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Marriage Help That Works Now You need marriage help. You've probably read all of the marriage help books out there, just like I did. Unfortunately, most don't offer the kind of concrete action steps that you want when you need marriage help. Here are what I believe are some more useful ideas when you need marriage help. Don't talk or think about divorce or separation Let's look at a common scenario. Over the last several months, you've struggled in your relationship. Both of you are holding on to some hard feelings. One day, you get into an argument over the kids. The situation escalates, hurtful things are said, all of the other hard feelings start pouring out, and then you threaten your partner with separation or divorce. This sends things to a whole new level. If your partner hadn't thought of things in those terms, now there are. Your marriage and the course of your entire life have just been laid upon the table for consideration. In angry response, your partner ups the ante and says that maybe that's a good idea. You're surprised and shocked that they even suggested that, and out of anger, agree that maybe it's a good idea. You both storm off and are left to wonder 'what just happened'? Is my marriage really over? Is that what I want? What is the other thinking? And on and on it goes. This has created a very vulnerable time for your marriage. This is when each of you may start thinking that the end is near and that the rules are off. You may find yourself seeking out the affections of another to help ease the pain, boost your self esteem, or to get back at the other for hurting you. What a colossal waste of time and energy. What an enormous amount of damage that has been created over some poorly chosen words. Never put your marriage on the line by talking about separation or divorce. Never. Just don't do it. I know you're angry and it's hard to control it, but you have to. The risks are just too great. Learn to stick to the issue at hand. If you feel things getting out of hand, change the subject, do something silly to evoke laughter and change the dynamics, walk away, or anything to stop short of putting the marriage on the line. It just makes it that much harder to make up and get back to love. When you start keeping control over your arguments, you'll find you need marriage help less often. So don't think or talk about separation or divorce, and your relationship will have many less times where you need marriage help. All I ask is that you try my method for 30 days. If it doesn't work, you can go back to doing what you've always done. You will have lost nothing. However, I'd be amazed if you didn't notice a huge improvement in your relationship.

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This has created a very vulnerable time for your marriage. This is when each of you may start thinking that the end is near and that the rul...

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