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OCTOBER 16, 2013


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October 16, 2013



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The Struggle to BE The seasonal transition from summer to fall andrew is now comPARKER plete, and our school lives too, have transitioned from the ease of September to the pain of October—the season of midterms. It is in this time of men-


presence. to step back, to rest in the presence our phones shake our pockets hour

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How then, can we focus on our sur-

SECTION EDITORS perhaps more than most, and it’s for most of us but it seems that the


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upon a potential theme for this issue, we at Mars’ Hill found that within each of us exists a desperate need


times—be it homework or social me-

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a verse in a quiet place some times.


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that allow us to step back and rest our minds for a brief period. I feel that this need is echoed in that demand our undivided attention.

friends or check social media.

turn on our ear to what Christ has to

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and know that I am God.” God calls lives, such as cell phones or social media.

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fresh baked cookies, pool, movies, and a number of activities to draw in



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desire to develop relationships with for them.



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Prayer Requests reach out to the kids, and that the

Cover Statement feel lost or overwhelmed. Mars’ Hill to return us to that balance. Take a

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Politics and Cats” - Jordan Schroeder @marshillonline


October 16, 2013



TWU Launches Great Wall MBA On October 17th, Trinity Western logan University PAULGAARD will celebrate the launch of The Great Wall MBA program at the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TUFE) in Tianjin, China. The program will make TWU the only foreign university approved in the city of Tianjin to offer a Masters of Business Administration program. Tianjin University is highly


one of the longest-standing, foreigndelivered MBA programs in China. TWU currently teaches a Bachelors of Business Administration-Masters of Business Administration transition degree at TUFE. The purpose of the program will be to build on the established connection between the two universities, grow business relationships between Chinese and Canadian leaders, and allow TWU to have a voice in Chinese business development. Associate Provost Philip Laird, Ph.D., noted that The Great Wall program was a “natural extension” of what the two institutions have been doing together.

“It’s really quite a remarkable story, how we’ve been able to develop a relationship that has led to this new program,” said TWU Professor of been heavily involved in The Great Wall MBA program. The connection was built through a former visiting scholar to TWU who later went on to become the director of the foreign MBA program at TUFE. The Great Wall MBA had been delivered by an American university, which became unable to continue their involvement. Through its relationship with TUFE, TWU was asked if they wanted to take over the delivery of the program. This began the process of negotiation and programapproval from both the Canadian and Chinese ministries of education. The MBA is largely modeled after TWU’s local International Master of Business Administration program (IMBA). The course structure follows an executive residency model, which organizes concentrated course work, with lectures being taught over two consecutive weekends and reoccurring every six weeks. The model provides streamlined logistics for professors travelling


between Canada and China, and allows for greater student immersion in the course material. There will be two groups of students, known as cohorts, with up to 35 in each cohort. This is more students than the combined total of MBA students enrolled on TWU’s own campus.

The majority of the program will be taught by TWU professors in English, which means students will be required to pass an English proprogram. The director for the MBA program, Murray Mactavish, Ph.D., is well-acquainted with China: in the

Nobel Highlights chemical weapons watchdogs

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its continued efforts to eradicate chemical weapons, including the Syrian army’s poison gas stockpiles. There are hopes that the award will lend the OPCW the strong support they will need in Syria and inspire the attainment of peace. OPCW DirectorGeneral Ahmet Uzumcu noted that “events in Syria have been a tragic reminder that there remains much work still to be done.”

Taliban leader captured

Latif Mehsud, among the highest commanders and negotiators for the Pakistani Taliban, was captured in eastern Afghanistan by U.S. forces. His group claimed responsibility in the attempted Times Square bombings of 2010. The Pakistani Taliban saythat the Afghan army captured Mehsud at a border crossing, while the governor of the eastern Logar province says that the US captured him on a main road. Mehsud was positioned as a go-between in the process of upcoming peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

last seven years he has made 22 trips there and has also studied Chinese program, saying, “The TWU faculty team have experience working and teaching in China, so they are wellprepared to deliver a high quality educational program in Tianjin.”

canadians in egypt freed

migrant boat capsizes

A vessel carrrying approximately 250 migrants from North Africa capsized in the Mediterranean. Navy ships were able to rescue more than 200 people. The accident is part of an rica over the last two decades. The Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta, hopes that the crisis will be discussed at the Oct. 24-25 European Council meeting.

Intensified backlash against nsa Technological counter attacks have recently been formulated in response to National Security Agency surveillance leaks caused by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden this past

encrypted email and programs which plant key words throughout the Internet to deter surveillance. Lawmakers are calling for stricter laws surrounding Internet privacy.



found a home. Yes, you heard that right. On Tuesday, October 1st, the gnome was adopted into a loving home at the L.O.V.E. outreach auction. The auction was a night dedicated to connecting students with items only university students (or your grandma) could love, while raising money for the L.O.V.E. outreach teams. “It was a very exciting night for us,” says Chett Fitchett, the Local Outreach Coordinator. “People came with an intention to give back.” The items up for auction ranged from light sabres to a sweater vest to a T-Rex backpack, all of which were



bani arrived at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Oct. 11, after being held captive in Egypt for seven weeks. The two had been arrested mid-August, without formal charge, during a violent anti-government demonstration in Cairo. The condition of their prison cells was unpleasant and cockroach-infested. The two were unable to return to

suzuki urges u.s. government

Canadian environmental activist David Suzuki was recently in Washington among a panel of Canadians urging the U.S. to reject the TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline. They argued that Stephen Harper has not followed through on environmental policies and has not allowed for disagreement on the proposed pipeline. Suzuki argued that scientists who are speaking out against the environmental impact of the pipeline are being ‘muzzled’ by the Canadian government: “Government scientists, paid by our tax dol-

snapped up within minutes. Several notable items, including the gnome and a framed Aladdin poster, went for a high price, but were considered well worth the cost. “I began the night as a simple turtle-necked man looking to invest my hard-earned dollars on some object to help a good cause,” says Eric Strom, an auction attendee. “By the end of the night I was the proud owner of an unknown modern classic: ‘YOLO #65 Flower Power’ by Adriel Carey.” The funds raised for the night reached almost $1000 with the combined totals of the live and silent auction items. This money will be shared between all 13 L.O.V.E. outreach groups and will be used in tangible

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Let’s Be Real” - Marianne Soehardi

ways, like buying hot chocolate for Nightshift and baking supplies for Building 272. It was a “record-breaking evening,” says Fitchett. “I think it speaks highly of our students and our community here.” “The L.O.V.E. auction thoroughchanged my life,” says Strom. “To say the L.O.V.E. auction was unsuccessful and boring would be like slapping a newborn baby fawn; it would be a travesty.” The L.O.V.E. team would like to thank everyone that came out and made this event so awesome! Keep spreading the L.O.V.E.!


October 16, 2013


Overview of the Syrian Civil War This article is designed to give a basic lexi of the VANKEVICH overview current event that is dominating geopolitical media coverage: the Syrian Civil War. Syria is a Mediterranean country surrounded by Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan. The country is ethnically and religiously diverse, and is currently engaged in one of the bloodiest civil wars in modern history. Syria’s civil war began in April 2011, when protestors peacefully opposed the dictatorship of Bashar Al Assad, who has ruled the country since 2000. Syria has been under the oppressive leadership of the Assad family since the 1970’s. Inspired to action by a movement of protesting, known as the Arab Spring, peaceful Syrians protested the dictatorial Assad government. Assad responded by torturing and killing activists and their families, including children. The Syrian government then opened


to protestor retaliation.


What complicates the situation is the religious dynamic. Assad is an Alawite Muslim, a minority in Syria where Sunni Muslims comprise the majority of the population. As Assad is a part of the religious minority in Syria, religious tolerance was valued under his leadership, with the wellbeing of the Syrian Christian minority upheld. Now, in the midst of civil war, radical Islamists–Al-Qaeda linked Jihadists–are intermixed with the once-peaceful protestors (who have since become the Sunni Oppoboth religiously and politically motivated. To date there have been over 100,000 deaths and over 2 million refugees—half of which are children. Since Assad’s initial assault on his people, there have been efforts towards international intervention on behalf of the Opposition Forces. Yet Russia has consistently opposed such an intervention from its position on the United Nation’s Security Council, as Syria is one of Russia’s last and closest allies and is a major buyer of Russian weapons. Any inter-


vention would have to be taken by an individual country without the consent of any international body. Most recently, a polarizing discussion surrounding the United States’ intervention in Syria has occurred. In 2012, President Barack Obama declared that if Assad used chemical weapons on his people this would be a “red line” that would validate and provoke international intervention. There has been recent evidence of chemical warfare, allegedly used by the Assad regime. This prompted Obama to consult Congress for permission to “surgically strike” Syria, in order to deter Assad from future actions. Russian president, Vladimir Putin, voluntarily agreed to moderate a discussion that would ensure Assad’s destruction of chemical weapons. This allowed Obama and the U.S. government a way of avoiding an unpopular intervention. The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution within the last few weeks outlining the method of chemical weapon disposal. From the outside looking in,

Upwards of 42 people have been killed and 1,675 more injured by giant Asian hornets in Shaanxi, China. The breed of hornet, Vespa mandarinia, has reportedly been seen in the United States. Vespa hornets’ venom is potent and may lead to kidney failure, closing of the airways, or cardiac arrest. Their stinger length is an average of ¼ inch. Insect populations around the world appear to be increasing due to climate change.


that it asks students to abstain from “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” The underlying argument in opposition of the law school claims that the Covenant is discriminatory against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender students, and that for this reason TWU is not the law school feel that this is a great misunderstanding regarding the Community Covenant. Those against the proposal of a law school being founded on Christian faith principles point to a statement issued in 2001 by the Supreme Court of Canada concerning TWU: “We conclude that a homosexual student would not be tempted to

apply for admission and could only sign a so-called student contract at a considerable personal cost.” It is believed that because the Covenant upholds a Biblical view of marriage, it forces LGBT students to deny who they are, which is an act of discrimination, and makes TWU a hostile environment towards LGBT students. Supporters of TWU’s law school argue that the Civil Marriage Act of 2005 allows anyone in Canada to maintain an exclusively man-woman view of marriage, as it states that, “Holding diverse views on marriage is not against public interest and that organizations that do should not be penalized for holding different opinions.” That is, it is a religious freedom supported by the human rights codes for TWU to disagree with the notion of homosexual marriage in their Covenant. This freedom to disagree is on the same level as the freedom to agree with same-sex marriage. The opposition states that the practice of law and having a law school are not concepts which are

supporting either Assad or the Opposition Forces is a lose-lose scenario. Supporting Assad would be upholding an inhumane dictatorship that slaughters its own people. Stepping behind the Opposition Forces would be arming militant Jihadist Islamists, like Al-Qaeda. Rebel forces have become unnecessarily brutal and ruthless, destroying peaceful communities, including a Christian

The Martin Aircraft Company has plans to release a personal jetpack model sometime next year. The $150,000 device will reach heights of 7,000 feet and speeds of 50mph. The jetpack is for short distances only, as the fuel supply will only last 30 minutes. The product is being marketed towards the U.S. Army and emergency services, but Martin plans to make a more consumerfriendly model for the private market.

Law School Controversy Reignited There has been a rebubbling of logan controversy PAULGAARD against Trinity Western University’s proposed law school. The heat of the discussion is centred on Trinity Western’s


close to the core of Christian faith, and so should not be considered an expression of religious freedom. Additionally, placement of power seems to be of particular concern. Opposition to the law school notes that people and institutions which are religious are generally not accepted sources of decision making in regards to the public activity of lawshaping in Canada. Those in favour of the law school say that the great misunderstanding of the Community covenant is that it does not require someone signing to be Christian; rather, it upholds Christian principles. These standards are to be upheld on campus, but also include virtues of love, respect, grace and dignity towards those who do not conform to the Covenant. based law school in Canada. Their application for accreditation to teach law is before the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. Trinity Western plication will be approved.

village, which had remained nearly untouched for almost two millennia and spoke Aramaic, the language Christ used. The situation in Syria is undoubtedly a tragedy. The international community is now left questioning what can realistically be done. Is only viable option?

Plastic surgeon Norman Leaf, of Southern California, is providing notes and X-rays of Monroe’s plastic surgeries for auction. The notes were documented by plastic surgeon Michael Gurdin and record the medical history of Monroe between 1950 and 1962. It is expected that the documents will sell for between $15,000 and $30,000. The money will be donated towards reconstructive surgery for U.S. veterans via the Rebuilding America’s Warriors foundation.

Sorry, We’re Closed U.S. government shutdown If you were to try and visit the Statue of damien Liberty, the KUREK Wa s h i n g t o n memorial, or countless other bastions of American culture, you would be met with “sorry, closed due to government shutdown.” These are the markers of a political deadlock in Washington D.C., resulting from Congress being unable to agree on a budget. On October 1st, 800,000 government employees who were not considered part of the essential operations of the nation were given an unpaid mandatory vacation. National -


agencies will be affected by the lack of funding. There are thousands of news stories about the recent government shutdown. Most of the articles on the story blame either the Republicans or the Democrats, but few address the real issue: debt. It’s as though the U.S. government has been maxing out one credit card, and instead of paying it off, applying for another. How long can this last? The is not good: the U.S. owes almost $17,000,000,000,000. That equals more than $50,000 per U.S. citizen in government debt. of its kind. A pre-scandal President Clinton was also faced with a Con-

gress that didn’t agree with him. The seeds of this present crisis, however, have been sown for almost a century, when the U.S. government began have been only twelve years since 1940 that the U.S. government has The attitude of spending beyond one’s means is an unfortunate reality in Western culture and governments are no exception. When we want something, we don’t ask if we can pay for it, but rather, how. Although the Government of Canada is than the U.S., it doesn’t mean that Canadians won’t be affected. Both governement and consumer debt in Canada is growing. Also, the close trade relationship Canada has with the U.S. means that anything that affects the U.S. economy will adversely affect Canada’s. The prospects for a prosperous future are being pushed further and further away. In time, the politicians in Washtion, and those 800,000 government workers who are struggling without income will be restored to their positions. But the problem will likely remain. Debt continues to grow and the consequences will eventually catch up with us. Maybe it’s time for Washington to start looking for a long-term solution, instead of applying for another credit card.

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Snail Mating, Face-plants, and Other Awkward Moments” - Janelle Lowen


October 16, 2013


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If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “A Series of Unfortunate Events” - Katriina Polkki


October 16, 2013


brought to you by


Matt Rubuliak DiCaprio from Django If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “A Comedy of Errors” - Andrew Parker

October 16, 2013



For this article, I’m talking about meaning jaron from a subjecNEUFELD tive perspective (e.g. “what has meaning to me!?”), rather than something objective or independent of what you think. There is a distinction to be made between the meaning and the purpose of life. The meaning of life is existential at its root within every single person; that is, it is not a universal answer, such as getting laid, making money, or even “42.” Similarly, the



Meaning of Life Why People Choose To Live



to be thrown out. God intended work to be balanced by rest. Taking Sunday, or any other day, to devote to resting in God’s presence is deeply important to this balance. However, I believe that there is actually something much more important to understand here. In Jeremiah 31:25, the Lord tells the Israelites, “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.” Later, in Matthew 11, Jesus builds off this, saying, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble

souls.” Neither passage seems to be talking about a day of relaxation or worship, but rather a re-orientation of our spirit. If we really want to reclaim the Sabbath in our own lives, we need to embrace it as something larger than a day when we don’t do homework. Sabbath should be a state of mind in which we are constantly throwing our cares to the Lord and learning to rest in the comfort of His providence. When you don’t have the time to take a full day off from your studies, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, get in the habit of offering your troubles and concerns to God, praying for his peace within the few minutes you do have available. Having a day of rest is important in order to refresh our body, mind, and spirit. We should constantly be working to live within a schedule that However, while we are working towards it, we can be comforted in the fact that even though our bodies and minds may be tired, God will not refuse rest to our soul.

One could have all good things in life, yet not be happy without a friend. Friendship can substitute family for those who may not have one, or at least, a good one. Friends are vital to life.



In order to foster the relations above, you need an environment that allows

The majority of the world adheres to a religion. It appears that people draw the meaning of their lives from their religious worldviews. “Who am I” or “why do I exist” type of questions are usually given answers according to religion. Religious beliefs can sometimes take precedence over other very important or meaningful things in people’s lives.

(e.g. dogs, trees, water, grass, etc.) is essential for basic subsistence and to nurture the relations between you and your family or friends, for instance. Nature, you could say, is presupposed as the background which supports all the above. So, that would mean that littering is contrary to everyone’s meaning of life!

I’ve left abstract ideas out as having ultimate meaning in life (e.g. happiness, love, etc.), because I think that your friends or religious beliefs or family, or even your pet, are necessary in order to possess, say, happiness. For instance, happiness doesn’t precede friendship; it emerges from it. Notice how interpersonal relationships are at the top of the list? It is also worth noting that people

As we move through this period of midpeter terms and esWOEKEL says for the minded of how little time we have to work with. All too easily we can be put into a position where homework and studying have piled up and we’re faced with sleepless all-nighters and seemingly endless cram sessions. At times like this, our Sabbath hours

purpose of life is directed towards an end result or goal, which inherently possesses meaning within it. I think that the purpose of human life is ultimately found within the intentions of God, and the meaning of our lives is found within that purpose. However, that transcendent purpose is obviously not agreeable with everyone, whether they are aware of it or not. So, I would like to suggest a hierarchy of ultimate meanings in life that apply to all people. Now this hierarchy of meanings is changeable, because certain


When asked, “What is the most important thing in your life?” most people don’t answer “me.” It’s a huge claim to say that your self is presupposed as the foundation by which you can have any meaning in your life. Something has meaning because it matters to you!

The Soul At Rest


can still believe in some kind of transcendent purpose for their life (e.g., God cares about me), but it still may not have meaning to them. In other words, we can still create existential meaning devoid of any transcendent meaning. Obviously, people who don’t believe in an overarching plan for their lives can still create immanent meaning in their lives, e.g. planning to get married or hoping to buy

things have different meanings to different people. Obviously not everyone ascribes to a religion or has a family, so you can see why this list is changeable according to each person. What matters to me may not matter to you. If the meaning of life is something you ultimately choose, then I think that there are some things which all people would certainly agree upon as possessing meaning in their lives. Here they are:

Family. This is usually the default answer for most people. Family bonds can be the most intimate relations between people. This appears to be the deepest value across the board.

Everything. Everything afterwards amounts to personal preferences. People can have immanent meaning according almost anything that they’re aware of. For instance, your favorite food, a certain band, or even Nintendo. The little things you love in life do can have a large impact in terms of what has meaning in your life. They shouldn’t be underestimated. a nice car. Do you care about yourself ? Do your religious beliefs impact your life at all? Is your family important to you? Do you value your friends? Do you care if people throw? Do you love Nintendo? At the end of the day, you decide what the meaning of life is.

Christian Science |

peter WOEKEL

This summer I went to see the mega-popular Guillermo Del -

it. The story was simple, yet captivating. The emotional development of the characters was surprisingly deep, if you were able to look past the dialogue, and the visuals were, unsurprisingly, stunning. My favorite part of the movie, however, was a simple line coming from a mathematician defending his work: “Numbers are as close as we come to the handwriting of God!” It is this idea, I think, that serves to show the role of science and math within a Christian liberal arts curriculum. While the Bible serves as a blueprint for how we live, the sciences are the means by which we come to know more of God’s creation. When studied properly, they can awaken in us an incomparable wonder for the utterly marvelous work of art that is our universe. If you’re unconvinced, go watch Neil deGrasse Tyson’s “The Most Astounding Fact”

on YouTube, and you may begin to see how studying God’s creation can lead us to an even greater appreciation of His beauty and greatness. We also need to understand our role as guardians of technology. The modern world is run by science. For the past several centuries, society has moved along a path replacing The only truth, according to modern This is exactly why we as Christians able, because we recognize that vine truth. We recognize what is discovered by science must be held accountable to an objective morality, that it should serve to deepen our appreciation of beauty, and that it must ultimately bring us closer to an understanding of God if it is to be meaningful at all. If you’re considering which your core science requirements, then you’re probably looking at doing either Environmental Studies/Geography, or Biology. Unless you absolute-

ly love biology, I would recommend the environmental studies route. Don’t get me wrong, I love biology. The complexity of the biological systems that make up even the simplest of life forms is staggering to me. It’s just that within Bio 103 and 104 – the bio courses most commonly taken for the science core – a lot of time is spent studying things like that are fundamental to understanding biology, but don’t really connect to anything else. That being said, if you do enjoy biology, or if you’re interested in understanding evolution at a deeper level, these could be good courses for you. Environmental studies 121 and 131, while still covering some boring stuff like rock compositions, delves much deeper into eco-systems and the natural processes that make up Earth as it is. This info, while maybe not absolutely critical to your future career, is still incredibly helpful in understanding the environments that God has entrusted to us and the ways in which we can help steward them.

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Good Ideas Are Wasted On Dead Men” - Abby Hontiveros


October 16, 2013


TheEcumenist “Where Jesus Christ is, there is the Church.” derek Nearly two milSCOTT lennia later, the words of Church Father, St. Ignatius, remain as profound and as true as ever. And yet as history clearly displays, we Christians have shown ourselves to be particularly good at forgetting them. Strewn through our



sean ghormley


heritage are angry debates, church divisions, and a general overall distrust towards one another. In paraphrasing Jesus, a professor of mine once joked, “when two or three are gathered in My name, there is an argument.” The class, laughed of course, but all the while his words rang sadly true.

The contemporary Church, however, must stand up against this distrustful and altogether ignorant attitude we have built up against one another. And yes, I said church, singular. Christ as the head has only one body beneath him, not two; we have not been given the option for

Ecumenism: the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian Churches. more. With this in mind, it is vital for Evangelicals and Catholic Christians to recover the profound sense of unity we have with one another in Christ. And this is precisely what this column of ecumenical dialogue purposes to do. Ecumenical dialogue is by nature an ongoing, unity seek-

ing conversation between the varying traditions of the Church. Unity however does not mean uniformity; in fact, it is often the differences of thought which most sharpen and expand our horizons of truth. So may we join together, Evangelicals and Catholics alike, and ask the hard questions to one another, not passing over our differences, but ultimately doing so because of Christ who unites us together in Him.

& How is the person and role of the Virgin Mary traditionally understood by Catholics?

Paul Robinson Catholic

think Mary is pretty awesome. She is the

her a little extra special to be the ‘ark of the

a person to pray for you and this is what Mary, and all the saints, do. After all, the Holy Bible says that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful (James 5:16). The role of Mary is not to detract from her Son Jesus. All she wants to do is to point us to her Son Jesus, just as any disciple of Christ would. Anything that is af-

Furthermore, we believe that Mary prays for us in heaven, as do all the saints (Rev. 5:8, 8:3). How can Mary pray for us

has poured out in and through her life. So

testimony of the Holy Bible when St. Paul says that those who have died with faith in Christ have risen to new life in Christ and live with Him in heaven (1 Cor. 15:12-19, 55; Rom. 6:3-11). Furthermore, the saints in heaven are seeking to pray for us out of loving compassion for our struggles here on Earth. We honour Mary with affection, not because we think her prayers are great-

doing through her. In an age where Miley Cyrus twerking videos are viewed as courageously pushing the envelope, it might be good for Christians to raise up alternative models of living courageously, like Mary, and other saints ,who threw caution to the wind and said, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done to me according to your Word” (Luke 1:38). Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray for us.

rather because she prays for us as a fellow Christian might and we love her for it. If you were in need of prayer, you might ask

New Testament. I have also heard from an Eastern Orthodox friend that in their tradiChristian. This is another truth that all

affection for Christ, and never meant to be

be the case. The emphasis placed on Marian devotion and doctrine by some Catholics all too easily takes away from the sole this may not be the intent of the Catholic Church, it is undoubtedly a reality within Catholicism, especially in places such as Central or South America. How easy is it for well-meaning Catholics to be led away from the Saviour by over emphasizing His mother? This was a concern of the Reformers, and remains a concern today.

Catholic Paul, I agree with you. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and we need to be on guard against heretical teaching. This is why we need good, sound doctrine accompanied by good teaching. We need to trust in the Holy Spirit to guide the Church (1 Tim. 3:15) and hold fast to the traditions that have been passed down from the apostles by letter, Sacred Scripture, or by Word of Mouth, Sacred Tradition (2 Thess. 5:15). We can all agree that the Word of but we must also admit that there is a need for Sacred Tradition to play a role of clari-

Evangelicals love Mary! Or at least, we should. While many Evangelicals largely ignore Mary, there is actually plenty of room for her within Evangelicalism. She sake! She must not be overlooked. Certainly it is true that the Evangelical view of Mary is largely a reaction against her role in Catholicism, concerning which the “Ava Maria” (Hail Mary), and we cerdo not believe that praying to or through Mary is Biblically warranted. Rather it is Christ who solely acts on our behalf as our mediator (1 Tim. 2:5) and intercessor (Rom. 8:34, Heb. 7:25). It is he who stands before the Father and pleads for us, and it is in his name that we come before the Father in prayer. The pattern of prayer presented in Scripture is to the Father, in the name of the Son, and by the power of the Spirit. We see no evidence in Scripture to suggest that Mary is even able to hear our petitions. Is she omnipresent? Evangelicals believe that such strong devotion to Mary interferes with our devotion to

Evangelicals also do not believe that Mary was without sin. We see no need for her to be sinless, and no Biblical warrant for such a claim. Mary, according to Evangelicals, is a sinner saved by grace, not unlike you and me. That said, she is an extremely unique sinner. Evangelicals must not throw the baby (or, in this case, the mother) out with the bathwater. At the very least Evangelicals stand with all Orthodox Christians in

birth reveals to us that Jesus was both heavenly and earthly; it is an early hint that He is Along with Scripture, Evangelicals also 11:27). She was set apart to be the mother of the Messiah and made holy according to hears the call of the Lord she responds, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; Let it be to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38). Above all, Mary is a humble servant (Luke 1:38, 48) and an exemplary disciple. Evangelicals ought to love Mary and meditate on her wonderful example. Her great faith always directs us to her great Son.

Catholic isolated from the Son. However, while this

not sure she had much say in the matter)


prayer and devotion in Scripture.

Evangelical truth about Mary that is often overlooked.

How is the person and role of the Virgin Mary traditionally understood by Evangelicals?

encountered (in small number) those who over emphasize the role of Mary over her Son and it is unsettling. This, however, is not the norm in my experience, nor is it the doctrinal or dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church. The key to any Marrole is to deepen our devotion to her son Jesus. This is why we Catholics love her so, because she gives our devotion to Christ a deeper and richer dynamic.

in such a short medium, so I will focus on the concept of intercessory of the saints. This doctrine is what is commonly held as understand the relationship believers on earth have with their brethren in heaven); it is not explicitly outlined in Scripture, but neither is it prohibited. Furthermore, there are foundational doctrines that Protestants take for granted, like the Virgin Birth, the Trinity, and the Incarnation that are not properly understood until the creeds are established by and through the authority of the early Church. We can see

Church for a development of the doctrine of the intercession of the saints, especially around the martyrs. This includes saints like Mary and shows that the early Church held the intercession of saints to be a valid expression of Christian faith. This is also echoed by Orthodox Christians in the East who uniquely integrate the intercession of icons. This sort of worship shows unity in the Church on earth and the Church in As a whole, this doctrine reverberated in Roman Catholicism as part of our own that this practice was tossed out.

Evangelical It is true that doctrines such as the Virgin til later centuries. However, they are clear enough in Scripture (Luke 1, John 1). The Trinity less so, but one can certainly have some awareness of the Trinity from Scripture alone; parts of the New Testament only makes sense within a Trinitarian framework. I do not think the same could be said about the intercession of Mary. I would love for Mary to intercede for me. I can happily echo Evangelical thinker, Tim-

sort of intercession, explicitly or implicMary to hear our prayers and intercede for us before Him, but has He has chosen to do so? Evangelicals do not believe He has. and intercessor and it is upon this truth hats; we can go no further. While I still have many questions, I have learned and grown a lot through this dialogue. I hope that our brief words may serve as a catalyst for greater conversation

no Scriptural backbone to support this

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “A Person’s A Person No Matter How Small” - Sarah Ray

October 16, 2013


Explorations in Interpretation |


text, often lies at the heart of these theological divisions. By studying the effects of these three things together, hopefully we will move to a greater understanding of God and His work in the world. ing Scripture”, was given by Professor Joel Green of Fuller Theological Seminary. Within his discussion, he focused upon the divide between Biblical studies and theology, and the need for those two disciplines to work more closely together. Each of us, when reading the Bible, brings a particular set of circumstances and experiences that colour our interpretation. The discipline of Biblical studies is content to determine the ways in which a community’s cultural experiences affect its scriptural interpretation. However, Green correctly points out that it’s not enough to simply draw attention to these differences, or explain how they arise. The different interpretations must also be judged by their interpretations are valid and we must use theology as the primary means of determining an interpretation’s legitimacy. However, Professor Green pointed out in his concluding his talk, that there is not one correct interpretation of the Bible. While sometimes the tradition we grow up in will lead us to a bad reading, more often it will simply shape which portion of Biblical wisdom we focus on, and which portions we most heavily model our lives after.

did it to graduate. Do it your way. Having difficulty getting into the courses you need? Enrol today and combine online and distance courses with your campus studies so you can complete your program on time. Access over 590 courses and 52 programs.

1.866.949.OPEN | MC118027

At any university you visit there will be peter two primary WOEKEL goals: teach students and conduct research. While at Trinity Western University it can be easy to forget this dual purpose because we place so much of an emphasis on teaching, Trinity does have a thriving (if small) community of researchers who are attempting to expand the limits of human knowledge. Jens Zimmerman, one of these researchers, is in the middle of his second 5-year term as the Canadian Research Chair in Interpretation, Religion, and Culture, a position he is using to bring major theologians and Biblical studies researchers to our campus for the lecture series Scripture, Theology, and Culture: Acts of Interpretation. The series is meant to be an awareness raising project that gets the Christian community talking about important issues regarding Biblical interpretation, theology, culture, and the inescapable connections between these areas. At the series’ foundation is the idea that within Christianity, there have always been differing opinions and beliefs, and that true spiritual growth comes from engaging those differences openly. The focus of the lectures will be on Biblical interpretation. According to Professor Zimmerman, our interpretation of scripture, which is deeply affected by our cultural con-

If your life was a novel, what title would it be? “But It Looked Like That In My Head!” - Eleanor Felton



October 16, 2013

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “From the Streets of PoCompton: A Memoir” - Jessica Hurd

October 16, 2013


I’m Not Depressed, It’s Just October “I don’t know what’s with me lately. I’m amy just so stressed DAUER about everything and I know I’d feel better if I cried it out, but I’m just not any good at crying. And I’ve kind of had this urge lately to throw Christmas bulbs at a wall, but I don’t have the time or money for that. Shoot! I should be working on my presentation due Monday! I hate that I just don’t have time to invest in everyone’s lives, and my fridge is empty, and everything needs to be cleaned, and dangit why does my life sound like lyrics to a Simple Plan song? Wait, is it October?” “Yes.” “Ohhh—never mind. This is normal, I just need a nap.” Once every fall, I fall apart. It’s not until at least three weeks into this that I come to the realization that my world isn’t actually ending—I just got busy.


university paradox: if I have too many classes or commitments, I freak out and never have time for sleep or friends, but if I take only a few courses per semester, then I get lazy and also end up with no time for sleep or friends. There really is no escape from the craziness of life; it’s not going to suddenly become easy. To top it off, a lot of us fall into negative habits that actually make it harder for us, like blaming other people or things. We may be aware

it’s not fair to say your professor is “just the worst” for assigning you a paper when you’re already packed that week, but we do it anyway. Surprise: complaining doesn’t really make it better. Don’t blame the class, school, province, country, world, or universe because you have too much to do. More importantly, don’t blame you. You need to be the number one person on your team. Timothy Galloway, in his book The Inner Game of Tennis, describes the relationship in which you talk to yourself as being divided into two parts: Self One (the teller), and Self Two (the doer). He goes on to discuss that just as it becomes harder to succeed if your teacher is demanding and discouraging, the same goes for the way we talk to ourselves. He explains that people are more successful when they are “in the zone,” or when Self One stops saying, “Do it, Amy. Come on! Just do it!” and just allows Self Two to be free. Just accept it as is. It’s just October; it’s that time of year. The buzz of a new school year is fading, and the work is getting heavier. For university decision may be seriously declining. I hate to tell you this, but it doesn’t actually get easier. Like I said, every year I forget this is going to happen to me until it does. You do, learn about yourself. Self-awareness is your greatest tool. Every semester you’ll learn your limitations in how much you can tackle. You’ll get an

idea of how many credits, jobs, activities, and clubs you can commit to in one semester. That makes it sound very idealistic, like, “oh, me, oh my! Look how much I’m learning about myself! I can do anything!” But actually—that’s what university is for, right? Worst-case scenario, you burn out and you don’t succeed in your classes. I’m not encouraging that, but remember that this is the worst that could happen to you this October. Knowing where the line is where you burn out is extremely valuable information for your future. If you’re going to fail, do it in a teachable environment. In my second year, a lot of people started telling me to follow my passions, and that you know the things you are really passionate about by what you do in your free time. Well, if that were true, I would be really passionate about Facebook, or, more Internet. I decided that was untrue, and began putting a lot of pressure on myself to always be reading good books, having deep and meaningful conversations with people, or watching endless TED talks. And while all these things are wonderful and very enjoyable, it turns out they don’t relax me on a study break. It turns out you can’t give your 100% to every minute of every day, because that’s exhausting! Say it with me: It’s okay to give myself a break. I will be a successful, hardworking human being by allowing myself to relax. Naps, TV, and social media are not always

success-killers. I is kind, I is smart, I is important (name that movie!). the temptation to always be busy. It’s important to remember that even though University is where you learn career skills, you also learn life skills. You need to know how to communicate well for every job, and, this may shock you, but you learn most of that through your relationships. It’s because of this you shouldn’t put your friends on the back burner. I’m not saying put them before your classes, but I cannot stress the importance of have on the rest of your life. You’re probably aware that you’re changing so much every year; think about the effect your roommates or classmates have had on your ideas so far. You need to make time for them. Wait, take a deep breath, I’m not trying to add one more demand to your midterms week! I’m saying stop saying the infamous friendship killers: “we should hang out sometime,” “we should get coffee sometime,” or “I miss you, we need to catch up!” Stop it. Never again! Bring your planner around with you everywhere if you must, but set tentative dates of relaxation dates with those who are important to you. Give grace and understanding when plans fall through, but you must make your friends a focus in your life. Plus, this gives you something to look forward to in your stress! You got this, October-sufferers. We are going to be okay.


If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Dead Ends” - Nick Zator


October 16, 2013





LATIN 212 RP with C. Morrissey Medieval Ecclesiastical Latin

ENGL 104 RP with V. Cavalli Intro to Lit: Drama & Novel

LATIN 212 RP with C. Morrissey Medieval Ecclesiastical Latin

ENGL 104 RP with V. Cavalli Intro to Lit: Drama & Novel

RELS 375 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis

RELS 102 RP with B. Herbert Intro to New Testament

RELS 375 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis

RELS 102 RP with B. Herbert Intro to New Testament

RELS 399 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Catholic Spirituality

ART 215 RP with C. Potworowski Beauty and Sacred Arts

RELS 399 RP with Sr. Gabriella Yi Catholic Spirituality

ART 215 RP with C. Potworowski Beauty and Sacred Arts

PHIL 333 RP with C. Morrissey Philosophy of Literature

RELS 366 RP with B. Herbert Theology of the Body

PHIL 333 RP with C. Morrissey Philosophy of Literature

RELS 366 RP with B. Herbert Theology of the Body

RELS 382 RP with C. Jones

HIST 302 RP with C. Morrissey

RELS 382 RP with C. Jones

HIST 302 RP with C. Morrissey

The Catholic Church: Theology and Practice

Greece & Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World

The Catholic Church: Theology and Practice

Greece & Rome: Leadership in the Ancient World

EDU 203 RP with C. Morrissey Foundations of Education

PHIL 111 RP with A. Spencer & C. Potworowski Christian Theology in Ecumenical Dialogue: Evangelicals & Catholics

COMM 120 RP with P. Valing Interpersonal Communications

6 pm to 9 pm

4 pm to 5:15 pm

2:35 pm to 3:50 pm

1:10 pm to 2:25 pm

11:40 am to 1 pm

9:25 am to 10:40 am


*Get the whole story at If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “The Regime” - Matt Wakutz


October 16, 2013



The Theology of Breaking Bad |


On September 29th, 2013, the innovative and unnerving series, Breaking

Bad the show has triggered much coners, and rightly so – it is bursting and, obviously, constant drug use. Despite its grisly subject matter, it is cal fundamentals at the center of the ator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan, has acknowledged this moral logic to Breaking Bad, it’s that actions have consequences.” The characters of the show consistently make horrifyingly ill-advised choices, which result not only in their own suffering, but in the suffering of those around them. This concept of social sin is often

The moral erosion of Walter White is a thought-provoking reversal to scriptural theology. In an inversion of the Book of Job, Walt manipulates his own personal suffering and powerlessness to justify his entrance into the drug world. He uses his illness and

Testament and proves that Breaking Bad contains more substance than its subject matter suggests. The central character of the show is Walter White, a middle-aged high school chemistry teacher, portrayed his wife and physically disabled teenaged son in the suburbs of Albuquerauthentically middle-class; he lives in a spacious house with a pool in the backyard while working two jobs and barely paying the bills. The monotony of Walt’s life is broken, however, when he is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Faced with the issue of providing for his family as well as paying for his medical treatment, Walt enters into the trade of methamphetamine production with one of his former students. From then on, Walt’s conversion from an underappreciated teacher to the depraved king of a drug empire is both agonizing and entertaining.

temptations and setbacks that are involved. Similarly, ing our doubts, fears, and accepting our mistakes. If that wasn’t enough, the album is effortlessly pleasing to the ear, with an underlying feel-good vibe. With a masterful blend of restless guitars, accordions, banjos, whistling, and hand clapping layered over with passionate, harmonious vocals, this is folk rock done right. Striking an even balance of spirited, hand-clapping anThe Oh Hellos—Through the Deep, Dark Valley In today’s modern music scene, the value in a song’s lyrics is consistently underrated. All too often we ignore the words in favour of the music or the beat. That’s why The Oh Hello’s latest album Through the Deep, Dark Valley is immensely refreshing. Available on Bandcamp and Noisetrade for the generous price of nothing, it’s a rare treat to stumble upon a band with lyrics rife with relevant truth, coupled with vibrant harmonies of Mumford proportions.


for the betterment of his family. For

teachings justify a believer’s choice to watch Breaking Bad? Probably not.

planes in his state of grief, causing them to collide right over Walt’s house. Bodies literally fall from the sky. The quick and alarming consequence of Walt’s choice is a stereotypical allusion to the ‘wrath

themes such as the search for truth, temptations, our human nature, and the hardships of a spiritual journey. Lyrically, it rewards the keen and observant listener with a multitude of proverbial lines and rich symbolisms.

this magnitude are often found in the Old Testament. God’s people disobey, God punishes and everyone shares the penalty. But Walt fails to see the communal effect of his actions. His pride causes him to believe that only he will pay for his actions and these

perform increasingly gruesome acts. Walt likes to see himself as a family-

unconscious woman choke on her own vomit simply to manipulate his partner, Jesse Pinkman, into remaining in the drug business. As a result, the woman’s father, an air

form the eclectic folk rock band, The Oh Hello’s. This

of God’ – a quintessential Old

its immorality. But the show delivers an accurate depiction of a Godless man in a Godless world, which is the same world of the Old Testament and the same world that we live in today. The moral teachings of Breaking Bad may not be crystal clear, but we can learn a startling amount if we just look through the cracks.


iscal ilms

Christoph Sanz

Film Festival and revered everywhere Morrissey, in his enlightening re-

As we enter these brisk, wet winter months, and the in-

achievement, not only cinematically but also philosophically.” Malick himself is an enigma of a person; he rarely gives interviews, never appears at press events for his movies, and has pretty successfully stayed clear of most awards shows.

want some music playing. I’d encourage you to let the melodies of The Oh Hello’s warm your heart, and perhaps, if you listen closely, your soul.

four decades. More importantly for The Tree of Life, his academic background was in philosophy and he


was tenuring as a philosophy professor at M.I.T. His well-read roots show The Tree of Life Philosophizing spendthrifts rejoice!

Budget Beats

Life” to their library. Terence Ma-


Ryan Schaffrick

lem of suffering, the beginning of the universe, the end of the universe, God, nature, grace, the Book of Job, ability to look really good in any movie, and Sean Penn’s ability to look confused and disillusioned. Less of a narrative and more of a visual poetic feast, The Tree of Life was booed

If you feel like all the philosophizing is going to be way over your head, don’t worry; the breathtaking visuals alone are worth the price of admission (which, if you have a NetfIf you come out of watching it shaking your head in desperate confusion a good place to start unpackpinnings. Find the link at our website:

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Tea and Procrastination” - Kaitlyn Anderson

A&C. 14

October 16, 2013 A & C. 14 16

October 16, 2013


Existential Playlist


Why Women Should Not Be Permitted to Attend University


Nancy Timmermans

To the editor of Mars’ Hill

It has recently come to my attention that there is a group in our beaudrey loved country of England claiming HEROLD a woman’s ‘right’ to a university education. Between you and me, I say it is utter bosh! It has been bad enough already witnessing the very obvious decline in modest dress, particularly in those young upstarts who have begun to sport bloomers on bicycles! The fact that these women value comfort and ease of movement over the notion of basic Christian decency is beyond me. I have had to chastise my young pupils more often than not as of late, as these sinful sights often parade past my lecture hall windows on their two-wheeled contraptions. Can you imagine the havoc that these harlots would wreak if they were allowed to descend upon our universities like a predatory pack of cockroaches? For the love of our revered Queen Victoria, our young men wouldn’t be able to focus on their books! Beyond that, there are examples even closer to home of the very foundations of our society beginning to crumble. Recently, in our town, a young woman by the name of Gloria Clandon* deterred the hopeful affections of a certain newly-setup dentist by saying, “I have no intention of getting married. I do not think the conditions of marriage at present are such as any self-respecting woman can accept.” I beseech you, Mr. Editor! “Self-respecting woman?” What on earth does that mean? The whole thing is madness. Of course I think it is only fair to point out this particular young woman’s obvious connection to a one Mrs. Lanfrey Clandon,* the authoress of Twentieth Century Treatises and one of the forerunners in this fanatical


movement. After all, she spent many years roaming the country and encouraging people to champion a woman’s ‘right’ to own property, demand university degrees, participate in the professions, and have a parliamentary say. If women such as this are not prevented from instructing their daughters to articulate such horrid, nonsensical things to good men who offer them a life of duty, obedience, affection, morality, and religion if only they will sit still and not speak, where will it end? Where will the next generation of British children come from if not from respectable marriages? Will men and women soon be forced to reason out whether they actually like one another or not before settling down into a respectable arrangement? The whole situation is enough to make me want to move to Madeira! The uncivilized ways of the inhabitants there would be a heaven compared to this hellish, topsy-turvy-turned society. I hope that you, Mr. Editor, and other readers of your column will be inspired to action. We must save this nation that we love so dearly from the terrible clutches of these radicals! It is a matter of social decency. Yours most cordially, Doctor Shlicktenstein, Professor of Humanities, Ethics and Gender Studies at University of London. London,England.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Shadow of the Sun Ulver Pretender Sarah Jaffe Close Watch Anges Obel Cigarettes Russian Red

5. Sound of Silence Simon & Garfunkel 6. Hurt Johnny Cash 7. Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd 8. Wires The Neighbourhood 9. Where is my Mind? The Pixies 10. Lonelier Than You Tom Rosenthal


If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Trial and Error: Mostly Error” - William Sikkema

October October16, 16,2013 2013

A & C.

A&C. 15

: Mars’ Hill Melodies : with: erik delage, Christoph sanz and nick zator

Kings of Leon – Mechanical Bull The sixth studio album from Tennessee

Jubilee surrounding their somewhat underCome Around Sundown Mechanical Bull is an album built for re-

Jubilee, is a



Aha Shake Heartbreak


arranged to take the listener through

Bill Callahan – Dream River Blind Boys of Alabama – I’ll Find a Way

I’ll Find a Way:


I’ll Find a Way instead feels like a natural extension of

tinkering instrumentation and a host of to and unwind with after a stressful day Dream River

: from the reel : with: andrew patterson Prisoners -


ADLER. Prisoners

Gravity -


Doctoral and Master’s Degrees in Psychology + Counselling

Please meet us October 3 from 1-4 at the Trinity Western University Graduate and Professional Schools Fair.

FOR COMMUNITY HEALTH. The Adler School is founded on an important idea: Our health resides in our community life and connections. This is what drives our ground-breaking curricula and commitment to community health. We work with those who are courageous enough to want to change the world. Our Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.) and master’s degrees in Counselling Psychology, Art Therapy, Community Psychology, and Organizational Psychology prepare students with the theory and practice to become agents of health and social change. The Adler School — Leading Social Change. Apply today.

- Adler School of Professional Psychology Suite 1200, 1090 West Georgia St., Vancouver, BC V6E 3V7

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Hello, I’m A Mack” - Mackenzie Johnson

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October 16, 2013 A & C. 16

October 16, 2013

Making A Breakthrough TWU alumni Andrew Joseph hits the market with the launch of Prospekt Supply


megan BEYER

Imagine a luxurious, show-stopping unisex windbreaker, made

ply, established in 2012, launched this past August with the release of its

ous options for that one item, and walking out empty-handed simply because there were too many choices my many options should I choose?’ intimidates many consumers into

the globe and assembled here in Canada. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, -

of meeting an impeccably dressed, intelligent pre-med student, with the toughest of crowds. Andrew Johis home, has paired his eye for design with his unparalleled ambition

hailed by established designers and buyers alike are no small accomplishments, and Prospekt Supply has managed to knock all of these feats off the checklist. How, you may ask? trusting that He holds the best plan for him. Starting up your own business is certainly no piece of cake; it’s more like a double chocolate soufthat is beyond satisfying. In Jospeh’s words, “Prospekt Supply would be nothing without God’s hand.” Especially in the business of fashion, relationships are key to success and con-

ing that he wanted Prospekt Supply “to be a one-stop destination where will be easy to wear and still take anyone’s style somewhere they thought they couldn’t go.” In the founder’s reconstructed, item by item, to proterials.”

to hear his story of how he headed up his own company, and how God’s hand has played a major role in Prospekt Supply’s success thus far.

Prospekt Supply was to create a brand that offers a select few of the

tion came from. In response, Joseph asserts that “there is a certain freedom in few choices.” He was tired of seeing his friends walk into a big

wardrobe. With the help of Prospekt

a current focus of the fashion world on the interplay between luxury and athleticism. With this windbreaker,

clue-what-to-buy moments. Joseph expressed this concept to me by say-

the sidelines when the weather is not on your side—lower mainlanders, rejoice.

nections are integral. Joseph stated

2014, Prospekt Supply will be launching three new renditions of the foun-

that made creating his own company a major homerun. Joseph explained that, “right from the beginning, I knew that I wanted to acknowledge could fully direct me and the company.” Keeping his faith at the centre and allowing God to play a lead role, Joseph watched as Prospekt Supply hit the ground running. What is Prospekt Supply’s next step? Joseph, being the generous Hill a sneak peek into the brand’s upcoming products. In the spring of

chambray denim takes on the original windbreaker, as well as a camou-

peeled; these products are ones that you will not want to miss! Joseph and I share the belief that clothing has the ability to change the way one feels. As Joseph articulated, feel, and I want to make people feel

that will make a bold impact when worn by men and women alike. Along with the three upcoming jackets, fall/

is collaborating with a backpack manufacturer (whose name we cannot yet mention) that has been in the

With this in mind, keep your eyes

mium materials, and constructed in Prospekt pieces are the true makings of a sartorialist’s dream. If awesome is what you’re after, don’t waste anSupply. Website: Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @ ProspektSupply

Product No. 1: The Windbreaker, $250

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “In Search of Dragons” - Hanna Waswa

October 16, 2013




From Support to the Court For Spartans setter Lauren Moncks, it’s time to shine

In sports, nothing is easy. It takes drive andrew determiPATTERSON and nation to reach your goal, but it also takes support and leadership. For one Spartan, being on the sidelines was just another opportunity to improve, and through this improvement, she has reached her goal. Like all athletes, Standard, Alberta native Lauren Moncks came into


She was recruited back in 2010, when the Spartans had setters Lauren O’Reilly and Chelsea Hudson, two very talented athletes. Moncks competed against O’Reilly and Hudson for the number one role throughout assigned as a substitute to the two older and more experienced players. “The three of us were battling it out, which I wasn’t expecting,” Moncks says. “I didn’t have any expectations to start over them.” Moncks had put a lot of work into her game, as she was expecting to be the starting setter by her third year. O’Reilly had graduated in 2011 and Hudson was set to graduate in 2012. For the 2012-2013 season, Moncks was destined to be the starting setter. This would not be the case. In 2011, the Spartans recruited Kelci French to play as an outside hitter. However, French was known for her natural position as a setter. was going to start as an outside hit-

ter, and that was her initial role, so I wasn’t threatened at all,” Moncks reminisces. “But in the back of my mind I had that thought that she would be a setter; I mean, she’s a Team Canada setter.” “I still remember one weekend [Coach Ryan Hofer] said, ‘Hey Lauren, we’re going to try to have Kelci double-sub as a setter this time.’” That was when Moncks’ role as a starter was no longer a lock. “In my third year I had to battle it out with Kelci French, who is an unreal player,” Moncks says. “It was hard to compete, but we competed.” Eventually Hofer made the call that French would be the starting setter for the 2012-2013 season, leaving Moncks to sit as a substitute for yet another season. For coach Hofer it was a tough situation, yet it was the right decision for the team. “It was very tough,” Hofer says in regard to his choice. “Here you have two talented athletes and both of them made the national team. And when they both came back to the program I thought, ‘Oh my goodness.’” Although French had won Moncks’ position she had been working hard for, Moncks and French gave each other their unconditional support and the two grew a relationship as friends and teammates. Moncks also credits much of her development to an elite player like French. “Kelci is one of the players who has helped me the most in my development and someone who has supported me endlessly,” Moncks says.

“She is someone I never wanted to give up as a teammate.” Moncks occasionally subbed in throughout the 2012-2013 season, when her team went on to win the CIS bronze medal. Although much of Moncks’ time was on the bench, her support role was very important for the team. “It’s huge,” Moncks says. “In volleyball you need a lot of eyes. As players on the court, you won’t be able to see everything. And to have the support from the bench, it’s huge.” Hofer believes that Moncks has become a much better teammate because of the character she had in a supporting role. It has also made her a better setter today. “I think she learned some other intangible things,” Hofer says. “She learned what it means to be a team player. I think she also had the opportunity to learn and observe. She’s been able to watch two national team setters and one other very good setter. Now she’s able to take the combination of those three setters and design her own offense and her own style of setting.” Recently, French has decided to go pro and has signed a pro volleyball contract deal in Cyprus. With French leaving the Spartans, it is now Moncks’ role as the starting setter in her fourth year of eligibility. And because her experience in a supporting role made her a better player today, for Moncks, it was worth the wait. “Everything happens for a reason,” Moncks says, adding words of


encouragement. “Anything that gets thrown at you is only going to make you better. It will make you mentally tougher and physically tougher. Working hard for something is a lot

more satisfying than getting it handed to you. Keep your heart in it and know why you’re playing. It’s for the team and for the sport you love.”

A Change in Scenery Why JP Villeneuve decided to become a Spartan Trinity Western University’s hockey team andrew became a lot PATTERSON stronger when Georgetown native, JP Villeneuve, made his choice to become a Spartan. Just six months ago, however, Villeneuve would have never joined the Spartans.


“Obviously it’s a great school and very well regarded in Canada,” Villeneuve says. “But six months ago, there would be no way I would be spending extra to go to Trinity because it just didn’t make sense at the time.” “But now that I came to Christ, it is so valuable to me,” Villeneuve continues. “I would give up everything


just to be surrounded by believers. Being young in my faith, I wanted to go somewhere where I can grow spiritually.” Villeneuve did not grow up in a Christian home. However, it was about six months ago during Easter when Villeneuve decided to give his life to Christ. On Easter Sunday, a couple of Powell River Kings fans by the name of Doug and Val Schuetze invited Villeneuve over for coffee. It was that day when the couple told Villeneuve the good news of Jesus. “I felt that God was tugging on my heart and pulling me in,” Villeneuve says. “God was fully revealed to me and I was yearning for more. So I prayed and asked God to be in my life.” As Villeneuve started his walk with Christ, he felt as if a change in scenery was needed in order for him to grow spiritually. Villeneuve was willing to leave the Powell River Kings, wanting to play for a team that played for Christ. That was when the Spartans took him on as one of their newest members. Trinity Western was a very attractive choice for Villeneuve. Being a Christian university with a new, yet growing, hockey program, it quickly

It wasn’t just the school that attracted Villeneuve to make the switch. Newly hired coach, Barret Kropf, was an acquisition that made the team a lot more attractive for the forward. “Barret was also a big factor,” Villeneuve says regarding the coaching change. “I feel he is going to change the culture of the team, and for the better. He is also a man of faith, which is very important for me.” Kropf was hired as the head coach for the Spartans hockey club during the offseason after Dwayne Lowdermilk was relieved of his duties. Kropf, currently serving as a chaplain for the Saskatchewan Roughriders until the end of the Grey Cup, wants to change the culture of the Spartans hockey club to a team full of spiritual leaders, which includes new players like Villeneuve. “There seems to be a knock against the hockey team that we’re anything but spiritual leaders,” Kropf says. “But our culture is to have spiritual leaders this year. In order for us to get people on board, we need to have guys like JP.” “Our team slogan is, ‘Win all day, every day,’” Kropf says. “It may seem that we’re all about winning, but we actually got the idea from scripture.

For example, in Matthew 5:14-16 it teaches us to let our light shine to glorify our God. We want to win in all areas of our life and be a champion in all areas of our life.” With the team lead by Kropf and a culture set to being a spiritual leader, Villeneuve feels very blessed to have become a Spartan. When asked what was different about being on the Spartans compared to his other teams, Villeneuve spoke about what the team does that he hasn’t experienced before. “We try to have God at the centre of the room at all times,” Villeneuve says. “Guys on the team are also growing in their faith as brothers in Christ. We pray before games, after practices, and after games. But we just pray all the time. We have no rituals or anything. Whenever we feel that we need to pray then we pray. It’s nothing we’re scared to do.” Fear of judgment for one’s faith is a challenge many, not just athletes, face and Villeneuve recognizes this. with other believers outside the rink to build yourself up,” he says, closing with words of encouragement for other Christian athletes. “Keep the

If your lifeexcited was a novel, whatyear? would the titlelike be?the “I Like Grapes” - Abigail -Guthrie What are you most for this “Events Banana Challenge” Jen Newman


October 16, 2013



Spartans Shut Out Dinos Lone goal by Gommeringer gives Spartans the edge to clinch playoff spot

| Spartans Keep Playoff Hopes Alive


Goal by del Aguila and MRU own goal give Spartans two 1-0 victories



The Spartans women’s soc-

The Spartans men’s soccer team have


of a hat with two 1-0 victories this













2012-2013 CIS Academic All-Canadians & BCIHL Academic Excellence Awards Tonner Kurtis Joshua Mihai Brayden Rhys Jason Dylan Devyn Ryan John Sarah Chelsey Fiona Nicole Alison April Rachel Nikole Stephanie Jilian Kristen Sarah Tessa Chantelle Vanessa Rebecca Marie Lisa Emma Ivonne Matt Chris

Jackson Osborne Parker Prajea Volkenant Volkenant Wiens Kelso Plett Sclater Wiebe Cleveland Olsen Benson Bell Jackson Van Woerden Antoniuk Byrne Chin Dietrich Funk Hannigan Meyer Whitehead Wiebe Franklin Belsterling Geck Nuttall Zuniga Padilla Chaput Hirano




Congratulations to the Trinity Western University Student-Athletes If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “The Accidental Vagabond” - Veronica Marland


October 16, 2013




you’re allowed to laugh at this page.

The Year of the Dunngeon In a desolate Fraser 2D Lounge, I sat down with the self-proclaimed “El Presidente” to get to the root of who the real Mackenzie Dunn is in: The Year of the Dunngeon


A: So, Mackenzie Dunn. That is your amy name right? DAUER M: Actually, Mackenzie Blair Dunn. A: Oh…. Okay. M: I like to be called by my full name. A: Alright. Now, Mackenzie, with all this power that you have, do you ever catch yourself comparing you to Bob Kuhn? M: I think we’re really similar, mi-

nus the chunk of years he’s had to experience life. But, you know, he’s working on a year-term, I’m working on a year term — well, his could be extended. Mine could be extended if I failed and ran again. A: Oh cool, is that the plan? M: Nope. I don’t want to fail university. A: In which of the following battles do you think you could defeat The Kuhn: wit, humor, physically, or pie eating? M: He’s a very witty man, and if I

were to say that I would beat him in his wit he’d come after me. A: And then attack you? M: Yes! And depending on the pie, if it were lemon meringue pie or banana cream pie, I could beat him. Any other pie, I don’t know if I could. A: Going back to your power, how does it feel to be a woman in authority? M: To quote the famous Beyoncé, “Girls, we run the world.” The interview is interrupted by an im-

promptu karaoke/party. M: I actually played that song after I won — well, I ran against myself. A: And won! M: I won the world! A: And now what are some challenges you have to face, being a woman in power? ate business attire to wear. Finding heels that don’t overpower everyone else. Maybe not crying all the time. I am a natural crier. When people are upset, I just want to cry for them. A: That’s gotta be tough. M: It is tough! Whenever I’m passionate about something I’m on the verge of tears because I’m too passionate. A: And you’re so passionate about Trinity! M: I am! A: Do you read Harry Potter? M: No. A: WHY. M: For some reason, in my life there are points in which I decide to go against the grain, and Harry Potter was one of those things! Now I feel like I just cant go back! A: Well here’s your chance; which character would you be in the Bob Kuhn’s Army if Trinity was ever overtaken by evil-doers? Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, Luna, or Voldemort himself ? M: I’d go with Harry, but I don’t actually know A: Well, you’d get a lightning scar! That’s a conversation starter. M: That’s the only reason I’d want to be Harry Potter. I’m sure I will read them one day because I just watched Lord of the Rings time last year. A: Which character are you in Lord of the Rings?

M: Girl version of Legolas. A: Solid answer. So, Mackenzie, I’m American. M: I’m not American, but I have a lot of family in America. So, we’re on the same page. A: Then do you think being a Democrat versity to follow you? M: Umm… A: Oh, so you’re a Republican? M: I’m a… liberal arts conservative. A: Trinity gives you a million bucks to spend on the students; what do you do? M: You know the show Community? The paintball war. A: With the pillow and blanket castles!? M: Both. A: Can we talk about your personal life? AKA, your boyfriend? I’m a loyal, taken lady. A: That’s so sweet. M: He’s brown, I’m white. We’re really cutting edge. A: If you could brainwash everyone on campus, what would you put in our heads? M: I would make sure everyone knows that white gorillas are evil. I watched The Congo when I was seven and I still think they’re evil. A: That’s funny because you were the black gorilla for Banana Challenge. M: Yeah. But they’re not evil. White gorillas are evil. A: That is reverse racism. M: Watch The Congo, you’ll understand. I would also brainwash everyone to make everyone love tacos. I would change Trinity A: Would there still be classes? M: Yeah, but they would be sung by a mariachi band. A: Mackenzie, I want to live in your mind. M: Thank you.



If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Scattered Minds by Dr. Gabor Maté. Wait.. that’s a textbook” - Clark Strom


October 16, 2013


Mars’ Hill editors reserve the right to edit or reject submissions based on content and/or length. A printed submission does not necessarily reflect an endorsement of any kind, nor does it necessarily reflect the opinions of Mars’ Hill staff, the Student Association, or that of the University. In fact, probably not. Alex Fuller has the most luscious hair in the world. Watch out Alex, I’mma shave you in your sleep.

TWU Prospects Breakdown: 75% Beautiful girls 25% guys: 5% good looking spartans who are arrogant 5% white boys with mullets 5% white boys who dress like preppy one direction kids 5% asians boys who are skinnier than me 5% decent guys who are in serious relationships/married

Ryan Penner: Why do you have to be look so great every single day? Can’t you take a break and let me concentrate on something else for a change I’m so in debt I could start a government! Only one year le" to find my wife? Challenge Accepted #Clutchproposal

Can we actually get Kye Kye to do a concert here?

The most depressing part of October? Realizing that I can no longer walk around in my short shorts. #guyproblems #whowearsshortshorts I heard that there is an apartment in Fraser offering free brownies for anyone who visits. Take advantage of it. #Freefood #Be!erthanSedexo Spiders are trolls.


Mars’ Hill should just serve root beer floats everytime a new issue comes out.

Dangit Logan, now every girl on campus is going to have a crush on Brandon.

People keep talking about Fraser’s many fire alarms, but all I keep hearing is Ecclesiastes 1:9.

RELS classes always make me want to go through a time machine and actually experience what everything was like back then. Yenno like fish with Peter, jam sessions with David, and work out with Samson.

Now I’m just waiting for a line of backpacks filled with girls’ contact information to show up outside of Robson. Nice one, Logan. #iseewhatyoudidthere

I don’t remember first year classes being this much work! I guess that’s what happens when you wait until your 4th year to take 100 level classes. #stupidsenior #Imightneedatutor

Hanging out with nursing students tonight, I found out that pu!ing a catheter into an old lady is like a treasure hunt for gold... liquid gold. WOW! God Bless every nursing student’s soul!

Who runs the world? HANNA WASWA

Sometimes I just like to go through my playlist and compliment myself on my good taste in music.

As the sun goes down, the sweats come out. Prepare to see a different side of the girl you thought was attractive.

You know you don’t have many friends when the only person hi!ing up your inbox is Carla Splinter #mediafast #lonely

I wonder how many Spartans there are on campus? Probably around 300

Hey freshmen, lets play a new game for Fort Week. Quiet contest starting NOW! Finally a peaceful sleep -Upperclassmen

That awkward moment when you’re tailgating a freshie N driver who’s going 10 km/h under the speed limit... and then it turns out to be your professor #oops #kumbayamylord

To My Faithful Audience, I thank you for your support of my rights and am prepared to do my duty. Danny Grant

trevor mcmahan

age: 18

year: 1 1 year:

15km/h behind Fraser? More like 150km/h

You know when your ge!ing ready for bed, and get your jammies on... close you blinds. We see your bu!s boys.

That awkward moment when you go to hug a girl and miss. #toolow

height: 6’1


Is it bad that as soon as I see who gets in the Hymnal each week, they automatically go on the ‘no longer a potential’ list? #sorryboys

Communications MICHELLE KARST

Age limit (max/min)? I’m not sure what this question means, so if it refers to the max difference in age between me and potential datee, then probably Hometown: Seattle, WA or Orange City, IA Idea of a perfect date? Bobby wings How would you win the parents 8 years. over?

Denomination: Reformed Favourite Bible verse? 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Favourite man in the bible? If we’re not counting Jesus, then David

Favourite preacher? Wow, good question. Pastor Dan Baumgartner, the old pastor at my old church in Seattle.

Views on courtship? It’s a bit of a weird concept...intimidating.

Best pick up line?

Did you set off the

Good age to get married? 26 Best place for a first kiss? How long before you propose? 2nd date

Top quality in a future mate? Sense of humor


How do you know if it’s love? If she tells me.

Skill that makes you the one? Really good at minesweeper

Biggest deal-breaker? Gender Domestic talent? Love language? Spanglish

If your life was a novel, what would the title be? “Sitting Near the Fence” - Marcus Kliewer

Mars' Hill Newspaper Vol. 18 Issue 3