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December 3, 2010

December 3, 2010 Innovating public services Innovating to public meet services our demographic to meet our needs demographic

needs This is today’s mission. What’s yours? Presented by:



This is a booklet. Not just any booklet. It’s a source of inspiration, a space for reflection and a reminder of the important takeaways from today. This is your Action Diary.



Have you read?... !"#$%&"#'($)*+'',$-."/$+0"#12 These links are inspiring... more links throughout the booklet On the quality of later life http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/there-are-a-lot-better-places-todie-than-canada/article1647604/ On good relationships and health http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health/good-relationships-have-directhealth-benefits-study/article1653700/ Atkinson Series on the BOOMER TSUNAMI http://www.thestar.com/topic/Atkinson2008 The Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging http://www.clsa-elcv.ca/ On entrepreneurs in their 50s and 60s http://www.nesta.org.uk/areas_of_work/public_services_lab/ageing/age_unlimited/assets/features/third_age_entrepreneurs Festival of International Conferences on Caregiving, Disability, Aging and Technology https://www.confmanager.com/main.cfm?cid=1559 Write up from University of Toronto’s Aging at Home e-symposium http://is.gd/i4anV On Brain Fitness http://www.baycrest.org/Brainfitness/default.asp http://www.sharpbrains.com/ The care-ring voice network http://www.careringvoice.com/ Changing Age Program – A University devotes a year to the Aging Agenda http://www.ncl.ac.uk/about/changingage/ Third Age Trust – University consortium for Lifelong learning http://www.u3a.org.uk/about-u3a.html LaterLife Conference http://www.publicserviceevents.co.uk/event/overview.asp?ID=123



In conversation with… Quick fire interviews between the CEO of a foundation, a journalist and a Professor Emeritas. “Funding our Future:” The upcoming challenges for funders and Trillium’s future plans to support the sector. “Canada’s aging population presents a huge opportunity for strengthening communities – an opportunity that is only just starting to be realized.”

L.Robin Cardozo

has served as CEO of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Government of Ontario, since 1999. The Foundation is a catalyst that enables Ontarians to work together to enhance the quality of life in their communities. http://www.trilliumfoundation.org/

What do you think funders need to do to help the sector become more innovative?



Time for Action: changing our behaviour to prevent epidemics like diabetes and dementia. “People are eager to enhance the aging process and to prevent many of the chronic conditions that plague us”

Judy Steed is an award winning journalist, author and activist focused on healthy aging. She was awarded the Atkinson Fellowship in Public Policy for BOOMER TSUNAMI, her groundbreaking study on aging and the new brain research. She asked questions such as, Where are the best places in the world to grow old, and why? www.soulsparetreats.ca

Innovation watch! Seniors’ Tax Credit…coming to a community near you. 3*)*$+1$1&*$4.1+)5"$6*)".1"'"7,$8%%"95+15".:$/*;<*$=)"="%*($>>$1"$ 1&*$4.1+)5"$6"<*).?*.1$>>$1&+1$51$(*<*'"=$+$@*.5")%$A+B$C)*(51$/*$ 9+''$64$DEA:$1"$*.9"#)+7*$%*.5")%$1"$*B*)95%*$)*7#'+)',:$5?=)"<*$ 1&*5)$.#1)515".:$+<"5($1&*$".%*1$"F$(*?*.15+:$=)*<*.1$F+''%:$*.G",$'5F*$ ?")*$>>$+.($%+<*$1&*$&*+'1&$9+)*$%,%1*?$?5''5".%$"F$("''+)%$+$,*+)H$ I*$/5''$+'%"$0*$*.9"#)+75.7$1&*$F*(*)+'$7"<*).?*.1$1"$5?='*?*.1$64$ DEAH$I*;($'5-*$1"$%**$1&*$9".9*=1$*B1*.(*($1"$+''$C+.+(5+.%H$ !"#$%&#&'#('&)"*#%+',-#./"#0&%&$,%(#$*,1,1#./%.#./*"%."&1#2&,+"*1%(# &*+'1&$9+)*H$I*$&+<*$1"$9&+.7*$"#)$1&5.-5.7$>>$+.($0*&+<5"#)$>>$ +0"#1$"#)$&*+'1&H 64$DEA$/+%$(*<*'"=*($0,$468$0"+)($?*?0*)%$J#(,$@1**($+.($ K59&+*'$6"#)'*,H



A Multitude of Sins: Scale, sustainability and systems-approach (or lack thereof) in Canada “Around the world, programs for the elderly that are working are those that involve the elderly in the planning. Engagement from the start.”

Gerda Kaegi is Professor Emerita at Ryerson University and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration. She also coordinates the Program in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Management at The Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University.

I’m interested in looking further into: The Veterans Independence Program (VIP) program http://is.gd/i4b1Q The Aging At Home pilot project in Deep River http://www.magma.ca/~drcanrt/100901athome.html Your example here:



If you were being interviewed… what would you say? Remember, this is quick-fire. Make it actionable… 1. 2. 3. Who did you meet today that you must connect with? Who’s missing from the room? L*+)$K*(5+:$E$1&5.-$,"#$&+<*$+$ )"'*$1"$='+,2 $ $ $ $ >C".9*).*($9515M*.



Keynote Presentation: World-renowned Canadian Social Innovator, Vickie Cammack * Also an announcement about The Belonging Fund “A great thinker about aging is James Hillman. His recent publication ‘The Force of Character: And the Lasting Life’ reminds us that it is not our hips that need replacing but our attitudes about old age.”

Vickie Cammack

is a co-founder of Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network (PLAN) a pioneer social enterprise supporting families plan for the safety and well being of their family member with a disability. She created PLAN’s Personal Network program, a unique response to the isolation and loneliness experienced by people with disabilities. www.planinstitute.ca Vickie is also the CEO of Tyze… Tyze is much more than a way to make appointments and track tasks. It’s a place to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the person at the centre of the network – and a way they can stay connected to friends and loved ones. http://home.tyze.com/home

Another social innovation in my own backyard is -



International Context UK is ranked the #1 place in the world to die. Based on the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Quality of Death Index,â&#x20AC;? which looks at hospice and palliative care, Canada ranks 9th.



Case Studies AgeUK: Collaborating for greater impact Age Concern and Help the Aged were two organizations serving senior citizens in the UK. They merged for greater impact, combining 120 years of shared history of working with and for older people. Together, they are able to help over five million people annually as AgeUK. AgeUK is an organization that aims to improve later life for everyone through our information, advice, campaigns, products, training and research. They believe that age needs respect. It needs kindness. Sometimes it needs help. AgeUK has a vision of a world in which older people flourish. www.ageuk.org.uk/

Participle: Innovating service design Participle works toward creating a system based on capabilities rather than needs. They encourage openly inclusive services by designing services WITH, not for people. Southwark Circle is a program that Participle launched around the aging agenda to address community engagement. Rather than start with the question ‘what can public services do to improve quality of life and well-being for older people?’ Participle decided to ask another question - ‘how can a locality mobilize public, private, voluntary and community resources to help all older people define and create quality of life and well-being for themselves?’ Working with over 250 older people and family members to generated insights into their hopes, fears, needs and aspirations, Participle developed Southwark Circle, a membership organization that helps people take care of household tasks, forge social connections and find new directions in life. Southwark Circle is a model of how future services might look across Britain. Participle: http://www.participle.net/ Southwark Circle http://www.southwarkcircle.org.uk/



NESTA: Re-framing an issue - An aging society will - and should - challenge everything NESTA Lab launched Age Unlimited, a program to explore ways of generating innovative new services that help extend work and social participation for people in their fifties and sixties in order to help them age better. http://is.gd/i4ezN A call for ideas has been launched. And the associated materials for Age Unlimited are the following: Preparing for Ageing report http://is.gd/i4e71 This report describes the challenge of an ageing society, assesses the role that innovation is currently playing in meeting this challenge, and identifies where innovation needs to be harnessed more fully. It covers the public, private and voluntary sectors, across five areas: housing; the local environment; health and social care; personal finance; and social inclusion. The New Old Age http://is.gd/i4dZy Perspectives on innovating our way to the good life for all. A collection of essays that form part of the first Lab ‘Accounts’ and complement the Research Summary – ‘Preparing for Ageing’.

Voices of older people (video) An introduction to what older people feel about the ageing process and their attitudes to retirement in the UK. This film supports the work of The Lab from NESTA as part of the Age Unlimited work.



Who’s behind today’s event?

MaRS Discovery District (www.marsdd.com) is a convergence innovation centre located in the heart of Toronto. MaRS is dedicated to building Canada’s next generation of companies to maximize the economic and social impact of Canadian innovation. MaRS works closely with entrepreneurs to grow and scale their ventures into global market leaders. Contact: General inquiries (416) 673-8100

SiG@MaRS supports the launch and growth of social ventures through Advisory Services. We convene unusual stakeholders and bring global leaders to Ontario to share and explore best practices We accelerate social innovation through research, education and enabling infrastructure such as social finance and social tech Contact: Lisa Torjman Manager, Social Innovation Projects ltorjman@marsdd.com



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The Series on Aging: Participant's Action Diary  

This booklet is an accompaniment to The Series on Aging session, Part 1: SOCIAL INNOVATORS (held December 3, 2010) on the topics of innovati...

The Series on Aging: Participant's Action Diary  

This booklet is an accompaniment to The Series on Aging session, Part 1: SOCIAL INNOVATORS (held December 3, 2010) on the topics of innovati...

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