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Maiden Issue February 2011

Kalinga Access

IDP Foundation and the Woman Behind it

February 2011


February 2011


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Lumin-awa: a Word from the Publisher.....4 Spotlight: Editor’s Notes.....5 The Province.....6

February 2011 BIR lists top Taxpayers in Kalinga and Apayao.....6 Tanudan receives Ambulance from PCSO.....7 VG Mangaoang encourages sports Excellence in Schools.....7 Upholding Ethnicity in Contemporary Times.....8 Tabuk… in the Hands of a Political Neophyte....10 Congressman Agyao’s Heart and Soul Plan....11

Leaders....10 The Growth Meter....12 Illumination....16

Dissecting Governor Baac’s Battlecry “Jumpstart Change at its Best”....11 Kalinga business Group leads other Sectors in giving Positive ratings for PNoy....12 DTI promotes Kalinga to European ambassadors...12

Rampage....20 The Score Board....22 The Business Directory....28

The Cover

The concept for the cover follows the “coming-out” idea for a young lady, but instead shouting out to the world about Kalinga products. Model Nicole Dame Marie A. Rivera is dressed up by local designer Joon Teckney Ascano. Hair & Makeup by Jeffrey Gunnawa. Photographed by Nathaniel Dalanao.

When Schools Unite... 13 Vision-Mission of the IDP Foundation....14 IDPF and STS Batch ‘85 Projects...15 IDP Foundation and the Woman Behind it....16 IDP Foundation teams up with STS Batch ’85....17 IDP Foundation employs7 Teachers....17 Sharing the Fruits of Success....18 Retracing one’s Roots to help the Needy....18 IDP Foundation employs 7 Teachers....16 Cover Story> Weave and Wave to the World: The Kalinga ethnic Fabric, in the Hands of a Master....20 IDP F and STS Tabuk Batch 1985: Pursuing Educational Growth with IDPF....22

The Kalinga Access is a monthly magazine with offices at MJM Printing Press, Purok 1, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga. It is circulated in the provinces of the Cordillera Administrative Region and the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela.

Iluminada Dinulong Panabe Publisher/Founder Ray Anthony Parado HR/Administrative Manager


Marciano A. Paroy Jr. Kumi Angelina Kobayashi Editor-in-Chief & Layout Artist Managing Director, IDPF SECTION HEADS Joy Grace P. Doctor Jessie Grace Martin Aquino Peres Richard Falgui Clubs & Organizations Education Kalinga Literature Business Excel Sicdawag Jonalyn Canao Vice-President, PGC Holdings VP-Internal Finance, PGC Holdings Ivy Grail Addawe Jojo Pineda ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT PRO, PGC Advertising Executive, PGC Lovelyn Maymaya Engr. Noel Estilong Jovelyn Canao Advertising Agent Sales & Marketing Manager Sales Supervisor Contributors Philippine Information Agency-Kalinga / LGU-Tabuk Information Office We welcome articles and photographs, which shall be published once they conform to the standards of Kalinga Access. The opinions expressed by contributors do not necessarily reflect the overall stand of the magazine with regards to the subject being covered.


Kalinga Access

Kalinga Access


February 2011

February 2011

And Kalinga Access is Born… Okay, first things first. As a first step, we would like to explain to you the backing concepts for the editorial policies of Kalinga Access.

Greetings kakailyan! I am sure that the sudden release of this magazine comes as a surprise to most of us in the province. As a person who believes that everything good must be shared, I am now taking the brave step of providing the province with a forum through which everybody can meet - via the printed word. We are a magazine, and we shall be coming out regularly, once a month. As an instrument of positive change, Kalinga Access will play a selective role as to what aspects of developmental activities shall be highlighted. As an advocate of beneficial change, I feel that the province should be packaged in such a way that people from other places will recognize the Kalinga people’s enterprising spirit and desire to promote growth. It is not an easy task – and it cannot be single-handedly accomplished by a magazine, but it is a step forward. In our own little way, the magazine will surely be instrumental in creating awareness and appreciation of the efforts of our government leaders here in advancing meaningful change – as well as give the edge to our local businesses, so that they may be able to reach a wider market. The result of all these will then bounce back to the province. This is change. This is progress. Everything has its beginning, and we all usually begin small – but through perseverance and dedication, we shall cover miles away from where we started. That is what we are doing then with this very first issue of Kalinga Access – we take a small step, and hope to make a big leap later. All for Kalinga. Lastly, as a person who has always felt that we should give back to the community, the first two issues of Kalinga Access shall be circulated for free, and with free advertisement for businesses registered at the Department of Trade and Industry. It is good to be back here and touch as many lives as we can. God be with all of us, and Matatago tako losan! ILUMINADA DINULONG PANABE Publisher, Kalinga Access

“Lumin-awa” is a Kalinga term which means “Guminhawa” in the Filipino national language, or “to attain progress” in the English language.


Kalinga Access

As a new mass media practitioner in the province – particularly in the realm of the printed word – Kalinga Access deviates from the usual coverage approach that is being exercised by newspapers and newsmagazines that cater to the information needs of the reading public.

When I was asked by Dean Joy Grace P. Doctor of Kalinga-Apayao State College to talk with Ms. Iluminada Dinulong Panabe herself – and discuss the possibility of my taking on the responsibility of sitting as the Editor-in-Chief and at the same time the layout artist for this magazine, I had my misgivings – especially so that I was still on a sort of a writing hibernation.

It hasn’t been that long since I momentarily said goodbye to press work, since it was beginning to eat a lot of time out of my instructional duties at KASC – I think I will have to credit Dean Joy for rescuing Packaged as a mouthpiece to champion me from such journalistic hiatus. And when I finally the bustling developments currently taking heard Ms. Panabe pour out what she wants to attain place in the province, Kalinga Access will for the province, my interest was sealed. serve as the point of convergence for all I guess another thing that attracted me was the these developmental activities. It focuses its opportunity of working for a magazine, and being attention on issues that play significant role given the chance to be involved in community work – in further improving the lives of the Kalinga population – namely: business advancement; whether directly or indirectly via the IDP Foundation. entrepreneurial ventures that need additional Here is an opportunity to do something which I push and support; good governance efforts by love doing (writing), and also being immersed in our local leaders that need to be highlighted, life-changing activities that the founder is bent on since focusing the spotlight on these deeds pursuing for the province. will inspire our leaders to do more for their Here’s to Kalinga Access! As for you readers, constituents; educational growth; cultural we hope you enjoy our maiden issue. enhancement; tourism promotion; health issues and other social concerns that may be regarded as truly beneficial to the province. Marciano “M-16” Artizuela Paroy Jr. Editor-in-Chief Under the umbrella of the IDP Foundation, Layout Artist Kalinga Access is a strong advocate of meaningful change. It relays via the printed word the concept of positive change that is being embraced by the founder. Through the pages of the newsmagazine, the founder hopes to disseminate the atmosphere of development and hopes to draw support from the various sectors mentioned above. Taking a balanced stand, Kalinga Access will veer away from controversial issues and instead focus a much-needed spotlight on concerns that would truly be contributory to the welfare of the Kalinga population.

Kalinga Access


February 2011

February 2011



Tanudan receives VG Mangaoang encourAmbulance from PCSO ages sports Excellence TANUDAN, Kalinga – This 4th class municipality in Schools recently received a new ambulance from the Philippine

BIR lists top Taxpayers in Kalinga and Apayao by Gigi Gacuya-Dumallig The Revenue District Office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) here disclosed the list of top payers of individual, corporate and Value Added Tax (VAT) taxes in the provinces of Apayao and Kalinga. Revenue District Officer Conrado Tangkia identified the top ten individual taxpayers as Peter and Josephine Omengan; Vicente and Rosemarie Omengan; Kenneth and Ruth Mangaoang; Bruno and Imogene Bangao; Randy and Shirley Balbino; Rolando and Imelda Mayangao; Joel and Divina Teckney; Joel and Brendalyn Fernando; Thom John and Ma. Diana Dalsen; and Dionisio and Loreto Falgui. The top three corporate taxpayers are the Rural Bank of Tabuk; Omengan Construction and Development Corporation and Furniture Group of Luna, Apayao. Identified as the top VAT Corporate taxpayers are the Star Veneer Manufacturing, Furniture Group, and the Omengan Construction and Dev’t Corporation. Named the top three VAT Individual taxpayers are Christine Wangdali, Shirley Balbino and Juliet Tanquieng. Tangkia reported that their office collected P267

The Department of Agriculture and the Provincial Government did their part in assisting families affected by the recent super typhoon Juan. /photo by Elizabeth Busacay


Engr. Raymundo Apil (3rd from left), Chief of the KalingaIfugao-Mt. Province Irrigation Management Office explains to Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala (3rd from right) the proposed expansion project of the Chico River Irrigation System from a model during the ocular survey at the Chico River Diversion Dam headed by Sec. Alcala during the last quarter of 2010. With them are Tabuk Mayor Ferdinand Tubban (4th from right) and Kalinga Governor Jocel Baac (2nd from right). / photo by ggdumallig, PIA-Kalinga million taxes from both the provinces of Kalinga and Apayao recording a 47% increase based on their target. Bulk of said collection he said came from government institutions and state employees’ withheld taxes. By the end of 2010, the bureau is targeting at least P320 million tax collection. Tangkia said the BIR is intensifying its tax collection efforts in compliance with the directives of President Benigno Aquino III to properly enforce the tax laws instead of burdening the public with new taxes to increase government revenue. He reminded the public to demand official receipts for their purchases and transactions while encouraging them to file complaints against establishments or individuals who refuse to issue official receipts. Supporting the BIR’s tax campaign is the intensification of the agency’s revenue generating strategies such as the Óplan Kandado’, “Premyo sa Resibo”, Iboto mo Taxpayer’, and the Run after Tax Evader (RATE) programs.

Kalinga Access

Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Tanudan Mayor Johnwell Tiggangay informed that the project materialized through the Public-Private Partnership being initiated by the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe (IDP) Foundation and the local government unit. Tinggangay said IDP made the first move when it submitted to PCSO a request for an ambulance for Tanudan. “It was IDP’s initiative seeing the dire need for health facilities in the municipality and after consulting with the Rural Health Unit (RHU) personnel,” he said. He said that it was in November when the group, together with Tanudan Councilor Casiano Panabe, went to PCSO Manila to receive the unit. Tiggangay expressed his gratitude to the IDP, its founding chairman and staff for their voluntary deed in helping the people of Tanudan. “We are grateful to IDP that it is true to its mission to provide better health services to the communities of Tanudan,” he said. “Tanudan will not prosper without outside support. Its income and internal revenue share can not finance all the needs of the municipality,” Tigganga said as he also called on other civic-spirited individuals and groups to follow IDP’s good example. Meanwhile, IDP Chairman Lumen Panabe reiterated that her foundation will continue to reach out to those in need not only of health and sanitation but educational and livelihood assistance, employment opportunities and small infrastructure projects. /PIA

The recently donated ambulance for the municipality of Tanudan – an offshoot of the partnership that was formed between the Local Government Unit of Tanudan and the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe. The vehicle will surely boost the delivery of medical services to Tanudan residents.

Kalinga Access

Vice Governor Allen Jesse Mangaoang exhorted students to strive not only for academic excellence but also go for excellence in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Speaking before students during the Kalinga Apayao State College (KASC) Socio-Cultural Week and Intramurals, Mangaoang said sports also promote education gauged by how sports helped in inculcating values such as dedication, discipline and responsibility among students and at the same time teaching them many life lessons and build their self-respect and selfesteem. He sports has also proven to be a crime deterrent and have “high magnitude as a unifier” in the Philippine setting. He cited national crime statistics in the country where country when during fights of the Pambansang Kama-o, Manny Pacquiao, lowest crime incidents are reported. He said that though sport alone cannot interfere and reduce the level of youth crime in the society, it could also be used as a channel to build better relations. Sports along with constructive leisure and cultural activities have become important driven initiatives to divert offenders and young people at risk, away from crime thus giving them challenge, an adventure, and a sense of purpose,” he said. “It is for these facts and observations that we continue our quest for excellence. Our ambitions must be result-oriented and bring the sports and youth sectors to the highest level possible with all the resources being invested by our government and with the collaboration of all stakeholders,” he said. The vice governor also noted that while basketball is a passion in any part of this province, there is a need to re focus and look at sports in a global perspective “because I believe there are other sports discipline where we can shine and can earn us an imprint of achievement in the international arena”. Mangaoang assured to look into the creation of a Comprehensive Provincial Sports Development program to prepare Kalinga students in the “wake of changing needs, aspirations and inescapable challenges.” He said that a program should be formulated to identify existing gaps and steer the young in the right direction to assume their responsibilities and be responsive partners in strengthening society. “Let us imbibe the desire, dream, and the vision deep in our heart so that we serve our athletes better and so that they fly the KASC and Kalinga Flag high above the mast to imbibe our hearts with pride,” the Vice Governor said. /by Gigi Dumallig


February 2011

February 2011

Upholding Ethnicity in Contemporary Times In a world greatly influenced by technology and western culture, it’s quite a feat these days to preserve, promote and practice indigenous traditions. Practice of ethnicity has diminished through generations and these days appreciation has became a matter of stage performances, recitals and presentations– merely for entertainment and tourism purposes. Kalinga as a cultural community is not spared from these contemporary changes, and future generations owe our culture advocates for their persistence and perseverance to keep our identity as an ethnic group intact. Bringing Kalinga to the world During her stint as a Provincial Tourism Officer and later on as the Provincial Officer of the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP), Natividad Sugguiyao in both her official and personal capacities has determinedly worked for the promotion, development and preservation of the Kalinga culture as a bases for development.   Respected and admired as a staunch advocate of culture, Sugguiyao had gained recognition in this field which she used as an advantage to persuade institutions and prominent people both local and foreign to support the promotion of Kalinga culture. Notable among her achievements is the conceptualization of the Laga Fashion Show and the Ullalim Festival which gained wide and strong support from officials and agency heads. Eventually, her concept became the province’s official annual festival. Sugguiyao also played an important role in the production of a documentary “Kalinga Tattoo Hunter” in the Discovery Channel Series and the “Last Kalinga Mambabatok” in local television networks. She co-authored with world renowned anthropologist Lars Krutak a coffee table book “Kalinga Tattoo: Ancient and Modern Expressions of the Tribal.” In efforts to raise awareness of a vanishing tradition of the Kalinga

by Gigi Gacuya-Dumallig

Batok, she made a poster presentation “Re-interpreting Beauty -The Tattooed Women of Kalinga Philippines” during the International Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Conference 2010 in New Zealand and in the annual conference of the National Women’s Studies Association 2010 in Denver Colorado, USA. In coordination with the Kalinga-Apayao State College (KASC), Sugguiyao has also conceptualized the establishment of the Kalinga Indigenous Culture and Knowledge Resource Center (KICKREC) at the KASC. Launched last October 4, the center aims to serve as a network for Kalinga indigenous experts for exchange of resource knowledge to generate a data bank on indigenous cultural studies and indigenous knowledge. Sugguiyao said this is momentous for the recognition and protection of the Kalinga Indigenous Knowledge as intellectual property relating that during this era, indigenous knowledge has became a focus of researchers to record knowledge and way of life passed through generations. Several of this researches, according to her, had helped intellectuals find answers to some complex problems in agriculture, animal husbandry, medicine formulation, natural resource management, education, culture and several other areas of human endeavor. In coordination with a foreign institution and as part of the KICKREC program, Sugguiyao she also initiated the on-going project of the center – “The Kalinga UllalimThe Living Voices of Our Ancestors.”  

Madam Natividad Sugguiyao (in black) always goes back to her roots for inspiration.


Kalinga Access

Her pioneering efforts in developing eco-tourism in the province put forward the Chico River as a symbol of a successful struggle of the indigenous peoples against development aggression into their ancestral lands. Whitewater rafting put Kalinga into the map as an eco-cultural tourism destination that prompted Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to include the Bontoc-KalingaCagayan Road network in her North Luzon Quadrangle development Project.  Sugguiyao walks her talk in the field of cultural development and this is manifested by her  being a living canvass of the Kalinga Batok  with full sleeved tattoos and perhaps the only woman of her generation in the country to be tattooed the traditional way saying that “beneath the black lines are voices waiting to be heard and understood.”   Advocating peace and culture

partnership with the Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process (OPAPP). In October 2010, in partnership with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, Local Government of Tabuk and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, the Bishop led the launching of the EcologyCultural Club to actively involve the young people in the promotion and appreciation of the Kalinga culture and develop awareness on environmental care and preservation. Bishop Andaya, said that the project is part of the vision-mission challenge of SLCB towards the attainment of lasting peace in the province captured in the adage ‘If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation.” The club he said has the following objectives. 1] Foster a sense of community stewardship, 2] develop a sense of responsibility towards environmental care and concerns, 3] increase awareness and appreciation on the beauty of the Indigenous Kalinga Practices and Taking cultural appreciation in a progressive level, Systems (IKPS) , 4] preserve and promote vanishing Bishop Prudencio Andaya, Jr. of the Apostolic Vicariate IKPS, and 5] establish a good working relationship of Tabuk took an innovative perspective to promote among the members promoting peace not only among the club members but also to the community at large. peace and sobriety in the province. Being an artist at heart, the Having observed Bishop also appreciates traditional the atrocities triggered NCCA Commissioner Domingo Bakilan arts and performances embarking by cultural aggression in Lay-asan, Tanudan, Kalinga on activities that promote the among conflicting beauty of Kalinga culture. Through cultural communities the support of local cultural masters here, Bishop Andaya and the National Commission on and a handful of Indigenous Peoples, a School peacemakers took a of Living Tradition project was bold step and called carried out under the management on all the immediate of the SLCB-CHRC. Students of families of the victims the SLT were later on featured in and appealed for a government owned-television their cooperation network. to start a peaceful resolution towards the achievement of the Reviving traditions elusive “lasting peace among the people of Kalinga.” Though not culturally inclined in profession, His advocacy to end deeply rooted conflicts became Engineer Domingo Bakilan, Sub-commission on a part of his spiritual ministry having recognized the need Cultural Communities and Traditional Arts [SCCTA] for healing and reconciliation among the many conflicting Commissioner of the National Commission on Culture sub-tribes of Kalinga. and the Arts [NCCA] has opened the doors for the revival With this inspiration and belief that “it is more of the original forms of Kalinga performing arts. effective to work for peace if the one that reaches out are Believing that the preservation of cultural heritage the very ones who were wounded,” Bishop Andaya used “near to their original form” is the key to understanding his influence as the pontiff of the Province’s Catholic better our way of life, Commissioner Bakilan have Church to organize the Peace Makers’ Movement in initiated several School of Living Tradition (SLT) projects 2004. This endeavor made its physical impression with in the province  for the preservation of the performing the establishment of a peace shrine at the Tabuk Pastoral arts, production of traditional crafts and traditional Center to make the public aware that peace could only musical instruments. be found in forgiveness, healing and reconciliation. He said that students need to be sensitive in During his stint as the President of the Saint Louis observing the “old form” to understand “why a certain College of Bulanao (SLCB), the school became a key cultural practice is being performed” and “how it is being institution in his peace efforts manifested with the performed.”  According to him, the study should be establishment of the SLCB-Cultural Heritage Research geared towards cultural awareness aside from learning Center [SLCB-CHRC] which he conceptualized to serve the arts. as a cultural museum, research and training center for Through in-depth study, cultural masters, he said, culture and traditional arts. should be able to transfer their indigenous knowledge Just recently, the Ka-ili-yan Peace Building Institute to the young on the process preserving the original form turn to page 24... was added as a part of the CHRC established in the

Kalinga Kalinga Access Access

9 9

February 2011

February 2011


When the reigns of leadership get moved from one hand to another, there is always the accompanying doubt from naysayers as to the ability of the incoming chief to steer the officialdom of the territory – over which he has authority – with the aplomb expected of him. One wrong move and the tongues would be unstoppably wagging. One wrong decision and the nonbelievers would nudge each other and say “I told you so.” None of those though, because so far, Mayor Ferdinand B. Tubban, who may fit the description of a political novice, has been very adept in maneuvering the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Tabuk so that it treads the path which he has vowed his leadership to take. As former head of the Engineering Office of Tabuk, he was handed tasks that are, without doubt, challenging – but that was his turf, his specific field of expertise. Tasks that he could do with eyes closed, so to speak.


in the Hands of a Political Neophyte by Marciano “M-16” Artizuela Paroy Jr. (with reports from Estanislao Albano Jr.) As Mayor of Tabuk, however, he suddenly had to transform into an expert who specializes in many fields – in all fields actually. It is a new role which he has been performing impressively. “The weight of responsibilities laid on my shoulders as Mayor is heavier than those which I bore as Chief Engineer of LGU-Tabuk but I must say that my experiences in my previous job somehow prepared me to deal with the new challenges I have taken on,” he said in the pages of Tabuk Life publication. “And besides, I am not alone. I am aware that while I am leading, people are behind me and with me as I discharge the responsibilities that are part of my sacred mandate as chief executive of Tabuk.” Sounds reassuring enough. And indeed, days into his office, he sought to do something about the reduced internal revenue allotment (IRA) which greatly affected the operations of the local government. This resolved led to the creation of the Revenue Generation Task Force and the speedy re-scheduling of the Barangay Revisits – both designed to generate and increase funds that get into the coffers of the local government. The scheme triumphed, and continues to do so. Records show, for instance, that there has been an almost 200% increase in the number of business permits granted. Also, from July to September of this year, business tax collection and stall rentals at the Tabuk Public Market soared to PhP2,633,310.65 – compared to last year ’s


PhP600,000.00 for the same period. For someone with little fiscal background, that deserves an applause. Perhaps it’s the planning skills that comes in handy this time – and the ability to pre-empt what might probably go wrong with the original plan and replace it with a ready back-up measure. “I cannot do everything by myself and so I have to meet my counterparts in the legislative department under the able leadership of Vice Mayor Darwin C. Estrañero. I met them individually and collectively,” the Mayor explained in his column at the Tabuk Life publication. “We therefore agreed to come up with our Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA), which is a synchronization of all our development goals and programs because we cannot exist without the other. We must have the same development agenda, synchronize our efforts, agree on common priorities given our limited financial resources. With all the inputs gathered during the Barangay Revisits, hard work from all stakeholders under the supervision of the Planning and Development Office and the skillful guidance of our LGU Operation Officer Julio Barcellano, we came up with an ELA. This will now serve as the guiding principles of our development goals for the next three years.” In the closing part of his report on his first hundred days in office, the Mayor underscored the importance of making each peso count. He stressed that “it does not matter

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Kalinga Access

Congressman Agyao’s Heart and Soul Plan Congressman Manuel S. Agyao of the Lone District of Kalinga continues the development agenda that he has started during his first term in office. Agyao said the P70 million Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) allotted this year to Congressmen, is divided to implement what he dubbed as the HEART and SOUL projects of his administration. HEART, with fund allocation of P40M, refers to infra projects that serve as the lifeblood for progress while SOUL, with P30M allocation, are livelihood programs that provide alternative source of living for beneficiaries. For educational development, Agyao said that financial support is provided for the various scholarship programs being implemented by key agencies. So with the rehabilitation and construction of school buildings in the province. The Congressman is also giving priority to tourism development. He assured funding support for said endeavor as he challenged local government units in the province to invest and give priority to their tourism potentials. “The various infrastructure improvements in the province were made possible for tourism development purposes. Thus, it is vital for the concerned LGU to initiate the promotion of their tourist destinations,” he stressed.

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At ease with the native folks. Congressman Manuel S. Agyao always has a soft spot for the indigenous communities of Kalinga, which is why they always figure in his livelihood programs. /photo by Elizabeth Busacay

Dissecting Governor Baac’s Battlecry “Jumpstart Change at its Best”

With reports from Grace Kidang-Flores, Provincial Administrator

Having recently sat as the Governor of the Kalinga Province, Hon. Jocel C. Baac shares the following ,milestones in his administration: HEALTH SERVICES

Deputy Executive Director Cesario R. Pagdilao (left) of DOST’s Philippine Council of Aquatic and Marine Research and Development (PCAMRD) talks to Kalinga-Apayao State College President Eduardo Bagtang (middle) and soil science expert John Foy-os during the agricultural summit held at the Megatrade Exhibit Hall of SM Megamall. PCAMRD funded the vermi-culture project of KASC. /photo by Mars

Kalinga Access

- Issued EO # 2010-02 Creating a Separate BAC for the Office on Health Services. This is to expedite the procurement processes of goods needed in the Kalinga Provincial Hospital, the 7 District Hospitals and the Tanudan Municipal Hospital. - Issued EO No. 2010-06 Amending the composition of the Provincial Health Board - Issued EO no.2010-07 Organizing the Provincial Local Health Accounts Team. This includes PPDO, PHO, Accounting Office, and Commission on Audit, DOH and PHILHEALTH. - Issued Memorandum Order 2010-69 addressed to the Medical and Paramedical Professionals in the Kalinga Provincial Hospital and District Hospitals regarding strict compliance on the Policies and Procedures relative to the charging of Professional Fees. CHARITY PATIENTS classified as Class C and Class D patient under the standard classification of patients as prescribed under DOH Department Order No. 435-B,

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February 2011

February 2011



The Business Scenario in Kalinga

Kalinga’s College Environment

Kalinga business Group leads other Sectors in giving Positive ratings for PNoy

When Schools Unite

Christine Wangdali, President of the Kalinga Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said  there are clear indications of PNoy’s sincerity and determination in ridding his administration from crooks. Wangdali is convinced PNoy means business in fighting crooked figures in government with his firm move in abolishing the white elephant offices, which he said more serve as leak way of government funds and resources. It can be recalled that the President abolished ten offices evaluated to have over-lapping functions. Pastor Mike Penchog of the Ministers Alliance for Reformed Kalinga (MARK) approved PNoy’s firm stand on the Reproductive Health Bill saying the President displayed strong quality as a leader by not succumbing to the acidic pressure of the influential Catholic Church, which even threatened to ex-communicate him because of his

by Marciano A. Paroy Jr.

Madam Christine Wangdali of the Kalinga Chamber of Commerce and Industry (extreme left) listens to Provincial Board Member Gelacio Bongngat as he shares his thoughts about the cultivation of a conducive business climate in Kalinga so that more investors may come in. The forum was also attended by Bishop Renato Abibico of the Kalinga Apayao Religious Sector Association (KARSA). /photo by Elizabeth Busacay

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DTI promotes Kalinga to European ambassadors by Peter Balocnit

(left) Grace Falgui Baluyan, Provincial Director of the Department of Trade and Industry-Kalinga and (right) CPA Edna Purugganan Yumol, Chairperson of the Tabuk Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (TCCI) – both during the presscon for the launching of the National Economic Research and Business Action Center (NERBAC) which is housed at the Local Government Unit of Tabuk. The center assists business owners and new entrepreneurs in their government transactions, while also providing economic advice. /photos by Mars (M16)


Dr. Eduardo Bagtang Unifies Local Colleges

European ambassadors were introduced to what the province of Kalinga could offer them in terms of investment, tourism and other profitable partnerships. Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Kalinga Provincial Director Grace Baluyan, who was the keynote speaker during the launching of the DenPhil (Denmark-Philippines) Travel and Tours at the Lancaster Hotel in Mandaluyong City, talked about Kalinga’s tourism interests, export products, cultural festivals and investment before ambassadors and consular representatives of Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Slovakia. Baluyan highlighted world-class white water rafting, best coffee (kape de Motit), heritage products, colorful festivals, chemical-free products, loom weaving products, and the fertile soil of the province as the main attractions for tourists and investors. In his message, Jose Luis Yulo Jr., Consul, ad honorem of the Consulate of the Republic of Slovenia, appreciated the province of Kalinga for having common

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There are six learning institutions that offer tertiary education in the province of Kalinga – KalingaApayao State College, Kalinga College of Science and Technology, St. Louis College of Bulanao, CAC+, Saint Tonis and Kalinga Polytechnic School. Six schools – competing for the most number of enrollees during the start of each semester, whether on June or November. Six schools – fighting it out for the reputation of being the best, whether it concerns academics or extracurricular activities. Six schools – all figuring out how to best serve the educational needs of Kalinga. It’s a battle every enrollment time – not only to have the most number of students, but to have as many student-assets as possible. Given Kalinga’s young population

growing population in these local colleges. Part of the reason can be attributed to the anxiety of parents to send their sons and daughters to the big cities – what with many failure stories of other students who did not do well there. Another glaring reason is the economic standing of families who have a member to be sent to college. Still, another reason is the quality of education here which is increasingly getting more and more competitive. The underlying basis in pursuing college education right here in Kalinga has become “if it’s right here in the province, and there are schools that are reputably competent in providing such instruction – why go away?” And so many opt to enroll here – with six schools to choose from, offering a wide range of courses, either short term training programs, or full-blown degree programs. With more and more high school graduates deciding to acquire further training right here in the province, our six schools will not have a hard time wooing their share of incoming freshmen – not to mention a sizeable number of transferees from city universities. Given this development, our six schools will not really have to harshly compete for enrollees. There’s more than enough for everyone, so to speak. As a result, their energies are then better channeled towards cooperation, with the view that such teamwork will KASC President Eduardo T. Bagtang (middle photo) keeps an even-handed mutually benefit everyone. Management of the school, with support from Dr. Carmelita Tovera-Ayang-ang And so the Kalinga (VP for Academic Affairs) and Dr. Amado P. Imper (VP for Planning, Research and Association of Higher Education Extension). Also in photo is Board Secretary Perfelia Buen (in black, 1st photo) Institutions (KAHEI) was formed. during a meeting of school planners. /photo by Mars (M16) With the primary intent of forging closer ties among tertiary schools which opts to pursue college education after high school in Kalinga, KAHEI has four founding members: Kalinga– with many of them preferring to be schooled in the big Apayao State College (KASC), Kalinga College of universities outside the province – these six schools will Science and Technology (KCST), St. Louis College of normally have to make do with what’s left of the high Bulanao (SLCB), and Saint Tonis College (STC). The school graduates who are college-bound. In the past, other two schools are, of course, still invited to become part of the association. we termed them as the leftovers. Launched this second semester, KAHEI’s very But this scenario has been changing lately. More and more young people go directly to local colleges after ...turn to page 39 finishing high school here, as can be evidenced by the

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February 2011

February 2011


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Kalinga Access


February 2011

February 2011



IDP Foundation employs 7 Teachers This two-room school building in San Juan, Tabuk, Kalinga has been hit by recent Typhoon Juan, taking off its roof. This has not escaped the attention of IDP Foundation and STS Batch of 1985. Through their concerted efforts, the school was refurbished in no time at all. /photos by Richard (left) and Mars (right)

by Marciano “M-16” Artizuela Paroy Jr. It is not everyday that people who had long left their roots would one day come back and share the blessings amassed at different places where they ventured – with only the elements of determination and perseverance as their “push” factor in hitting the goal of succeeding. One such person hit that goal. One such person succeeded, and came back to share. And it’s a woman: Iluminada Dinulong Panabe. Lumen, as she is fondly called by her close friends, is one of those persons who will not immediately strike you as a woman whom you would regard with trepidation. Somewhat soft-spoken and sweet-natured when you face her, Madam Lumen would then proceed to arrest you with the strong personality kept hidden within, but which she would slowly allow you to have a

glimpse of. Obviously keen as to handling business matters, she speaks with the certainty of a person whose training has been Ms. Panabe has also been blessed sharpened by the with people who continue to inspire experiences she her as she strives to excel more in the went through – world of business - which is why she and that includes also recognizes them, time and again. all the difficult stages of her life. A truth which she keeps on stressing every time she’s on the mode of inspiring other people. Simply straightforward and a no-nonsense type of a businesswoman, Ms. Panabe has built a business empire – appropriately named Panabe Group of Companies – that incorporates both efficiency and considerate warmth towards the clients that they serve. But what stole the attention of Kalinga recently is the intrusion of the foundation that bears her name – the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe (IDP) Foundation. Silent at first, it quickly registered into the consciousness of the general public – what with its various programs and projects, left and right, that truly reach out to the needy, without the usual hassle of going through a lot of channels. “If one truly wants to help, then one should help right away,” she stressed. “It’s quite easy: identify where the need is, then go right away and give them what they need. No fuss. No long-winding processes.”

Dr. Diana Falgui Dalsen looks into the health concerns of a female beneficiary of the IDP Medical Mission held in Calanan, Tabuk, Kalinga. /photo by Mars (M16)

16 16

It is a philosophy which is truly needed these days, when our less fortunate brothers and sisters would truly benefit from a helping hand who holds the cure right there and then.

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IDP Foundation teams up with STS Batch ‘85 Widening its reach of people served, the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe Foundation recently teamed up with Batch 1985 of St. Theresita’s School-Tabuk to help the group in realizing its goals and objectives in the realm of community service. “The alliance between the IDP Foundation is a big boost to Batch ’85 since our programs and projects are now given additional funding,” Batch ‘85 President Richard Falgui said. “We are grateful to the IDP Foundation President, Iluminada Panabe, who is a Batch ’85 member herself, for this opportunity to serve the community better.”

Unrelenting in its bid to uplift the living condition of its identified clientele, the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe Foundation continues to advance change in Tanudan – most recently in the field of education.

The need for more teachers has always been an issue in most parts of the province – and this is an issue which cannot easily be addressed by the Department of Education. For many needy schools, the local government unit jumps in to the rescue and do their share in being responsible for the salary of additional teachers – hence we have what we call teachers supported by the Local Board. Seeing it as an opportunity to extend help to the educational needs of Tanudan, the IDP Foundation augmented the teaching force of this municipality by shouldering the salary of seven teachers:

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As part of Class of ’85, Ms. Panabe says that she looks back at her STS days with fondness. “The school has been good to me during my growing up years,” Ms. Panabe enthuses. “so it is but fitting that I should also look back at STS and find a way by which I can lend a helping hand in its commitment to serve the community.” Thus was born the partnership between IDP Foundation and Batch ’85. This union is made even stronger by the infusion of the Institute of Arts and Sciences of the Kalinga-Apayao State College as the third party that would further advance the cause of benevolence being pursued by the leaders of the aforementioned groups. “I am a member of Batch ’85 myself, and since my department is also active in pursuing

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Mrs. Hilda Apil (extreme right) and Mrs. Eden Grace Cosme Basiwal (behind the pupils) express their gratitude to IDP Foundation and STS Batch of 1985 by asking their pupils to have this photo taken. Their small school in San Juan, Tabuk hopes to get more help from well-meaning groups like IDP Foundation and STS Batch of 1985. /photo by Mars (M16)


February 2011

February 2011



Retracing one’s Roots to help the Needy by Larry Lopez A native Kalinga lady, who now enjoys a better life abroad, is sharing her blessings to the less fortunate in her own home town starting with the distribution last April of community kitchen utensils. Iluminada Dinulong Panabe from Ivy Grail Addawe, PRO of the Panabe Group of Companies and IDP Lunas, Darulog, Dupligan, Tanudan Foundation volunteer, introduces the Kalinga-based human resources of formed a foundation coined from her name the Foundation, which includes Nimfa Bentican, Rosa Balocnit, Antonio to help her town mates in Tanudan. Cosidon, Jonalyn Canao, Edith Perez, Juliet Banisal, Cristina Apatas, Twelve years ago in 1999, Iluminada Aquino Perez - during the orientation of scholars at the Tabuk People’s found her lifetime partner from Denmark. Gym. /photo by Mars (M16) In this Nordic country, she started to establish her own business and according to her local office here, she has established seven companies in the Philippines. Tony Cosidon of the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe Foundation (IDPF) said that 30% of profits from these companies is set aside to fund the foundation. He said the foundation is covering areas in education, livelihood, by Peter A. Balocnit health and sanitation. While building a good future, this successful real Because of IDP’s educational program, many estate broker carried inside her the passion to help her students are now beneficiaries of various forms of less fortunate relatives and townmates. assistance. To maintain their stay within the study grant Iluminada Panabe, founder of the Iluminada program, the students simply have to abide by the Dinulong Panabe Foundation (IDPF), recalled during policies set forth by the Foundation, like maintaining the orientation and training for the foundation’s staff passing grades. and volunteers, her difficult beginnings and coming ...turn to next page home to see her place the same when she left three decades ago. This inspired her to put up a foundation to share her blessings to the less fortunate. The IDPF acquired a 100-hectare agricultural land at Cogawe this municipality to serve as a production area and source of additional income for the foundation. IDPF representative F r a n k l i n R e g a c h o (left) Isabel Dao-as of the Rural Health Unit of Tabuk, checks the medicines to be distributed said the farm has a to the needy residents of Bakras, Bulanao, Tabuk. (right) Jonalyn Canao, VP-Internal Finance separate management of the Panabe Group of Companies and at the same time an IDP Foundation volunteer, to be operated by a farm shares her time in reching out to the residents of Laya East, Tabuk. Both medical missions manager and staff cum were conducted by IDP Foundation, in coordination with the Rural Health Unit of Tabuk.

Sharing the Fruits of Success

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/photo credits: Mars (1st photo); Ivy (2nd photo)

KalingaAccess Access Kalinga

Richard Dio P. Falgui, President of STS Batch of 1985, has put the STS Drum and Lyre Band in the glare of national TV when the band performed for GMA TV Network’s Wish Ko Lang show when its crew visited Bantay, Tabuk, Kalinga to grant an ailing child’s wish. Some pieces of the band’s new instruments were donated by IDP Foundation. /photo credits: Mars (1st and 2nd); RPF (3rd)

Sharing the Fruits... from previous page

Retracing one’s Roots...from previous page

technicians. “It will be devoted to farming and cattle range,” he said. The area is partially improved with corn, a fishpond, piggery, irrigated rice fields, fruit tree plantation. The agricultural production will be expanded to maximize the utilization of the land including an agro-forestry project. “All the working staff members are compensated of their work so that the profit will be saved and accrued to the general fund of the foundation”, Regacho said. The three-day orientation and training held at the Grand Zion resort here and in Allubagan, Tanudan from August 21-23 were aimed to orient IDPF’s working force of their assigned jobs and defined functions. Panabe challenged the staff and volunteers to sacrifice in order to reap a good harvest. “We must all plant the seed of goodwill since this will encourage other people as well to do the same,” Ms. Panabe was quoted as saying everytime she pushes her employees to be always ready in extending a helping hand.

On livelihood, Cosidon said organized groups were given planting tools and hills to raise banana in Baccong and Lonas, Dupligan. He said other interested groups can submit a project proposal for the board’s endorsement to IDPF. Aside from livelihood, IDPF is willing to support producers of heritage products in the promotion and marketing of their goods. A training center will rise soon in Allubagan while construction of its water system component is on-going. Cosidon also said that materials for toilets/latrines as well as materials for safe drinking water will also be provided soon. In addition to this, to respond tothe growing educational needs of the children in Tanudan, an Alternative Learning System classroom for Se-et are awaiting their funding, while the 4.6 km. Angalipan Junction-Allubagan farm-to-market road is also due for improvement by IDPF.

Company Overview:The Iluminada Dinulong Panabe (IDP) Foundation is a non-profit and non-government organization dedicated to the improvement of the Philippines Society by focusing its resource on shaping its citizen to become empowered individuals capable of responding to the challenges time. Vision: IDP Foundation envisions worthwhile contributions addressing pressing issues like poverty and hunger, lack or inadequate livelihood opportunities, low literacy rate, access to health and sanitation services, and environmental degradation. The foundation prioritizes the marginalized sector— the indigenous people, those in the uplands, and

KalingaAccess Access Kalinga

the unschooled youth. Mission: To pave the way and be the instrument in the realization of aspirations for an improved and decent life in a sound environment, providing empowering capabilities to meet local and global challenges. The Foundation is supervised by Kumi Angelina Kobayashi as the Managing Director. Under her are the support staff members: Jean Creo (Project Coordinator-LGU), Michelle Relevante (Project Coordinator-Education), Mark Wayne Chuck (Project Coordinator-Celebrity), Antonio Cosidon (Provincial Coordinator for Kalinga), Rosa Balocnit (Education Coordinator), Bonifacio Sicdawag (Project Quality Coordinator)), Edith Perez (Manpower Coordinator), Juliet Banisal (Social Worker), Cristina Apatas (Assistant Education Coordinator) and Nimfa Bentican (Secretary).

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February 2011

February 2011



Fashion and Arts Section

Fashion and Arts Section


Weave and Wave to the World: The Kalinga ethnic Fabric, in the Hands of a Master

by Marciano Artizuela Paroy Jr.

hunt for the right materials and embellishments, then the more rigorous tasks of holding the scissors and running the fabrics under the sewing machine. Not to mention the delicate hand-sewing that goes along with designs having intricate details.

There is a Kalinga fashion scene. And there are opportunities for local designers to show off their creations, like the regular Search for Miss Tabuk every month of June and the Search for Miss Kalinga every February, plus the more fashion-inclined Laga Fashion Show – which has become a fixture in the whole Ullalim Festival package every February.

Definitely not easy. Few people are gifted to do that. In the field of clothing, they are called fashion designers. Joon Teckney Ascaño fits the description to a T. In fact, he has long been uncontested as to reputation as a fashion designer in the province of Kalinga, with his peers bowing down to his acumen.

These occasions are a medium through which locally grown designers and artists can exhibit before an appreciative audience their creativity. However, the opportunity is rather deficient since the occasions are confined within Tabuk and Kalinga. For an artist or a designer to truly shout out his or her presence to the world, a larger audience is a must, a bigger show is a requisite – where an agent or a buyer or a merchandiser is expected to be in the viewers, and who are most likely going to be impressed by the pieces displayed before them.

Which is why when the Fashion Institute of the Philippines held a fashion show as part of the culminating activity for its graduates this year, Joon rose up to the challenge, parading before the mostly Metro Manila audience four creations that incorporated – what else – the Kalinga ethnic fabric.

In short, our local artists and designers have to show off their wares in so-called art and culture centers – and, in the case of the Philippines, this is in The Big City. Metro Manila.

The resulting creations speak up for themselves, and for the artist behind them. Opulent and exquisite, the gowns are a clever marriage between tradition and modernity – proving that the Kalinga ethnic fabric can steal a sizable corner of the haute couture market, not only in the Philippines but beyond its shores as well.

This is what Joon Teckney Ascaño recently accomplished for himself and for the province of Kalinga, his province of birth. A gifted fashion designer with a high regard for the Kalinga ethnic fabric, he has always been creating exquisite gowns, casual apparel and corporate attire for local clients in the province for several years now, ever since his completion of the Fashion Design course at Cora Doloroso Career Centre way back in the 1990’s. Realizing

20 20

The Designer at Work. Joon Teckney Ascaño talks to a client with whom he later established agreement as to what style of gown will she be wearing on the ocassion she approached the designer for. /photo by Mars (M16) that his artistic control is limited at the drawing board if he can’t lay his hands on the actual cutting and sewing, he finally decided to pursue training along these areas of expertise by enrolling at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines, which is housed at the posh address of #1 San Miguel Avenue cor. Shaw Blvd in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. The course paid off, as he has added another dimension to his skills to conceptualize and visualize creations – then actually work on them hands-on. This is what couturiers do. What they have in mind is put on paper, followed by the

Kalinga Access Kalinga Access

And so for the maiden issue of this magazine, we thought it appropriate that his gowns are given another shot at the spotlight –now through the print medium. Ta k i n g t w o o f h i s creations, we also asked the modeling flair of young Nicole Ascaño Rivera, who has been crowned as Miss Laga 2010 during the Ullalim Festival of the Kalinga province. Naturally, an experienced lensman is needed for the job of capturing both the work of the designer and

Kalinga Kalinga Access Access

the deportment of the model – and so we asked photographer/ painter Nathaniel Dalanao to do the photo-shoot for our cover. As can be confirmed by the images splashed in these pages, and in the cover, we have chosen highly competent people to help us in giving the world a peek into the best that Kalinga has to offer. Joon Teckney Ascaño – the product of Dr. Constante Ascaño Sr. (deceased) and Rosalinda Teckney Callagan – maintains the R & J Fashion and Beauty Empire in Poblacion Centro, Tabuk. Nicole Dame Marie Ascaño Rivera is the daughter of Danilo Rivera and Hazel Ascaño Rivera. Crowned as Miss Laga 2010, she studies at the Tabuk Institute where she is a 4th-year high school student. Nathaniel Dalanao – the son of Judge Victor Dalanao and former P r i n ci p a l A p o l o n i a D a l a n a o – heads the Information Technology department of LGU-Tabuk, aside from being the President of the Kalinga Mountaineering Society. He also paints, using oil as his primary medium. For the model’s hair, makeup and styling, Jeffrey Gunnawa has been tapped. Jeffrey is a sought-after make-up artist and stylist in the province of Kalinga. The photo-shoot was held at the Talama View Deck in Bulanao, Tabuk - owned by Board Member Chester Alunday.

Photos on this page by Jules Rio Malao

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February 2011

February 2011



Society Page - in Photos

Educational Concerns

IDPF & STS Tabuk Batch 1985: Pursuing EducationalGrowth in Kalinga by Jessie Grace Sannadan Martin The IDP and service inputs in the repair of Foundation and Cudal Elementary School and San STS Tabuk Batch Juan Elementary School, both of 1985 have one which were damaged during the thing in common: onslaught of typhoon Juan last the desire to October; procurement of musical contribute in the instruments for the STS Drum and development of Lyre Band and sports equipments Kalinga. Both for the Institute of Arts and Sciences also agree that of KASC to name a few. development in Perhaps the most important Kalinga must achievement at this point is the be viewed in scholarship program for five the context of hundred (500) students of the far-reaching Kalinga-Apayao State College transformations starting this second semester school of economic and year 2010-2011. Beneficiaries of social structures, the scholarship grant are students relationships and who are enrolled in any of the processes in undergraduate courses of the rural areas. Both Kalinga-Apayao State College also agree that Hon. Casiano Panabe, Councilor from the municipality of who have done well in the previous t h e r u r a l f o l k s Tanudan, hands out the Scholarship Certificates to deserving semester and who hail from the must participate students of the Kalinga-Apayao State College. The grant from different municipalities of Kalinga. i n d e t e r m i n i n g the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe Foundation is being put into The Scholarship Program p r o g r a m s t h a t operation by the STS Batch of 1985, under Richard Falgui, r e s u l t e d h a v e d i r e c t and the Institute of Arts and Sciences, under Dean Joy Grace f r o m t h e /photo by mars (M16) r e l e v a n c e t o Puday-Doctor. genuine their needs and desire of aspirations. Both STS Tabuk also believe that Kalingas can sustain and accelerate Batch ’85 and the IDP Foundation improvements through integrated development activities. to contribute in the development Along these principles the two NGOs pooled of Kalinga. Both groups firmly together their talents, skills and resources in coming believe that education is an up with meaningful, useful, practical and relevant important factor in transforming programs and projects that would help transform the the lives of indigenous people lives of Kalingas. and the scholarship program The partnership encourages creative and innovative is the best way to achieve this responses to development. It allows the locality and its goal. It is a blessing that the people to participate in the formulation, planning and founder of the IDP foundation implementation of programs and projects that would herself can empathize with poor Dean Joy Grace bring about an integrated transformation in their lives. students having experienced P u d a y - D o c t o r Consequently, the localities will be expected ultimately similar difficulties during her of the Institute of to shape their future, create their identities and foster student days. The testimonies Arts and Sciences the transformation of their own lives. of Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor and o f K A S C b r i e f s The partnership can boast of a list of achievements yours truly of the plight of KASC the scholars about ranging from capability-building, educational programs, Students who cannot afford to policies governing materials and service inputs, and medical missions buy their own and make do of t h e s c h o l a r s h i p since it was forged in July 2010. Included in the list biscuit for lunch because they grant which they have been awarded. are capability-building activities such as the Disaster ...turn to page 27 /photo by mars Risk Reduction Seminar Workshop and First Aid Training conducted at Barangay Cabaruan; materials

Kalinga Access 22

22 Kalinga Access

A Life-Changing Partnership: IDP Foundation and STS Batch ‘85 aim to transform lives.

MJM Grand Opening (l-r) Jonalyn Canao (VP for Internal Operations, Ms. Iluminada D. Panabe, Dean Joy Grace Doctor.

Ms. Josefa May Shiu-Buslig, during the presentation of the research titled Reinterpreting Beauty: the Tattooed Women of Kalinga; in Denmark.

Provincial Administrator Grace Kidang-Flores, during a Rotary Club summit. She is the first lady provincial administrator of Kalinga.

Chief of Human Resources of the Panabe Group of Companies, Ray MJM Sales & Marketing Manager Noel Estilong Anthony Parado, holds a meeting with the staff of MJM Printing Press. shows client Corazon Kub-ao Ryan the labeling material to be used for her products.


Photographer Nathaniel Dalanao clicks away; Stylist Jeffrey Gunnawa does some on-the-scene coaching; model Nicole Rivera get support from uncle Liam Callagan and designer Joon Teckney Ascano.

Kalinga Access


February 2011

February 2011

Upholding Ethnicity... Congressman Agyao’s Heart & Soul... from page 9

from page 11

of their cultural heritage. Taking the campaign on a province-wide level, the NCCA, in partnership with the Provincial Government of Kalinga, launched the year-long radio program “Kalinga Cultural Hour” over DZRK Radio ng Bayan Tabuk. This is on the conviction that that through the most popular media in the province, the project will promote awareness among listeners on the values of Kalinga traditions and their relevance as cultural practices and way of life in these modern times “With the advent of globalization and the modern technologies, the Kalinga cultural heritage is exposed to various external threats and internal neglect that threatens its preservation, promotion, dissemination and development so efforts should be made to sustain the Kalinga heritage especially among the youth who are considered as the future bearers of tradition,” the Commissioner states. During Bakilan’s term as the NCCA-SCCTA Commissioner, the Pangol sub-cultural community had the opportunity to stage a vanishing wedding tradition – the Barogway – through a festival involving community members to participate to revive the tradition even as a performing art. Historically significant during his stint as a Commissioner is his being the proponent of Presidential Proclamation Order Number 1906 declaring October of every year as “National Indigenous Peoples’ Month.” In the context of the Philippine Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, the month of October he said should be declared as the month for a nation-wide peoples’ participation in the celebration and preservation of indigenous cultural communities.

On infrastructure development, the Office of the Congressman is currently implementing P16 million worth of farm to market roads in the province and P4 million for the rehabilitation of an irrigation system in Sucbot, Tabuk City to irrigate the 200 hectares farm lands in the area. Through the initiative of the Congressman, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Kalinga Engineering District availed some P445.1M for their 2010 regular fund. Agyao said that said funding will be used to improve the Tanudan road network, Kalinga-Abra Road, Pinukpuk-Balbalan Road, CalananAbbut road and roads in Rizal, Kalinga. His health programs, on the other hand, includes the continuous provision of funding support to key health institutes where the iKalingas could avail of health services such as the Kalinga Provincial Hospital, Baguio General Hospital, Cagayan Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center and Philippine Kidney and Lung Center. The solon said that his medical missions will also continue, bringing closer to the poor from far flung barangays the needed medical services. Funding for the PhilHealth indigents through the various LGUs in the province will also be sustained. On peace and order, Agyao said he maintains his support for the programs in the province through the elders. He is also considering the possible continuation of road monitoring along hold-up prone areas in major road networks here. Another priority is the establishment of energy generating infrastructure in the province. He said that requests made during the 14th congress for a mini-hydro from the Department of Energy and the proposals for the Tabia and Maling hydros were already approved and currently being worked out for funding. The solon also continues his livelihood programs, stressing that this program has significantly provided alternative source of income for many unemployed in the province. Through the congressional livelihood


programs, groups and individuals are now producing commercial products for consumption in the province. On environmental protection, the Congressman is giving focus on the production of rubber trees. He said that requests were made for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to utilize the P5 million allotted for the program to establish a nursery and pilot rubber tree farm. For the 15th Congress, Agyao said that he will be re-filling his previous bills that include the establishment of a regional trial court branch and a separate engineering district in Cagaluan Pasil, conversion of major road networks into national roads, and the conversion of the Kalinga Apayao State College into a university.

Dissecting Gov. Baac’s Battlecry... from page 11

series of 1990 or patients who are holders of PHIC Para sa Masa shall not be charged with professional fee. - Stated in the same Memo is the clear policy that only private and pay patients who occupy the private room or pay wards with or without Medicare privileges shall be charged PF. - Also, charging of deposit and down payment for PF prior to rendering the required medical services is strictly prohibited. And that payment of hospital bills shall take precedence over professional fees. Included in the Memo is the strict observance that non payment of professional fee shall in no case be a ground to detain or withhold the release of the patient from confinement but shall only oblige him to execute a duly notarized promissory note relative to his unpaid obligation pursuant to RA ...turn to next page no. 9439.

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Dissecting Gov. Baac’s Battlecry... from previous page

Senior citizens shall be accorded 20% discount on professional fees. All charges on Professional Fees shall be properly receipted. Deployment of Twenty (20) Casual Employees at the PHO. Most of them are working as utility personnel. Enrolment of 1980 indigents in the Phil Health Program last October 2, 2010. Reactivation of the Agbannawag Medical Center, ongoing coordination with the Korea Medical Peace Foundation of further medical assistance from them. Deployment of Fifteen Casual Nurses from the list of 75 volunteer nurses, with P200/day effective September1 to November 30, 2010. For the next three months, another batch. Deployment of Seven Nurses to received P3,000.00/monthly as incentive from the Makilala Mining Company. This is the Social Obligation of said company in their exploration in the Province. Rotation basis every 3months. Infrastructure and Physical Development The Provincial Government is now in the process of completing the following road networks: · Construction of Magsaysay to Nasgueban FMR -4M · Rehabilitation of MolegMagaogao FMR -1M · Concreting of Alternate Route Alliance-Shell Station -2M · Concrete Paving of BulanaoCallaccad Junction-Athletic Bowl Road -2.5M · Concrete Paving of National Road Junction to BJMP Provincial Road -1M · Concrete Paving of NIA Access Road to Kalinga Hostel -2M · C o n c r e t e P a v i n g o f Sampaguita Road Rizal -1M · Tiwod Spring Development -400K · DOST Building – 4.5M · 5 Multi Purpose Pavements

Kalinga Access

at Rizal at Tabuk · 5 Drainage Canals and 5 CIS · Implemented the repair of the District Hospitals · I m p l e m e n t e d the Construction of Fence and Drainage Canals of schools at Lubuagan and Tinglayan Another priority project is the construction of the Kalinga Astrodome Phase V with a budget of 7 Millions Pesos. Phase VI is now on-going. A number of impact projects are now being evaluated for funding under the Calamity Fund with a total amount of 10M. Education, Employment and Social Services In the area of social welfare services, several programs have consistently been implemented that address emergency situations, women and child welfare, elderly and persons with disability welfare, among others, through the Provincial Social Welfare Office. On job generation and employment promotion, educational assistance have been provided to indigents and poor but deserving students through a scholarship program: · 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 – Te c h n i c a l Vocational Courses for our Out of School Youth and young people of the Province who would like to enhance their skills for their plans of working abroad · 500,000 – Academe- for 4th year students. Graduating this March to May 2010 · 500,000 – OFW Assistance Program. We have the PEOPMPC as our conduit in the implementation. · 85 PLSB for the 1st Batch · 65 Casuals distributed to the different Offices Issued EO no. 9-2010 Organizing the Task Force Pumiyaan, whose main objective is to adopt the CIDSS approach by refocusing its minimal resources to impact projects that will improve the lives of the ikalingas. As to disaster preparedness, the Governor, as Chairman of the PDCC, had initiated Orientation Seminar on Disaster Risk Management for Local   Government Units, including

contingency planning on landslides. This was coupled with information dissemination through the mass media. This is in partnership with the Office on Civil Defense and other concerned agencies. To p r o m o t e o v e r s e a s employment, the Provincial Government in collaboration with the Department of Labor and Employment and the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency, facilitated the first Provincial Job Fair in the Capitol by inviting to the province Eleven (11) recruitment agencies accredited by POEA and the Philippine Army. More than 275 applicants for different jobs abroad have been evaluated. In order to prepare those who are interested for Overseas Employment, the Provincial Government, in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment, conducted a Seminar on 3 in 1 Overseas Employment Advocacy that particularly tackles matters on the anti illegal recruitment, anti trafficking and pre employment seminar. Agriculture and Economic Development In the livestock sector, the Provincial Government is presently concerned with increasing the population of carabaos and goats. Goat raising is one of the least developed segments of the livestock industry. Hence, the provincial government is pushing to increase goat population as a source of meat and milk.  For Veterinary Services, fullswing efforts are being extended to prevent the occurrence of animal diseases and promote public health and safety. A number of animals have been vaccinated, dewormed and supplemented. O n Tr a d e , To u r i s m a n d Environmental Protection To promote tourism in the province, the Provincial Government has assisted various local tours and conducted tourism-related information drive and forums through

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February 2011

February 2011

Kalinga business Group... from page 12

-solar power, electrical fixtures, lighting systems & materials Purok 2, Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga

Dissecting Gov. Baac’s... our Provincial Tourism Office. The Municipal Tourism Action Officers in the different municipalities had also been reactivated. An account of tourist arrivals within the 3rd quarter of 2010 showed a progressive trend on tourism statistics – which will serve as the basis for future tourism development endeavors. The mining industry is recognized as a major contributor tolocal and national economy. Right now, there are companies conducting explorations in the Province. While mining industry is generally a naturedestructive business if not done right, the Provincial Government sees to it that mining operations in the province will not destroy other equally important resources. Furthermore on environment, several tree planting activities have been conducted for the past months. The Environment Natural Resources Office is being encouraged for the development of our existing nurseries in the Province.

from previous page on the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Project assisted by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG). This project is in partnership with the seven municipalities of the province that covers 157 barangays. On human resource development, EO # 2010-16 has been issued, creating the Committee on Performance Management System Office Evaluation System. Also, the Provincial Government of Kalinga in partnership with the Civil Service Commission conducted a Competency Based Training for all Human Resource Practitioners in the whole Province. The Local Government Executive Forum has been held, attended by the Governor, the Vice Governor, the Mayors and all elected Officials.

Peace and Order, Administration and Governance

To provide equal privileges from possible assistance from PAG IBIG, an orientation had been conducted about the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9679, the Home Mutual Development Law of 2009, attended by all Casual, Job Order and Contractual employees.

The Executive and Legislative branches of the Provincial Government formulated the Executive and Legislative Agenda (ELA). It aims to portray the situations that people are currently in and depict the future conditions that the Provincial Government desires for constituents. This document embodies the programs and projects that are being prioritized. In the field of establishing information database, the Provincial Government has already embarked

A total of 155 trainings were conducted by the different national line agencies which benefited a number of personnel to make them more efficient in their respective tasks. In order to promote transparency in governance, the Provincial Government maintains a daily radio broadcast in the local radio stations. As to other accomplishments, the Governor has issued E.O #03 regarding the Organization of an Appraisal and Disposal Committee.


endorsement of the Bill. By this stand, PNoy as a leader demonstrated a move for national interest over that of a particular few, not even from a popular group that supported his political campaign, Penchog said. Because of this, he gained strong approval from the religious group of Kalinga, he said.       In his first 100 days address, PNoy reported the scrapping of rice and fertilizer subsidies to farmers, which he said was just part of the corrupt programs of the previous administration that fed its crook business partners. Joe Casibang, Rice Program Coordinator of Kalinga said the new policy of scrapping farm subsidies is replaced with the shifting to more sustainable farm interventions, like improving irrigation and infra-support facilities to farmers. Casibang, who just attended a planning workshop on the new policy reported it to be more beneficial to farmers in a long run, since continuous irrigation service would result to continuous farming period, bringing higher yield among farmers. With upgraded farm-market-roads, farmers would be able to market their produce to trading centers and earn more income from their farm products, Casibang stressed. On the 12-year basic education, Lily Ann Cosidon of the Kalinga State College batted that the move needs more consultation among student groups. While the 12-year policy may add capability for job opportunities to students who decide not to continue college, it at the same time adds more burden to students who opt to obtain higher education, Cosidon said. With the present cost of living today, families would just incur more expenses for their children’s education from the two  years added, Cosidon said. Meanwhile,  Mayor Johnwell Tiggangay  of Tanudan, Kalinga is inspired by  PNoy’s sincerity.  ”We have seen a lot of positive changes

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characteristics with that of his home country. He said his country is looking forward to future partnership with the province. “ We l o o k f o r w a r d t o t h e promotion of your products in Slovenia and seeing your place at the same time develop business collaborations in the future,” Consul Yulo said. During the occasion, Lubuagan dancers performed the banga dance number to the delight of the ambassadors. Representatives of the Iluminada Dinulong Panabe Foundation (IDPF) target clients appealed for support from the European embassies through their “Salidummay.” The launching of DenPhil Travel and Tours was sponsored by Thai Airlines, IDPF, Resort World; Paramount Life Insurance Corporation; and The Tides, Boracay. DenPhil Travel and Tours headed by its General Manager Excel Sicdawag does services on visa assistance; international and domestic ticketing, tour packages; hotel and resort reservations; rent a car (van); and immigration assistance.

cannot afford a full meal also helped in the decision to award the KalingaApayao State College students with the scholarship grant amounting to Five Thousand Pesos (Php 5,000) per student. It may seem selfish that only KASC was chosen to benefit from the scholarship program but it was also taken into consideration that the poor students of Kalinga are in KASC because of the relatively low cost of education as opposed to the other colleges operating in Kalinga, all of which are private institutions. The terms and conditions of the scholarship grant are simple: only that the grantees perform well in their academic subjects and that they participate in learning opportunities to enhance their skills and talents and in programs and activities of the STS Tabuk Batch 1985 that promote the welfare of Kalinga. The IDPF and STS Tabuk Batch 1985 also aim to rediscover richness of the Kalinga heritage that has been literally taken for granted and even

Richard Dio Falgui, Jessie Grace Martin, Joy Grace Doctor - three of the wellmeaning officers from STS Batch of 1985 who had strengthened their connection with Iluminada Dinulong Panabe, in order to help the community. /photo by Mars (M-16)

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within the first 100 days of President Aquino. He introduced fiscal discipline by shifting public spending to priority needs and to also reduce budget deficit; put into action transparency and accountability in government transactions; and abolished excessive pay perks in GOCCs and GFIs, including the revocation of questionable contracts,” Tiggangay said. The sound policies and working principles the President  should be emulated by all local chief executives. The President’s sincerity should serve as an inspiration to LGUs, hoping that national problems can be solved if we all support the President, Tiggangay added. /PIA-Kalinga

Kalinga Access

hidden for a long time. Consequently, the STS Tabuk Batch 1985 and IDP Foundation together with the Institute of Arts and Sciences of KASC is sponsoring the first Kalinga Talent Challenge scheduled on December 29, 2010. This activity will showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Kalingas through its cultural dances. The activity will be participated in by the different municipalities of Kalinga with reasonable prizes for the winning teams and consolation prizes for all the participants. With more activities lined up for the coming year the IDP Foundation and STS Tabuk Batch 1985 together with the Institute of Arts and Sciences of the Kalinga-Apayao State college aspire to pave the way and be instruments in the realization of aspirations for an improved and decent life of Kalingas in a sound environment, empowering the people to meet local and global development challenges.

IDPF teams up..

IDPF employs 7..

developmental extension projects in selected areas in the community, I opened the doors of Institute of Arts and Sciences as one implementing arm of both the IDP Foundation and Batch ’85,” Dr. Joy Grace P. Doctor, Dean of the Institute of Arts and Sciences, said. Three movers coming from different groups, but bonded by the common desire to give back to the community in which they were raised. This convergence of efforts will truly be an added advantage for the people whose lives will be transformed by the group’s efforts. /by Mars

(For formal education) Angeline Agustin, Francisca Lamong, Barlin Songday, Roxanne Lubbangon; (for Alternative Learning System) Vilma Bautista, Ely Dulyongan, Rufina Waguiyon.

from page 17

from page 17

“These teachers are so grateful to the IDP Foundation for the opportunity to put into practice what they have also been trained to do,” Mrs Rosa Balocnit, IDP Education Coordinator, expressed. “They are also classified as mobile teachers since they can be on-call to attend to the learning needs of needy scho ols. /by Mars


February 2011

February 2011



Your Guide to Categorized Businesses in Kalinga

Your Guide to Categorized Businesses in Kalinga

GENERAL MERCHANDIZE Ainey’s Store & General Merchandise Bulanao, Tabuk Manager: Salonga, Jerryline C. AKDAPP’S Marketing Appas, Tabuk Manager: Magno, Thelma M. Anggaco General Merchandise Bulanao Manager: Anggaco, Gladys W. Arbenz Enterprises Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Villa, Joan D.

El Toro Marketing Magsaysay Manager: Co, Maxelfredo B. Era23 General Merchandise Purok 7, Bulanao Manager: Garming, Radjad R. Ewallay’s General Merchandising Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Araneta, Adelaido B. Four Sisters Dry Goods Moldero St.,Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Dalunag, Fidela J.

Bryan Dry Goods Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Bancud, Paula E.

Gennoma Enterprise 28 Prov’l Rd. Dagupan Weste Manager: Omengan, Esther Adeline B.

Bulanao General Merchandise Purok Dato, Bulanao Manager: Socalo, Dominga S.

Golden Stallone Trading Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Templo, Jovellano Jr. L.

Cayaba’s General Merchandise Quezon Street, Poblacion Manager: Cayaba, Castor G.

Helen Binguet’s Dry Goods Poblacion West Manager: Binguet, Helen A. IDCC Grocery Babalag West, Rizal

GENERAL MERCHANDIZE Manager: Salvador, Venus B. Indayao-Gammod’s General Merchandise Public Market Bulanao Manager: Boclongan, Magdalena S. Jamael’s Dry Goods Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Cabugatan, Jamael M. Janet Flores Dry Goods Purok Liw-Liwa, Laya East Manager: Flores, Janet C. JBM Dry Goods Pub. Mkt., Poblacion Manager: Mogao, Juliet B. Jhon-Dale’s Dry Goods Mayangao St., Poblacion Manager: Batingwed, Jocelyn M. Latawan Dry Goods Dagupan Centro Dagupan Centro Manager: Latawan, Brendo B.

Tabuk... from page 10

His formula is winning him approval from different sectors. We hope to see him sustain it.


LNT General Merchandise De Jesus St., Bulanao Mgr: Gapasin, Leonardo B. Sr. Lucky REB 88 Giftshop And General Merchandise 62 Mayangao St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Jinky J. Lim Mark Anthony’s Dry Goods Public Market, Poblacion centro Manager: Morales, Mark Anthony P. MSP Dry Goods Appas, Tabuk Manager: Palattao, Mildred S. Mug’s Enterprises Purok Dato, Bulanao Manager: Liis, Sheena B. Norhana Dry Goods Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Cabugatan, Norhana OCM General Merchandising De Jesus St. Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Mendoza, Ofelia C.

whether we have a big amount or a small amount to work on. It is in maximizing the use of the amount that matters most.” Mayor Ferdinand Tubban has a long way to go, but he moves like each day might be the last – thus he is unrelenting in prodding key people and offices and other agencies so that his constituents get the best possible level of services from them. Add to this that he has opened doors to well-meaning civic-spirited organizations and foundations so that they can also spread their advocacy and services to the people of Tabuk.

Latawan Dry Goods - Branch Public Market Dagupan Centro Manager: Latawan, Brendo B.

Revival Enterprise 22 Provincial Road, Poblacion West Manager: Macusi, Julius Ceasar Rocky Fender Dry Goods Purok 4 Masablang Manager: Dilag, Rocky Fender S. Salidummay General Merchandise Poblacion Manager: Buliyat, Virginia W. Tova General Merchandise #44 Mayangao St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Cayanos, Lanalyn B. Ve r o n Dalsen General Merchandise Public Market, Bulanao M a n a g e r : Ve r o n i c a D. Tommonggao Walid Dry Goods Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Barambangan, Walid D. Yvonne’s Dry Goods Poblacion Centro Manager: Oticao, Melody B.

Owenfrank’s General Merchandise Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Gamatero, Leila C.

STORES/GROCERIES 4 Kids’ Store Ammacian, Pinukpuk Manager: Bayog, Lana D. Alessandra Sari-Sari Store Bulanao Manager: Barnachea, Kate D. Alexie Mhaer Store Public Market, Bulanao Manager: Palapoz, Charis O. Angid Store Agbannawag Manager: Angid, Cristina B. Balingao Store Lacnog Manager: Balingao, Ricardo L. Banatao Sari-Sari Store 24 Gen. Luna St., Dagupan Weste Manager: Banatao, Orlando B. Bayle’s Supermart Bulanao & Dagupan Branches Manager: Thelma Bayle Ng Bumilac’s Store Purok 2, Agbannawag Manager: Bumilac, Carla B. Chikay B Kannao Store Bulanao Manager: Guyang, Emilio B. Colilen’s Store Stall #3 public market, Dagupan Centro Manager: Cocolin, Jenalyn A. Crisabel Store Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Masquit, Nelda L.

Tabuk Mayor Ferdinand Tubban shares his thoughts to market vendors about the importance of registering their businesses and paying taxes. He was accompanied by Market Administrator Margie S. Yebra (directly facing him) in doing the rounds. /photo by Elizabeth Busacay

Kalinga Access

We handle booking and ticketing services. Purok 2, Bulanao Norte, Tabuk, Kalinga Kalinga Access

DAA Store Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Almora, Flerida A. Dada’s Convenience Store


February 2011

February 2011 La Elegancia Boutique Quezon St., Pob. West Manager: Marivic Gonzales

STORES/GROCERIES Bulanao Manager: Padilla, Rosa A. Dulnuan Store Public Market, Poblacion Centro Manager: Dulnuan, Jovita D. Dagupan Store Poblacion Centro Manager: Mamauag, Heide B. Dioko Store Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Dioko, Julie Ann M.

M. Kriza-Joy Sari-Sari Store Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Valdez, Alberto E. Liwan West Store Liwan West, Rizal Manager: Depalog, Cynthia T. Lonogan Store Public Market, Bulanao Manager: Lonogan, Brenda B.

Dona Kris Store Bulanao Manager: Mamicao, Florence C.

MC’s Store Bulanao Manager: Tongnawa, Lorenza

EMCA Grocery Bulanao Manager: Addawi, Emily C.

Nansev’s Store Poblacion Centro Manager: Antonio, Nancy B.

Enciso’s Store Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Enciso, Mildred C.

Nuroden Store Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Ampaso, Asnairah S.

Gabbie’s Store Nat’l. Road, Agbannawag Manager: Bucad, Anabelle B.

Obiar Store Nambaran Manager: Obiar, Rosemarie S.

Gayya’s Store Poblacion Centro Manager: Lumines, Elena W.

Paboritok Store Bulanao Manager: Mamanteo, Esther B.

Genuine’s Store Employees’ village, Bulanao Manager: Guillermo, Corazon

Pascua’s Store Nambaran Manager: Pascua, Marcela G.

Hanan Store Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Khalimuddin, Zamir

Paway Sari-Sari Store Daguitan st., Dagupan Centro Manager: Paway, Naty P.

Jon’s Store Nambaran Manager: Bonagan, Jenalyn A.

R.I. Capinpin’s Store Purok Maligaya, Dilag Manager: Capinpin, Ricardo I.

Jose’s Store Roxas Street, Poblacion Manager: Jose, Ethyl Mae G.

RVX Grocery Store Bonifacio St., Poblacion West Manager: Flores, Julius Rey G.

Kim’s Store Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Basman, Rahemah S.

SRB Sari-Sari Store Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Domingo, Virginia M.

Kim Avril’s Store Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Garcia, Sandra Noreen

Sunhill Store Silao St.Purok 2, Bulanao, Norte Manager: Rubio, Grail Estrelia


Tasing’s Store Nambaran Manager: Gano, Tasing B. Ticnag’s Store Nambaran Manager: Ticnag, Marietta B. Usman Sari-Sari Store Public Market, Poblacion Camar, Usman C.

FASHION A.I.P Tailoring & Dressmaking Shop Nat’l Rd., Bado Dangwa Manager: Awis, Ignacio W. Amelyn Dayawon Footwear Purok 3, Bulanao Manager: Dayawon, Amelyn S. Anniyyan CP and Fashion Accessories Bulanao Manager: Bakilan, Dexter Loyd B’ Designer Tailoring Poblacion Centro Manager: Damasco, Bernard B. Caleb’s House of Fashion Poblacion Centro Manager: Letty June Bides Elegonza Boutique Quezon St., Pob. West Manager: Lou Gonzales Friendly RTW Boutique Patria Bldg., Poblacion Centro Manager: Bonggawon, Cirila C. Gay Marie Fashion Boutique Bulanao Manager: Kubaron, Gay Marie B. Juruena’s Clothings Public Market, Pob. Centro Manager: Lita Juruena

Kalinga Access

Lilian’s Affordable Gown Rentals & Boutique Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Roxas, Lilia L.R. Aquino Fashion Boutique Poblacion Centro Manager: Aquino, Ligaya R. Marnelli’s Fashion Hauz Tabuk Gymnasium, Dagupan Manager: Guyang, Marnelli E. MB’s RTW Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Bacoco, Miriam M. Micaelah Bazaar Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Callangan, Maridel T. Norie’s Bridal Poblacion West Manager: Daisy Apil Picadelly’s Boutique Bulanao Deryl Estranero R-A Twinvin Creations & Variety Shop Poblacion Centro Manager: Odiem, Arlene Ethel B. R and J Fashion and Beauty Empire Poblacion Centro Manager: Joon Ascano

LIVESTOCK, POULTRY, AGRICULRURAL SUPPLIES Bag’s Chicken Dealer 111 Wandag St., Casigayan Manager: Bagne, Leo B. Casigayan Farm Supply 75 Mayangao St., Poblacion Manager: Cawilan, Betty G. Carla Catherine Livestock Nambaran Manager: Bayongan, Hildegarde ELS Agri Products Poblacion West Manager: Carillo, Elsie M. Igorot’s Farm Supply Daguitan st., Dagupan Centro Manager: Copasan, Esperanza Jiana Denise Poultry 28 Balinag St., Bulanao Manager: Giron, Jacklyn F. Kintoman Farm Supply Branch I Appas Manager: Olat, Paz G. Kintoman Farm Supply Branch II Dagupan Centro Manager: Olat, Paz G. LMN Vegetable Dealer Public Market, Dagupan Centro Manager: Nadnaden, Laureano

Rose Ethnic Kalinga Garment Bulanao Manager: Wacas, Rosalina M.

OMJ Farms Prov’l Rd., Appas Manager: Omengan, Miguel Jr.

Sariel’s Footwear Public Market, Poblacion Centro Manager: Holgado, Sarah E.

OVB Livestock Trading Laya East Manager: Viloria, Edmund B.

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Rosa’s Agricultural Supply Lacnog Manager: Balais, Rosa O. Seasonal Harvest Enterprises #2 Open Stall, Dagupan Centro Manager: Oliver, Erlinda B. Telan Livestock Retailer

Kalinga Access

Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Telan, Adolfo C. Tienda ti Mannalon Poblacion Centro Manager: Doctor, Veneranda D. V.J. Banasan Farm Supply Mayanggao Street, Poblacion Manager: Banasan, Vladimir

PROCESSED FOOD Albert’s Processed native Food Products Bagumbayan, Naneng Manager: Albert, Reynalyn D. Elda’s Homemade Products Casigayan Manager: Baliang, Herminigilda Keisha Food Processing Casigayan Manager: Galino, Jennilyn S. Norma’s Food Products Pinagan, Lucog Manager: Gonzales, Norma L. Our Tribe Food Products San Juan, Tabuk Manager: Grace Agtina Damian

RESTAURANTS, SNACK HOUSES Allyn’s Panciteria # 80 Padre Burgos St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Ignacio, Genalyn D. Bayle Baker CT Square, Quezon St. Pob. Centro, Tabuk Boy-B Provincial Road, Purok 4 Bulanao, Tabuk Cayumba’s Eatery Public market, Dagupan Centro Manager: Cayumba, Aurelia D. Chewan’s Quezon St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Lagmay Doclan


February 2011

February 2011 Chefan’s Abadilla Bldg. Pob. Centro, Tabuk E.R. Refleshment Poblacion, Salegseg, Balbalan Manager: Casay, Arnel A. FKS Café & Snackhauz Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Abegania, Vanessa M.

Bulanao Manager: Albert, Blesila D.

Kakai’s Bakery Quezon St. Poblacion West

Bulanao Manager: Batang, Edwin A.

Tonnix Restaurant Balinag St. Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Gunnawa, Leamor S.

San-D-Uy Bakery 14 Mayangao St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Duclan, Philip B.

I.N.T. Meatshop Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Julian, Marnelli A.

RG Snacks Corner Mencio St., Bulanao Norte Manager: Villaro, Grace R.

I.M. Eatery Bulanao Manager: Omecas, Martin O.

RJ’s Goto West Sizzling House Poblacion West Manager: Quinsaat, Reena Niña D.

Jehly’s Food Haus Bulanao Norte Manager: Bucahan, Norinell C.

RL Apil’s Store & Refreshment Quezon St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Apil, Linda W.

Judyluck Snack Corner Public Market, Pob. Centro Manager: Judy Juruena

Rlyrna Eatery & Refreshment Babalag East, Rizal Manager: Doctor, Adelina D.

JVR Snacks House #14 Baac St., Bulanao Manager: Vinluan, Carla H.

Salidummay Canteen & Restaurant Poblacion Manager: Buliyat, Virginia W.

Kacey Refreshment Purok 6, Prov’l. Rd., Bulanao Manager: Danguiwan, Mildred G. Kitchenette Bulanao & Dagupan Branches Tabuk Kusina Ni Quenie #49 Iñequez St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Sannadan, Nina Teresita T. Leigh’s Grille Davidson Hotel & Restaurant Bulanao, Tabuk Manager: Christina Leigh Ng Maya’s Food Hauz Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Petang, Izabel G. Napiyah! Pansiteria Provincial Road, Dagupan West Manager: Ching To, July Paper A. Odani’s Refreshment Center Poblacion West Manager: Duclan, Elsie A. Quame Refreshment


Shiela’s Snack Corner Mayangao St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Mendoza, Shiela A. Yumi’s Snackhauz Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Aban, Venus A.

BAKE SHOPS Bayle Baker CT Square, Quezon St. Pob. Centro, Tabuk Cinderella’s Bread Hauz Public Market, Babalag East Manager: Cornesta, Florida B. Gawili’s Bakery Mabini St., Dagupan Weste Manager: Tengay, Ruben B. Gramp’s Bakery Magsaysay, Tabuk Judyluck Bakeshop Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Andrade, Divina J.

Yummy’s Bakery Pecua Bldg., Poblacion West

CATERING SERVICES Caleb’s Catering Casigayan, Tabuk Manager: Letty June Bides Janggo’s Catering 28-A Malaggay St., Casigayan Manager: Wayet, Edna F. Juliet’s Catering Services Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Asuncion, Juliet M. Jyla’s Catering Services Kullayanan, Junction, Pinukpuk Manager: Ferrer, Jonald D. Sr. Kabunyan Food Products & Services Upper Uma Manager: Liis, Dawn B. Kitchenette Catering People’s Gym, Pob. Centro Manager: Allyn Iringan Princess Angelas Catering Services Poblacion West Manager: Villanueva, Artemio Jr.


Ayan Meat Shop #70 De Jesus St., Bulanao Manager: Bayongan, Arnold O. EMCA Canteen & Meat Shop Bulanao Manager: Addawi, Emily C. Edwin Joy’s Meat Shop

Kalinga Access

JM Pascua Meat Shop Poblacion Centro Manager: Pascua, Josephine M. Khyle Bryan Meat Shop Bulanao Manager: Galano, Ronald A.

PHARMACIES Bulanao Pharmacy Purok 5 , Bulanao Manager: Bulwayan, Rose Eileen Botica Kalinga Centro Mayanggao Street, Poblacion Manager: Angnganay, April Shamia T.

Ubalde’s Meat Shop Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Ubalde, Jeriel G.

DSBravo Pharmaceutical & Medical Supplies Block 3, Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Bravo, Daniel S.

Vallejo’s Meatshop Public Market, Bulanao Manager: Vallejo, Eugene P.

E & E Pharmacy Junction, Pinukpuk Manager: Joven, Eric D.

WATER STATIONS Aqua Care Water Treatment Specialist Dagupan Gym, Poblacion Manager: Calpito, Deogracias B. Bulanao Ionized Alkaline Nature’s Water Bulanao Manager: Taclobao, Marciana G. Forest Stream Purified Drinking Water Purok 4, Provincial Road, Bulanao Manager: Duguiang, Jeffrey A. Nature’s Best Purified Water Station Prov’l Rd., Magsaysay Manager: Hechanova, Ric Uy A.

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Kalinga Access

Farmacia Callangan Patria Bldg. Daguitan St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Pangda, Christine Joyce C. Farmacia Doctor Daguitan St., Poblacion Manager: Doctor, Marjorie T. Farmacia for All Doctor’s Bldg., Poblacion Centro Manager: Barbette Tubban Farmacia Juruena Public Market, Poblacion Centro Manager: Liezl Juruena J5 Pharma and Medical Supplies Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Jayme, Jamaila B. Life Saver Quezon St and Public Market Branches Poblacion Centro Mercury Drug Lua Bldg., Poblacion West Tabuk RAC Pharmaceutical Appas, Tabuk Manager: Santiago, Kathrynn Abigail O. Safe Value

Maslan Bldg (Dagupan Branch) Prov’l Road (Bulanao Branch) Savermed Pharmacy Bulanao Norte Manager: Dawey, Shannon Jane Tabuk Get Well Drug-Provincial Hospital Branch, Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Almora, Jaime A. The Generics Pharmacy Poblacion West Manager: Santiago, Ronan C.

HEALTH CONCERNS AVB Dental Works Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Balintag, Fernando A. B.A. Lim Optometric Clinic 61 Mayangao St., Poblacion Manager: Lim, Bernard A. Bulanao Community Clinic & Clinical Laboratory Provincial Road, Bulanao Norte Manager: Rojo, Cynthia D. Damian Dental Clinic Provincail Rd.Purok 1, Bulanao Manager: Damian, Janet D. Dong-as Medical Clinic Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Dong-as, Rita M. Exodus Therapeutic Massage Parlor Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Cusay, Arlyn Jane R. Health and Senses Massage and Beauty Spa Poblacion West, Tabuk Manager: BJ Luzano JVA Diagnostic Center Bulanao Manager: Akia, John V. Langcauon Dental Clinic Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Langcauon, Jocel B.


February 2011

February 2011 Lexbri Dance Fitness Studio Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Gunnawa, Leamor S. RB Healthcare Clinic Provincial Road, Bulanao Manager: Bravo, Maria Rhoda S. Tabuk Physical Rehabilitation And Wellness Center Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Capinpin, Joeffrey

BEAUTY SALONS Ador’s Beauty Center Public Market, Bulanao Manager: Ador Bangsoy Bong Pascua’s Beauty Salon Quezon St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Marcelo Pascua Cut & Shape Beauty Salon Bulanao Manager: Lumauig, Gene Carlo D. Image Magic Public Market, Poblacion Centro Manager: Larry Miranda Jerry’s Beauty Salon Pecua Bldg., Poblacion West Manager: Jerry Ladrido Kina Mia’s Salon Bulanao Manager: Magtanao, Maria Cristina R. Magic Touch Beauty Parlor Public Market, Poblacion Centro Manager: Ernesto Miguel Marlon’s Beauty Salon R&J Beauty and Fashion Empire Unit Quezon St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Marlon Carbonel Picadelly Salon Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Peralta, Samuel G. Pines’ Beauty Parlor Diocesan Bldg., Bulanao Manager: Dong Bustamante


Sahlee Mar’s Beauty Salon Piblic Market, Poblacion Centro Manager: Sally Cayanos

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ARVM’s Computer Shop Poblacion West, Tabuk Manager: Melanie Balbino Bear Hugs Xerox Copier & Gen. Mdse. Provincial Road, Bulanao Manager: Misola, Susana Tee Call Divert Internet Café & Cellphone Services Dagupan West Manager: Estino, Donna Lynn D. Extreme Tech Internet Café Poblacion Centro Manager: Sigat, Camilo C. Glee Internet Shop Doclan Bldg,.Quezon Dagupan West Manager: Haw, Gloria T.


Jalil’s Cellphone Accessories Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Sairola, Gemmalyn D. Jefalex Cellphone Accessories Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Mangotara, Acmad M. Jun’s Computer Shop 26 Quezon St., Poblacion West Manager: Sarmiento, Ismael B. KLS Celfix & Mobile Center Public Market, Dagupan Centro Manager: Sambat, Katherine L. Nathaniel Internet Café #20 P. Burgos St., Dagupan centro Manager: Dilag, Ruben Jr. V.



RGB Internet Café Roxas St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Batolos, Rachel G.

Greenview Iron Works Prov’l Rd., Magsaysay Manager: Wayet, Leo B.

Tech Links Computer Sales & Services Purok 3, Bulanao Manager: Pucking, Annielyn P.

King’s Glas Works Poblacion Centro, Tabuk

Tonnix Internet Café & General Merchandise Balinag St. Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Gunnawa, Leamor S. Troy’s Computer Center & Gen. Mdse. Roxas St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Arobel, Michelle S. VIL Cybernetworx Provincial Road, Poblacion Weste Manager: Matute, Clayton P.

I-Net Café’ Kalinga & Gen. Mdse. Purok 1, Bulanao Manager: Lugo, Mary Irene S.

Quataku Online Café Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Domatog, Christian C .

Reader’s Computer and General Merchandise Quezon St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Wangdali, Christine B.

Z Planet Olat Bldg., Poblacion West Manager: Larry Miranda

HARDWARE Bongdoen’s Hardware Quezon St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Joel Teckney Cabaruan Glassware De Jesus St., Bulanao Manager: Latawan, Josephine D. Cordillera Hardware Daguitan St., Poblacion Manager: Balbino, Shirley Baby Don Jackson Hardware & Paint Center Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Tan, Brenda Venus W. King’s Hardware Quezon St., Poblacion Centro Liwan West Hardware Liwan West Manager: Depalog, Cynthia T.

Kalinga Access

Lindgreen Glass Works Poblacion Centro, Tabuk Torogi Auto Glass & Aluminum Works Prov’l Rd., Dagupan Weste Manager: Benzon, Jaime C.


Bulanao Manager: Caronan, Carol B. RACD Furniture & Wood Moldings Laya East Manager: Dalere, Roland S. Rosalina’s Furniture Shop Zone IV, Agbannawag Manager: Fontanilla, Rosalina B. Western Woodcraft Provincial Road, Bado Dangwa Manager: Asuncion, Alexander L.


4D’s Construction Supply & Gen. Mdse. Laya East Manager: Lugtu, David D. Jr.

Abquilen Furniture Shop Rosal Street, Cawagayan Manager: Abquilen, Makini B.

Casigayan Construction 123 Malaggay Street, Casigayan Manager: Singson, Richard B.

ACT Furniture Shop Gawidan, Bagumbayan Manager: Tayocnog, Araceli C.

Equip Construction Provincial Road, Appas Manager: Gamon, Shirley O.

Akdapp’s Home Furnitures Appas Manager: Magno, Thelma M.

Jester Construction Provincial Road, Bado Dangwa Manager: Esteban, Jefferson B.

Bonen Furniture Shop Poblacion, Taga, Pinukpuk Manager: Hortelano, Clemente L.

JJS Construction & Supply Bulanao Manager: Celestino, Samuel E.

Crafytti Souvenir Items Bulanao Manager: Colangan, Erna Grace

J.R. Jambaro Construction Babalag East Manager: Jambaro, Jose Rey O.

Falgui’s Tabuk Furniture & General Mdse. Poblacion Centro Manager: Falgui, Amor P.

Kalinga Chico River Concrete Products Calaocan, Rizal Manager: Bangao, Ana Ylnora O.

Heritage Furniture & Woodcraft Viloria St. Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Padawag, Mabel D.

RRR Construction Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Espita, Rodolfo N.

Juryllvey’s Furniture & Woodworks Taniok, New Tanglag Manager: Vilasco, Guadalupe B. Kurt’s Handicraft

Upland Construction & Engineering Services Bulanao Manager: Capuyan, Ceazar M.

Kalinga Access

Walu General Construction Prov’l Road, Magsaysay Manager: Luyaben, Warren E.

JUNK SHOPS Rolando’s Junkshop Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Galindo, Rolando F. Sr. Sphinx Junkshop Casigayan Manager: Lazaro, Manuel V.

AUTO SUPPLY & SERVICES Bulanao Auto Care Bulanao Manager: Tio, Nora M. Danica’s Auto & Motorcycle Parts Agbannawag, Tabuk Manager: Palchan, Josephine S. Highland Auto, Motorcycle, Electrical Supply & Gen.Mdse. Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Garringo, Ric D. NSB Car Dealer & Auto Supply Purok Dato, Bulanao Manager: Buenavente, Shirley J. Reynaldo’s Auto Supply Bulanao Manager: De Duzman, Reynaldo Tyron Jethro’s Motor Parts & Repair Shop Bulanao Manager: Imperial, Melania G.

ARTS & SIGNS Rustom Art & Signs Poblacion West Manager: Benitez, Rustom B. NS Arts and Signs Bulanao Wilmer’s Arts and Signs Poblacion Centro Manager: Wilmer Paroy


February 2011

February 2011 VULCANIZING E & J Vulcanizing Shop Bulanao Manager: Valdez, Erlando V. Uncle Nard’s Vulcanizing & Battery Charging Shop Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: De Jesus, Glenda P.

FARM MACHINERIES Tabuk Farm Machineries Poblacion Centro Manager: Lacwasan, Maximo P. San-D-Uy Agri-Parts & farm Machineries 14 Mayangao St., Pob. Centro Manager: Duclan, Philip B.

GRAINS BUYING & PROCESSING Antalan Batolos Palay Buying Station Poblacion West Manager: Antalan, Brent F. Dengon’s Coffee Marketing Balawag Manager: Allag, Lourdes P. Gemini 2 Ricemill Block 3, Nasgueban, Appas Manager: Benavidez, Walter S. IRY Palay Trading Casigayan Manager: Resentes, Lornalyn L. ISP Tabuk Grains Ricemill 59 Provincial Road, Dagupan Centro Manager: Paynor, Ignacio s. JGL Grains Trading Magsaysay Manager: Langcao, Jomar G. L.C. Palay Buying Balacang St., Casigayan Manager: Camaddo, Rubylyn L.


Marcy Bangelan Grains Retailer Public Market, Dagupan Centro Manager: Bangelan, Marcelina C. Marinero Rice Mill Bulanao Norte Manager: Agamanos, Mary Margaret E.

Grand Zion National Highway, Purok 6 Bulanao, Tabuk


Las Vegas Hotel Poblacion West, Tabuk Manager: Bud Alingcao

Awisan Videoke Bar Poblacion Centro Manager: Acosta, Florence P.

Maxel Rice Mill Prov. Road, Magsaysay Manager: Co, Maxelfredo B.

Maseypahn Lodge Quezon St., Poblacion Centro Manager: Ethyl Nadnaden Aligo

Bonnong Café & Videoke 16 Mayangao St., Poblacion Manager: Nadnaden, Juliana C.

Princess Palay Buying Purok 4, Agbannawag Manager: Mejia, Carmelita T.

San-D-Uy Lodging 14 Mayangao St., Dagupan Centro Manager: Duclan, Philip B.

Chico Videoke Bar San Francisco, Dagupan Weste Manager: Mang-eg, Jener T.

S.M.T. Rice Mill Magsaysay Manager: Tamayao, Sofronio M. W.S. Pedro Rice & Feed Milling Services Dagupan Weste Manager: Pedro, Wilfred S.

STALL & UNIT RENTALS/ LEASE Esteban Apartment Commercial Building Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Esteban, Emiliana B. Faril Commercial Stalls Prov’l Rd.Purok 3, Bulanao Norte Manager: Gatbonton, Ascencion

HOTELS & LODGING Alexandria Hotel Provincial Road Magsaysay, Tabuk CT Inn CT SquareCentro, Quezon St. Poblacion Centro, Tabuk Manager: Christine Wangdali Davidson Hotel Provincial Road, Bulanao Tabuk Golden Berries Hotel Provincial Road, San Juan Tabuk

TAMPCO Inn Provincial Road, Magsaysay, Tabuk

CONVENTION CENTERS Davidson Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga Golden Berries San Juan, Tabuk, Kalinga Gand Zion National Highway, Purok 6 Bulanao, Tabuk TAMPCO Inn and Training Center Appas, Tabuk, Kalinga Laoagan’s Resort Bualano, Tabuk, Kalinga

BOARDING HOUSE LMG Marymount Dwelling Place 16 Roxas Street, Poblacion Manager: Galicia, Leticia M.

A business that’s never heard is our business... Adverise with us! KALINGA ACCESS

Kalinga Access

Chosen Videoke Bar & Refreshment Ubbog, Magsaysay Manager: Dalayday, Maximo P. Country Side Videoke Bar Purok 7, Tulliao, Calanan Manager: Moldero, Marilou S. Dan-Den’s Videoke Bar San Francisco, Magsaysay Manager: Pigao, Vicky B. D’ Aquarian Videoke Bar #258 Quezon St., Casigayan Manager: Pagtan, Antonio W. D’ Scorpion V-Bar Burgos St., Poblacion centro Manager: Paleyan, Joey B. Faine’s Videoke Bar Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Gayaman, Baby Falyn T. Greenfields Bar & Eatery San Juan Manager: Agyao, Marjorie W. Itot’s Place Poblacion Centro Manager: Bawagan, Chester G. Las Vegas Music Lounge Poblacion West, Tabuk Manager: Bud Alingcao Panyero’s Bar & Grill Bulanao Manager: Gayagay, Godfrey Carl B.

Kalinga Access

SPECIALIZED SERVICES Aeron Gilingan Poblacion Centro Manager: Lapuz, Charity B.

Mugs, shirts, and other souvernir items - we print them all here at MJM Printing Press Purok 1, Bulanao

F.M. Bartolome Consultancy Services Bulanao Manager: Bartolome, Florence M.

Rendezvous Bar Quezon St., Dagupan Weste Dagupan Weste Manager: Paroy, Marciano A.

Genesis Land Surveys & Real Estate Office Bulanao Manager: Massagan, Eugene A.

Simple Living Bar Purok 6, Bulanao Manager: Bong Kidang

Japs Car Aircon Specialist & Refrigeration Services 0069 National RD., Appas Manager: Pasing, Daniel B.

SPECIALTY STORES AMJ Small Scale Mining & Gold Buying Level 7, Balatoc, Pasil Manager: Malannag, Alfredo Jr. Kalinga’s Sabon Atbp. Mayangao St., Poblacion Manager: Lacamen, Xmy B. Kibayen Chicken Center Purok 5, Bulanao Manager: Kibayen, Elvira M. North Hunter Guns, Ammos & Military Supplies Lua Bldg., Magsaysay Manager: Atioan, Gabriel Jose Racquel’s Plasticware Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Delacruz, Rafael S. Sabunan Sa Bayan 219-B Malaggay St., Casigayan Manager: Velasco, Bienel A. Tabuk Wine Poblacion West Manager: Binguet, Helen A. Valley Wine Shop Purok 3, Bulanao Manager: Fernando, Brendalyn

Jennica’s Garden Bulanao Manager: Manadao, Carolina L. Laucky Pair Laundry Shop Bulanao Manager: Barrientos, Verna Rose B. Laucky Pair Laundry Shop Branch Poblacion Centro Manager: Barrientos, Verna Rose B. NEBO Marketing & Distribution Purok 4, Bulanao Manager:Ng, Beulah Fae G. PBD Rapid Plus Repacking #14 Mayangao St. , Dagupan Centro Manager: Doclan, Peter B. Tanding Accounting Firm Purok Dato, Bulanao Norte Manager: Tanding, Arnold A.

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February 2011

February 2011

We don’t just print.


we personally listen to your preferences.

City Vans Center & Services Purok 4, Bulanao Manager: Bayangan, Sany Grace KALTRANSDECO Vans Poblacion Centro, Tabuk Regatcho Trasnport Services Poblacion West Manager: Regatcho, Mario Julaton RCB Express Apatan, Pinukpuk Manager: Bowat, Vicente D. S.L.N. Express Provincial Road, Appas Manager: Napadao, Shever Sr. L. Wheel of Fortune Express Junction, Pinukpuk Manager: Dugas, Maximino C. WP Liner Bugnay, Tinglayan Manager: Weygan, Virginia A.

There are many individuals in Kalinga with an enterprising spirit. They are willing to take risks and venture into an industry which is relatively new to them. Some do not even have the technical skills to push through with the business. However, there are a number of available assistance extended by government agencies and non-government organizations. It is just a matter of knowing how to put their programs into good use. As a result, we now have a wide array of locally produced items that can compete with other brands – not only here in the Philippines, but globally as well. -M16

OFFICE SUPPLIES Capegan Office, School Supplies & General Merchandise Poblacion, Junction, Pinukpuk Manager: Singson, Jovelyn c. Moonlight Educational/Office Supplies&General Merchandise 35 Pinukpuk Junction Manager: Tamayo, Beatrice A.

PRINTING PRESS Guru Printing Press Provincial Road, Poblacion West Manager: Ghumie Pinkihan MJM Printing Press Purok 1, Bulanao Manager: Canao, Jonalyn B. RIM Printing Press Mayangao Bldg., Provincial Road




Mrt Gas And Appliances-Tabuk Branch Lammawin Bldg, Bulanao Manager: Tabalba, Eleanor J.

Cabaruan Ukay-Ukay & General Merchandise De Jesus Bldg., Bulanao Manager: Latawan, Josephine D.


Dummay’s Ukay-Ukay Pub. Mkt., Poblacion Manager: Quezon, Irene D.

Falgui’s Funeraria De Tabuk Falgui Bldg. Poblacion Centro Manager: Falgui, Amor P.

Geobeth Ukay-Ukay Mayangao St. Public Market Dagupan Centro Manager: Salvador, Elizabeth M.

Funeraria Carbonel San Juan, Tabuk

John Mark’s Ukay-Ukay Public Market, Poblacion Manager: Piclit, Nenita F.

TAMPCO Funeral Care Magsaysay, Tabuk Manager: Tabuk Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc.

Laod Surplus Center 38 Arellano St., Dagupan Weste Manager: Pedro, Mariebel B.

Kalinga Access

Listening is one trait that we value highly at MJM. For without exactly knowing what our clients want, then how can we proceed with competent outputs? We do believe in maintaining this manner of transaction, so the next time you have a printing job, visit us. Let’s sit. You talk. We listen. Then let us do the job. MJM Printing Press Purok 1, Bulanao Tabuk, Kalinga

Client Corazon Kub-ao Ryan checks the prototype of the wine label shown to her by MJM Sales & Marketing Manager, Engr. Noel Estilong.

When Schools Unite... from page 13 first president is Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang, President of the KalingaApayao State College. According to him, the association is an opportunity for the member-schools to pool and share resources, while establishing common grounds on which the member-schools can strengthen their bond as agencies of learning. “Athletic meets, cultural festivals and literary events are just some of the affairs that can become convergence point for the schools concerned,” Dr. Eduardo T. Bagtang stressed. “Naturally, in such occasions, we discover and expose our talented students in a forum which is much bigger than the usual in-school setting. While it is true that there is competition

Kalinga Access

among the students, the bigger goal of developing the best athletes and talents will take the forefront – regardless of what school the students come from.” This union will likewise explore other areas of common good – like collaboration for research, extension and other programs and projects that cannot be normally carried out by one school alone. “The tasks attached to our determination to establish this alliance are big,” Dr. Bagtang further elucidated. “But the association’s aspirations are attainable when everyone concerned does his or her part in seeing to it that we get results out of our plans.” This means he has to draw

unwavering support from fellow college presidents that comprise, along with him, the organizational makeup of KAHEI: Bishop Prudencio Andaya of SLCB, Dr. Presentacion Bartolo of STC, and Madam Estella Dulin of KCST. With such esteemed names working closely with Dr. Bagtang, there is no doubt that KAHEI will become a force that can press for attention from both local and national policy makers. These leaders from the four member-schools will then have to regularly come up with truly big endeavors that will test their mettle as a team – and whenever that happens, not only their schools will reap the benefits, but the larger community as well.


February 2011


Kalinga Access

The Maiden Issue of IDP's Kalinga Access  
The Maiden Issue of IDP's Kalinga Access  

The first-ever magazine about Kalinga, with contents written, edited, photographed and given appropriate layout right here in Kalinga. Publi...