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Swindon College Workskills

Student Support Workers









They help students with learning difficulty on their work if they get stuck.

Teaching Assistants

Jean Wendy Sherrie

All staff will have a red lanyards with their picture and name on it.

Tutors In Workskills

Sharon -Performing Arts, Tutorial, Personal Grooming, Cooking Diane – Tutorial, Maths, ICT, Cooking, Gardening Neil – English, Cooking, Sport, Tutorial, Gardening, Motor Vehicle, ICT, Media Genti – Painting and Decorating, Motor Vehicle, ICT, Maths, Sport, Media, Tutorial Clare – Art


The Library is located on the first floor of the Phoenix Building. When you first come to college you will go to the library to have your picture taken for your student ID card. There is no charge for this and they will replace it if you lose it or damage it, however if you lose it again they will charge you ÂŁ5 for a new one. They have thousands of books in the library you can also borrow DVDs and magazines. There are also computers and a printer you can use. You can buy memory sticks in the library at the cost of ÂŁ5.

The Zone

The Zone The Zone is located on the third floor of the Pegasus Building.

In The Zone there are two areas called Zones A and B where classes go for their lessons. There are also four big round tables to work on each including an electric socket in the middle for laptops. There are areas with sofas and comfy chairs to sit. In the arms of the sofas there are connection points where students can connect their laptops or phones.

There are always members of staff there in case you need help. No food or drinks are allowed in The Zone only bottled water.

Class rooms Art room N1.60 General classroom N1.59 ICT N1.63 General classroom N1.58 Kitchen N1.56 Work skills N1.50 Kitchen N1.51

Lunch room The lunch room is a quieter place for students to sit and have lunch. You can play music on YouTube, play games on the computer or games like jenga or connect 4. You can sit and chat, draw pictures, or be quiet.

Food To Go           

Cards Swindon newspaper Sweets Chocolate Snacks Hot drinks Cold drinks Sandwiches Soups Crisps Hot snacks College Shop

    

Cards Clothing Deodorants Stationery work experience and opportunities

How to get there

1 You can walk to college. 2 You can get the bus. 3 You can ask your parents. 4 You can ask your friends. 5 You can get a map to show how to get to college. 6 You can get your bike to college there is a place to park your bike. 7 You can get a train to college. 8 If you have your own car you can drive to college. 9 You might get picked up by the Swindon college bus. The bus number is 15a. 10 You can ride your motorbike to college and there is a place to park it. 11 some students can get a taxi to college paid by the council.

Enrichment Centre

The enrichment centre is behind the plumbing building. You will have to show your student ID card to use the Enrichment Centre. You can go there for breakfast at 8.00am free of charge you can have a cup of tea and toast. In the Enrichment Centre you can do the following activities. 1. 2.

Game console Pool table

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Girls area Tv Table tennis Free breakfast Xbox Books Trips Computers Tutorials Vending machine Who runs the Enrichment Centre Alex Mike Kate


 PGL – Activity Centre  Foodbank - West Swindon  Oasis Leisure Centre  Swindon Restore – At ST. Johns church near Park South  BBQ – In one of the parks  Asda Walmart shopping trip

 Hiking - Liddington

and there are trips organised by the Student Enrichment Centre e.g. Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Clothes show, Food show ‌‌.

Students awards There are many ways Swindon College celebrates the achievements of its students in terms of progress, effort, attendance and contribution to college life and the wider


Star Student Awards These awards are termly and invite nominations from post-16 courses across the college. There are three prizewinners selected for achieving something special or contributing above and beyond the requirements of the course.

Student of the Year Awards These post-16 awards are for the outstanding student in each area, with a formal ceremony held in September every year. Star student We get star awards by doing the best work or helping out more it hard to get a blue but it worth it. Red cards are easy to get but you don’t what to have them because it a bad mark being nasty ignore bully and abusive is not aloud so don’t do it at all. The total number of blue cards you get are added up and then any red cards are taken off. The student with the highest total will win. Prizes are presented at the end of the year.

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