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Our Visit to Te Rau Aroha Marae in Bluff

We had to line up when we got there.

We were feeling nervous. It felt like we had butterflies in our tummies.

The boys were at the back.

We were excited to be there too.

We were the manuhiri- the visitors – and walked up to the gate to wait for our call to come on.

Mr Mitchell and Jake’s Grandad were at the back as we went on up to the wharenui.

Here is the wharekai. We had morning tea here after our powhiri in the wharenui.

We said a karakia before eating.

It was very yummy.

We ate‌..

a savoury, a sandwich and a piece of cake.

Here are our wonderful helpers! Thank-you!

The dining room is beautiful! Here is Te Ra in the morning.

Here is Te Ra setting in the evening.

We had a play outside after our kai.

There was a cool slide that was fun.

We checked out the carvings too.

We had fun climbing and exploring the equipment.

Next it was time to listen and learn about the marae.

We heard about‌.

Titi flying to the islands‌

The four winds blowing‌..

Maui and his tricks‌..

Lots of stories‌..

We got told lots of things about the decorations.

We were good listeners.

This is a pattern on the roof representing lightning.

Everywhere you looked there was a story being told in the artwork.

Here is the staircase to heaven pattern.

Here are the titi muttonbirds. The kete below are for storing them in. They taste delicious.

See the tui on the kowhai tree.

Finally we went into the wharenui for the last time.

We were not allowed to take photos of their beautiful ancestor figures.

Here is an impressive carving above the door of Tahu Potiki.

Behind these doors are the beautiful women ancestor carvings. We said goodbye and returned to school.

Our Visit To Te Rau Aroha Marae