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Marsha Kent – PRODUCING A SMART INFOMERCIAL Marsha Kent, one of the foremost pioneers in the industry, has this to say about the importance of the Infomercial for the product that is being routed through the DRTV channel. “The whole framework of the DRTV model hinges on the Infomercial. The success of your product depends on how well you develop the Infomercial”. Marsha Kent has helped sell an array of products through the DRTV route. All of them, meeting with supreme success, and their sales grossing more than a million dollars in just weeks of their being launched. “The Infomercial has to carry every little detail of the product that you are wishing to sell. As I say, you need to talk more, to sell more. This is because unlike a traditional sales point, where the customer gets help from salespersons hovering around him, here he is the decision maker with no other mode of help flowing. The reinforcement of an imminent sale has to take place during the course of the Infomercial, if it slackens for even a moment during its time, then you lose the customer’s focus! So your Infomercial has to be neat and sharp, but at the same time, elaborately descriptive!” says Marsha Kent, who can be rightly called DRTV’s dynamic ambassador. Marsh says that advertisers need to ask certain questions before choosing the production company for creating the Infomercial: Does it have experience specifically related to Infomercial production? Is it a known name in the field? How many years of experience does it have in the arena of Infomercials or DRTV? What are all the products and services that they have worked on, have they been successful? Is their scriptwriter experienced enough- how many infomercials has he or she worked on? Is the company a full-service product setup? Is it fully equipped to meet the demands of producing of a smart Infomercial? Marsha Kent says choosing the right production company is of primary importance, you should take your time to pick and choose. Do a thorough analysis, some research about the company that you will be working with. Marsha’s productions of Infomercials have always been brilliant, and she attributes this to the thorough research that she and her team members put in before they go forward. According to Marsha, the following steps contribute to the production of the Infomercial: Concept Development Research Script Writing Storyboarding Casting

Filming Editing Testing. Making an elegant Infomercial is just like making a film or a TV commercial; it involves the same amount of detailed research and conceptualization. Information related to the sponsor’s product or service has to be assimilated and flowcharted in great detail. Marsha Kent believes that developing the concept around which the Infomercial will revolve is of crucial importance. “The concept has to be intelligently derived. It has to be clear. It has to appeal instantly to the consumer watching the commercial”, she says. “When your concept is good, the Infomercial will be able to drive home the point. There is no looking back from there! You are already on your way!” Marsha laughs!

Resource box: For more information on Marsh Kent visit or to know more about the carefully thought of, innovative offerings that Marsha has for the markets around her, in India and even for the answers on your questions or queries on various aspects of DRTV industries please feel free to get in touch with Marsha Kent.


Marsha Kent, one of the foremost pioneers in the industry, has this to say about the importance of the Infomercial for the product that is b...

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