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Article Title: Marsha Kent - USA’s Direct Response Industry’s Smart Marketing Lady The media goes gaga over her. Newspapers and television channels rave about her marketing skills. The Direct Response Industry got a spurt of adrenaline when she entered it and changed the rules of the game. Since the late 1980s’, scores of her products have straddled the consumer industry, many reaching million dollar figures within weeks of their launch. For Marsha Kent, giving customers value-based products at smart prices is what keeps her motivated. And what keeps the cash registers for the billion-dollar Direct Response Industry ringing. Way back in the late 1980s’, Marsha Kent started Kent Television Marketing, a direct response television enterprise. She achieved considerable success here, and then started the Infomercials series. Nothing has been the same ever since. The first Infomercial for Miracle Blade I, a set of multi-purpose knives, with just a competent pitchman and a 27000$ investment, took the marketing world by storm. Her firm was swamped by $1 million in orders in just 3 weeks of the Miracle Blade I launch. Response TV, the direct response television industry’s most reputed magazine, acclaims Marsha Kent as “A champion among Direct Marketers”, and also names her as one of the “Top 25 Most Influential People in the Direct ResponseTelevision Industry.” The Los Angeles Business Journal accorded her a number 3 ranking on its list of the most successful women-owned businessesin Los Angeles County. NIMA International gave Marsha Kent a place of honor on its Board of Directors. The NIMA Board is a panel of distinguished and talented personalities, who have contributed to their industry, the community and to NIMA International in distinctly profound ways. Katie Williams, President of Williams Television Time, a highly renowned media placement agency attributes Marsha Kent’s success to her intrinsic panache for creative marketability, and an inherent ability to inspire the best in others. “She is a great team person,” says Katie, “….she is creative, comes up with ideas that really work, and has a hands-on approach to things. Her creative talent and drive is voltaic. Simply matchless”, she adds. In 1992, Marsha Kent teamed up with Peter Spiegel, another direct marketing wizard. The Kent & Spiegel Direct, Inc. has been a brilliant success, under their leadership. The slew of Infomercials from the KSD bandwagon has seen some great direct response marketing in action, with products like The Ab Coach, The Abflex Fitness System, Micro Buddy and Color to Color grossing million dollar sales within weeks of their being launched. Marsha says, “My firm owes its successto our brand management personnel. They are the key to our growth and overall performance. Moreover, we use the technique of combining the right product with the right mode of communication. The customer gets a smart product that is effectively priced”.

Resource box: Marsha loves to share her 21 years of experience in strategy, creative direction and product positioning through various forums. For your questions, queries or experts advise on direct marketing email Marsha Kent or to know more about her pleasevisit

Marsha Kent - USA Direct Response Industry Smart Marketing Lady  

The Los Angeles Business Journal accorded her a number 3 ranking on its list of the most successful women-owned businesses in Los Angeles Co...

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