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Top ways to claim a tax rebate online There are many taxpayers that don’t know that they can claim a tax rebate. Many taxpayers pay more tax than is necessary for a financial year. For some the information on what they can get a refund for is not known to them. There are many that might be thinking about how this can be made a reality. Well, it is very easy and requires the provision of necessary information. For instance, as an employee, if you use your personal money for work-related matters. Your employer does not cover for the expenses then, you due to claim a refund. To help those that are not aware of what they can claim a tax rebate on. Here is a list of some of the things you can get a rebate on. • Expense during training and course that is work-related • Travel expenses • Materials, tools, and equipment • Accommodation fee • Professional fee and subscriptions These are some of the things you could get a rebate for if your employer does not cover it. This is so for those that is under the pay as you earn system. You can get this tax rebate online from the comfort of your office or home. But there are some document and information you need to provide for this to be possible. These documents serve as evidence in processing the refund. You can check a list of some of the documents you need to provide to claim a refund. • Receipts (Course fees, food, tolls and anything receipts that relates to your work) • An ID card (Passport or driver’s license) • Your MOT certificates (necessary if you used personal transportation) • A Proof of address (Utility bill, tax bill or bank statement) • Your pay slips from your contractor or employer. • A comprehensive list of place travelled to for a work-related purpose. • The dates you travelled to those places. By providing this information, you can claim a tax rebate. For further enquiries, call the contact number that is available .

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Top ways to claim a tax rebate online  

Top ways to claim a tax rebate online