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Sage 50 and availability of Cloud Version Sage 50c- Reliable Customer Support Sage accountancy software was replaced by Sage 50. This was earlier also referred as Peachtree. Now, there is availability of new offering in the market by the name Sage 50c. The “c� means cloud here and one can find the answer to this quite easy. The people who make use of the Sage 50c shall be in a position to deposit as well as share the accounting data through the cloud. You can call it a big transformation as far as this accountancy software is concerned because earlier Sage used to store data locally but now, it shall do it through the cloud. The previous history Sage 50 was desktop accountancy software solely designed for small businesses and the three versions associated with it were pro, premium and quantum. In the pro, you had only one user and dealt with the accounts payable, accounts receivable and also the cash management. In the premium, the user range was one to five. It dealt with the areas like the automated tasks, audio trial, budgeting and change order processing. The third one in this category was Quantum and range was 3 to 40 users. It dealt with the fast processing, industry specific features as well as the work management. Sage 50 Customer Service is a good choice for getting details regarding Sage versions. Sage 50 - office solution and also for the small business market Sage 50 was doing the accountancy tasks for the small businesses and was just providing the out of the box accountancy solutions. Yes, it was an office solution and no doubt about this. If you, as a small businessman, had the multi- user license, could share the data base from the local server or desktop for concurrent work of various users. Some complaints were like being compulsorily in the office for the data access and could be frustrating. Also because of the local only data base, it was difficult to share accounting data with external accountant. This was like something that could not be solved even by the Sage 50 Technical Support. The difficult thing was you had to export the data and after that share it via web or any other external gadget. Entering the Cloud- Sage 50c The creation of the Sage 50c was actually for addressing the two complaints as mentioned above. There was plan to construct a platform associated with the additional features both for now and future. You have to install Sage 50c in at least one computer. After this, Sage 50c will select for activation of the Sage Drive within the software. After the activation process is complete, the complete Sage 50c data is synchronized between the desktop and secure cloud servers. This is a free feature irrespective of the creation of multiple companies. Other advantage is complete backing up of the data thus providing the protection. After the sharing is done, the Sage 50c administrator provides the access to data in cloud to 5 users. It is not necessary that the five users have to be part of your team or your employees. If you shall not activate the Sage drive, the software shall operate like Sage 50. If you feel like confirming this, you can do through Sage 50 Support Phone Number. The snag

There is a drawback associated with the Sage 50c and it is the access of the accounting data in cloud one at a time. Take for example, if there are 5 users having cloud access, only single can work on the tasks of accountancy at one point of time. The solution for this is the manual coordination as far as the cloud is concerned. They have to coordinate for the times as to when each one has to be or shall be in the cloud. Other thing is there is no access offline. Either you have to be connected to cloud or waiting is the solution. There is no other alternative for you. Sage 50c – features associated Sage 50c offers more integration as far as the Sage payments are concerned. There is the availability of in-product dashboard for the Sage 50c customers having the Sage payment merchant account. They can view the payment information in a convenient manner and do the general payment activities like the batch processing and individual look ups. If you do not carry the Sage payment merchant account, can apply from inside software. In many cases, you get the fast approvals. Customer help for the issues regarding the versions of Sage is available for the convenience and assistance well provided for this accountancy software. The fact is many customers around globe are not still happy with the complete cloud based version. They want their personal data and Sage 50c does this by synchronizing between company’s database and cloud.

Sage 50 and availability of cloud version sage 50c  

Sage accountancy software was replaced by Sage 50. This was earlier also referred as Peachtree. Now, there is availability of new offering i...

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