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What do you do when you’re in a rut? You’re numb, SCOTT and FORSYTH spiritually emotionally. You try to “unstick” yourself with cheap forms of happiness: lust, materialism, popularity, relationships, searching for anything that will make you feel something. You wait for a moment in the day where the weight of world is taken off your shoulders


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stumble with even more weight. So you bear it. And yet at the end of this pursuit, you come up empty handed, broken and even lonelier than before. You know you’re drowning and rescue looks dim. You don’t feel God’s presence, it’s as if He has abandoned you; your cries are unheard. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish? My God, I cry out by day, but you do not -Psalm 22 You can’t pray—you’ve forgotten how—and even if you did, it feels like you’re getting the answering machine every time. You don’t want

to listen to Hillsong. You don’t want to be in community. These happy, feel-good Sundays do nothing for you but rub in your face what you don’t have, and leave you feeling angry and bitter. You don’t want to read the Word anymore, you’ve lost that energy, that desire and urgency to learn more about Him. Nothing seems applicable to your life, and you sure as heck don’t want to read Numbers. You’re alone and incomplete. While your mom tells you that tomorrow will be a new day, you know you will wake up and nothing will have changed. “How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me? How long must I wrestle with my thoughts and day after day have sorrow in -Psalm 13 So what do you do when you’re in a rut? I’m not sure I can be of much right now. I’m in this valley, the trough of the spiritual rollercoaster. But what I do know is that I’ve been here before, along with some of the great ancestors of our faith, and I know that this too, shall pass.

Lamenting is not a failure of faith, but an act of faith. We cry out directly to God because deep down, we long for a relationship with Him. God does not say “Do not fear, I will take away all your pain and struggle,” but instead, “Do not be afraid, for I am with you.”

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CORRECTION. In Vol. 17 Issue 9 of Mars’ Hill we incorrectly attributed the authors of two articles. “International forum” was actually written by Travis Hiede. Cheri Brown.

COVER STATEMENT. Nature is around us constantly, and inspires us daily. It is the canvas against which God displays His majesty. In turn, we attempt to capture its grandeur on canvases of our own creation—digital shapes and symbols.

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March 6, 2013



Tuition takes a hike University increases tuition for 2013/2014 by $27 per credit. DANE LLOYD

Trinity for lower- and middle-income students. The increases are set to go into effect mere months from now

ity to justify that cost to its students.

of many students. When short-notice

voice on the policies of the institution.



petition their government to redress


hundreds of dollars more for their education. Admittedly, this is the smallest tuition increase in the last decade, with increases in past years versities, which the government has past increases in other forms that include reducing entrance scholarships, ending the free 16th and 17th credits, and increases to overall tuition costs. The execution of this increase

a class that is only taught every couple years. Despite the assertion that the university is planning four years down the road, students have not received a clear picture of what payments will It is not uncommon for students to after graduation, and in an economy

term prospects of education at the


TWU Rising Tuition Increases $750

resentation to demand transparency and the status to consult collectively with those whom they are paying for their education. aware of changes and developments made within the University and to voice their concerns in the appropriate manner. The graph to the right depicts The Rising Tuition Cost Per Credit over the last decade.

Cost per credit


Trinity Western University has increased tuition again this










the Langley Events Centre for Spartan



Trinity Western University’s President after serving the University for seven years. President Raymond and the Board of Governors announced that with personal health issues. He will pressive legacy of Christ-centred service and leadership. role of President of Trinity Western University in 2006 after a unanimous vote from the Board of Governors. He replaced Dr. Neil Snider, who had

End of an age

versity’s mission and scope. He saw the expansion of the university with the opening of the Bellingham campus in 2007, and the moving from the David E. Enarson Gym to

President annouces resignation.








nounced that Jonathan Raymond would


home games. He instigated the introduction of the School of Arts, Media, and Culture in 2010 and the expansion of the Neufeld Science Centre in 2011. This past year, his coordination of the University’s 50th Anniversary Cel-

seen completion, including the campus expansion plan and construction of TWU’s new chapel; the spirit of his vision for TWU remains in full force. However, President Raymond was the campus. Raymond also ensured that the content of academics and education at TWU elevated to a prestigious level. TWU has received an A+ for Quality of Education from the Report for seven years in a row, one for every year Raymond has served as President. No other Canadian university has achieved this honour. President Raymond will still serve the University as President Emeritus, which will include acting as an am-

campus. It is with great admiration pray for him in his next stage of life. Our thoughts and prayers are with President Raymond, his wife Irene, and his sons Micah and Aaron, for the coming future. The search process for a new The Board of Governors is currently ized, they will develop a more detailed process and timeline. The Board is also currently discussing whether or not to elect an pendent on how long they expect the of The Board, has stated, “Our current governance structure does provide for ‘Emergency Interim President Succes-

Mars’ Hill hopes to provide a full interview with Dr. Raymond next issue.



Pope Benedict announced his decision to resign 700 years. Pope Benedict cited a decline of physical and mental strength as the main reason in

China Executes Drug Gang Over Mekong River Massacre

China’s state media reported that four men who were con-

Man Swallowed By Sinkhole

Thailand were executed on March 1st. The men were memtion, stating, “Intentional murder is the highest crime in China and the murderers deserve their sentence.”

worldwide will anxiously wait for a new pope to

Meteorite Injures RUSSIANS

there are many underground caverns made of limestone, a

Western Powers Agree to Increase Aid for Syrian Rebels

More than 1,000 people were injured when a crash happened early Friday morning, and most of the injuries sustained were from shattered -

Netanyahu Gets Two More Weeks to Form Government

On March 2nd, Israeli president Shimon Peres gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an extra 14 days to -

State John Kerry said the main purpose of the aid is to help

return to the polls.

When in time would you go on vacation? “The beginning of time would be pretty sweet.” - Eva Adan


March 6, 2013


Your guide to understanding the Conclave. In August of 2005, P o p e TIA B e n e GLENN-COOKE dict XVI called out to pilgrims from a boat traveling down the Rhine: “Open wide your hearts to God! Let yourselves be surprised by Christ!” and I fell to my knees. I traveled to the Motherland of the Pope Emeritus to hear a message of hope and encouragement. For Roman Catholics all over the world, Benedict XVI’s reign, and his stepping down from the Chair of St. Peter have been signs of his grace, humility, and love for the Church. Pope Benedict, now known as the Pope Emeritus (Emeritus from the Latin meaning that ‘he has served his time’), has chosen to dedicate the rest of his life to prayer, and though now he is living in the Pope’s summer residence (The ‘Castel Gandolfo’) soon he will be moved into the monastery within the Vatican.


who the next Pope could be, here are some things to look out for: Catholics are talking about the real possibility of a non-European Pope. There are currently 62 voting Cardinals from Europe, 19 from Latin America, 14 from North America, 11



An Ohio man has found love...for a urinal. After being arrested for cursing at tobacco bags, Kenneth Kulas was locked in a cell until he could be charged with disorderly conduct. However, when police tried to calm him down he became pissed off and began loudly proclaiming his affection for a nearby urinal. Some men have bad aim when it comes to these things. These things being peeing and true love.

from Africa, 11 from Asia, and 1 from Oceania. My (inconsequential) vote is for Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the FrenchCanadian Cardinal who “taught” me how to roll Maple Taffy! 2. People have been asking, “What if the Cardinals elected a Pope who believed that women should be ordained? What if they elected a ProChoice Pope? Orthodox Catholics aren’t worried. However, there are some controversial issues that the Pope could change, like the ability of Latin Rite priests to marry. The celi-

” ” What if we had our

bate priesthood is a traditional teaching but not a doctrine, so it could be changed.

Pope? Too late. We already had our rican pope: in the early Church there were three: Pope St Victor I, Pope St Miltiades, and Pope St Gelasius. The current African “favourite” is Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana, a member of the Roman Curia (the Pope’s closest advisors). 4. Historically, until Pope John Paul II was succeeded by Pope Bene-

A 22-year-old man travelling through Gatwick Airport in London was detained after attempting to carry 207 pounds of dried catepillars. When security attempted to confiscate them he protested, claiming them to be for personal consumption. Funny enough, this isn’t the weirdest bonding between humans and caterpillars in recent years. Quite the larvae-cation.

dict XVI, we never went more than two Popes without an Italian. Our last Italian Pope was John XXIII, so if you’re keeping track, we’re due for a Roman. All 117 or so of the active Cardinals (those younger than 80 as of the date Pope Benedict resigned) will vote by writing the name of the person they wish to see elected on a ballot, folding it twice, and saying the words “I call as my witness Christ the Lord who will be my judge, that my vote is given to the one who before God I think should be elected”, and place it in a receptacle on the altar of the Chapel. Once all the votes are submitted, they are counted by three randomly selected ‘Scrutineers’ (also Cardinals). In order for a Cardinal to be elected as the new Pontiff, he must have received two thirds of the votes, plus 1. If this doesn’t occur, the ballots are burned with a chemical which makes the smoke black alerting those watching that a new Pope has not been elected. In that case, the Cardinals will reconvene in the afternoon and vote again. Once a new Pope has been successfully elected, the ballots are burned alone, the naturally white smoke alerting the Church that a new Pope has been chosen. Top that when you elect a new President, TWU. I dare you.

Police were forced to resort to logic last week when a man alleged that his dog shot him while driving down a Florida highway. Apparently while 35 year old Gregory Lane Lanier was driving, his black and tan English bulldog kicked it and caused it to fire. The bullet hit Lanier in the left leg and the wound was patched up without issue. This incident adds to the claims of those who argue that certain breeds of dogs are dangerous and predisposed to violence.

Darwinism debate delves deep A lecture summary of “Is Evolution Evil?”



On February 28, Trinity Western University hosted an academic debate

and theological impacts of the Theory of Evolution, entitled “Is Evolution Evil?”. Grant Havers, Chair of the Philosophy Department, was pitted against Chris Morrissey, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Redeemer Morrissey began the debate with an argument in favor of treating the Theory of Evolution with seriousness and respect. Relying heavily on quotations from Popes Pius XII, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, alongside clips from Star Wars and the theme song from The Big Bang Theory, Morrissey argued that although the treatment of the theory as means to explain the entire mythos of the universe. Using the metaphor of The Force from Star Wars, Morrissey appealed to what he called Natural Law, or the natural order of the universe, both physical and metaphysical, which is governed by the Almighty. He argued

that the Theory of Evolution points to the reality of Natural Law, conveying a physical truth about the known universe. Morrissey, as TWU’s resident expert on Saint Thomas of Aquinas, urged the audience to follow the Thomistic teaching of embracing of all truths; wherever they are found, as actual truth is always part of the Divine Truth of God’s Natural Law. On the other hand, Grant Havers commented on a late 20th century philosopher, James Rachels who argued that to believe in the theory of evolution would require dismissing all notions of human dignity. Havers argued that in order to support the Theory of Evolution, any notions of man being created in the image of God or of being a uniquely rational being, separate from the animals, would have to be discarded. Both Christian and secular humanist teachings must be removed in order to follow the logic of Evolution. Havers then went on to appeal to purported in Enlightenment Europe. The Theory sets the foundation for the modern social contract, which

assumes that society emerges out of a contract wherein humans agree to obey law and order because it is in their interest to do so. The Social Contract, according to Havers, must exist outside of Nature, and society must be including natural selection and evolution. Havers then used quotations from to argue that Darwin himself was a Social Darwinist and that the Theory of Evolution will inherently lead to a corruption of man’s natural rights through the strong eliminating the weak. Havers went head-to-head with Morrissey in an open-question period. They answered questions from students and most of the Philosophy denitions of Nature and Natural Law. Morrissey eventually yelled out that “Modern Rights are just a Law-rent interpretation of Natural Law,” to which Havers responded with a smug grin and diatribe about Canada’s Political Parties. The night concluded with no consensus being reached.

When in time would you go on vacation? ” The 1920s: before America sucked.” - Erik DeLange


March 6, 2013







LATIN 211 RP with C. Morrissey Medieval Ecclesiastical Latin

ENGL 103 RP with V. Cavalli Intro to Lit: Short Fiction and Poetry

LATIN 211 RP with C. Morrissey Medieval Ecclesiastical Latin

ENGL 103 RP with V. Cavalli Intro to Lit: Short Fiction and Poetry

RELS 101 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Intro to the Old Testament

RELS 160 RP with C. Morrissey Introduction to Theology

RELS 101 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Intro to the Old Testament

RELS 160 RP with C. Morrissey Introduction to Theology

RELS 465 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi

RELS 465 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi

Western Christian Tradition

Christian Moral Theology

Western Christian Tradition

Christian Moral Theology

RELS 366 RP with B. Herbert Theology of the Body

COMM 120 RP Intro to Interpersonal Communications

RELS 366 RP with B. Herbert Theology of the Body

COMM 120 RP Intro to Interpersonal Communications

ART 215 RP with B. Herbert Beauty and the Sacred Arts

RELS 224 RP New Testament Theology

ART 215 RP with B. Herbert Beauty and the Sacred Arts

RELS 224 RP New Testament Theology

6 pm to 9 pm

4 pm to 5:15 pm

2:35 pm to 3:50 pm

1:10 pm to 2:25 pm

11:40 am to 1 pm

9:25 am to 10:40 am


PHIL 305 RP with C. Morrissey Philosophy of the Human Person

PHIL 111 RP with C. Morrissey History of Philosophy: Ancient & Medieval

full details at When in time would you go on vacation? “I’d go to Spain to watch bullfighting with Hemmingway.” - Will Davies


March 6, 2013



inspired by


Andrew Parker - Unititled

Tohu Banks

Joel Hagglund

I took a walk through your cloud house. Initially, it was to clear my mind, but a time like this was not to be mist. Inside: so much I expected to bind to this carefully constructed blueprint. Long been described as a masterpiece, and with less perfection could ring true, but not for our reasons in the least. See the whole, scratch surfaces with these parts. Scape of complexity, escape with pride, covers a simpler round mouse-eared base. The hole, see, reveals parts inside. Agua. Life: of elements all made the same. 1 then mattered, 2 you. 3 atom’s concealed state of affairs. I took a walk through your cloud house.

Nancy Timmermans - Through the Window Pane I

When in time would you go on vacation? “The 1940s to hang out with the Inklings... becaue they’d totally love me.” - Thomas Nelson

March 6, 2013





Hazards of RELS Why Trinity should require more Theology, not just RELS.



If Trinity Western University actually wants to be a faith-

intellectually rigorous community, students need better access to actual theology. More than just information about the various textual sources of biblical scripture, we need formative theological grounding to give us traction for incorporating challenging ideas from our various disciplines into a live-giving practice of faith. Many students come to Trinity exing education, especially when they enroll in classes like RELS 102, “Introduction to the New Testament.” Instead, they are at the mercy of whatever perspective on their professor happens to tote. Far too often students are exposed to challenging forms of biblical criticism and then left to work out the implications for Christian faith and practice mostly on their own and in the margins of their other coursework. In the best case, students are challenged and come out stronger. But in the worse case, their faith is fractured too deeply to repair. And I have heard way too many stories of this happening. Take my own experience for exto learn about the New Testament in RELS 102. Instead, I was dragged through a rather unhelpful quagmire of redaction criticism. I learned a lot of facts about the formation of the New Testament canon, but was given little to help me incorporate what I was learning into a meaningful practice of faith. By second year

I had recovered enough to enroll in RELS 101, the other core-required biblical survey. Yet the experience was radically different. I not only learned more about the Old Testament in one semester than I had in twenty years of churchgoing, but also grew in faith. The difference was theology. The

Studies? In the joking words of one Business student, his RELS requirements were his “one shot at saving his soul.” But there is some truth behind the jest. If students are not getting theology from the RELS department, from where are we getting it? We have to glean it from the edges of our own

theology in and the second, a generous helping. Whether or not I still agree with the exact perspective of- “IDIS” course, but even then, the fered by my Old Testament professor, theological grounding is not certain I was given something to stand on or broad enough. From the lives and practices of our professors? Thankissues any serious student encoun- fully we are even able to do so! But ters, and for that I am thankful. its something that must be earnestly I am not against Biblical Studies. pursued and it is not always available. These approaches yield important Student Life? Despite the excellent job insights that I hope every student at it does of fostering Christian comTrinity comes to wrestle with. But I munity and providing opportunities also hope that those insights lead the for serving and ministry experience, students to a stronger, more mature Student Life simply does not go deep and vibrant faith. Unfortunately, that enough to adequately equip students isn’t always the case in courses taught to deal with intellectual challenges to from perspectives such as form criti- the faith that often arise in their studcism or redaction criticism. ies. Currently, every undergraduate Hopefully, we are getting theologistudent at Trinity must take at least cally robust teaching at church. But I three Biblical studies courses, and can know from experience that this also even get away with all of their RELS simply isn’t the case as much as it credit from the Biblical Studies type should be—whether on the church’s courses. And this could quite possibly end or the student’s. Sometimes it’s leave them theologically emaciated, just hard to get up on Sunday after a unable to rebuild a deconstructed long week of class. faith. But if Trinity actually wants to be A simple change to the core requirements to include more classes our faith in Christ informs how we with more theological content could explore every discipline, then we need help students integrate the challeng- to supply students with some form of ing material from the rest of our stud- theological grounding to give them ies into our practice of faith. traction. We need to incorporate more And where else should students be actual theology into the core requireable to get this necessary grounding if ments for every student. not from the department of Religious

Keeping the peace


A national conference, an international issue, a personal responsibility.

Four students were invited to SARAH GROCHOWSKI represent B.C. at a peace-building conference in Ottawa held by Mennonite Central Committee this reading break. Among thirty university students from across the globe this conference was labeled “Peacebuilding in a Dangerous Time,” and consisted of eight seminars with a backdrop of snowy Parliament Hill. These talks were led by experienced NGO representatives, Cana-


passionate towards seeing a change in Canada’s role within international peacekeeping. Each presentation ended with an “off the record” question and answer period that many made use of. Prior to our arrival few of us knew what to expect, I was personally scared to admit that I was comof peace in a world full of arms races and nuclear threats. As university students we have become accustomed to far-off stories of war and casualties, ritually pinning respect over our hearts on November 11th and honor-

country, imagining what war really cost the ones we call family. Peace is seen as an idealistic pipedream in the minds of many Western Countries. As we live day-to-day it seems that the assurance of our own safety is of more value to us than living in the way that sees all human life equal to our own. Our current government spent over 28 million dollars this year on advertisements and re-enactments celebrating the War of 1812, suggesting that this was tied deeply to the beginning of the freedom and identity of our nation. One of the conference’s speakers Jamie Swift, author of Warrior Nation, suggested that the real result the war of 1812 was a crippling effect on the Aboriginal population as they were betrayed, losing large amounts of people and eventually larger amounts of land. To celebrate wars with propaganda expenditures and special effects like the sounding ration seems as though we have been introduced to a war glorifying culture as Canadians. St. Augustine wrote, “The purpose of all wars is peace,” and many would argue that this has been forgotten as rumors of corruption and hidden economic agendas

arise when our troops enter into other nations with the efforts of peacekeeping. civil uprisings in countries like Syria or Yemen, merely enrage, as people in the very same country see members of their own nation as enemies. This may make harming others easier for of us declare our pride as Canadians, how many of us have expressed our appreciation to be human? The truth of every citizen in the world as being equal was repeated throughout many seminars and is an essential component to a successful state of peace among nations losing their stability. Paul Dewar, a foreign affairs critic in parliament, stated during the conference that when it comes tion is more successful than any use of or threat of force. Even still, many Western countries enter into nations guns loaded and hearts hardened. A Canadian colonel involved in countless peacekeeping missions told us that doing the opposite is the proper way to bring peace. In order to truly

passion and the hopes of non-violent reconciliation. These truths also have implications that far exceed peacekeeping in other nations but ones that force us to look at our own lives and consider whether peace has been something we exhibit. Romans 12 encourages us to “live at peace with everyone.” It seems that when we withhold doing all we can to maintain relationships -

encounter both parties fueled by com-

When in time would you go on vacation? “The ‘60s…oh, Woodstock.” - Emily Garrison

giveness within a heart and can be a barrier between us and God. Who are we to not forgive when Christ gave all to reconcile us back to a right standing with God; this love compels us to not count others sin’s against them but act for peace. Looking into the eyes of the ones that wound us we are able to forgive as not only citizens of Canada, but as human beings, people of the world, and sons and daughters of God. This is keeping the peace.


March 6, 2013


c i l e Ang LS A M I AN with Cage the Elephant’s frontman, Matt Shultz has said that when he lacks inspiration he runs outside, shoves his face into the soil, and breaths deep. Not because he has a dirt fetish, but because he’s desperate to break the monotony of normality—to discover what’s been in front of him all along by forcing himself into a different and uncomfortable mindset. Allow this column to give you the good ol’ garden face-wash, with six fresh freaky philosophies. Join me this semester, in soiling yourself. -

For the love of wisdom


Why study philosophy?



Q: What is philosophy? A: It’s probably best to de-



Q: Is philosophy hard? -



FIGURE OF THE FORTNIGHT he r oe s e g n u s Un d ay lif y r e v e for







not -













When in time would you go on vacation? “Right now, back to Uruguay to re-propose to my girlfriend.” - Luc Gloanec


March 6, 2013


People often ask me why I want to enter a CHRIS and McDONALD monastery I am beginning to realize why this question has been hard to answer. One does not go to a monastery because one likes this or that lifestyle—wanting has little to do with the process. Instead, I need to go to a monastery, but trying to articulate the difference is complicated and takes practice.


solitude with the central motivation. People go to monasteries to get away from the world, right? Although suplanation is incomplete. The problem has to do with how we tend to talk about our motivations enter university to get the career we rather than another because the service suits our spiritual preferences (other services aren’t bad per se—they just aren’t “right for me”).

a misunderstanding of motivation. Most seem to think one enters a mon- of speaking is that we tend to speak astery or convent because one de- the same way about shopping. This sires solitude or “whatever it is they do register is effective for avoiding conin monasteries or convents.” In this about going to church: “I just like this or that service better, so there is no need get mad. I am just expressing what speaks to me.” But this register is effective precisely because it softens certain forms of contact. The sort of relationship

you can have when speaking this way is one of shared interest. Those who have eclectic interests are often best able to relate with multiple people. But a shared interest is the icebreaker; it is never the sustaining factor in a relationship. Ever notice how awkward it feels to work out issues with a good friend while trying to have fun together? The shared interest is rather dull, every moment of silence is agonizing, and the friend’s very presence induces anxiety. The same would be true if I tried to enter a monastery for the solitude. Being there, alone and quiet, would become a noisy hell. I would start to loathe the silence and yearn for the presence of others to get away from my own voice, not so much from the voice of God. So much for the solitude. The truth is, a monastery has little to do with being alone or getting away from the world—little to do with liking that kind of “religious stuff.” I am going to a monastery because I need to, not because I want to. And this to others in a culture of icebreakers and distractions— tertainment we use to “unwind” after sion show to unwind, it is much like taking a sleeping pill before tending to an open wound. It is the wrong sort of rest, inappropriate to the circumstances. The right sort of rest takes practice, and monasteries are houses of practice. My sin, my insecurities, my pride—these all cut me off from others even while we are talking. As long as I numb myself to these issues, as long as I ignore my own mortality and sinful nature, they have free reign in my soul and act as barriers to participating in community. Instead, I pray daily to practice true rest in the words of Psalm 1. I pray for that delight we can have in the law of the Lord. I pray to be like a tree planted by streams of water, a tree which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither—to prosper in whatever I do—isn’t that a maturity, a restfulness, worth pursuing in faith?

When in time would you go on vacation? “The Medieval Era; I want to be a serf on a manor and live 12 years.” - Byron Sherk



March 6, 2013


Our earth is jewelled with God’s treasures, and I know it brings Him joy solace in what His hands have formed. -Curtis Abney


Although environmental stewardship must be practiced, Christians do not have to reduce their carbon footprint to zero or implement changes right away; instead, environmental stewardship is meant to be a joyful way to serve God just as one would in their spiritual lives, not something that has to be done because it is the only way to stop climate change. The key is to do what you can. Each person will have different convictions on what they must and must not do. If recycling is a painful experience, then stop recycling; if it is too expensive to buy local foods then buy non-local foods; just make sure that you are serving God through it all. Because of this revision, Christians shouldn’t judge or outcast someone who is practicing more or less environmental stewardship then they are. One should not say that they do not believe in drinking out of Styrofoam cups. If they forgot their reusable cup, it is not a sin to use the throw away cup provided. Remember, this is meant to be a joyful way to serve God; it is not meant to be legalistic. -Jordan Weller


“Consider the ravens. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds!” Luke 12:22-28


God takes such care of His creation, so of course He’s going to take care of us! Whenever I see any bird, I am always reminded of God’s providence for me: what He has done, is doing now and what He will do in the future. In the anxious times of midterms and heavy assignments, there is nothing more relaxing and peaceful to me than a walk in the wilderness. Time seems of me like a river. It’s all the therapy I need. -Elizabeth Haines




I view creation as an amazing gift to us from God through which we can constantly catch “God winks” or glimpses of His unending grace, beauty, and power. It may not be in the majestic sunsets of vibrant red and orange that I feel His presence the most but in the small things such as hearing the pitter-patter of the rain on my roof, the wind in the trees, the smell of fresh-cut hay, or the feeling of cool grass between my toes. Just as in the story of Elijah when God spoke to him through the “still small voice” instead of the earthquake, for me, the subtle aspects of God’s creation are the greatest experiences and constant reminders of His presence. -Darby Arens

When in time would you go on vacation? “I don’t want to go anywhere else because then I’d be discriminated against.” - Stephanie Redekop


March 6, 2013





“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


The more I learn about our world, its systems, plants, animals and people, the more I come to appreciate God’s good work in Creation. Understanding how intricately each organism is made and suited to its niche environment, and how interconnected the Earth’s ecosystems are makes me wonder at our Creator God. Whenever I have the opportunity to get outside there is a calming presence that overwhelms me. Near the end of the busy day, I found myself alone in a meadow, sun shining, and silent. I stood quietly looking over the meadow to the ocean. -Jennifer Rumley



At times when doubts or insecurities of peace and comfort overcomes me when I venture into the immense beauty of creation. Whether I am surrounded by forest on every side, standing atop a snow covered mountain or staring up as the cosmic splendour of the sky, creation leaves me in a state of speechless awe. Through this incredible sense of wonder I encounter in creation, I know I am experiencing the Creator and His greatness never ceases to amaze me. -Emma Soeten

“But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer” Luke 5:16

The most powerful sermon I have ever heard was spoken by a gurgling stream, while surrounded by a most receptive congregation of towering trees. Together, we became transearth, and we soaked up living water. Alongside them, I grew leaves and bore fruit. I left that ever-changing sanctuary nourished, renewed, and delighted in the laws of the Lord. -Karen Hefford

When in time would you go on vacation? “Early Enlightenment Europe, so I could truly enlighten them.” - Nicholas Lee


March 6, 2013



Musicians who produce Artists who go beyond playing music



Writing lyrics, playing instruments, singing, and recording—many mu-

often goes unseen is that of music production—the behind-the-scenes birthing of an album. Many musicians own bigger record companies, and self-produce not only their own music, but also music for many other

Mine and The Welcome Wagon’s Welcome to the Welcome Wagon and Pu2. After producing numerous albums under Nonesuch records, Wilco wanted the freedom of an independent record label; the band decided to create their own record label called dBpm. Band members Jeff Tweedy and Pat Sansone joined with producer

ous bands including As I Lay Dying, UnderØath, Unearth, From Autumn

Die, August Burns Red. Danger Mouse, Brian Burton’s musical accomplishments and projects span many genres including indie

dBpm. Tweedy has also produced Ma-

Brian Burton, Jeff Tweedy, and Adam only created music, but also made it possible for numerous other artists to 1. Appropriate for his somewhat

Kids These Days, a young, Chicago based band.

played a part in composing the music famous for his recording as a musi-

screamo music. As a musician, Dutalongside James Mercer of The Shins.

owns Asthmatic Kitty Records with bel has produced for indie bands such as Chris Schlarb, My Brightest Dia-

As Daylight Dies, Disarm the Descent, Wishes, which he did with Ken Susi

most of his own albums, as well as Rosie Thomas’s These Friends of

up to 12 songs with U2 on a new alcent, that will hopefully be released in the coming year.

Journal of a revolutionary One student’s musical mission. André Costa, a fourth year Trinity student, MEREDITH is a talented OVERMYER Brazilian soccer player, musician, and philosopher. To the North American ear, his charming Portuguese tone has a delightful Latin


of sunnier Brazilian shores. With some basic translation,

is the priority… Life has worth but is also applicable to North American cal toward the good news of academic atheism and left wing intellectual superiority. -

André’s newest song, “The Journal of -

tionary concept is that “the idea of crethe Judeo-Christian paradigm of a a possibility to try to do something better with this world. The sin lies in our attempt to associate Christianity so popular to our generation. This is

generational sin, he continues, “the

his music: that instead of associating Christianity so closely with a par-

did something wrong yesterday, I did it again today, and I probably left my

animals, we should be focused on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This is how André’s song begins, in the form of a journal written by a so channel.

When in time would you go on vacation? “The Prehistoric era when t-rexes were still a thing.” - Brandon Bate

n w g o t n l i l l a l m toryte



West of the snowy Cascades, where MEREDITH OVERMYER the Columbia River rolls into a majestic gorge before emptying into


of Corbett, Oregon. Just 20 minutes outside Portland, Corbett is a quiet town of just under 4,000 people, situated along the Historic Columbia River Highway. Within this forested microcosm are some truly fascinating Western pioneers. I journeyed here over reading break for a classic hometown tour with my proudest Oregonian friend. the “most wonderful place on Earth”, and after visiting the scenic Gorge and meeting crunchy locals, I can see why. In the neighboring town of Troutdale, locals gather at the historic “Tad’s Chicken ‘n Dumplin’s” to tell stories. Affectionately dubbed “Tad’s Chick-dump”, due to a well-placed lighting shortage on the neon sign out front, Tad’s has been around

since the days of prohibition. It was a roadhouse in the 1920’s, opened by “Handsome Tad Johnson” who was

order”. Since then, it has become a local gem and historic icon in the greater Portland area. Along the scenic highway, modern day pioneers still gather here for a hearty meal, and on the third Monday of every month, a night of story telling. I had the great privilege of witnessing this unique tradition when I was in town The stories, told with such rich taurant while we sat back and enjoyed local brews and plates of chicken and dumplings with gravy. Each story was more brilliant than the last; told with a subtle mix of humor, history, and socio-economic allusions. A 70-year-old former hippie spoke of his days hitchhiking across the country in the 1970’s and informed us that, “the only rule of hitchhiking is: ‘Yes.’” There was the middle-aged her great-grandmother’s two-headed

March 6, 2013


baby. A local mother of six told the hilarious yet sobering story of her mother’s slow demise to dementia. The best anecdote of the night, however, belonged to a portly 30-year-old middle school teacher with a rich, booming voice. He spoke with gusto of the mischief of his childhood; how he once chopped down a tree in his neighbor’s front yard out of pure jealous rage at their departure on a Disney World vacation. Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of the night, besides the riveting stories, was watching my friend and her family methodically interact with nearly everyone in the restaurant. Like true locals, they exchanged gossip and news updates about the cousin of the storyteller, the mother of the waitress, or the sister of the girl sitting across from us (who she went to high school with). Being a townie has its perks. True, many of these adventurers had traveled around the world, but returning to this small town meant they’d always have an audience to share their stories with.


r a e d er p p e p An advice column inspired by the Dear Sugar advice column on the Submit your questions to Trinity’s Pepper at Dear Pepper, Growing up, all the adults told me that university would be the best time in my life, that I’d meet my best friends at school, that it would be magical – the beginning of the rest of my life. And here I am, well into my

university career, and still unhappy. These past couple years have not been the best time in my life; in fact they’ve been some of the darkest. I’ve connected with only a handful of people and there is nothing magical about my experience. School is hard, I don’t feel invested in the “community” despite being involved, I’m often hopeless and lonely, and I despair about the future which looks bleak.

Yet there are moments when I chose happiness – I make an effort to be happy, to be content, to love the people around me, and these times are wonderful. I look back on the dark times and wonder how I could ever have been in that place. Yet I always end up back there. My college experience hasn’t been what I anticipated, to say the least. Pepper, why don’t I feel like I belong here? Why can’t I choose happiness all the time? Sincerely, Living in Darkness Yearning for Light Dear Living in Darkness Yearning for Light, I was nine when I decided I didn’t want to go to University. I declared it so decidedly my mother laughed. Looking back, it was a laugh of wisdom. A kinder response than “Oh Pepper, you know so little you do not even know how little you know.” Your letter made me think of that nine year old version of myself. I felt so old back then and yet had years in front of me like a long stretch of Montana road. I did not know then that middle school would be unforgiving, or that a boy would rip out my heart in the eleventh grade, or that in order across states and borders. I read this short story in my English class that same year that boy ripped out my heart. It’s called Eleven. Have you read this, LDYL? It’s about a

girl on her eleventh birthday and she says something so profound it has imprinted itself on me ever since that day we read it out loud in my English class. She says, “the way you grow old is kind of like an onion or like the rings inside a tree trunk or like my litother, each year inside the next one. That’s how being eleven years old is.” You are probably wondering why my response has anything to do with the question at hand. But in times when I feel exactly how you feel, when I begin to wonder if it is this place or if I will feel this alone and this much despair no matter where this journey takes me next, I see a vision of the rings inside a tree trunk. And I begin to understand that it’s never really about the question at hand. And I realize that nine year old Pepper had the same issues I have now, only with different faces and a different setting. The year I graduated, I picked this place because it sounded cool and distant. I liked the vision it cast of who I was when I told people. I liked that the boy who ripped out my heart would probably never see me again. I liked that I was headed for a different Pepper, that I was destined to be a dif-

do that for you. I feel alone here too. And in a simpler world I wish I could tell you my name and we could hang out and vent about how hard this life can be and will continue to be. But that’s not the point. The point is for you to cultivate an understanding that what you are longing for is joy and that joy is a choice no matter where you are or who you are with. No matter the season you are in. No matter the facts. I sat underneath the shade of a tree in a broken country the summer after

alone there, maybe even more alone. The world was still dark and bleak. And I understood that I could not run from who I was. And sometimes who you are is completely raw and cut open. Sometimes our expectations ruin reality. LDYL, if I could leave you with anything, I hope you learn how to transcend, not just for this season but for the many to come. I hope you realize that in the dead of winter there is still an internal summer. I hope one day at the end of this semester, you are laying on your bed in that tiny excuse for a dorm room and you hear the rain and realize that one day, you’ll laugh at your child too. I hope you’ll one day here was terrible. It nearly killed me to tell stories of this place, of this one tiny ring in your tree trunk. I hope you come back. see that it made you a better person. I’m staring at the blank part of this Yours, page and I want it so badly to resolve. I Pepper want to assuage your grief. But I can’t

When in time would you go on vacation? “Versailles, 1769 before the Revolution happens” - Travis Heide


March 6, 2013


Band-Aid Artists creating more than music. The mainstream entertainment industry teachANDREW es us to create PARKER music solely for the purpose of consumtion. A true artist, however, understands that the process of creating music is merely a means to create even further, with ideas and lives. Sahel Sounds, Duncan Africa, and St. James Music Academy are three such organizations using their skills in music and instrument production, and education to impact the people around them. SAHEL SOUNDS In 2008, musicologist Christopher Kirkley traveled to Africa with an

set up the label Sahel Sounds and began tracking down and producing the artists discovered in Africa. The label has now put out two volumes entitled Music From Saharan Cell Phones, available on cassette, vinyl, and for

device to capture and document the native music. Out of this formative trip and subsequent visits developed into Sahel Sounds, a backwater Portland record label serving to produce previously unknown African artists from the Sahel Region. Kirkley’s African travels eventually landed him in the Sahel, a geographic region of West Africa, encompassing parts of Mali, Senegal, Niger, among other countries. Instead of recording the sought-after traditional acoustic folk songs, Kirkley was bombarded by the complete opposite form of music, high paced tinny electronic music blasted out of tiny cell phone speakers. The music of this part of the world had become a copyright free industry of home brew songs complete with electronic drum beats, auto tuned vocals, and high speed rap, all shared cell phone to cell phone via Bluetooth. Kirkley abandoned his desire to document traditional folk music and instead copied these unique mp3s and brought them back to Portland. Upon Kirkley’s return home, he

unethical consumer products which are directly and indirectly encouraged by media and music. British Columbian guitar maker Jay Duncan (Duncan Guitars) has been producing high end acoustic guitars for many years. Duncan realized that quality guitars could be produced to combat this unethical consumerism by helping others to gain a better quality of life. Duncan’s vision has been realized in 2007 through the starting of Duncan Africa. His vision was and is to train Ugandan locals to produce world class acoustic guitars, giving them valuable skills and jobs. Since its inception, Duncan Africa has trained sixteen locals to produce exquisite guitars, with plans to double the number of workers shortly. Not only do the locals work alongside Duncan to hand build each guitar, they are schooled in Math, English, Business, Computers, and First-Aid.


the region has fallen under restrictive Islamic laws banning cell phone music. By producing Music From Saharan Cell Phones as well as other titles—full length LP’s by a variety of artists—Sahel Sounds has been able to preserve some of this unique musical culture and get the musicians some money for their work through sales in Western Countries. DUNCAN AFRICA

with Bryce Perry

AMOK - Atoms for Peace Radiohead front man Thom Yorke has returned to add another project to his musical repertoire. His latest project is born from the talents of Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, and drummer/producer Joey Warnoker of Beck and R.E.M.. Together these

and sing in choirs. Partnering with St. unteering their time for an annual James Anglican church, the academy is able to provide a place for children to come to learn instruments such as the organization, but also gives the violin or cello, and to get a boost in kids the opportunity to sing and play alongside notable local artists such as goal of St. James Music Academy is to Dan Mangan, We Are The City, Shad, create empowered children who can and Hey Ocean! onstage at the iconic be role models and future leaders. Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. The local indie music scene has come alongside the academy, vol-

to the classroom, is set on an ethical background developed through biblical principles. Duncan Africa is not a missionary organization per-say, but



a company set up by a group of people who want to share the love of Christ in a practical way. The company is providing the locals with opportunities that would not have otherwise been possible. Various artists sport Duncan Africa acoustic guitars, and they have gained popularity with local B.C. worship artists such as Brian Doerkson, Norm Strauss, and producer/engineer Steve Klassen. ST. JAMES MUSIC ACADEMY A global culture has made it so easy to focus on the impoverished parts of the world and often it is easy to forget about the needs of the people in our own city. St. James Music Academy in East Vancouver is educating and empowering low income Vancouver children through classical music lessons, providing the children with the opportunity to play in orchestras

pieces make up the whole known as Atoms for Peace. In traditional Yorke fashion he presents to the masses either a critiquing message, this time concerning pursuits of the American dream, or a collection of pessimistic love songs. The eerie low-key beats of AMOK, the super group’s debut album, does not sound like the next step in the front man’s musical evolution. Rather, it is a decedent of Yorke’s 2006 solo album The Eraser, where the band’s name derives from. The opening track “Before Your Eyes” immediately spurs thoughts of a convulsively dancing Thom à la “Lotus Flower” music video. The quick pitter-patter of the guitar and high-hats could even trigger an oxymoronically dark Charleston. Now enter the voice of Yorke: the soft ambience that he projects echoing off into the night is the ghost that haunts this track and in between each layered instrument. Electronic sounds of dystopia in tracks like “Default” and “Unless” begin isolated, catching our attention.

Gradually each new layer meshes with the last, building upon one another until they reach a brief congregation of harmonious sound before gliding back down into isolation. However, the sounds that emerge from this album seem to limit the talent that is in the group. To hear that the RHCP bassist is a good bass player is like being slapped in the face by the hand of understatements yet his presence on the album is lacking - why not work his talent into the record? How amazing would it be if in “Stuck Together Pieces,” where the bass is perhaps most prominent on the album, Flea churned up the track with an anarchistic bass line? However, music isn’t necessarily about showcasing talent. The creation of a record needs to be about the product as a whole and not concerned with the individual parts. AMOK as a whole works, even if it sounds like Thom sat down with his laptop and played around. It is a seamless collaboration of multiple talents that hacks into the pleasure centers of the brain and offers a fair amount of reward. Wondrous Bughouse – Youth Lagoon Returning for what is going to be his sophomore year, Trevor Powers aka Youth Lagoon wants to take us on a journey into the mind and beyond. His second album Wondrous Bughouse is a bold turn from his 2011 debut Year of Hibernation. Powers’ introduction to the world was full of reminiscent soli-

tude whereas the latest to come from the introverted artist is expanded contemplation. Powers accidently fell into a large vat of LSD and had to drink his way out. Beginning in the quiet apprehensiveness of “Through the Mind and Back” we are transported through exactly that. Resonating tones drop like sporadic rain against robotic communiIt is a world full of mystery until we discover what lies beyond moving into “Mute.” Immediately Wondrous Bughouse big sound that was absent from Year of Hibernation, brining in very present drums and guitar. With arrangements that could be described as progressively psychedelic it is an album that

move into death and our true ignorance or denial of it, as portrayed in the repetitiveness of “Dropla’s” chorus emphasizing, “you will never die.” With Trevor Powers’ investigation of our grasp on death, his second study of it seems ironic. He contemplates a subject that is obviously quite serious, but he does this in a very lighthearted way. If he is trying to emphasize our own nonchalant attitude on the subject he does a very good job. Yet, even with such a heavy message we can’t help but be transported into the cosdance to the serenades of the man on the moon that is Youth Lagoon. Wondrous Bughouse is a journey that assuredly should be taken.

the mind altering sounds of the late 60’s and early 70’s. That does not mean there aren’t remnants of Youth “Pelican Man” offers the catchiness of a pop hit while still staying true to the album and could team up well with psych rock band MGMT. A familiar piano can be heard in “Raspberry Cane” with a hopeful sentiment telling us to “pour the ashes into the cup, mix with wine – here’s to death drink up.” This morbid request paints part of the picture of what Powers is trying to deal with on this album. That is the knowledge of the inevitable


When in time would you go on vacation? “The Middle Ages—plenty of mead in those days.” - Josiah Martinoski

March 6, 2013



the minds of the handsome and clever that he is considered to be the rightful property of some pretty, young, and discipled woman. There is one such handsome, clever, rich, and comfortable young woman who lives in the village of Highbury and who goes by the name of Emma Woodhouse. And as it would be, she became the disciple for a young woman, her new particular friend, Miss Harriet Smith. Miss Woodhouse, now you see, has a talent that cannot easily be denied; a talent for knowing the secrets of everyone’s feelings, for arranging everyone’s destiny: a talent for matchmaking. And of course, because she is fond them on her new friend, Miss Smith. Don’t we all have something that we think that we’re good at, but when really terrible at it, and it was insufferable to think that we could possimaybe we wish that we could be good at something, something that we would never be good at. Sometimes we have good intentions for wanting to be talented at certain thing, other times, not so much. And sometimes our quest to be the best can cause others harm.

What happens when we try to play


“It is a truth universally acknowlCHARISSA edged that a HURT single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife.” However little known the feelings or views of such a man may be towards a prospective


us know a story of someone’s friend who thought that these two people would be great for each other, and so they organized a blind date for them. It was the worst. She was a vegetarian, he liked his baby back ribs, and he liked them juicy. She liked to talk about politics, he liked to talk about, well…the weather. He was loud—it scared her. She wanted to marry for love, he wanted to marry for money. I think you get the picture, sometimes matchmaking, isn’t all it’s made to be. So what about our friend Emma the truth that is universally acknowl-

What happens when poor men in possession of little to no fortune are friend was given an offer of marriage from a poor farmer with no connec-

would be like marrying an accountant!) Even though your friend herself is an orphan with no family, and not a penny to her name, wouldn’t you want to do your best to seek a favourman in possession of large fortune who would be the perfect match for think is best for others isn’t what they really need. Come see if single men are really in want of a wife, and maybe you can do some much-needed matchmaking in the process. SAMC Theatre’s production of Emma, adapted from the novel by


Caleb, the mastermind behind the sold-out Fiddler on the Roof that closed last year’s season. Set to live piano music from the era, you don’t want to miss this tale of mischief and matchmaking staring: Brandon Bate,

Mark Fleming, Cody Friesen, Sharra Ganzeveld, Andrew Gundy, Audrey Herold, Daniele Neve, Dave Shoffner,

Stage Management is by Charissa Hurt, Tiffany Choi, and Margaret Thorpe. Emma runs March 12-23 with tickets ranging from $8-$16.

featuring Ariana Hurt as the pianist.


SASQUATCH The Gorge, WA May 24-27


BONARROO Manchester, TN June 13-16


CREATION FEST NW Enumclaw, WA Aug 7-10


SQUAMISH VALLEY Squamish, BC Aug 8-10


BUMBERSHOOT Seattle, WA Aug 31-Sept 2

When in time would you go on vacation? “The 1920s: the age of jazz.” - Siby Varghese

$99 $109


COACHELLA Indio, CA April 12-14

$349 $337 $224 $99

The fests of summer



March 6, 2013



Match Point: Bronze Women capture their second bronze in three years.

An amazing run for the women’s volANDREW PATTERSON leyball team fell two colours shy as the Spartans settled for a bronze medal win against the Ottawa GeeGees. It was another heartbreaking loss against the UBC Thunderbirds that did not give TWU the ticket into


was, the Spartans were able to return home with a medal around their neck, something that they were not able to accomplish last year. The Spartans ran into a brick wall named the UBC Thunderbirds on Friday as they suffered a 3-1 defeat from a very good volleyball squad, sending them to the bronze medal match. The Spartans had already suffered UBC and were looking for a way to redeem themselves from that sting of a loss. With a 1-1 record against UBC during the regular season, the Spartans knew they were able to pull a win out of a hat. Unfortunately, the Thunderbirds proved why they have a 0.955 winning percentage and performed their guts out, while the Spartans were not able to utilize their momentum swings. The Spartans started well as they win, giving all the momentum they needed. They were not able to translate that momentum to performance in the second set, as they went down ing point of the match as all of the momentum went to UBC, practically costing the Spartans the match. The Spartans looked very uneasy from the beginning of the second set as if they weren’t all on the same page. Their passing was off and their attacks were defended easily or caused an error. They fell defensively which allowed the Thunderbirds to The Spartans showed more effort UBC that they weren’t going to get past them so easy. But the outstanding offense and defense of the Thunderbirds were simply too much for

pictured: Amy Ott


The Spartans could have done better in this match and there were opportunities to capitalize towards a win. But we must give credit where credit is due, as the UBC Thunderbirds had a monster season and won a well-deserved gold medal. Leading UBC were Lisa Barclay, who was named tournament MVP and Shanice Marcelle, who was named MVP of the year. These two players were the reason why UBC has done so well

in their women’s volleyball department. The bronze medal match for the Spartans was a whole different story for the Spartans as they steamrolled the Ottawa Gee-Gees for a 3-0 win to claim the bronze medal. The Spartans outplayed the Gee-Gees on all kills in three sets versus Ottawa’s 17 kills, the Spartans doubled what the Gee-Gees had to offer offensively.

“I’m really proud of the team to rise up after a tough loss yesterday,” said Spartans coach Ryan Hofer, “I believe it takes a ton of character to come back after you’ve been blocked from reaching your goal and go back out there in search of something that’s not quite what you wanted. But a bronze is a great achievement for the school and it’s something the girls should be proud of.” A team who performs their best at all costs deserves a lot of credit, and the Spartans are that team. With the Spartans performing this hard after a devastating loss, it was just amazing. Although it was disappointing, they simply did not let it get away of their next game. The Spartans were led by setter Kelci French who had a whopwith Amber Brown, Amy Ott,ß and Nicole Bazin who each contributed whole team contributed well both defensively and offensively, which is the key to the success the Spartans have had this season. In a nutshell, the Spartans had a fabulous regular season. We’re talking 19 wins and just three losses, a big improvement from last season’s 13-7 record. The three losses came from three very tough opponents consisting of UBC, Alberta, and UBC Okanagan who are all in the top four including the Spartans. Out of the 19 wins, The Spartans won 3-0 eleven times, dominating their opponents. There is no doubt that the Spartans are an excellent team. In fact, their team play is beyond greater than any other team in the CIS. The Spartans do not look to a single player on their team to lead them offensively throughout the game, rather, they contribute almost equally on the stat sheets. The future is bright in TWU’s women’s volleyball department, allowing next year to be equally as exciting as the run has been this year. The bronze medal is a great achievement and it is well deserved. Congratulations to the women’s volleyball team!

Whenare in time you go on ‘I’d“Events visit Samson because he’sChallenge” strong and big.” Andrew Ott What you would most excited forvacation? this year? like the Banana - Jen- Newman


March 6, 2013


Coughing up a hairball Men’s Volleyball loses its throne.

Give them a summer that lasts forever! CIS

They deserve a certain level CAMERON of grace, they might even be STUERLE worthy of a mulligan. Maybe after so much success this was bound to happen at some point. I’m tempted to believe the Spartans men’s volleyball team has earned a pass. But then again, I can’t just overlook what happened this past weekend. The effort the men put forward and the focus (or lack thereof ) that they showed at nationals was embarrassing. There is no excuse for these Trinity Western University Spartans, the team with three straight national championship game appearances and a pair of gold medals, to be


not even that they got knocked out incredibly troublesome. The Spartans took a 2-0 set led in the QuarOntario team and looked to be home free; they had a spot in the semiblew it. Even though the Spartans had the lead, it was shaky at best. TWU and were taken all the way to 25 in the second. TWU even had Western times in the third set but the Spartans were never able to put the match away, and it cost them. The Spartans still fought hard, they didn’t let the third set collapse break them right away as they fought off three set points but ultimately lost the fourth

quest for a third consecutive gold medal to an end. Now don’t get me wrong, it was a great match to watch and Western deserves all the credit for winning it, but the Spartans performance simply wasn’t good enough. Now I know this is going to upset some people because both my editors and I get emails whenever I try to criticize the athletic department in any way. It seems that any time I call out a Spartans teams for a poor performance certain people want to get the torches and pitchforks out and that bothers me. Not because people don’t like my writing but because so few people are bothered about this loss. For the sake of reference, Western is from the OUA, a league that before this year had not placed a team in the gold medal game since 1991 and had yielded just one gold medal winner, all the way back in 1968. It’s a mediocre volleyball league that simply does not stack up with a power conference like Canada West which just saw its run of 18 consecutive gold medals come to an end. Western is a decent team, not great, not even that good. They were a 13-5 team in a secondrate league that was subsequently dispatched in straight sets after beating TWU. Western isn’t good enough to beat TWU without some help from the other side. I have to preface this by saying this is strictly my opinion: the Spartans did not give their best effort at nationals this past weekend. Ben Josephson was pure class after the match, he gave all the credit to Western and put the spot-

ther Josephson nor any of the players called themselves out for a poor effort, however I refuse to believe that Western is on an even level with TWU and that they could play such a balanced game with them. Like it or not, when you go three years without losing a game in March, win two gold medals, and win a medal every time you reach nationals, expectations get raised and you need to meet a certain standard. Losfails to meet that standard. But maybe it is okay. This run was going to end at some point. As much fun as it would have been to see TWU become to the men’s side what UBC is to the women’s side, there is too much talent at this level for one team to win them all. I’m sure the men are disappointed about coming up short and they’ll stew over this all summer while they strive to get better. But don’t shed a tear for them; they still have two banners hanging in the Langley Events Centre to keep them warm at night. As for the future, only Dan Jansen Van Doorn, Jarrod Offereins, and John Wiebe have expired their eligibility. They leave behind an incredible legacy of success and deserve to be remembered for all their accomplishments and their many victories together. I tip my cap to all three of them for representing off the court. As for the rest of the team, it’s time to get back to work. There is a standard to be met, and sixth place isn’t going to cut it.


Two months of high impact, high adventure, and thousands of changed lives. The ministry possibilities are amazing. Join a dynamic team united with passion to helps kids discover the love of Christ. Form lifelong friendships, learn valuable ministry skills, and stretch your spiritual life.

Happy 41st Birthday Shaquille Happy Anniversary Mike Tyson! Happy Trails to having to use O’Neal! CIS media resources! On this day in 1985, Tyson Shaq was without question one of the 20 greatest NBA history. He won four NBA titles (three with the Lakers and one Mercedes in the 1st round. Tywith the Heat) including three son went on to become an un- stoppable tidal wave of a boxer who left a run of victories and just as well known for the locker broken bodies only matched by room issues he created. the most Muhammed Ali himself. Tyson’s indeliable part of Shaq’s legacy career was derailed by drugs and was his gregarious on-camera crime and his career after prison persona which made everyone was nothing short of sad but his think he would be an incred- redemption into a new man has ible television personality. How- been awe-inspiring to watch. If ever, his transition to TNT has you ever get a chance to hear him been met with mixed results; I speak about anything do yourparticularly think he rarely has self a favour and listen. You’ll anything insightful to say. Then be treated to all kinds of stories again it’s probably unfair to put centered around addictions, pia rookie analyst with Charles geons, covering up murders, and Barkley who is simply in a realm veneral diseases. of his own.

Do you know how hard it is to write a CIS Track and Field Nationals preview when a comprehensive list of participating athletes does not exist? It sucks. The “broadcast” of volleyball nationals was worse. “Let’s shoot the entire thing with only one scoreboard app in front of said camera and have the entire commentary in French with absolutely no listening options for English-speaking fans, that’ll be a great idea.” –said someone, apparently. The whole CIS is just so broken and backwards they have completely stopped caring about getting exposure and recognition for their product and do such a dishevelling disservice to all its athletes and fans.

1-888-99-QWANOES !

HELP US LOVE KIDS TO LIFE! Located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

When in time would you go on vacation? “Great Depression and hang out with my grandmother Esther.” - Eric Holmlund


March 6, 2013


Track and Field Nationals Preview Is Emma Nuttall a robot or cyborg or both? This coming weekend, the young Trinity CAMERON Western UniSTUERLE versity Track and Field program look to take the next big step in its development at the CIS Nationals in Edmonton. The Spartans have already had an incredibly successful season and will look to build on what they have already done at Canada’s premier amateur T&F event. The Spartans are coming off a big medal haul at the Canada West championships. Calum Innes defended his Gold Medal in the 60m Hurdles from one year ago with a new school record time of 8.01 seconds, making him a prime contender to steal the show this weekend. Alison Jackson also took home a gold medal in the 3000m at the Canada West championships and will look to cap off her ish at nationals. The Spartans will send their largest contingent ever to Nationals. Pole vaulters Jesse Phillips and Jamie Sinclair, along with hurdler Nathan George and others will join Innes in the Men’s competitions. Meanwhile,


overall team silver medal at nationals. The women’s side is deep and talented but let’s not kid ourselves; the athlete in particular. Emma Nuttall’s high jumping career at TWU has been ridiculous. After winning gold at nationals last year, Nuttall has come back even stronger this season. Nuttall has won every Canada West meet she has entered this year and was rightfully bestowed with the prestigious distinction of Canada West Female Track and Field Athlete of the Year. Her performance went to a ridiculous new level at the CW championships. Nuttall cleared 1.85m and set a new Canada West championships record, a mark that had stood nearly 30 years after being set at 1.84m back in 1985. Nuttall has become the most predictable and safest bet in the TWU athletic department. You know she will show up, jump really high, and lay waste to her competitors. It’s incredibly exciting to watch. Nuttall and the rest of Laurier Primeau’s T&F team are riding high heading into nationals; don’t be surprised to see a big medal haul.

talent after the Spartans secured the


Spartans run out of gas Men’s Basketball playoff run collapses in Winnipeg. It looked like they had turned the corner, it CAMERON looked like STUERLE they might be a threat and actually go on a run, and that’s precisely when it all started to go wrong. The Trinity Western University Spartans season wrapped up a little less than two weeks ago when they were formally eliminated from the Canada West playoffs by the Winnipeg Wesmen. The Spartans’ road to those playoffs was a rocky and winding one; The Spartans were near the base-


heading into the Christmas break. However, a 9-3 mark following the break resurrected the Spartans’ season and yielded a playoff berth. With

the full context of the season and the outside expectations of the team in mind, it was hard to predict what the team would do in the playoffs. On the one hand, this is still a roster with a lot of turnover from the previous year and was looking at a transition year without much hope for too many victories. On the other hand, the team got much better as the season went on as key players like Tristan Smith, Mark Perrin, Denny McDonald, and Tonner Jackson found their roles and began to produce at a very high level. Then again, the second half of the schedule that produced so many wins was a much easier slate than the early round of games that put the Spartans at the back of the pack. After one game, it looked like the

doubters were wrong and the Spartans really had turned the corner. The Spartans played a marvelous by Tonner Jackson who dropped 24 points, half of which came from the charity stripe. The six man rotation of Jackson, Smith, Perrin, McDonald, Tyler Lintell, and Justin Bakuteka created problems for Winnipeg and forced a bad shooting night from the Wesman as the home team went just 5-26 from deep for the game. Sadly though, the six man rotation of Jackson, Smith, Perrin, McDonald, Tyler Lintell, and Justin Bakuteka that had led the Spartans ing the big game one victory. The

up to them as they appeared visibly tired the next two nights. The lack of energy was especially evident on defense as the Wesmen’s highly series. Winnipeg then stepped into game three and blew the doors off the Spartans with two 30 point quarIt would have been great to see games and make the Final Four but it just wasn’t to be as the curtain fell on the Spartans season. The good news going forward though is that only Point Guard Tristan Smith is graduating, meaning the Spartans next year. The Spartans must shoot better;

they hit just 64% on free throws this year, second last in the conference. They must also get better defengoal percentage defense) and most importantly they must rebound better. God bless Lintell and Kurtis Osbourne but they must get stronger inside. The Spartans only had one player place in the top 20 in rebounding for the Canada West conference, Guard Mark Perrin. It’s great to get a well-rounded performance from Perrin but a guard simply can’t lead a good team in rebounding. The Spartans must get bigger and tougher inside as they were pushed around far too often this year. If they can lems, we could be looking at a much deeper playoff run next year.


When in time would you go on vacation? “May 2013 to meet the Bluths again.” - Chris Montgomery

March 6, 2013




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You’re not normal, but you’re not alone. that she is the common denominator

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@Lindseebliss:”hey, I’ve never heard of this before” - me on every final exam ever

@singingchemist: Did you know that, using each le!er in the alphabet only once you can make this sentence: “you drink cats phlegm bxwjzqvf”?

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@wendyannebartel: He might say “I’d catch a grenaaade for ya” ...but be careful, cause he might also say “Today I don’t feel like doing aaanything.” #brunomars

@Nate_Rubzz:”One ring to rule them all” - a crazy telemarketer before each call.

Meet the nurses How to make your friendship go viral.



As I enter into my third year as a Trinity Western University nursing stu-











When in time would you go on vacation? “I’d bring it back to year zero when Christ was on the earth.” - Michelle Coxon


March 6, 2013


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Laura Jensen, You’re a talented photographer!

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Hey guys, Best of luck as you finish the semester. Make sure to stay diligent and study in the library as much as possible -Tyson Lamar “It’s who you know.” RA selections 2013.

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I got shot twice by someone I thought I could trust. You never expect a nurse to do that to you.

That awkward moment when you can see your ex-boyfriend changing through his dorm window.

Hey guys do you mind not locking your laptops, it makes my job more difficult.

That awkward moment your picture gets in the Mars Hill. #Tyson #Lamar

Grace is best spent where it is least deserved.

Kevin Schmidt, the beard has got to go.

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Hey girl from Chapel today, I loved the way you listened a#entively to that speaker. Hey Mihai and Joel, Robson 3rd floor can see you guys in your boxers in your room! That awkward moment when you find out a girl’s dorm isn’t empty for reading break when you’re using their bathroom.

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hey wehn can i hav my libary position bak i reely enjoyd it, sold em lap-tops at hi retale valu

I vote that Sco# and Ajay both give up social media for lent, it would probably solve our slow Internet problem at Trinity.

You must play soccer because I heard you were a keeper.

Awkward moments: I bumped the wood chip that was holding the door in Douglas open. quickly I held my leg in the door so that it would not close while I tried to puch the wood chip back with my other foot. Just then, three girls walked by and said, “thanks.”

I hope everyone had a fantastic reading break! -Tyson Lamar “EXEGETE DAT!” *middle fingers up* Jaddison #fi$hyearfirecrackers Hey girl, I know I didn’t go on a missions trip over spring break. But will you date me?

nice chem joke at 11:07 (ironman) #frontrow Seriously Mars Hill, I know it’s almost valentine’s day, but can we talk about something other than sex Sincerely, Concerned Student #7 Can someone please get on the track & field bandwagon here at Trinity. I don’t think that we understand or recognize the talents of how lucky we are to have a team like this. It’s been the best in years and is only ge#ing stronger. I’m officially endorsing Larger TWUSA Coffee Cups 2013. Pints not shots! I’d love to go in JUST ONCE and not have to awkwardly avoid eye contact with the person who is crying because you’ve screwed up their student account. #award #let’sgeti#ogether


Laptops swag swag swag -TY$ON jake an i are thinkin about ge#in engaged... in bible discussion #3hug

keep dem chromebooks away from me i be packin -Tyson “Dalla $waggy” Lamar

Tarun Reddy Year: 1 Height: 6’3


Hometown: Bangalore, India Denomination: Which ever

one has the

How long before you propose?: Before she has a chance to get away Fave preacher: Lecrae Fave Bible verse: “You have searched me, Best pickup line: “See my friend over best coffee

O God, and you know me.”

there? He wants to know if you think I’m cute”

How do you know if it’s love?: She’s Fave hymn: Anything Josh Garrels still with me after I’ve grown my beard out for a Favourite way to worship God: Be- year and shaved bald ing fruitful and multiplying

Age Limit:

Jennifer Aniston to Jenifer Law-


Idea of perfect date: Firm and juicy, not too wrinkly.

Best place for a first kiss: hanging upside down from a web

Skill that makes you “the one”:


can make minute rice in 58 seconds.

How would you make-up after your first fight?: Let her cook me dinner Biggest deal-breaker: her beard is bigger than mine

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