those who were already training go hand-in-hand with fun and retired. After multiple hearings and community. We provide both in-person much discussion between legislators, and virtual information sessions and an agreement was reached to create a trainings, all geared toward public school hybrid plan. This agreement would allow retirees. In addition to the opportunity retirees to have the choice. A public to attend events with other MARSP school retiree could choose to remain on 4 l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

members, you will also have access to digital and print resources that can be used to navigate retirement. Our goal is to ensure that MARSP members can access the resources needed to enjoy retirement to it’s fullest.

COMMUNITY Being part of MARSP means being part of a community of retired school personnel who are here for each other. Connect with Colleagues and Friends In addition to training, your MARSP membership gives you the opportunity to connect and network with other retired school personnel at state and chapter events. Many chapters hold regular meetings virtually and face-to-face, giving MARSP members opportunities to connect with others in their area. Volunteer and Community Involvement Opportunities Some MARSP chapters participate in local volunteering for charity efforts. Being part of a local chapter can allow you to give back to your community during your retirement years. Recently the Baraga County Chapter assisted in making PB&J sandwiches for the local 31 backpack program, which provides food for children from food-insecure families.

Members from the Baraga County Chapter prep and pack PB&J sandwiches for the local 31 backpack program.

Spring 2021



We are excited to announce the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel Travel Program! This new benefit is available exclusively to MARSP members as part of your State Membership. The MARSP Travel Program is an opportunity for retired public school employees to enjoy the benefits of retirement and still stay connected with friends who also served in public education and share similar interests.

We are working with partners in the travel industry as we consider destinations and coordinate adventures throughout the state, across the nation, and around the world. We are early in the process and these things take time to plan. We know that many of you are ready to get out and see the wonders of the world. As we develop more details including timing, locations, and pricing we will update those interested in the program. If you are interested in staying up-to-date on the MARSP travel program, please fill out this form and mail it to the MARSP Office PO Box 23214 Lansing, MI 48909 or fill out an interest form at www.marsp.org/travel. NAME_______________________________________________________ EMAIL_______________________________________________________ PHONE______________________________________________________ ADDRESS____________________________________________________ CITY____________________________ STATE__________ ZIP__________ Are you a MARSP member?



The Bottom Line

First Renew, Then Reach Out By Hess Bates, MARSP Treasurer hessbates@att.net

My favorite time of the year is right around the corner, bringing with it optimism and a general sense of renewal. Hmmm…“renewal”… that makes me think of something… oh yeah! It’s Spring and it’s time for MARSP members to renew their memberships! Most MARSP members are diligent and timely in taking care of this important Springtime task. But as is true so often in life, there is more lying beneath the surface; despite their singular importance, membership renewals by themselves are not enough. Renewals alone cannot replace the hundreds of members whom we lose each year to death. And reliance only on membership renewal will do nothing to grow the ranks of MARSP membership. MARSP is the only organization in Michigan whose mission is the preservation and enhancement of retiree benefits for all those who work under the MPSERS umbrella. And as has been said before, with glamour, high salaries, and status missing from the list of reasons to work in public schools, the profession needs an

efficient and stable retirement system to help attract bright, motivated, and capable people. MARSP can more effectively pursue its mission only through increases in its membership base because more members mean greater clout. This is something wellunderstood in the often-raucous halls of our state’s legislature, where threats to public education and its retirement system are never really off the table. So first we must all be certain to renew our state and local-chapter memberships every Spring. Then if I may make the gentle suggestion, we must all go further and take additional steps to ensure that MARSP’s membership grows. There are some easy things that we can do to help accomplish this. •

Spousal (or other beneficiaries) memberships; most retirees have beneficiaries and all of these people should be members. If your beneficiary is not currently a part of the MARSP family, sign him or her up. Your significant other has as much to lose as you when retirement benefits again fall into the crosshairs of contrary legislators.

All of us know some former colleagues who have retired but are not MARSP members. Invite one or two of these people to breakfast or lunch, explain MARSP’s essential role, and sign these folks up, too! Loosen those purse strings a little and pay for the meal. It won’t hurt (much) and it might just seal the deal. Here’s a wild thought; to reach the really entrenched non-joiner, buy a gift membership for that person. For many of us, $35 for that person’s state dues will not break the bank but just might get us a new member who only needed that final push. If you have already exploited those strategies or just want to add a little excitement to your life, consider participating in MARSP’s School Ambassador program (developed, tweaked, and spearheaded by former MARSP President Les Nixon). School Ambassadors are MARSP members who return to the districts and schools where they worked and make brief presentations to active employees about MARSP and the benefits of pre-retirement Associate Memberships. School Ambassadors also present information about DonorsChoose which provides funding for many classroom projects throughout the state and which MARSP and its chapters actively support. Les Nixon’s own training and scripts for the presentations are provided!

The bottom line? Individual membership renewal is extremely important but it is not enough. MARSP and its mission are so deeply important to public education in Michigan that we all have the responsibility to reach a little further and to do more than just renew. 6

l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

Spring 2021

Calendar of events June - July

Verification of Coverage (VOC)

From Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan: 2021 Verification of Coverage (VOC) forms are due July 15, 2021. The 2021 Verification of Coverage (VOC) survey will be mailed to all retirees in May. You must complete this form for yourself and anyone else covered by your retirement system health plan. You must respond to the survey, even if you don’t have any other coverage. If you don’t respond to the survey, your retirement system medical plan and prescription drug coverage will be canceled. The Verification of Coverage (VOC) survey asks you to identify any other health coverage you or your dependents might have in addition to your retirement system coverage. The information is used to determine your eligibility in the retirement system’s health plan. Questions about the Verification of Coverage survey? Watch the Verification of Coverage Survey webcast at www.bcbsm.com/mpsers or call # 877-445-2192 TTY#711.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Class Action Lawsuit

Recently you may have received a notification from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan regarding a Class Action Lawsuit. We reached out to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on behalf of MARSP members. You are not eligible to make a claim in this settlement if you were insured through the MPSERS BCBS PPO plan during Feb 7, 2008 to October 16, 2020.

June 24 MPSERS Board meeting July 12 Legislative Committee meeting Membership Committee meeting Bylaws Committee meeting July 19 Executive Committee MARSP RPS - Pension Seminars MARSP Retirement Planning Services (RPS) is hosting virtual pension seminars available to all public school and community college employees who are members of the MPSERS retirement plan. To find a seminar near you, visit www.marsp.org/events Upcoming MARSP Webinar Topics MARSP Travel Program MARSP Foundation and more... As we plan these webinars and more please make sure you are receiving our emails by adding staff@marsp.org to your contact list.

If you were insured through another plan other than the MPSERS BCBS PPO plan during that time you may be eligible. For more information please visit www.bcbssettlement.com or call 888-681-1142.

MARSP Office Relocation Update:

In the Winter 2021 VANGUARD we annouced that the MARSP State office will be relocating to the MELG building in Lansing, Michigan. We are currently in the process of prepairing and packing for the move. We will contine to use the MARSP PO box . Please use the PO box to mail any membership renewals and other mail.

The Summer VANGUARD classified ad advertisement deadline is July 1, 2021. For Sale: Two lawn crypts at Flint Memorial Cemetary with headstones. Located in “Garden of Prayer”. Will sell all for $3,000. Text 256-702-2897

MARSP P.O. Box 23214 Lansing, MI 48909-3214

Membership Database

MARSP Website

The MARSP team has begun work to update and refresh the MARSP website. The team is reviewing content and examining user experience to develop a functional and attractive website.

Legislative Advocacy Software

The MARSP team is currently in the process of implementing and creating assets to be used for legislative advocacy. As we get closer to a launch date, the MARSP team will conduct a training webinar for all members.

The MARSP team is busy working on setting up the new and improved membership system and verifying data. We have tested both the join and renewal process and are excited to share this with members. At this time, we are planning a Summer 2021 launch.  

Spring 2021 www.marsp.org l VA N G UA R D l 7

Contributions to MARSP January 31, 2021 to March 31, 2021 Contributions to MARSP include donations to the General Fund. From Members Adams, Margaret - Alpena Anagnostou, Donna - Wayne NW Bailey, Carol - Kalamazoo Bancroft, Beverly - Oakland Suburban Bianchini, Dora - Oakland North Bignall, Jamie - Cheboygan Boschma, Marianne - Wayne NW Bott, Barbara - Ogemaw Bown, Mary - Mecosta-Canadian Lakes Britskey, Eileen - Macomb North Callow, Laura - Wayne NW Curtis, Lorri - Macomb North Engle, Ruth - Macomb East Feldman, Judith - Jackson Fornell-Cargo, Adrienne - Calhoun Freeland, Sally - Oakland North Gerow, Kathryn - Kent Grant, Franklin - Bay Area Harris, Diane - Oakland Suburban

Herron, Louise - Genesee Hoppe, Patricia - Alpena Jones, Betty - Saginaw Kanamueller, Linda - Kalamazoo Kristen, Reva - Gratiot Lewandwoski, Gerald - Wayne Metro Longenecker, Bonnie - Houghton-Keweenaw Longenecker, Edward - Houghton-Keweenaw McCall, Kay - Kent McGrath, Mary - Wayne Detroit Metiva, Theodore - Saginaw Occhietti, Dorothy - Dickinson Ortega, Manuela - Newaygo Phillips, Donna - Shiawassee Sadowski, Eleanor - Charlevoix Schrumpf, Susan - Grand Traverse Stovall-Hill, Clarice - Wayne Detroit Tangenburg, Wilma - MARSP Walls, Melanie - Houghton-Keweenaw

In Memoriam from Members Cramton, Anne - for Leonal Cramton Trask, Pamela - for Vicki Barnes In Honor of, from Members Gunter, Evelyn - for Shirley Boykin In Memoriam from Chapters Branch – for Stanley Bushouse, William Johnson, and Kenneth Weirich Saginaw - for Angeline Brownlie, Louis Economou, Robert Gordon, Patricia Hensler, Mabel Holloway, Mary Jackson, Gloria Kriewall, Marsha Mazony, Elnor Morris, David Pawley, Donald Percy, Chandler Sierocki, Earl Tucker, Benjamin Webb, Leonard Williams, and Ella Wilson. St. Joseph - for Beverly Ruggles

VBDF Contributions January 31, 2021 - March 31, 2021 The MARSP Board of Directors expresses SINCERE thanks to every member and chapter listed below for the contributions to the MARSP Voluntary Benefit Defense Fund (VBDF). The fund is used to initiate and/or participate in legal battles that may be necessary to protect Michigan public school retirees’ benefits over the next few years. To date, the fund has been used to educate legislators regarding defined contribution and graded premium insurance subsidy legislation; to research and investigate defined contribution and other plans in other states; to purchase the software needed to provide an effective grassroots network; to provide written information to legislators; and other activities necessary for the protection of school retiree benefits. Members Allen, Heather - Livingston Ayling, Richard - Grand Traverse Bates, Heston - Oakland North Bown, Mary - Mecosta-Canadian Lakes Boyle, Brian - Oakland North Franco, Manuel - Grand Traverse Gallmeier, Michael - Roscommon Grant, Franklin - Bay Area Joles, Roland - Cheboygan Jones, Cara - Ingham-Greater Lansing Kaiser, Richard - Genesee SE Kalnbach, Lynne - Luce County/Tahquamenon Knack, Thomas - Saginaw Koski, Pam - Montcalm Lehto, George - Crawford-Oscoda Lewandowski, Gerald - Wayne Metro Mack, Stephanie - Berrien Marietti, Robert - Marquette Matthews, Joan - Wayne Downriver McBee, Gary - MARSP 8

l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

McCammon, Melanie - Berrien McWatt, Catherine - Macomb North Michael, Elizabeth - Washtenaw Micheletti, Evelyn - Oakland Suburban Piotrowski, Donald - Oakland Suburban Riley, Timmie - Menominee Rudolph, Jo Ellen - Charlevoix Stoner, Penny - MARSP Tulikangas, Paul - Macomb East Vandermyde, Joyce - MARSP Weber, Kathryn - Oakland Suburban

In Honor of, from Members Braidwood, Noreen - for Lee & Peggy Hornberger and Andrew & Mary Braidwood From Chapters FL - Char-Sota Iosco-Alcona Iron Isabella Washtenaw

In Memory of, from Members In Memory of from Chapters Cramton, Anne - for Leonal Cramton St. Joseph - for Carol Rueckert Ferrell, Joan - for Steven J. Bartunek Hansen, Marjorie - for Dorothy Bird LeBlanc, Laurence - for Don Douglas Peterson, Margaret - for Martin Erickson Wiles, Robert - for Ken Kelly and Vicki Barnes

Spring 2021

MARSP Foundation Contributions January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021 Contributions to the MARSP Foundation include donations to the following funds: Scholarship Fund, General Fund, Richard and Margaret Smith Fund and the MARSP Foundation Endowment Fund. From Members Adams, Lula - Eaton Akker, Arlene - Muskegon Albery, Nancy - Oakland North Alexander, John - Iosco-Alcona Allen, Doris - Van Buren Allessie, Joseph - Genesee Altenburg, Peggy Jean - Livingston Amsden, Emily - St. Clair Anderson, Joan - Bay Area Andrews, Dorothy - Wayne Metro Apkarian, Deborah - Wayne Downriver Bald, Diane - Macomb North Baldoni, Doris - Oakland Suburban Band, Janice - FL St. Petersburg Bantle, Carol - Genesee Barkham, Colleen - Oakland Suburban Barnes, Janet - Mecosta-Canadian Lakes Barr, Lynn - Washtenaw Barr, Marie - Wayne NW Bates, Heston - Oakland North Bradfield, Karen - Wayne Detroit Beach, Ulrike - Houghton-Keweenaw Belding, Jean - Oakland Farmington Bennett, Christine - Bay Area Berman, Eleanor - Kalamazoo Bertrand, Lois - Menominee Bill, Patricia - Wayne Downriver Billing, Dorothy - Oakland Farmington Bloomer, Barbara - Wayne Downriver Bock, Julianna - Oakland Suburban Bogdan, Maria - Monroe South Boline, Margaret - Gogebic Bonsall, John - MARSP Bouchard, Lelah - Ottawa Bradfield, Karen - Wayne Detroit Brazee, Donald - MARSP Breitwieser, Martha - MARSP Brennan, Janice - Oakland Suburban Brosofski, Edward - Saginaw Brown, Annette - MARSP Bumford, Marguerite - Oakland Farmington Burke, Joyce - Kalamazoo Call, Karen - Wayne NW Calvin, Margaret - MARSP Capen, Luana - MARSP Carpenter, Judith - Newaygo Carr, Cheryl Jean - Berrien Case, Sterling - Wayne Downriver Clark, Patricia - Hillsdale Clay, Shirley - Wayne Detroit Clinard, Donna - Kalamazoo Clink, Marilyn - Bay Area Cody, Carol - MARSP

Collins, Daniel - Wayne NW Cook, Dennis - Chippewa-Mackinac Corcoran, Mary - Macomb East Coveart, Sandra - Gladwin Cox, Schuyler - MARSP Crane, Glenda - Charlevoix Cunningham, Sandra - Wayne Downriver Danhoff, James - Kalamazoo Davies, James Gary - Wayne Metro Dawson, Judith - Genesee Demello, Julie - Ionia Devitt, Calvin - Oakland North Dove-Jones, Helen - Oakland Farmington Drake, Verland - Muskegon DuPuis Mary Ann - Saginaw Dvorak, Janeen - Shiawassee Edwards, Carol - Mecosta-Canadian Lakes Engle, Ruth - Macomb East Evans, Elizabeth - Bay Area Evans, John - Bay Area Famsworth, Sandy - Grand Traverse Fedelem, Richard - FL Sun Coast Feusse, Floyd - Saginaw Fisher, Lannie - Clinton Fry, Coral - St. Joseph Gajewski, Mary - Huron Gallmeier, Michael - Roscommon Garland, Gary - Calhoun Garner, Virginia - Wayne NW Garrison, Adrienne - Jackson Gebrowsky, Margaret - Oakland North Gierhart, Linda - Tuscola Gilbert, Shirley - Wayne Detroit Gilmer, Thomas - Allegan Gonzalez, Irene - Monroe South Gorman, Irma - Berrien Graham, Lynn - Kent Gregory, Charlotte - Wayne Downriver Grettenberger, Kathleen - Clinton Griffel, Eugene - Genesee Grunow, Mary Geraldine - Wayne Metro Hager, Aisha - Wayne Downriver Hagerman, Randall - Emmet Hale, Luther - Saginaw Hamilton, Gerald Lee - MARSP Hammer, Sharon - Genesee SE Hanley, Helen - MARSP Hansen, Marjorie - Ionia Harrison, Eileen - Eaton Hayes-Parvin, Kathleen - Oakland Suburban Hayner, Lynn - Presque Isle Helmreich, Julie - MARSP Herrick, Debra - Ottawa Herrick, Kathleen - Ingham-Greater Lansing

Hickey, Elaine - Macomb East Higbee, Judith - Wayne NW Hightower, Gracie - Wayne Metro Hildinger, Joan - Bay Area Hilton, Patricia - MARSP Hinkamp, Leigh - Wexford-Missaukee Hinz, Muriel - Macomb East Hollaway, Rosetta - FL Heartland Hoover, Eula - Macomb East Hopping, Marilyn - MARSP Horton-Myers, Dona - Wayne Detroit Hotchkiss, Janet - Livingston Huber, Rosalie - Ingham-Greater Lansing Hudson, Faye - Wayne Detroit Humphries, Vera - Kent Hutton, John - Clinton Iott, Don - St. Joseph Jackson, Betsy - MARSP Jacobs, Carol - Bay Area Jacobs, Larry - Jackson Janis, Norma - Wayne NW Joerke, Erika - Saginaw Johnson, Nancy - Crawford-Oscoda Johnson, Raymond - Delta Jones, Mary - Wayne NW Jones, William - Bay Area Justin, Nancy - Kalamazoo Kaul, Michael - Oakland North Keck, Jessie - Newaygo Keely, Mary - St. Joseph Kellogg-Bladecki, Mary Jo - Bay Area Klein, Karin - Wayne NW Klink, Lois - Ingham-Greater Lansing Klos, Patricia - Macomb East Knickerbocker, Barbara - Kalamazoo Kniola, Sharon - Berrien Knisely, David - St. Joseph Kollmann, Dorothy - Delta Kopec, Kerin - Macomb East Koppelman, Duane - Washtenaw Kovacs, Ronald - Grand Traverse Krause, Evelyn - Wayne Detroit Kronmann, Alma - Wayne NW Kruyer, Richard - Genesee Kulhanjian, Esther - Oakland Suburban Laich, Mary - Ingham-Greater Lansing Lance, Elizabeth - MARSP Larner, Nancy - Saginaw Lattin, Lorraine - Ingham-Greater Lansing Lindsay, Janis - Charlevoix Ling, Patricia - FL Sun Coast Linnan, Marvel - Kent Lister, James - Ingham-Greater Lansing Lobart, Dianne - Macomb East

Spring 2021 www.marsp.org l VA N G UA R D l 9

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In Honor of, from Members Dickie, Teresa - for all public school employees Kelly, Kathleen - for Mary Ecker Malaski, Mark - for current school personnel Malechuk, Marcella - for Edward Malechuk’s family Pohl, Joan - Kalamazoo colleagues Wright, Nancy - for custodians during pandemic

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In Memory of, from Chapters Berrien – for Roland Bowman Sr., Marjorie Dalzotto, Marshall Doak, Rose McCourt, and Susan Russell Oakland Farmington - for Angela Johnson Shiawassee - for Wanda Lamphere and David Ross

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In case you missed it How To Avoid Scams During Retirement MARSP Webinar Summary

Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel held a webinar on the subject of how to avoid scams which featured guest speakers Trooper Katelyn Hammond and Trooper Steven Kramer from the Michigan State Police. Trooper Hammond conducted the webinar while Trooper Kramer took questions from the viewers via the chat box. Over the course of the webinar, Trooper Hammond went over several different types of scams and how to avoid them. The contents of her presentation were as follows. In-Person Scams In-person scams basically involve actual physical contact with the scammer as opposed to scams that happen through phone, internet or mail. These scammers may appear as door-to-door salesmen or as people that you may see on the streets trying to get you to sign petitions or give a donation. The purpose of these scams is to solicit personal information from you including your name, e-mail, address, and phone numbers. This information can be used to open accounts and create identities under your name. In the case of donations, the scammers are just trying to procure funds. The best way to safeguard against such scams is by calling the company or the organization that the potential scammers claims to be working for and verifying whether that company sent someone out to do this job. TIP: Do not take a company or organization phone number the potential scammer provides you. Look up the company’s customer service or main office number yourself. 12

Check Fraud Check fraud is a type of scam where fraudulent checks are used to trick people into making deposits or withdrawals that serve nefarious purposes. Check fraud particularly happens when you don’t know where a check is coming from. For example, if you receive a check in the mail. Hence, here are several signs that may point to a check being a fraudulent one. •

Misspellings: If the name of the bank, the name of the company or any other information on the check is spelled incorrectly, that is a bad sign. Covered pre-written info: If you notice that information on a check like a name or an amount does not look like it is normally printed or that only a part of the information looks normally printed while the rest looks like it was written/printed on top of something, that is a bad sign. Excessive Writing: If the memo section of your check has a lot of reasons written on it as opposed to something simple like “vehicular payment” that is also a red flag. Computer Generated checks: A check is mostly computer generated, but if an improper format or information on the check is pre-printed, that is a red flag.

Credit/Debit Cards; RFID, Magnetic Strips, and Chips Credit/debit cards have three different ways of payment. Firstly, there’s Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). In the RFID method, your card emits a particular radio frequency that can be detected by the tap-to-pay machines. Your information is conveyed via this frequency and a transaction is made. Scammers these days have machines that pick up these frequencies and they can gain access to your information by simply being close enough to you so that their machine can catch the

l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

frequency your card emits. The best way to protect from such scammers is by purchasing wallets or purses that block RFID frequencies from getting out. These products are fairly cheap and easily available. Secondly, there are magnetic strips. These strips are on your card and hold all your information. These must be passed through magnetic strip readers to convey that information and make a transaction possible. Scammers will often place their own little readers, undetectable, in between the actual card readers at places like gas stations, so that when you swipe, the information goes to the scammer. To safeguard from this you can check for sticker seals on the readers and make sure they haven’t been broken. Chips on cards are a newer method of payment and they make each single purchase via encrypted data. This makes chips the safest payment method in cards at the moment. Phone Scams Phone scams involve scammers of the same nature as mentioned earlier such as people trying to solicit information or funds, except in this case they approach you via phone. The principle of verification mentioned in the in-person scam section applies here, as well. If someone calls you claiming to be from some organization/ company, you can call said organization/ company and verify if they authorized such a call. However, to safeguard against phone scams you can use any of the following methods and resources. The national Do Not Call registry is an online resource that is a free, easy way to reduce the telemarketing calls you get at home. Learn more at www.donotcall.gov. A “Block” feature allows you to block particular numbers from calling you. It exists for landlines as well. Call stopping apps essentially provide the same feature except with block features you still get notified of a missed Spring 2021

call; a call blocking app stops a call from reaching you altogether www.ftc.gov is a government website where you can report scams or inappropriate phone calls. Email Fraud Email fraud involve fraudulent emails that claim to be from a particular organization (such as your bank) and try to get you to click on links and fill forms that provide them with sensitive information about you such as your bank account information, etc. There are several tell-tale signs of a fraudulent email. This includes unprofessional email addresses (including numbers, symbols, etc), spelling errors and links to websites that don’t really belong to that organization (which you can verify by looking up the official website of said organization). What Scammers (usually) say Thinking about scams and the possibility of being scammed can be scary. It is important that you are aware, informed and diligent about sharing personal information or payment information. Here are a few scenarios of ways scammers may contact someone. • Scammers may claim to be family members like nieces or nephews and ask for money because they are in a difficult situation. • They may claim to be a government agency like the IRS saying you owe them money or otherwise you’re facing jail time. • They may claim to be from social security and try to verify your social security information, stealing it in the process. • They may claim to be from a charity looking for funds. • They may try to play romance scams where they try to gain your affection and retrieve funds that they need to “come see you”. • They may try to get you to invest in some scheme that they portray as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but which later turns out to be of no value. Guidance about Passwords Passwords are highly crucial in protecting your information online. So, make sure your passwords are unique, at Spring 2021

least 8 characters long (including letters, both upper and lower case, and numbers) and most importantly, different for every website that you log into. Having the same password for all your accounts is a major risk and not recommended. It is also not advised to write your passwords down somewhere, like on a paper, or store them in a file on your computer as both of those resources are susceptible to hacking. Allowing websites to remember your passwords so you don’t have to type them every time you log in is also not advised. If you do this, anyone who has access to your device will have access to all your accounts easily. A good way to have multiple unique passwords is by making tweaks and changes to your primary password that are relevant to the website you are setting the password for so you remember it. Guidance about Online Shopping If you are engaging in online shopping, the number one tip is to not use your credit card to make payments on websites that are not secure, such as craigslist or Facebook marketplace. Secondly, if you are meeting sellers from such websites to make payments, do not meet them at your home, the best way is to meet them is in the parking lots of local police stations; no safer place. Guidance about Apps When interacting with apps the important thing to understand is that no app is truly private. Even if all your privacy settings are really restricted, all your information is still available to the company that owns the app. And even with really strong privacy, there are ways for the things you post to reach people that you don’t want seeing them. Be very careful about what you post and what apps you are interacting with. Be careful about posting sensitive information like phone numbers, addresses, birthdays or ages, names of family members, and information about children or grandchildren. Also be cautious of the pictures and videos that you post.

Common Red Flags Common red flags for scams include: • Repeated or harassing messages • Requests for contact from people you do not know (friend requests, etc) • Inappropriate or prying personal questions Threats Messages of distress from someone that you cannot confirm you know. Investigations and how to go about them If you are a part of an identity theft investigation, the first step is to generate a credit report. The first thing that happens in such a situation is that accounts are opened under your name. The credit report will allow you to point out which accounts are legitimate and which are fraudulent. The second step is to get new account numbers, credit cards and debit cards generated and cancel the old ones. Get rid of old checks as well. These are all the things that the officer investigating your case will ask you for anyway. The thought of scams and scammers can be scary but staying informed and diligent can be a great first line of defense. For more information on scams, protection and what to do if you have been scammed visit www.fbi.gov/scamsand-safety/common-scams-and-crimes/


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In case you missed it AMBA Benefits Overview MARSP Webinar Summary

MARSP recently hosted experts from Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA) to introduce and review supplemental benefits available to MARSP members. Who is AMBA Association Member Benefits Advisors is a supplemental benefits provider endorsed by MARSP for MARSP members. What Does AMBA Do? Benefits are designed to fill the gaps in your health insurance. They will not interfere with any health plans. Plans available are supplemental health insurance benefits, life insurance, investment products, technology and retail discounts, and travel discounts. The goal for AMBA is to provide additional benefits and services to our members and help grow the organization. There is strength in numbers, and we encourage active public school employees and retirees to join MARSP. Core Benefits Cancer, Heart, Stroke are flexible choice programs through Cigna. This policy provides tax-free dollars for you to use as needed.

Extended Care and Recovery Care 70% of people over the age of 65 will need extended care. Extended care is provided at home or care provided at a nursing home or assisted living facility. This care may become necessary due to Cancer Diagnosis, Heart Issues, Stroke, extended illnesses, disability, or cognitive impairments. This plan is offered through Aetna, and benefits pay up to $300 per day for Nursing Home or Assisted Living and up to $1200 per week for Home Health Care. Medical Air Services Association Medical Air Services Association (MASA) is another benefit offered through AMBA. MASA is used as an additional benefit to your health coverage, not an insurance product, and everyone is eligible. This coverage would not disqualify you from your current coverage through your MPSERS benefits. All of your out-of-pocket expenses are covered regardless of what your health insurance pays. Many think that this plan only applies to travel, but there are no restrictions to coverage. You can benefit from this coverage even if you are at home and need medical transportation. Ambulance services may be considered out of network on some insurance plans, and the MASA plan helps supplement that cost when insurance does not.

Life Insurance MARSP members can purchase whole life and guaranteed life insurance through Mutual Omaha in addition to Children’s Whole Life from Mutual Omaha. Fixed Indexed Annuity MARSP members can purchase Fixed Indexed Annuities through Ameritas. A Fixed Indexed Annuities plan provides lifetime income and safety, allows access to competitive returns, and helps to protect assets from market risk. Get in Touch with AMBA Schedule a time for an AMBA representative to attend a local chapter meeting. Contact Mike Murphy 1-734-626-7552 michael.purphy@amba.info Or-Scan the QR code below to request Benefits Information.

MASA offers three membership options to MARSP members. Each membership comes with perks and extra benefits. • 1-year program • 5-year program (includes My ID Bracelet) • Lifetime membership (includes My ID Bracelet)

Take advantage of AMBA benefits today by signing up for myambadiscounts! This program is offered to all MARSP members at no cost. Visit www.myambadiscounts.com to access your passport. Step 1: Visit www.myambadiscounts.com Step 2: Click “Register here” Step 3: Enter your email address Step 4: Click “Activation Code” and enter activation code “ambasavers” Step 5: Complete registration with personal information and communication preferences. 14

l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

Spring 2021

In case you missed it MARSP School Ambassador Program MARSP Webinar Summary Les Nixon, School Ambassador Facilitator, and Royce Humm, Executive Director, held a virtual training for MARSP members interested in learning more about the MARSP School Ambassador program. In this training, members learned about: • Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel overview • MARSP School Ambassador purpose • Recruiting Strategies to gain new members • MARSP Chapter Awards • MARSP Outreach and community service efforts MARSP School Ambassadors are the link between local schools and retired school employees. The primary role of a school ambassador is to create connections with local schools to create awareness of MARSP and all the benefits of joining our premier organization.

MARSP School Ambassadors have an exciting role in informing active school personnel about MARSP and the benefits of becoming a MARSP member. MARSP is looking for members who are interested in becoming MARSP School Ambassadors. To learn more and view the on-demand training, visit www.marsp.org/ambassador.

*MARSP endorses Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), not individual products provided by AMBA.


TIME TO EXPAND YOUR COVERAGE. As your life changes, consider some of these benefits and discounts from MARSP & AMBA:

• Long-Term Care • Home Health Care • MASA (Air and Ground Ambulance • • • •

Plan) Cancer, Heart & Stroke Policy Accident Policy Easy Issue Life Policy Discounts on Travel, Dining & more

Learn more: 1-877-556-4582 myambabenefits.info/marsp MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED SCHOOL PERSONNEL

Cedar Hazel Lautner Charlevoix Isabelle Seidel January 1, 2021 – Cheboygan March 31, 2021 Barbara Burgtorf Carroll Schoch “... these immortal dead, who live Clark Lake again in minds made better by William Shoemaker their presence.” Clinton Township Michigan Virginia Phillips Allegan Walter Polk Alden Nielsen Coldwater Allen Park Bonnie Rocco Colleen Thompson Stanley Bushouse Allendale William Johnson Eugene Potgeter Dearborn Alpena Felisa Deluna Elaine Thompson Frederick Brail Ann Arbor Gretelle Kopp Edmund Palmer Ruth Spencer Phebe Judson William Kilpatrick Robert Moseley Detroit Armada Bettie Thompson Betty Shafer Charlene Smith Dorothy Heldt Earnestine Nimmons Atlantic Mine Ruth Collins Elaine Lampinen Dryden Bad Axe Ronald Billie Gail Ross Durand Baraga Wanda Lamphere Mary Takala Escanaba Bay City Vivian Frossard Noel Eichhorn Evart Bay Port Larry Morlock Virgini Kohr Farmington Belding Patricia Lindenmuth Katherine Vargo Farmington Hills Benton Harbor Barbara White Robert Jackson Fennville Roland Bowman Wincie Wells Berkley Fort Gratiot Nicholas Davis Jr Suzanne Hanton Beverly Hills Frankfort Lois Engelhard Betty Schelling Birch Run Freeland Donald Percy Marsha Mazany Bloomfield Gaylord Sidne Rose Barbara Henderson Cadillac Gladwin Caroline Dahlquist Florine Antcliff Donna Welsh Linda Caldwell Emmaline Marsh Glenn Muriel Stehouwer Emil Tomanek Shirle Davis Grand Blanc Canton Eltrude Rasmussen Mary Elliott Paula Ridley Yvonne Snyder Grand Rapids Caro Clara Crittenden Linda Bezenah Corinne Carey Carson City John Dubinsky Wallace Kile Natali Young Peggy Stolk

In Remembrance


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Manistique Leonard Lafleur William Buzzo Marshall Russell Buller Menominee William Fernstrum Midland Kathleen Cigan Monroe Shirley Littlepage Mt Pleasant Evelyn Woolever Muskegon Alice Babinec Okemos Grace Hoffer Oscoda Sophie Inman Paris Glendon Stieg Perkins Julian Vandecaveye Petoskey William Steffens Pewamo Eveline Miller Pinckney G Knapp Port Huron Alberta Moore Bernice Young Bethany Radtke Orval Bachus Portage James Kirklin Robert Schinderle Rochester Nancy Viles Rochester Hills Edward Brouhard Rose City Lorain Berg Roseville Hugh Jack Knapman Saginaw Donald Mcphee Ella Wilson Ellen Snyder Frances Carter Leonard Williams Patricia Hensler Saint Clair Victoria Wassmus Saint Clair Shores Renee Hughes Saranac Virgil Daniels Shepherd Dale Harvey Southfield Angela Johnson

Southgate Shirley Mcclain St. Joseph Janet Schrubba Susie Tichenor Stanwood Richard Tice Sterling Heights Dorothy Dobos Three Rivers Beverly Ruggles Traverse City Elberta Roseberry Gerald Wallace Lolita Fisher Marjorie Krakker Union City Kenneth Weirich Vestaburg Norma Narragon West Bloomfield Lois Freeman Warren Catherine Strizich Karen Saponaro Waterford Dorothy Dowsett Marianne Varion Marjorie Wiley Valna Dow Webberville Cleo Chase West Bloomfield Yvette Mandell Westland Frances Webb Willis Carl Hendricks Euralana Goble

Indiana Rensselaer William Brinker Missouri Bay St. Louis Mary Adams North Carolina Albemarle Juanit Lynn Cary Robert London New Mexico Las Cruces Don Howarth Tennessee Fairfield Glade Thomas Lusk Washington Seattle Leah Drachler

Out-of-state Arizona Laveen Lawsie Collins Tucson Gerald Fisher Flordia Inverness Francis Troy Leesburg Nancy Apsey Naples Judith Damaske New Port Richey Christine Marchel Sarasota Alma Spurlin Seminole Clara Rousseau

Spring 2021

For decades, the schools were your whole world. Now, the whole world is your oyster. From new hobbies to old friends, retirement offers you options you never knew you had. And, just like in retirement, you have options when it comes to your health plan. A Priority Health plan helps you stay happy and healthy–no matter where retirement takes you.

To learn more about Priority Health, watch our free on-demand webinar today at priorityhealth.com/mpsers.

Priority Health has HMO-POS and PPO plans with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in Priority Health Medicare depends on contract renewal. H2320_NCMS400040022100A_C 11202020 ©2021 Priority Health 10610A5 01/21

Referring a friend or spouse could make you a winner too MARSP members who refer a friend, former colleague or spouse/pension beneficiary are entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 Visa® gift card, as well as the grand prize drawing of a trip for two to Mackinac Island! MARSP members referred 8 new or former members from January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021 The 8 referrals have the following chapter associations: 1-4 referrals: Branch, Crawford - Oscoda, Kalamazoo, Macomb North, Muskegon, Wayne Detroit The $25 Visa® gift card referral winners are: Betty Malovey for John Howk, Lisa Renshaw for Michael Renshaw, Michael Branch for Dianne Branch

Political Influence (continued from back page) We remain hopeful that both sides can hammer out a compromise for next year’s School Aid budget that ideally could be signed into law prior to the start of the K-12 fiscal year on July 1, but hitting that deadline at this point in the year may prove to be a challenge. At this time we are also watching several policy bills that have been introduced in the Legislature.

House Bill 4263, sponsored by Rep. Brad Paquette (R-Niles) would modify the current repayment schedule of MPSERS unfunded accrued liability (UAL). House Bill 4263 would adopt a layered amortization strategy, providing additional flexibility for repayment in the School Aid budget while ensuring repayment of debt and maintaining financial strength within the system.

Senate Bill 24 introduced by Senator Tom Barrett (R-Charlotte), House Bill 4002 introduced by Rep. Joe Bellino (R-Monroe), and House Bill 4490 introduced by Rep. Angela Witwer (D-Delta Township) would restore the full exemption from state income tax on pensions back to where it was in 2011 prior to the creation of the muchmaligned “pension tax”. Similarly, House Bill 4886 introduced by Rep. Jeff Yaroch (R-Richmond) calls for restoring the income tax exemption on pensions to where it was in 2011 for those retired and receiving a pension as of January 1, 2012. MARSP has been in contact with these offices thanking them for their efforts and offering to work with them. We are also monitoring a number of bills that would affect MPSERS.

House Bill 4188, also sponsored by Rep. Albert would enact layered amortization of MPSERS debt, revise mortality and investment return assumptions, and require payment of Defined Contribution employer retirement costs directly from the School Aid Fund.

House Bill 4261, sponsored by House Appropriations Committee Chair Thomas Albert (R-Lowell) would revise the MPSERS payroll growth assumption rate.

Senate Bill 359 introduced by Sen. Ken Horn (R-Frankenmuth) would amend Michigan’s income tax deduction to allow residents 67 or older a deduction against all forms of income.


House Bill 4375, sponsored by Rep. Steven Johnson (R-Wayland) would also amend the MPSERS Act. This bill would delete the requirement that districts hiring retirees to serve as substitute teachers pay the UAL rate.

Senate Bill 418 introduced by Sen. Curtis Hertel (D-East Lansing) would amend the MPSERS Act to allow active public school employees to accrue two years of service credits for each year worked during certain conditions, including but not limited to the recent COVID-19 pandemic orders. Senate Bill 467 introduced by Sen. Jim Runestad (R-White Lake) would create a $25,000 (single) and $50,000 (joint) deduction at age 67 for all retirement income and index the amount to the Consumer Price Index going forward. Please check the MARSP website regularly. It is very likely that these bills will be more completely updated by the time you receive this VANGUARD publication. To stay up-to-date on bills we are watching visit www.marsp.org/billswatching.

House Bill 4734 introduced by Rep. Steve Marino (R-Harrison Twp.) would expand annuity options for public school employees.

l VA N G UA R D l www.marsp.org

Spring 2021

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Legislative Committee Report

Political Influence By Legislative Co-Chair Chuck Abshagen The Legislative Committee is Co-Chaired by Chuck Abshagen and Georgia Sharp

Consider the importance of your MARSP membership! Not only are you joined with fellow members who have spent years in education at one level or another (many who are friends and acquaintances) but also people who have a vested interest in protecting our retirement benefits (both pension and health insurance). Currently, we have approximately 33,000 members statewide. All of those members have families and friends. So our political clout as an organization is quite extensive. Now imagine for a moment how much more impact we could have with added

membership. One of the talking points your legislative committee empathizes is “with increased membership comes increased political influence”. Please consider reaching out to those you know who would benefit from MARSP membership. Budget issues continue to be discussed in Lansing between Governor Whitmer and legislative leadership. The state has received billions of dollars in federal coronavirus relief funding, designed to stimulate the economy and provide relief to Michiganders after the pandemic challenges of the previous year. However, this federal money

cannot be spent until the Governor and legislature reach a spending agreement. Governor Whitmer has announced her Fiscal Year 2021-2022 state budget. Her proposal continues funding in the School Aid budget for the Michigan Public School Retirement System (MPSERS), while the House School Aid budget in particular proposes an extra $250 million one-time payment towards paying down MPSERS debt. As of this writing, both chambers of the Legislature have passed K-12 budget counter-proposals and negotiations are underway. (continued on page 18)

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