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Many of us are targeting to shed those extra pounds that have accumulated over all those years of not really caring about what we eat. Time and again we indulge in what many call sinful foods. If you think about it, maintaining weight is quite simple if we just stick to the recommended amount of calories needed per day. But of course this is not the case for many people struggling to keep the weight in check. There are a lot of food temptations that seems to make it impossible to lose weight -- those high in calories and fat are the main suspects. This is why we have to set achievable goals to help us stick with the program and eventually come close to the end goal of losing weight permanently. All those excess pounds did not come to you overnight. Therefore, you should not expect to shed them off overnight. They have accumulated over time and you should exert much time and effort to lose them. Research has it that losing about 6 pounds per month is at a healthy rate -- that is, you are not putting yourself at any risk. You have to create a mindset to lose this amount of pounds as one of your goals. Our lifestyle in terms of our eating habits is one of the culprits of why we are overweight. From now on you should be mindful of what foods you eat. Common sense has it that if we eat healthy foods then we are on the road to having healthy bodies. So if we are targeting to lose weight, we should incorporate a lot of fruits, vegetables, and grains in our diet. These can be filling but without the guilt because they provide us with the needed nutrients. As mentioned earlier, there are food temptations that when we allow them to get the best of us can ruin our diet regimen. The trick here is to allow yourself to have one or two pieces of this type of food. It is not advisable to totally eliminate sweets, desserts, or whatever is deemed bad in the diet world. It is okay to satiate that craving once in a while so that you will not overindulge, which is a risk if you continually deprive yourself of something you really want. Rewarding yourself whenever you reach a milestone in your dieting journey can really motivate you to keep going to reach your end goal. There are a lot of options to choose from.

You can go ahead and schedule a spa day, or you can go on a shopping spree, or you can do the ultimate and treat yourself to a vacation, or whatever you fancy. These rewards create a positive effect on your psyche so that later on you may not even consider dieting as a chore anymore. Losing those extra pounds is one thing, but keeping those extra pounds off is another. Now there is certainly one word that many dieters do not want to entertain and that word is "exercise". But what we have to grasp is that it can make the dieting effort less tedious -- that is, if we practice eating healthy and then topping it all of with exercising, the results will be very much improved. The trick here is to start small. You do not have to join a marathon or train with elite athletes. Exercising can be in the form of brisk walking, swimming or light jogging, all of which can be incorporated into your daily routine. If you change your lifestyle to include physical activities, you will be able to maintain your target weight.

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==== ==== Free Video Reveals Hidden Secrets About Super Fat Loss!.... ==== ====

Lose The Extra Pounds and Keep Them Off  

Research has it that losing about 6 pounds per month is at a healthy rate -- that is, you are not putting yourself at any risk. You have to...

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