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Microsoft .NET Framework - Why Choose It and What to Look For

Microsoft .NET is one of the best-known web technologies being used for developing websites and web applications these days. Since 2002, its features such as scalability, simplicity, portability, and potentiality enable developers to create huge and sustainable web applications. That’s the reasons the Microsoft .NET has earned immense popularity among IT professionals these days. Due to its unique features, many companies are opting for Microsoft .NET development services across the globe. If you are a budding entrepreneur looking forward to launching a new enterprise that needs web technology to compete, there is no better way than choosing a professional Microsoft .NET development firm.

Let’s have a look at the issues and find out why opting to go with the Microsoft .NET Framework is the right step and how you can choose the best service providers. 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose .NET Know these six primary reasons why you should choose the .NET platform to develop your web application. 1. Better UI Controls – It lets you have rich UI controls and can support third-party UI controls. You can spend months building your own or instead simply purchase top-of-the-line controls for a few hundred dollars that are guaranteed to work in every browser. 2. Easy and cost-effective – When you choose .NET, you can decrease the cost and the hassles of preparing business web applications. You can hardly achieve this by choosing other web development platform. 3. Dependency and Consistency - .NET is simple and scalable. It allows you to create a dependable and consistent environment when preparing web applications. 4. Trust – The combination of Microsoft Technologies and different web services is a feature of the .NET Framework. It develops trust among developers.

5. Easy Accessibility – The language allows web users to access information using any device easily. 6. Highly Beneficial – You can reap several benefits by choosing .NET. It is highly beneficial for developing database driven applications and websites. 7. Reliable –First related in 2002, the .NET Framework has been a very reliable engine in production applications. Since inception, it has been used for developing thousands of applications, both large and small. Even banks use .NET because when it comes to money it has to be reliable. Things to consider when choosing Microsoft .NET developers Before making a final decision on hiring a Microsoft .NET Development outsourcing partner, be sure to consider the things mentioned below. Since demand is high, many companies are providing .NET application development solutions. But, you should not hire the first company you come across. Do your due diligence. Here are important factors to consider. Experience of the company - When you are ready to contract Microsoft .NET development services, check how long the company has been providing .NET services. Try to find out

about its clients. If possible, you can contact the clients and evaluate the services provided by the company. The loyalty of the company in this segment – Do consider the loyalty of the company. Visit the company’s website and read client’s testimonials. Find out whether the company is able to deliver the service on time. Find out how much experience the developers have who are going to work on your project. Also, ensure that the company is available during reasonable business hours to serve you. Check the competency of the Developers - It is important for you to know that a professional .NET development company has the capability to provide you with the best-skilled personnel. Developers should be able to create the applications in a way that can make your work easier than ever. Checking the competency of the developers is a must. Ask to see demos of projects which the developers have completed in the past. You must be sure that you like their work and it is a good fit for your project. Final Thought The Microsoft .NET Framework is, undoubtedly, a well-known technology. But, you can only cultivate the best from it when you have experienced and professional .NET developers executing your project.

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