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The Official Publication of the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel JULY-AUGUST 2011 VANGUARD

Volume 67, Issue #2

Fall 2017

Retired teacher leaves a legacy

Sophia as a young teacher

A former elementary teacher who rose from poverty has given the MARSP Foundation Scholarship Fund its largest-ever donation -- $20,000 – to leave a legacy of giving to others.

Sophia “Kay” Millard, who passed away in 2015 at age 103, designated the Foundation through a trust she created 20 years ago, said Helene Popovich, Millard’s niece and trustee. The MARSP scholarship fund helps active school personnel further their education. The fund typically releases $5,000 each year in grants of up to $1,000 each, said Mark Guastella, MARSP executive director. Millard was one of nine children born to Serbian immigrants and the only one among her siblings to attend college, Popovich said. The family immigrated to Butte, Montana, and later moved to Glennie, Michigan, where Millard’s father began farming. She graduated from high school in Oscoda as valedictorian -- at age 16.

Millard graduated from Detroit Teachers College in Detroit and taught for more than 40 years in elementary schools in Hazel Park, West Branch and Bloomfield Hills. She lived in Warren at the time of her death. “She was a very kind person, very intelligent,” Popovich said. “Education was very important to her; her home was filled with books .” Millard’s trust beneficiaries included education, religious and health organizations. “Her philosophy was that she wanted to leave the world a better place,” Popovich said. “She was a real giving person.”

All you need is one:

Don’t miss your chance to win a trip to the Grand Hotel MARSP members who recruit new members by Dec. 31, 2017, are automatically eligible to win a two night stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island valued at more than $2,000. The gift certificate is good through Oct. 2018. MARSP is 40,000+ members strong and counting, and with more than 212,000 retirees in the state of Michigan, there is ample room for MARSP to continue to grow. If each member recruited one person to MARSP, the organization could double its numbers, effectively increasing its influence with the Legislature in Lansing. MARSP has gained 199 new members from 180 current members’ referrals so far in 2017!

Sophia “Kay” Millard voting with her nephew.

“The more voices MARSP has behind it, the greater its strength will be,” Vicki Barnes, Membership Committee cochair, explains. “To our members who are unsure if their efforts will truly make a difference, remember, ‘All you need is one; one is all you need.’ “

Inside This Issue

Look inside for important health care changes for 2018!

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President’s Message

MARSP helps ensure strong retirement system By Paul Lerg, MARSP President As a former longtime educator and administrator, now entering my 17th year of retirement, I fully realize how important the work performed by the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel is to both current and former school workers. So as I begin my term as MARSP president, I aim to spread that message to current school employees and retirees statewide, with the ultimate goal of pushing our organization’s membership well past its current 40,000 level. Recruitment of those still working is especially key to growing our numbers, and we need to show current employees that what MARSP does is relevant to them both now and for their future. MARSP’s Summ’re Hungry program, which helps ensure children receive nutritious food even during the summer months when school meals might not be available, is one way to demonstrate MARSP’s vitality and importance to those still working with students. Another possibility: chapter-level scholarships that fund projects in classrooms or school buildings. But perhaps more important is MARSP’s ongoing efforts to ensure a strong retirement system for former public school employees.

additional postgraduate work at the University of Michigan, but through it all, I continued to bleed green and white.) After I taught for five years, a newly appointed superintendent asked me to serve as the district’s business manager. I guess he figured if I could teach physics and math, I could handle the school district’s business aspects. It turned out that I liked school administration so much that I stayed in it for 28 years, retiring as the Crawford-AuSable School District’s assistant superintendent in 2001. I like to tell people that I was fortunate enough to quit working while I still liked it, which I highly recommend. I also still like living in Grayling, where I continue to perform a lot of volunteer work – including for the local hospital – in between getaways to my cottage in Lake City, where I grew up.

We need to encourage young people to go into teaching, and that requires a healthy and stable retirement system. As we all know, teachers and other school workers aren’t drawn to the position for the pay. We’re called primarily by the chance to make a difference in children’s lives, while also knowing that we’ll have a secure retirement.

I became involved with MARSP after I ran into former Executive Director Bonnie Carpenter at the airport in Washington, D.C., and she asked if I would consider filling the organization’s vacant treasurer position. I agreed to that and shortly thereafter also agreed to serve as MARSP’s representative on the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System board. I served three two-year terms as MARSP treasurer, then became vice president and – this year – took over as president.

We also need to encourage lawmakers in Lansing to invest in our K-12 education system. That’s certainly a key to Michigan’s long-term future, and it’s also important to teachers and other school employees. It’s a type of positive cycle: A robust education system that offers good careers attracts workers in sufficient scale to ensure healthy benefit packages, including a secure retirement. I look forward to helping continue that cycle during my time as MARSP president. A bit about me … After graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in zoology, I immediately landed a position as a physics and math teacher in the Crawford-AuSable School District in Grayling, which I held for five years. (I would go on to get a master’s degree from Central Michigan University and complete

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Fall 2017

Executive Director’s Message

What has MARSP done for me lately? By S. Mark Guastella, Executive Director

Last spring, influential forces in the been given a stipend toward your health Michigan Legislature were poised to close care premiums. You would also have to the pension system of Michigan public find a health care plan you could afford. school personnel and eliminate the health Without the group plan provided by care benefits of retirees. During weeks of MPSERS and the lower premiums it offers, negotiation in which your pension and you would be purchasing plans priced health care benefits were on the budget anywhere from $750 per month to $1,500 chopping block, MARSP per month - for one person. was the only retiree “To put it plainly, our recent education association Imagine the financial efforts to protect your invited to be part of the difficulties most public retirement system saved negotiation process and school retirees would every retiree from dramatic, face if they suddenly had provide input. even catastrophic, losses to to pay anywhere from your health care coverage.” $500 to $1,000 more per Through those discussions, we helped month for their health care. decision-makers see the MARSP saved you from pitfalls and significant additional costs that potential reality. No other retiree they would have triggered with such a organization can make that factual claim. radical change. They believed closing the system would save money, but instead it When we try to renew members or would have cost Michigan billions more recruit new members, we often get and extended the state’s debts to 2057. the question, “What have you done for me lately?” Consider what health care would cost you and your spouse without your current In addition to making calls to help benefits. Today you pay either 10 percent hundreds of members solve health care or 20 percent of your premiums, which insurance problems, we also interact costs each of you about $75 to $150 per regularly with legislators to make them month, with the state paying the balance aware of MARSP’s positions on pending of the total premium of approximately legislation. Our activities don’t come $750 per month. If the bills passed as with a big marketing splash or draw originally proposed in the House and major news outlets to tell our story on Senate, within three years you could have the evening news, but every day we lost the cost-sharing arrangement and are saving members money, time and

stress. When a legislative victory occurs like the one this year, we need to share the accomplishment with every retiree and beneficiary.

Fall 2017

To put it plainly, our recent efforts to protect your retirement system saved every retiree from dramatic, even catastrophic, losses to your health care coverage. So, when you are promoting MARSP to non-members and someone says: “Why should I pay $35 a year? What has MARSP done for me?” you can confidently reply: “MARSP just saved every retiree and beneficiary at least $500 a month for the rest of your life!” And it’s OK to convey the message with a little swagger, because there is only one retiree association that represents all retirees, regardless of previous position, and that has only one specific mission – To preserve, protect and enhance the benefits of public school retirees. That association is MARSP! Spread the word and help us grow. Remember, each member only needs to recruit one new member for MARSP to grow significantly. “All you need is one; one is all you need!”





Golf outing raises money for MARSP Foundation Scholarship Fund The MARSP Foundation held two golf outings this summer to benefit the MARSP Foundation Scholarship Fund which awards scholarships to deserving active public school personnel to further their educational and professional development.

November 7 Membership Committee meeting November 8 MARSP Board meeting November 9 MPSERS Board meeting Golfers practice before the outing at Maple Creek Golf Club in Shepherd.

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MARSP committees (Legislative, Finance and Membership) meet as necessary during the same week as the MARSP Board/Executive Committee. Please check with MARSP’s office for the schedule if you are interested in one of these committees. November 6 Legislative Committee meeting

The U.P. North Golf Outing was held on June 29 at the Gladstone Golf Club in Gladstone; and the 8th Annual Bruce Moeggenborg Memorial Golf Outing was held on Aug. 15 at the Maple Creek Golf Club in Shepherd. There were a total of 74 golfers and a record 39 sponsors between both outings! The outings raised $4,500 for the MARSP Foundation Scholarship Fund.

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Fall 2017

The Bottom Line

It’s not really about the money Part 3

By Hess Bates, MARSP Treasurer In the last two issues of VANGUARD I discussed the repeated attacks from our state Legislature on the Defined Benefit (DB) component of the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS). The attacks culminated last spring with bills in both the Senate and House that would have closed the DB Pension Plan to new hires (thus earning MARSP’s strong opposition). The legislative battle that ensued resulted in Public Act 92 of 2017, which has given partial victories to both sides. The DB Plan still survives and the Defined Contribution portion of the system has been sweetened to entice new hires. For the short term at least, everyone can take a deep breath and some time for introspection. Public education has a long history of success in our state, providing widely ranging programs for all of its students. From general and special education to athletics for both male and female students to Advanced Placement classes and studies in the arts, public education has a remarkable record. In some places both urban and rural, however, public education has been handcuffed by

same time strengthen privately owned mismanagement and social challenges. entities. The billions of public dollars spent In such locales, blight, crime, poverty, on education are certainly attractive. Is it high unemployment, fractured families perhaps reasonable to wonder whether and compromised social stability have made education a Herculean undertaking. business interests see those billions and then work to direct the money into their Even though the causes of such societal own pockets? issues lie far removed from the schools When talking to my Farthemselves, public “...we have not seen the Better-Half about the title education has often end of attacks on pension for this series of articles, been forced to take the and health care benefits for she gave me “The Look” rap. Repeated calls for and then said, “ARE YOU more charter schools and our profession’s active and KIDDING?? Of course it’s for voucher programs retired employees.” about the money…it’s that would be paid for ALWAYS about the money!” with public money have Clearly, she’s right. Our Legislature was been touted as the supposed means willing to spend unnecessary billions to for overcoming the “failures” of public close the DB pension program. I suggest education, while the underlying social that the long-term motivation might be issues remain unresolved. the ultimate capture of public dollars for Given this history, I wonder why certain private (and usually for-profit) enterprise, and that we have not seen the end of forces in our state find it expedient to attacks on pension and health care trumpet charters and private education benefits for our profession’s active and while they work to weaken the public retired employees. I invite you to watch schools. I have never been a conspiracist as events unfold in Lansing and around sort of thinker but when something the country. Further, I hope that you looks, walks and quacks like a duck, one will take an active role in the fight. The is left with a single conclusion. Actions defense of public education is worthy of that weaken public education (such as our best efforts. reducing pension benefits) must at the

MARSP welcomes new staff member Sarah Botruff joined MARSP in August 2017 as the administrative assistant. Her previous experience includes working as a stage manager, administrative assistant and production manager. She has worked for the World Special Olympics Games 2015, Wharton Center for Performing Arts, The Capital Area Down Syndrome Association and as a mental health respite care provider.

Sarah Botruff, MARSP Administrative Assistant Fall 2017

Sarah believes in the power of serving others and that to succeed

in life you must have passion, positive attitude, and strong work ethic; with this, anything can be achieved when you put your mind to it. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in theatre management from Michigan State University and is originally from Fowlerville. Sarah is thrilled to be a part of MARSP and looks forward to supporting the rights and needs of retired public school personnel.





Siegel-Divita, Diane– Wayne NW Smith, June – Wayne Detroit Sogoian, Art – NW Valley of Sun AZ Spring, Catherine – ChippewaMackinac Tolini, Alba – Wayne NW Vanstratt, Teresa – Ingham-Greater Lansing June 6, 2017 Vanzanten, Judith – Calhoun – Aug. 31, 2017 Vorce, Gladys – Eaton Ward, Jack – Wayne NW Contributions to the MARSP Foundation include donations to the Wedegartner, Andrea – Schoolcraft Werbel, Phyllis – Washtenaw following funds: Scholarship Fund, General Fund, Richard and Margaret Wiles, Robert – Chippewa-Mackinac Wilson, Alice D. – St. Joseph Smith Fund and the MARSP Wood, Lorraine – Kent Foundation Endowment Fund.

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Contributions to MARSP June 6, 2017 – Aug. 31, 2017 Contributions to MARSP include donations to the General Fund, as well as the Building Fund and the Bonnie J. Carpenter Educational Center.

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legal defense of school retiree benefits.

General Fund to assist the finance committee in meeting expenses for the current budget year.

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In Remembrance May 20, 2017 – Sept. 7, 2017 “... these immortal dead, who live again in minds made better by their presence.” Michigan Allegan Johnson, William Allen Park Chappell Jr, Robert Ann Arbor Barres, Virginia Packer, Carol Stevenson, Robert Taggart, Herbert Armada Kelley, Doris June Battle Creek Ecklund, Dorothy Moffit, Mary Lee Myers, Margaret Bay City Przybylski, William Sullivan, Margaret Beaverton Millhisler, Wanda Presidio, Adolph Benton Harbor Beach, Margaret Vonk, Cornelius Berkley Andrus, Dolores Bessemer Forslund, Kenneth Beverly Hills Chapman, Helen Big Rapids Hurt, Charles Birmingham Buchanan, Ronald Cotton, Lois Bloomfield Hills Costello, Agnes Boyne City Anderson, Raymond Bridgman Peters, Harold Brooklyn VanPernis, Margaret Brown City Homer, Willis Buchanan Holloway, Joann Burton Carr, Barbara Cadillac Fackler, Robert Valliant, David Canton Dienes, Eleanor Wells, Marilyn





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Mears Hale, Patricia Menominee Romstad, Catherine Metamora Mills, William Middleville Keller, Joan Midland Spencer, Marylou Moline Houseman, Rica Monroe Holladay, Linda Wilson, Richard Munising Sharkey, Rita Muskegon Adair, Mary McRoberts, Marian Roelofs, Donald Tyler, Marva Newberry Drefs, John Niles Harris, Miriam Northport Brown, Ruth Engel, Elfriede Northville McArthur, Beverly Norton Shores Spencer, William Novi Warren, William Okemos Haak, William Olivet Buttrick, Patricia Osseo Ruder, Glen Ottawa Lake Ahleman, Sandra Oxford Crain, Laura Parma Weeks, Lydia Paw Paw Millard, Margaret Pentwater Russell, Robert Petoskey Frederick, Margaret Pickford Meltvedt, Henry Pigeon Eby, Marie Pinconning Belchak, Aldric Toth, Andre Plymouth Ardanowski, Frances Pontiac Brown, Gloria Port Sanilac McClelland, Virginia Portage Bunce, Mary Kasiorek, Phyllis Witsaman, Elma Prudenville Kapagian, Vahan Fall 2017

Rapid River Stemack, Joseph Redford Borth, Henry Naumoff, Tina Rochester Hills Audette, Kathleen Seppanen, Alice Romulus Pett, Geneva Roscommon Wallin, Sally Rose City McKellar, Sharlie Saginaw Dyer, Mary Mundt, Marion Such, Jerome Taft, Rosemary Wolff, Harry Saline Osborne, Luetta Sanford Bell, Bert Saranac Weaver, Margaret Shelby Township Langston, Charlotte Wendryhoski, Frank Williams, Joan South Lyon Atkinson, Thelma Southfield Heath, June Raiford, Dorothy Ramey, Lillian Southgate Kennan, Everett McPhail, Winifred Spring Arbor Buff, Willie Mae Roth, Richard York, Eugene Spruce Peters, Mary Jane St Clair Ahearn, Barbara St Clair Shores Davis, Carole Roth, Andrew St Joseph Davino, Alfonso Rose, Margaret Stanwood Malzahn, Gerald Stephenson Hubbard, Elorine Sterling Hgts Donovan, Shirley Eccles, Sharon Oser, Lois Salisbury, Carolyn Schwartz, Norman Stevensville Fanaly, Susan Sturgis Moffett, Patsy Suttons Bay Stayer, Elizabeth Tawas City Lashbrook, Frances Fall 2017

Taylor Kotulis ,Sandra Tecumseh Wolf, Elizabeth Tekonsha Carlson, Vilma Temperance Pyle, James Smith, Betty Three Oaks Schaffer, Ronald Three Rivers Coburn, Lynnette Traverse City Bailey, Margaret Bursian, Donna Crampton, Norman Lautner, Mary Roseberry, Earl Troy Willard, Norma Warren Ayris, Helen Mecsey, Bert Waterford Barlow, Eleanor West Bloomfield Ulmer, Gladys Westland Zeidman, Miriam Williamsburg Salmonson, Joyce Wyandotte Johnson, Carolyn Ypsilanti Christenson, Joan Eckert, Jean

Out-of State Alabama Dauphin Island Goecker, James Foley Roder, Richard Sweetwater Parham, Mildred

Florida Belleair Vetter, Frank Bradenton Douglass, Beverly Brandon Shirley, Wanda Eustis Gavasso, Patricia Fort Myers Lewis, Elaine Loveridge, Margaret Jacksonville McCarthy, Shirley Lakeland Kirby, Winona Naples Long, A Robert Mills, Francis North Port Thibodeau, Josephine Ocala Bassett, Merrill Plant City Beasley, June Port Richey Kraus, Julius St Petersburg Cooper, Geraldine The Villages Wiler, Sally Venice Thorpe, James Uphouse, Mary Georgia Atlanta Manning, Margaret Twin City Anderson, Katherine Iowa Le Mars Curry, Frank Idaho Coeur d’Alene Young, Lois

Illinois Carol Stream Krins, Vina Indiana Auburn Molin, John Fort Wayne Clairday, Marva Jean Goshen Graber, Mary New Palestine Aalbregtse, Marjorie Kentucky Hopkinsville Fields, Patrick Lexington Lichtenfelt, Vonda Maryland Rockville Goodwin, Richard Missouri Independence Johnson, Venna North Carolina Asheville Hill, Helene Charlotte Martin, Margaret Cornelius Westcott, Patricia Taylorsville Ferguson, Mary Whispering Pines Madole, Mary Ohio Bowling Green Banbury, Ila Columbus Fry, Emogene Delaware Dieck, Donald

Maumee Lewis, Lloyd Mentor Langelier, Thomas Oregon Sweet Home Joyce, Ernest Pennsylvania Corry Carlson, Joan Perkasie Day, Virginia South Carolina Columbia Yeager, Elizabeth Easley Barber, Robert Tennessee Columbia Hughes, Dorothy Texas Denton Sepanek, Betty Washington Bellevue Newberry, Susan Kirkland Reid, James Wisconsin Madison Nepstad, Donald Marinette Edquist, Leone Mercer Schweig, Elizabeth

Arkansas Benton Blair, Bertina Arizona Sun City Gohl, Walter Tucson Evashevski, Helen Gade, Marcia California Beaumont Stow, Roger Mission Viejo Schechter, Shirley Sacramento Matlock, Patricia Colorado Loveland French, Lucille





VANGUARD Special Health Care Section

Health care plan changes for Blue Cross Blue Shield members effective Jan. 1 There are minimal changes to the 2018 health care plan for Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO members. The deductible, co-pays, and other benefits will remain the same as 2017, unless otherwise specified. An overall benefit summary will appear in the Winter 2018 VANGUARD, which will be published in January. This issue of VANGUARD will focus only on changes to the plan. All changes are are effective on Jan. 1, 2018, and are detailed below.

Annual Physical Exam 2017



Covered at 100%; routine labs not covered

Covered at 100%; annual routine labs covered at 100% when done in conjunction with annual routine physical


Wellness Exam only; routine physical not covered; routine labs not covered

Covered at 100%; annual routine labs covered at 100% when done in conjunction with annual routine physical

Optum Rx prescription out-of-pocket maximum 2017








Emergency Room Co-pay 2017 Non10% co-insurance plus Medicare deductible, $75 co-pay after OOP max met. Waived if admitted within 3 days. Medicare $75 max co-pay. Waived if admitted within 3 days.





2018 10% co-insurance plus deductible, $100 co-pay after OOP max met. Waived if admitted within 3 days. $100 max co-pay. Waived if admitted within 3 days.

Urgent Care Co-pay 2017

2018 10% co-insurance Non10% co-insurance plus deductible, Medicare plus deductible $65 co-pay after OOP max met Medicare 10% co-insurance $65 co-pay

Fall 2017

VANGUARD Special Health Care Section

MARSP thanks Branko Bojicic for his dedicated service to members Branko Bojicic has been a familiar and trusted face with MARSP members for nearly three decades. Branko recently retired from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and was the manager for key state accounts. He managed the MPSERS Blue Cross PPO Plan and was an endless source of knowledge and support for both MARSP members and staff. MARSP thanks him for his many hours spent guiding our members and staff on important health insurance issues. His expertise has been invaluable and he will be missed. We wish him all the best in his retirement.

Branko Bojicic




Oct 10


Terrace Bay Hotel 7146 P Rd. Gladstone, MI. 49837

Oct 11


Oct 12


Oct 13

Williamsburg (Traverse City)

Oct 16


Oct 17

Clare (Mt. Pleasant)

Oct 18

Grand Rapids

Oct 19


Oct 20


Oct 24


Oct 25


Oct 26

Riverview/ Southgate

Oct 30

Sterling Heights

Fall 2017

Although he is officially retired, he will still be presenting at the MPSERS health care seminars (see schedule below) being held this fall.

Masonic Center 128 W. Washington Street Marquette, MI. 49855 APlex-Alpena Events Center 701 Woodward Ave. Alpena, MI. 49707 Williamsburg Event Center 4240 M72 East Williamsburg, MI. 49690 Holiday Inn Gateway Centre Flint 5353 Gateway Centre Flint, MI. 48507 Doherty Hotel 604 North McEwan Street Clare, MI. 48617 Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park 1000 East Beltline Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI. 49525 Kalamazoo Expo Center 2900 Lake Street Kalamazoo, MI. 49048 Eagle Eye Golf Club 15500 Chandler Rd Bath Twp, MI 48808 Greater Grace Temple 23500 West Seven Mile Road Detroit, MI. 48219 Burton Manor 27777 Schoolcraft Road Livonia, MI. 48150 Holiday Inn Southgate 17201 Northline Road Southgate, MI. 48195 Wyndham Garden Sterling Heights 34911 Van Dyke Ave Sterling Heights, MI. 48312

MPSERS to hold health care seminars in Michigan, Arizona and Florida All seminars begin at 10:00 a.m. and run approximately 3 hours. Members may arrive at 9:30 a.m. for refreshments. The Learning Center also opens at 9: 30 a.m. and remains open until 2:30 p.m. for those members who wish to speak directly with a health care representative. Dates



Nov 8

Scottsdale, AZ

Courtyard Scottsdale Salt River 5201 N. Pima Rd. Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Nov 9

Tucson, AZ

Hilton Garden Inn Tucson Airport 6575 S. Country Club Road Tucson, AZ 85758

Dec 4

Ocala, FL

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Ocala Conference Center 3600 SW 38th Ave Ocala, FL 34474

Dec 5

Tampa, FL

Sheraton Tampa East Hotel 10221 Princess Palm Ave. Tampa, FL 33610

Dec 6

Sarasota, FL

Laurel Oak Country Club 2700 Gary Player Blvd. Sarasota, FL 34240

Dec 7

Fort Myers, FL

Holiday Inn Airport at Town Center 9931 Interstate Commerce Drive Fort Myers, FL 33913





VANGUARD Special Health Care Section

2018 Vision Plan

2018 Dental Plan There is only one change to the dental plan for 2018. A $50 deductible will be added for basic and major services when members choose a non-PPO dentist.

The vision insurance provider will change from BlueVision to EyeMed effective Jan. 1, 2018. Members will receive a welcome packet from EyeMed by the end of the year. There is only one change to the vision plan for 2018. The lens co-pay will increase from $15 to $25.

2018 Hearing Benefit MPSERS members will now be using the TruHearing Select Network to access the hearing benefit. Here is a summary of changes that apply. This applies to both Non-Medicare and Medicare members on the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Plan only. Members should note that all hearing benefits must be accessed through the TruHearing network. There is no hearing coverage outside of this network.



Hearing 10% co-insurance plus deductible. One exam exam every 36 months.

$45 flat-dollar co-pay

Hearing 10% co-insurance plus deductible. Two hearing aids aids if purchased same day.

$499 flat-dollar co-pay per hearing aid for advanced aids. $799 flat-dollar co-pay per hearing aid for premium aids.

MPSERS Pension Pay Dates October 25 • November 22 • December 18

Keep your information up to date with ORS

Which services require prior authorization?

The Office of Retirement Services (ORS) is the central hub for each of the insurance vendors that provide your coverage. That’s why it’s important to keep your information up to date with the retirement system, whether your phone number changed or you moved out of state.

The following is a partial list of services that require prior authorization:

Log into miAccount at michigan gov/orsmiaccount to:

• • • •

Radiation therapy Pain management injections Spine surgery Physical or occupational therapy

For help logging in to miAccount, watch the tutorial on the login page at:

In addition to these services, some prescription drugs that are covered by your Blue Cross medical plan require prior authorization. Keep in mind that prior authorization programs don’t change or limit your benefits. Prior authorization programs ensure clinical practice guidelines are used for more serious or complex situations.

*Best of Health - Summer 2017

*Best of Health - Summer 2017

Update your name or contact information

Add or remove a dependent

Apply for a different insurance provider





Fall 2017

Why are more Michigan Public School retirees choosing Priority Health? We’ll give you a hint: we’re not your typical health plan.

To find out why go to and register for a meeting near you.

Outstanding referral effort draws new members New members joined via referrals in June: New Member Referred by Sara Baltutat Jean Mahoney Lois Bearden David Balfour William Bedford Patricia Quinlan William Bozgan Linda Bozgan Joanne Callegari Kathy Graham Judith Devlin Vicki Barnes Judith Dieter Barbara Susterka Robert Egelkraut Jim Brunner Curtis Finch Marie Wilkerson Lynn Glinn Daniel Glinn Gloria Goetsch Sandra Lampi Scheel Lori Huntoon Barbara L. Orr Joseph Kretoski, Jr. Marie Wilkerson Paul Loconto

Priscilla Loconto

John McKinney Gerald McMaster Sharon Moyle Richard Riggs Sue Roder Mary Scheidies James Shaw Deborah Siwula Linda Start Nancy Susterka Bonnie Villwock Andrea Wheeler Lynwood Williams Julie Zawacki

Mary McKinney Joan McMaster Janet Wright Mary Lou Rigg Vicki Barnes Suzanne Ray Jennine Shaw Marilyn Lenox Vicki Barnes Barbara Susterka Marie Wilkerson Marie Wilkerson Diva Williams Barbara Susterka

New members joined via referrals in August: Primary Chapter Calhoun Livingston Crawford-Oscoda Wayne Metro Wayne Metro Ottawa Washtenaw Calhoun MARSP Houghton-Keweenaw Osceola Monroe Mecosta-Canadian Lk Ingham - Greater Lansing Wayne Metro Oakland Suburban Kalamazoo Washtenaw Ottawa Wayne NW Presque Isle Kalamazoo Ottawa Montcalm Osceola Osceola MARSP Washtenaw

$25 Visa gift card winner is Marie Wilkerson for Curtis Finch referral.

New Member Sandra Bay-Mahrle Patricia Buoy Mary Clark Diane Deacon Roger DeRoo Carole Fowler Kim Gray Paul Gray Cathy Hansen Sally Hubbard Roland Johnson Thomas Kaiser Kathleen Kohler Marion Krupitzer Ruth Madalinski Jon Moore Brian Panich Mary Robinette Mona Sokoloff Julie Tack LouAnne Tucker Colleen Vogler Michael Vogler Rod Vollink Chris Ware Murel Wellace Bob Wilkinson Stacey Young

Referred by Lynn Whitaker Barbara Carr Carol Clark Loretta Wittkop Maureen Michael Nancy Rose Johnson Steve Art Steve Art Mary Carlisle Theresa Jacobson Sharon Johnson Sharon Kaiser Joan Alexander Robert Krupitzer Lionel Herioux H. Frank Green Greg Switek Lionel Herioux Sharon Kaiser Loretta Witkop Betty Aubin Chuck Abshagen Chuck Abshagen Carol Vollink Nancy Ware Kristin Kirkpatrick Janice Wilkinson Kristen Adrzejawski

Primary Chapter Wayne Metro Wayne Metro Wayne NW Saginaw MARSP St Joseph Oakland-Farmington Oakland-Farmington Branch Kalamazoo Alger Oakland Suburban Oakland Suburban Oakland Suburban Delta Monroe Gogebic Delta Oakland-Farmington Saginaw Gratiot Presque Isle Presque Isle Washtenaw Bay Area Kalamazoo MARSP Oakland Suburban

$25 Visa gift card winner is Chuck Abshagen for the Colleen Vogler referral.

New members joined via referrals in July: New Member Suzanne Anderson Scott Artley G Austin Gary Beld Monlen Clemmer Carol Crake Olin Gould Diane Heinzelman Cherie Houghton Mary LaPorte Diane Moyer Beverly Nightingale Thomas Ploch Ruth Ruby Robert Short Kathryn Stark Donald Stroebel Janet Strong Robert VanDis Andrea Werner

Referred by Juris Anderson Phil Keyes Shirley Austin Lester Beld Paul Szoke Diana Lantzy Nancy Gould John Heinzelman Gwyneth Evans Lionel Herioux Carol Read Betty Malovey Janice Ploch Loretta Wittkopp Betty Hand Lois Johnson Sue Stroebel Larry Strong Gary Skidmore Barbara Orr

Primary Chapter Bay Area Baraga Clinton Ottawa Wayne NW Huron Presque Isle Emmet Kalamazoo Delta Branch Branch Wayne NW Saginaw Cass Genesee SE Saginaw Osceola Kalamazoo Monroe

$25 Visa gift card winner is Gwyneth Evans for the Cherie Houghton referral. 14




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Membership Committee Report

All you need is one; one is all you need By Membership Co-Chairs Vicki Barnes and Lillian Jones-Thomas “All you need is one; one is all you need.” This take on a quote from a popular Beatles song will be said many times in the coming year. What do we mean? We mean please recruit one new retiree to join MARSP. You can do so in several ways. One is to have your beneficiary join. A beneficiary stands to inherit your pension, so he or she has a huge stake in our endeavors regarding pensions and health care. Thank you to the many members who have already recruited their beneficiary or other new member.

Another way to bring a new retiree into our fantastic organization is to give a gift of membership. Either use the form in your most recent VANGUARD or download a form from our website, You might also know of a former member who just hasn’t gotten around to renewing his or her membership. Give that person a gift, or maybe just a reminder. Lost the form? Get that person a new one ASAP. When the time comes, make sure you renew your membership. Rather than put the renewal mail aside, take care of it right away. We don’t want to lose you. Auto-renewal is also available. We know many of you dislike giving out credit card

Chapter Dues List: MARSP: $35 Michigan: Alger: $5 Allegan: $5 Alpena: $5 Baraga: $5 Barry: $7 Bay-Northern Bay Arenac: $10 Bay Area: $10 Berrien: $9 Branch: $5 Calhoun: $6 Cass: $6 Charlevoix: $5 Cheboygan: $5 Chippewa-Mackinac: $5 Clare: $5 Clinton: $5 Crawford-Oscoda: $5 Delta: $5 Dickinson: $5 Eaton: $7 Emmet: $10 Genesee: $7 Genesee Southeast: $7 Genesee West: $7 Gladwin: $5 Gogebic: $10 Grand Traverse: $10 Gratiot: $6 Hillsdale: $5 Houghton-Keweenaw: $3 Huron: $5 Ingham - Greater Lansing: $10 Ionia: $10 Iosco-Alcona: $5

Fall 2017

Iron: $5 Isabella: $10 Jackson: $7 Kalamazoo: $10 Kent: $10 Lapeer: $6 Leelanau: $7 Lenawee: $0 Livingston: $5 Luce County/ Tahquamenon: $6 Macomb East: $5 Macomb North: $8 Manistee: $7.50 Marquette: $5 Mason-Lake: $7 Mecosta-Canadian Lakes: $5 Menominee: $5 Monroe: $5 Monroe South: $5 Montcalm: $5 Muskegon: $15 Newaygo: $5 Oakland North: $7 Oakland Suburban: $6 Oakland-Farmington: $6 Oceana: $10 Ogemaw: $6 Ontonagon: $5 Osceola: $5 Otsego: $10 Ottawa: $5 Presque Isle: $10 Roscommon: $10 Saginaw: $7 Sanilac: $5 Schoolcraft: $7 Shiawassee: $5

St Clair: $8 St Joseph: $8 Tuscola: $5 Van Buren: $10 Washtenaw: $10 Wayne Detroit : $12 Wayne Downriver: $5 Wayne Metro: $5 Wayne Northwest: $8 Wexford-Missaukee: $7

information, but please keep an open mind to this option. Vantiv, the company that manages our auto-renewal accounts, has said this about auto-renewal: “Our point-to-point data field encryption provides a solid layer of added protection because data is encrypted at the point of entry, making it unusable to thieves and hackers.“ This might give you peace of mind should you decide to use this option. “All you need is one, one, one.”

Membership Form Plan your future. Protect your future. Name Address City




Arizona: NW Valley of Sun: $8 Tucson/Green Valley: $5

Colorado: Colorado Chapter: $10

Florida: Char-Sota: $5 Greater Daytona: $10 Heartland: $5 Lee County: $5 Southwest Gulf Coast: $5 Space Coast: $5 St. Petersburg: $5 Sun Coast: $7 Tallahassee/South Georgia: $1 Tri-County: $5

Tennessee: Tennessee East: $5

Email Address Your educational system or district Referred by

Membership dues: $35 Annual $700 Lifetime membership $ Local chapter dues (See listing this page)

Card number

Payment options:

Detach form and return to:

Check enclosed Visa Mastercard

MARSP PO Box 23214 Lansing, MI 48909

Exp. date


Name as it appears on card Amount


Cardholder signature





Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel 3645 E. Jolly Road P.O. Box 23214 Lansing, MI 48909-3214



Lansing, MI Permit No. 1114


Legislative Committee Report

Grassroots effort saves MPSERS By Legislative Co-chairs Chuck Abshagen and Joe Curtin

Congratulations to all Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel (MARSP) members for helping to save your Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) health care. Without the grassroots effort made by our membership, our health care probably would have been lost. MARSP Executive Director Mark Guastella and our lobbyist Matt Kurta were invited into Gov. Snyder’s office on several occasions for consultations. Our organization was the only retiree organization directly involved in the consultations. The phone calls that our members made to the governor’s office were instrumental

in establishing the positive attitude need to keep in mind Gov. Snyder’s that led to the final compromise. support of MPSERS. We encourage All of our local chapters need to you to call his office and express realize what impact your thanks for his efforts they had. We want to in saving the Defined “Without the thank you for the efforts Benefit System from grassroots effort made being closed out, and for you made during this critical period. by our membership our helping to save health and health care probably prescription insurance. Please keep in mind would have been lost.” NOW is the time for our that if there are any membership to reach out major changes in the to retirees you know who economy, such as a are not members of MARSP and stock market adjustment, our health URGE them to join. Remind them care and prescription benefits will of what this organization has done once again be at risk. If that were to to protect our retirement. Remind occur, we will ask for your assistance them that they are beneficiaries of again to save your benefits. Our everything we accomplish. They voices and concerted effort is the need us, and WE need them. only strategy that works. All of us